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n.活化, 激活, [化]活化作用 …………
Luo said the proprietary technology is a precision antibody masking platform designed to enable the antibody to bind to its target specifically only after conditional activation of the antibody in target tissues.
Shortly following the Level-I emergency response activation issued by the Zhengzhou Command Center for Floods Control and Drought Relief, the first batch of bottled drinking water was successfully delivered to the affected areas.
Jerry Liu, the vice-president of global marketing for Hisense, said the company gained the most core resources in block ads and score pop-ups in terms of rights activation.
The tie-up with Activation Group, which serves big-title clients such as Chanel, BMW and Alibaba on integrated marketing solutions, is the venture capital platform's latest move after investing 14.42 percent of shares in the marketing house to become its biggest shareholder.
"China's vast majority of cultural and entertainment enterprises and talents, together with Activation's unique international vision and local expertise, will truly foster quality cultural enterprises in China and bring them to the global stage," said Zhang Saimei, general manager of SHIVC, during a signing ceremony last week.
The resources and experience of Activation Group will contribute to creating a quality pool of cultural contents and intellectual properties in the hope of "meeting people's pursuit of a beautiful life", said Steve Lau, executive director, joint-chairman of Board and CEO of Activation Group.
It also has given away 100-day activation keys of its remote office and online meeting solutions to hospitals and small- and medium-sized businesses that are heavily impacted by the epidemic.
The designation and subsequent activation of the succession procedure must be completed by October 2022.
Mailman helps professional sports organizations build business in China through digital strategy, social media, PR and brand activation, content production, sponsorship, e-commerce and merchandising.
Passengers receive a message asking if they agree to the activation of in-car audio recording for safety reasons, and will only be allowed to continue to order a car if they click the agree button.
As 3.2 billion people are expected to watch the June 14-July 15 World Cup, Perkins said he will be in Moscow early to make sure Budweiser's brand activation is perfect-after all, it is an opportunity to "bring people together".
This came hours after the US Department of Commerce announced activation of denial of export privileges against leading Chinese telecom equipment maker ZTE Corp for alleged violations of the Export Administration Regulations.
An official statement from ZTE said Tuesday the company is aware of activation of the denial order, and "is communicating with relevant parties proactively in order to respond accordingly. "
The activation of the Agreement has heralded a fresh chapter in the gastronomic dialogues between the EU and China," said Bruno.
"Sustainable thinking models are goal-driven beliefs, and are characterized by multilevel systems thinking, stakeholder inclusion, disruptive innovation and long-term activation," Cheng said.
Currently in the preclinical stage, the molecule cross-links tumor cells and T cells by targeting a specific tumor-associated antigen and a protein complex and thus leads to potent T cell activation to fight the tumor.
In the last 12 months, Chinese companies continued to outpace multinationals by recruiting new shoppers faster through braver innovations, agile go-to-market capabilities and successful activation of Omni-channel strategies.
With a focus on building core capabilities and enabling various industries, China Unicom's Beijing brand said it has conducted fruitful innovations and practice all the way starting from the activation of China's first 5G base station deployed in Haidian district in 2018 to the official launch of the 5G slice operation platform this year.
The move comes as United States sanctions on Huawei, set for activation in September, threaten to disrupt the Chinese company's supply chain.
Internet automobile insurance kept shrinking, but the number of online clients and their activation increased.