n. 气溶胶,气雾剂,(喷油漆、头发定型剂等的)喷雾器,雾化器
联想记忆earosol(爱热搜) → 你真的那么爱热搜 那都是烟雾弹来的! → aerosol n. 气溶胶,气 …………
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aerosol sprays 气溶胶喷雾
stratospheric aerosol 平流层气溶胶
In the company's most recent moves, Lin noted that AstraZeneca established a new production and supply base for an asthma inhaler in Qingdao, East China's Shandong province, in March, with an initial investment of $450 million, adding that in August, it invested an additional $250 million to further expand its capacity for canning production and aerosol inhalation packaging production.
In 2022, AstraZeneca built an inhalation aerosol plant in the Qingdao High-tech Zone, invested 180 million yuan in its Taizhou supply base, devoted 100 million yuan in its Wuxi supply base to introduce a new production line for Lokelma and to integrate its global Nexium production line into Wuxi supply base, expediting the localized production and supply of innovative drugs.
Before the study was published, RELX Lab conducted in-vitro tests to prove the aerosol containing WS-23 was safe to use in products.
It has also developed a new lower respiratory tract aerosol particle sampler that is pending approval.
This year the company will launch Glo, a tobacco-heating device that produces a nicotine-containing aerosol instead of smoke.
Raffles Shenzhen has improved its green product design and introduced artificial intelligence technology and digital applications, such as an intelligent energy consumption induction system, an electrostatic filter that can absorb 0.01-micron aerosol, a rainwater collection and recycling system, and intelligent water-saving bathroom facilities.