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词根adventur〔e〕冒险 + ous 有…性质的, …………
adventurous person 爱冒险的人
He's so adventurous.
Many teachers would like to be more adventurous and creative.
Trips will be more than adventurous.
"Chinese consumers have become much more sophisticated and adventurous about their preferences, and they are looking for more styles from different regions and different flavor profiles," he said.
Bianlifeng, the Beijing-based digital-friendly convenience store chain, developed the unique freshly-brewed coffee flavors to attract adventurous young consumers.
"By using the 'college' theme, Peacebird hopes to represent the curiosity and fearless spirit that teens adopt when facing the world," he said, noting they unleash their adventurous hearts as they explore their own world, as Peacebird also breaks through the shackles of fads in international fashion and is committed to injecting new energy into Chinese design.
However, risk couldn't stop the country's adventurous young from trying free diving.
An increasing nostalgia for homegrown Chinese brands is quickly gaining popularity, especially as a new generation of younger and more adventurous shoppers get accustomed to buying online in pursuit of fugu, or retro style offerings.
In Taipei, for instance, the thriving food courts present opportunities that have not been missed by many young entrepreneurs offering unique food and drinks of their own creation to attract adventurous diners.
Released at the golden time of the summer vacation, Wolf Warrior II tells the story of a former Chinese special serviceman's adventurous journey to rescue compatriots and local friends in a war-torn region of Africa occupied by insurgents and mercenaries.
"The Chinese industry is quite adventurous and willing to adopt new technology, (and) the pace of photovoltaics has never been quicker than it is at the moment," said Green, who is also widely known as the "godfather of photovoltaics".
It is also an area for adventurous food tours, popular among domestic and overseas visitors.
"Tea enterprises have paired traditionally incompatible ingredients, presenting customers with novel and exciting flavors, particularly catering to the adventurous tastes of the younger demographic," said Wu Dongdong, secretary-general of the culinary catering industry association of South China's Guangxi Zhuang autonomous region.
According to Green, the overall Chinese industry is adventurous and is willing to adopt new technologies, and so, the pace of photovoltaics has never been quicker than it is right now.
It can be fun and adventurous, often taking place in remote areas, which means less reliance on camping gear.
"Many people think Chinese tourists are not adventurous.
Fernando said that young Chinese consumers are adventurous and willing to try new products, Sri Lankan tea producers would therefore educate Chinese consumers on the proper way to prepare and enjoy Ceylon tea.
Younger generations without families tend to be more adventurous and eager to travel first.
Leading Chinese snack firms are turning to high-end products, as a way not to become embroiled in a profit-hitting price war, or compete with imported products, and instead meet consumers' more adventurous demands.
"Camel milk also caters to the more adventurous customers who want to try a different kind of milk," Zhang said.
They also look for adventurous or romantic experiences.
The All New Tank 500 HEV, a premium off-road sports utility vehicle (SUV), comes in a pro model at a price of 2,049,000 baht ($55,880) and an Ultra model at a price of 2,269,000 baht, while The All New Tank 300 HEV designed for adventurous lifestyles is priced between 1, 649,000 baht and 1,799,000 baht.
But for the time being, rather than jumping into adventurous attempts right away, it is probably safer to wait for more confirmed signs in government policies or economy-stabilizing signs before making any spur-of-the-moment moves.
Riding his luck and adventurous spirit, Zeng made a whopping 1.2 million yuan within two months.
"Adventurous guests can sample baijiu in the traditional Chinese style: as straight shots.
"As a young student majoring in science and technology, I will be adventurous and down-to-earth and master skills and show a good performance in basic academic research," he said.
"As a young student majoring in science and technology, I will be adventurous and down-to-earth and master skills and show good performance in basic academic research.

六级The notion of space tourism took hold in 2001 with a $20 million flight aboard a Russian spacecraft by Dennis Tito, a millionaire engineer with an adventurous streak.

2001年,丹尼斯·蒂托(Dennis Tito)乘坐一艘俄罗斯宇宙飞船,耗资2000万美元,成为一名富有冒险精神的百万富翁工程师,太空旅游的概念开始深入人心。


四级We were beginning to be adventurous about food, but we were more interested in meeting people than in eating or drinking.