词根词缀记忆/谐音联想记忆 补充/纠错
词根botany 植物学 + ical …的 → 植物学 …………
谐音记忆拔他那棵(树,去做植物学研究) → botanical adj.植物学的;植物的 …………
词根记忆 / 词缀记忆
botanical a 植物学的(botany植物学+ical)
pontifical a 自以为是的(pontiff教皇+ical…像教皇一样自以为是的)
polemical a 引起争论的(polem争论+ical) …………
botanical garden 植物园
Eric's discovery was hailed as the botanical find of the century.
This botanical garden has turned into a wilderness.
He is not familiar with botanical terms.
On July 26, Sany Heavy Industry launched six new types of new energy dumper trucks, to meet refined demands in different scenarios, including ore dumping, urban construction waste dumping and botanical garden construction waste dumping.
The most popular travel spots are those close to nature such as forest parks, zoos and botanical gardens, Ctrip said.
One of the main services provided to clients would be the authentication of botanical raw material whole-journey up to the hand of the buyers.
This is done through the introduction of the GHS code, the code is compatible to the international systems and standards in the field of health, botanical raw materials and international supply chains.
Founded in 2001 in Shanghai, Jala operates brands like Chando, Maysu and Botanical Wisdom.
He said Chinese culture has a long history in botanical and traditional Chinese medicine.
A traditional selection of images for carving includes mythological figures, scenes and portraits, while modern ones may include botanical and animal elements, such as primroses and daisies.
"Young mothers made self-driving trips to theme parks, zoos, botanical gardens and beaches along with their children.
Liupanshui also plans to work more closely with Wuhan Botanical Garden of the Chinese Academy of Sciences and Guizhou University in the research and development of kiwi varieties and building intelligent cultivation greenhouses.
"Li said the Grandview Mall has risen from the epidemic stronger, with more entertainment facilities like an aquarium, a cultural museum and a botanical garden.
Taking tours to seashores and islands, theme parks, zoos and botanical gardens, and lakes and mountains has become popular for travelers, according to Tuniu Corp, a Nanjing, Jiangsu province-based online travel agency.
So, as I visited a number of parks, botanical gardens, museums and suburban sightseeing spots over the past couple of months, I realized this newfound interest is attributable to a habit that has its roots in social media.
It also rolled out a one-stop combo for staycation guests, including one-night stay, buffet breakfasts for two, and the option to choose one from three scenic spots, ranging from the city's ocean world to botanical garden and the natural science museum.
"With a growing number of orders flowing in from food producers at home and abroad, Hainan's cocoa production simply cannot meet market demand," said Li Fupeng, director of the Cocoa Research Center of CATAS, located at the Xinglong Tropical Botanical Garden, a base for the preservation of tropical and subtropical plants in China.
With China's rich plant resources, mature plant extraction technologies, and the help from leading original cosmetic equipment manufacturers and raw material producers, startups positioning to provide products with safe ingredients or based on botanical formulas may find it easier to gain ground in the sector, the report said.
Water parks, theme parks, amusement parks, zoos and botanical gardens are among the most popular tourist destinations this summer as cold temperatures have risen to pleasant levels in many places, according to data from Tongcheng-Elong, an online travel platform.
Local officials said Sanya tourism companies have developed a rich list of family-tour packages with themes focusing on sea entertainment, surfing, yachting and visits to tropical rainforests, botanical parks, ocean parks and villages that provide immersive experiences with the culture of the Li people, the original inhabitants of Hainan.
Yet, theme parks are reopening at a much slower pace than other attractions such as natural sceneries, cultural heritages, city sightseeing, botanical gardens and zoos.
They include the introduction of historical sites, museums, natural scenery, city views, zoos and botanical gardens.
Besides, watching glowworms at night in botanical gardens, watching fireworks shows at Disneyland in Shanghai and taking night tours by chartered cars in the ancient city of Xi'an, are all unique nighttime experiences for tourists, Ctrip said.