词根词缀记忆/谐音联想记忆 补充/纠错
词根accurate 精确的 + acy 性质,状态,情 …………
谐音记忆爱扣若细 → 为了准确性,扣的很细 → accuracy n.准确(性),准确度 …………
词根记忆 / 词缀记忆
accuracy n 正确,准确(ac+cur+acy)
curious a 好奇的(cur+ioys….的=关心的,好奇的)
curiosity n好奇的,奇品(curi+osity多的状态=关心多=好奇心)
cu …………
the accuracy of scales 秤的精度
measurement accuracy 测量精度
accuracy of reading 读数精度
accuracy of measurement 测量精度
accuracy, brevity and clarity 准确、简洁和清晰
fair degree of accuracy 相当准确度
historical accuracy must be increasingly altered 必须不断改变历史准确性
He aimed at accuracy and perfection.
I doubt the accuracy of her statement.
我怀疑她的话的正确性。We cannot guarantee the accuracy of these figures.
This information is produced with historical accuracy.
The accuracy of the weather forecast was impressive; it predicted the rain accurately.
The new machine has an accuracy rate of 99.9%, making it virtually error-free.
The surgeon's precision and accuracy during the operation were crucial to the patient's recovery.
The test results showed a high accuracy, with only a few minor discrepancies.
The satellite's GPS system is known for its remarkable accuracy in determining geographical locations.
The robot's accuracy in assembling tiny components is unparalleled in the industry.
The accuracy of the data collected by the researchers was crucial to the validity of their conclusions.
The company's financial reports are expected to be accurate, as any errors could lead to legal consequences.
In sports, athletes strive for high accuracy in their shots or throws to gain an advantage over their opponents.
The new software claims to have a high accuracy rate in detecting fraudulent transactions, but we need more evidence to confirm it.
Furthermore, the machine also features higher printing quality, with a physical accuracy of up to 1200 dpiX2400 dpi, which is four times that of the common multipass machine in the market.
此外,该机器还具有更高的打印质量,物理精度高达1200 dpiX2400 dpi,是市场上常见多遍机器的四倍。
In gaming, it's about accuracy of sound, because for gamers, accuracy is very relevant and decisive.
"To meet the needs of cross-border express business, the company independently developed their own order management system and transportation management system, which can realize data management of the whole business and improve the accuracy of order processing, as well as meet the needs of customers to query the information and status of goods at any time.
Chinese online healthcare provider Medlinker launched an AI doctor dubbed "MedGPT" earlier this year, which it claims is "just like a human doctor" and can diagnose some of the most common diseases with the same degree of accuracy and consistency as a living, breathing physician.
Seven renowned physicians from leading Chinese hospitals reviewed and scored the results based on criteria including consultation accuracy, diagnosis, treatment recommendations, suggested additional examinations, data analysis, explanations provided to patients, and the use of natural language in patient interactions.
The company said it is looking for partnerships with companies and medical institutions to improve AI doctors' accuracy, train them to diagnose more diseases and will run a bigger trial later this year.
Zhang Yu, vice-president of Tencent HealthCare, said the accuracy rate of the system in terms of decision support is 90 percent, and it can more accurately evaluate the severity of psoriasis than clinicians.
Liu said the booming industrial internet will see surging demand for accuracy in data acquisition, transmission speed, storage space, computing capacities and intelligent application, which will drive the development of big data and cloud computing infrastructure and foster a batch of industrial internet companies that are globally competitive.
"Currently, most hospitals use a heavy PSG monitor to do such work, while Sun mentioned that the accuracy rate of its sleep patch can reach 90 percent compared with the PSG monitor.
According to the company, the project installed smart microgrids via Source-Grid-Storage-Load accuracy regulations.
The platform, covering 31 departments and 98 percent of diseases, has shortened the time and improved the accuracy of triage.
In total, the platform has provided 2 million intelligent triage and consultation services to 1.5 million patients, with an accuracy rate of 91.7 percent.
The accuracy rate of the system in terms of decision support is 90 percent, and can more accurately evaluate the severity of psoriasis than clinicians.
"Offline medical institutions should utilize cutting-edge technologies, such as telemedicine, 5G, the internet of things and virtual reality, to further improve the accuracy of medical diagnosis and the quality of patient services, as well as alleviate the situation of unbalanced and scarce medical resources across the nation.
The factory can shorten the period for new product innovation from 12 months to three and enhance the accuracy and efficiency of product demand prediction.
Meanwhile, Leonidas Tzevelekas, a Greek engineer who has participated in construction of the stadium for the entire process, said that by relying on advanced digital technologies adopted by Chinese enterprises, he and his colleagues have been able to control construction accuracy down to the millimeter level.
同时,全程参与体育场建设的希腊工程师Leonidas Tzevelekas表示,依靠中国企业采用的先进数字技术,他和同事们已经能够将施工精度控制在毫米级。
It provides faster, better and more environmentally friendly building solutions in terms of construction speed and installation accuracy, and marks the arrival of prefabricated construction 4.0.
"The booming industrial internet will see surging demand for accuracy in data acquisition, transmission speed, storage space, computing capacities and intelligent application, thus driving the development of big data and cloud computing infrastructure and fostering a batch of industrial internet companies with global competitiveness," said Liu Xiangdong, a researcher at the China Center for International Economic Exchanges.
Use of multiple traits, advanced technical tools improves accuracy, securityEditor's note: China aims to nurture 10,000 "little giants" from 2021 to 2025 amid an ambitious plan to trigger the vitality of small and medium-sized enterprises in its sprawling industrial economy.
Multimodal technology can improve identification accuracy, provide contactless examination of subjects, and enhance data security and reliability, Zhou said.
For instance, Yitu Technology, a Shanghai-based AI startup, has developed a contactless entrance guard system by applying facial recognition technology, which can identify each visitor within 300 milliseconds, with a 99.9-percent accuracy rate, the company said.
It required extremely high-stress performance and installation accuracy in the overall load-bearing brackets.
This means it can detect and reduce noise in each frame, pixel by pixel, while preserving finer detail, skin tone, and color accuracy.
One approach is boosting accuracy in picking the right online influencers, better known as key opinion leaders, and having them endorse brands or products.
It is the largest processed wind turbine main shaft bearing with the highest accuracy standard in China.
Among them are the EnSite X 3D Cardiac Mapping System and EnSite LiveView Dynamic Display which improve the accuracy of atrial fibrillation.
其中包括EnSite X 3D心脏标测系统和EnSite LiveView动态显示器,可提高心房颤动的准确性。
By using three-dimensional laser scanning and BIM (building information modeling) technologies, they can also control assembly accuracy of prefabricated components within a millimeter, thus achieving precise design, production and assembly.
"The crawler crane's control accuracy reaches millimeter level.
"It is vital that vendors invest in next-generation health sensors and developing in-house algorithms and solutions to not only track vital biomarkers, but also to ensure good accuracy and reliability.
In addition, the Shenzhen, Guangdong province-based company unveiled a series of new OLED and mini LED TV products in September, bringing a new level of high color accuracy and a slimmer and sleeker look for consumers.
Navimow is quite easy to operate, as it is equipped with a satellite-and-base-station-enabled positioning system, which the company calls an "exact fusion locating system" and it supports centimeter-level accuracy, Ren said.
The testing accuracy was also hard to guarantee," Sun Meng, senior vice president of the company, recalled.
Smart medical services will be a future trend as it can assist with medical tests, improve the accuracy and efficiency of diagnosis, and promote the equal accessibility of good medical resources, said industry experts.
With its application of Mako SmartRobotics systems continuing to grow in both China and globally, John Collings, Stryker's president for the Asia-Pacific, said the information gained from the use of such technology, allows surgeons to know more about their patient prior to the surgery, and cut less during the procedure which has significantly improved the accuracy during the orthopedic surgery, transforming the way physicians perform hip and knee replacements.
Shao said Liferiver's COVID-19 test kits with strong performance in sensitivity, accuracy and stability, were among the most widely used in the country, covering all the regions.
Its smart control system, flexible design and the precision group welding as well as complete machine processing skills ensure the turnout's construction accuracy and performance, said Yi from CRHIC.
Today, reliable ADHD diagnosis usually requires four to six hours of interviews following semi-structured questionnaires, and final accuracy in this classical approach typically ranges between 85 to 90 percent.
With the Braingaze test system, the company offers 12-minute testing with over 90 percent accuracy.
"Our investment to establish a global smart logistics network, including international shipping routes and warehousing facilities, will provide businesses with greater operational efficiency, cost savings, transparency and accuracy in their supply chain management.
Notably, US supervisory bodies such as the Public Company Accounting Oversight Board cannot inspect Chinese auditing firms registered with them and their auditing performed in China, meaning that the SEC is unable to clearly assess the accuracy of external auditors.
We look forward to exploring the capabilities of these solutions as we are constantly looking to capacitate our facilities with technology that improves efficiency and accuracy in our health care delivery," said the minister.
Speeding up diagnosis time from hours to minutes with a 98 percent accuracy rate, is a powerful tool for treating, monitoring and management of the disease," said Huawei South Africa CEO Spawn Fan.
More importantly, it can process 50 to 200 samples per run and deliver 100 megabytes of data per sample, ensuring extremely high virus detection accuracy as well as information on viral mutations, which is of great use in current and future clinical and epidemiological research in battling COVID-19.
As a result, its detection rate and accuracy rate on pneumonia lesions reach 96 percent and can deliver a diagnosis within 2-3 seconds with more than 500 computer tomography scans when combined with technologies, such as efficient processors and lightweight network models, to improve the efficiency of the algorithm.
Li Hongjun, director of Beijing YouAn Hospital's Radiology Department, said after using the AI system that it has reached a new level in speed and accuracy of diagnosis.
Its CT lung module algorithm software, in cooperation with the server of the nation's tech giant Huawei Technologies Co, hit a high accuracy rate at 96 percent, the highest in the competition.
I dare say that they really need our services for accuracy and efficiency," he said.
The checkout counter can identify up to five products in one second with over 97 percent accuracy, which can reduce the overall checkout time by 30 percent.
By applying its innovative advanced technologies, the auto giant hopes to improve the efficiency and accuracy of vehicle diagnosis, maintenance and repair, allowing its customers to enjoy reliable and professional technical services.
Minoru Usui, president of Epson, emphasized that customers always come first for the company, which focuses on leveraging its efficient, compact and precision technology - to achieve energy efficiency, miniaturization, and precision and accuracy - to drive innovations.
Shao Jinhua, CEO of the company, said the new product is based on patented technologies the company and Tsinghua University developed together and can highly improve liver scan accuracy in a user-friendly manner.
It provides unparalleled accuracy and efficiency in speech-to-text conversion by integrating Sogou's advanced voice recognition technology and significant language database derived from the Sogou input method, said the company.
The new Sogou AI recorder C1 supports the recording, transcription, translation and interpretation of both real-time and recorded conversations with 95 percent accuracy.
Their high standards and expectations strongly motivate and inspire us to keep improving our product, customer experience and data accuracy.
There are four points that make us different: data accuracy, privacy security, the richness of our platform and the fact that we are customer-focused.
With an average accuracy rate of 95.5 percent, the upgraded product will enable users to search 60 words per minute, which, according to the firm, is five times faster than that of e-dictionary.
"The competence of data curators determines the accuracy of machine learning and the ensuing application of AI," said Chen Lijuan, head of Alibaba AI Labs.
"5G allows faster upload speeds and better accuracy so bikes can double as a smart device that can communicate with other vehicles and even transportation lights," Cheng said.
It can measure 40,000 dots on the face, which means that the measurement accuracy is less than 0.1 millimeter.
In the early stage of the project, in order to weld thick inner wall of the pipe, which costs lots of manpower, Wang adopted an innovative technology - "automatic welding process" - to improve labor efficiency and accuracy and speed up construction process.
In fintech, according to Ping An, its Smart Fast Claim focuses on car insurance claim settlements, and uses image recognition and deep learning technologies to automatically identify damage, with an accuracy of more than 90 percent, enhancing damage assessment speeds 4,000 times over.
The tech startup specializes in supporting facilities to achieve a higher diagnosis accuracy rate and to relieve doctors' workload, especially in remote and less-developed regions.
So far, the system's accuracy has reached 95 percent, higher than the average level among human doctors, said Qiao.
Therefore, his team is working on a standard reading demonstration and a system to review the accuracy of users’ reading.
"The application of blockchain technology will ensure the accuracy and effectiveness of the data collected, and help better store medical data.
The voice recognition accuracy of its intelligent air conditioners, which are equipped with an interactive system, could reach 95 percent, according to Li.
In the future AI translation platform, CIPG will open its corpus and database to iFlytek so as to improve the accuracy of machine translation.
According to Gravanis, the application of RFID technology to labels will allow consumers to track products and increase inventory accuracy from about 70 percent to nearly 98 percent.
"And finally, it will form a closed loop where medical data is gradually becoming more and more accurate," noted Guo, adding that the machine can lift the diagnosis accuracy rate to 90 percent.
Yitu offered a system that boasts recognition accuracy of 90 percent.
Xiang Yang, an AI expert at the China Center for Information Industry Development, said application scenarios are of vital importance for AI companies, for differences such as light in diverse environments can affect the accuracy of facial recognition systems.
Then, by applying a little bit of artificial intelligence into the iPhone on analyzing the picture, the doctor can go a step further in terms of the accuracy of the data.
Integrating big data, cloud computing, artificial intelligence and other cutting-edge technology, the digital insurance model will improve the retrieval convenience, management accuracy and application flexibility of business data.
Its robots, mainly used in the manufacturing of electronic products, can help factory operators deliver more quality products and improve the efficiency and accuracy of assembly lines.
China's Sokon automobile inaugurated its plant operation located in Indonesia's Banten province on Tuesday, claimed as a smart car factory that applies Industry 4.0 principle which highlights high accuracy and quality through flexible manufacturing system.
"This production facility uses state of art technology with robotic system, assuring consistent high quality, accuracy of the product," Sokonindo CEO Alexander Barus said in his remarks to officially open the factory.
"The era of cobots being unable to deliver the accuracy and efficiency of industrial robots is going to end," said Wei Hongxing, chairman of Aubo Robotics.
"Previous models had launched thousands of rounds of various weapons with an accuracy rate over 90 percent," says Li.
Li Chao, deputy director of the Office of Policy Studies at the NDRC, said at a news conference on Thursday, that the commission will effectively coordinate macroeconomic policies for this year and next, focusing on policy synergy and accuracy.
"Using electromagnetic navigation, the container truck, which weighs 26 metric tons, has a parking accuracy of within 2 centimeters and a riding accuracy of 5 cm," Geng said.
The cutting and sorting of steel plates are finished by AI robots with a 3D high-definition vision system, of which the accuracy can be increased to 1 millimeter.
Compared with manual cutting, it can ensure accuracy, greatly improve production efficiency, and save cardboard, which is greener and more environment-friendly," Ye Daoren said.
NIQ will keep a close eye on the green trends of the retail industry, improve data accuracy to reflect the truest landscape of the retail market, while keeping pace with the dynamic retail market to help brands tackle the opportunities and challenges arising from the transition and empower them in sustainable growth.
"While paying closer attention to the impact of demand contraction, supply shortages and weakening expectations for market entities-especially small and micro-sized enterprises-market regulators will also improve policy accuracy and effectiveness to help them cope with such pressure for better development," he said.
While paying closer attention to market entities' performance and needs, market regulators will improve policy accuracy and effectiveness to help market entities cope with pressure and better support their sound development, Zhang said in a recent interview with Xinhua.
After delisting all of the 832 poverty-stricken counties, the government will conduct inspections and assessments to ensure the standardization of the delisting process, the accuracy of the criteria and the authenticity of the achievement, said a report from the Xinhua News Agency.
To cope with the soaring need for express-delivery services, technologies including automatic sorting and wrapping machines, upgraded scan systems and wearable devices for couriers are being used to improve the efficiency and accuracy of delivery services.
"The auto-sorting machine saves us labor costs and also greatly improves efficiency and accuracy.
"No more flipping is needed," as the scanner has also enhanced the accuracy of bar code recognition, Liu explained.
Chen called for more efforts to propel technological advancement, improve the accuracy of data in internet infrastructure resources and further strengthen the compliance of such resources.
Liu Mingyang, an official with the National Energy Administration, said the industry regulator has launched various measures like improving the accuracy of forecasts for new energy power generation, establishing an appropriate proportion of energy storage facilities, and promoting the integrated use of wind, solar, hydro and thermal energy sources.
The finance departments across the country, Zou said, will actively coordinate with related government divisions to strengthen policy research, improve policy accuracy in accordance with various cities' local conditions, better support inelastic demand as well as demand for upgraded housing, and promote the stable and healthy development of the real estate market.
"Combined with intelligent algorithms, the system can continuously self-learn the voiceprint to improve the accuracy of detection.
Zou Debao, deputy general manager of the AI industry research institute from market research firm CCID Consulting, said AI model training has huge demand for computing power, and with the increase of training intensity and computing complexity, the requirements for computational accuracy are also gradually rising.
They should also ensure the accuracy of information, and not generate false information.
The "Rookie" XS125 single drum roller equipped with the latest unmanned control technology, automatic rolling construction accuracy of less than 2cm, and staged a hardcore version of "ChatGPT" for construction machinery, winning praise from visitors.
Digital pathological diagnosis, or digital pathology, adopts intelligent algorithms to increase efficiency and accuracy, shorten the period of report generation and resolve hospital staff shortages.
Most of the surveyed doctors praised the country's digital pathology system, stating that it greatly enhances the efficiency and accuracy of pathological diagnosis, optimizes the learning curve and shortens training periods, it said.
With high test efficiency and accuracy, it meets about 70 percent of the test needs of public 3A-grade hospitals and effectively alleviates hospital congestion.
BeiDou, China's homegrown navigation satellite system, is well known for its high-precision positioning service, with accuracy at the millimeter level for smart devices.

考研What is in question is not the retrieval of an absolute, fixed or “true” meaning that can be read off and clocked for accuracy, or some timeless relation of the text to the world.



高考Also, you need to check the accuracy of it.


2015年高考英语湖南卷 短文填空 原文

四级Of course, consumers also want their orders prepared correctly and on that score, Oches says, accuracy is still really high.


2018年6月四级真题(第一套)听力 Section A

六级Many factors influence the accuracy of eyewitness testimony.



六级Many factors influence the accuracy of witness testimony



六级Focus on the accuracy of the language he used.



六级As the databases grew, machine accuracy dipped across the board.


2018年6月六级真题(第一套)阅读 Section C

六级Good science journalists are specialists in making complex topics accessible to a general audience, while adhering to scientific accuracy.


2018年12月六级真题(第三套)阅读 Section C

六级Now, a company in Massachusetts says that by using magnetic brain scans, they can determine with 97% accuracy whether someone is telling the truth.


2018年12月六级真题(第一套)听力 Section C

六级They checked the accuracy of the map by testing 200 hair samples collected from 65 barber shops.


2015年12月六级真题(第二套)听力 Section C

六级There were no convenient devices for taking notes, and early Greek orators delivered long speeches with great accuracy because they learned the speeches using mnemonic systems.



四级They cannot measure the essentials of effective written communication: accuracy, reasoning, adequacy of evidence, good sense, ethical ( 伦理的) position, convincing argument, meaningful organization, and clarity, among others.

他们无法衡量有效书面沟通的要点:准确性、推理、证据的充分性、良好的判断力、道德(伦理的) 立场、令人信服的论点、有意义的组织和清晰等。


考研For this work, correctness, accuracy and speed, as in all office work, are essential.