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词根re 不 + solut 松开 + e → 决不松开 …………
联想记忆re(反复) + solute(“=salute”敬礼) → 军人反复敬礼,坚定的,不屈不挠的 …………
对比记忆 / 类比记忆 / 形近词记忆
词根记忆 / 词缀记忆
resolute a 坚决的(re不+solute=不松开=坚决的)
solv,solu, solut=loosen,表示”松开”
solve v 解释,解决
soluble a 可溶的(solu+[a]ble
solvable a 可以解决的 …………
Eric was resolute in carrying out his plan.
Mary's resolute refusal came as a surprise.
Nancy was a resolute woman.
She is resolute in her determination to succeed.
He showed great resoluteness in facing the challenge.
Despite the difficulties, they remained resolute in their mission.
The team was resolute in their defense during the match.
The leader's resolute stance inspired confidence in the team.
Resolute in her decision, she refused to listen to anyone's advice.
His resolute commitment to the environment is commendable.
The soldiers stood resolute against the enemy's attacks.
After the setback, he became even more resolute to achieve his goal.
The patient displayed remarkable resoluteness throughout her recovery process.
And only those willing to take the most resolute steps can conquer whatever challenges standing in their way.
China remains resolute in advancing high-quality growth and high-level opening-up, delivering enhanced services for global companies, said China's Minister of Commerce Wang Wentao.
Stefan Paul, CEO of global logistics giant Kuehne+Nagel International AG, said the company's commitment to China remains "resolute", which is evident in its most recent investments in two facilities that became operational in Chengdu, Sichuan province, in May.
全球物流巨头Kuehne+Nagel International AG的首席执行官Stefan Paul表示,该公司对中国的承诺仍然“坚定”,这一点在其最近对四川省成都市两个设施的投资中可见一斑,这两个设施于5月投入运营。
It also reflects the resolute determination of CNOOC and Shell to deepen cooperation and promote the high-quality development of the integrated industry chain, he said.
The company has taken "resolute actions" to turn around its business this year, Yu said, adding all employees, including senior executives, will be assigned to the business frontline.
Hence, Energy China is more confident and resolute in its participation in global energy construction," said Song.
With China remaining resolute in expanding high-level opening-up, ABB Motion, a business unit of the Swiss technology and engineering company ABB Group, said the China International Import Expo will offer a valuable platform for global companies to drive innovation and explore ways to create a brighter future.
随着中国坚定不移地扩大高水平开放,瑞士技术和工程公司ABB集团的业务部门ABB Motion表示,中国国际进口博览会将为全球企业提供一个推动创新、探索创造更光明未来的宝贵平台。
The Company's proprietary technology platform enables a unique user experience supported by resolute risk management.
"The slew of moves indicates Tasly's resolute determination to enrich its product portfolio by importing foreign drugs, riding on the wave of the country's latest reforms to gradually accept overseas clinical test results for new medicines," said Yan Kaijing, executive chairman of Tasly Pharma.
"The three initiatives reflect that China is resolute in and committed to international cooperation in environmental protection, ecological civilization, poverty alleviation, education reform and cultural communication," Khan said.
China took notice that the US Department of Treasury placed some Chinese entities on its "specially designated nationals list" for alleged involvement with Russia, which China expressed strong dissatisfaction over and resolute objection to, the spokesperson said.
Also, China will continue to take resolute measures to safeguard the legitimate rights and interests of Chinese companies, he said.
The premier noted the challenges facing the economy and stressed that the government will remain resolute and confident, strive for a continuous recovery of the economy, grow its endogenous strength, improve social expectations, defuse risks and hidden dangers, and nurture the new advantages of high-quality development.
For units that have performed poorly in rectification or provided false reports, resolute accountability and sanctions will be imposed.
The meeting urged localities to fulfill their due responsibilities with the bigger picture in mind, and take resolute steps to break a conservative mindset and guard against a silo mentality.
Resolute steps should be taken to break fixed mindset and guard against silo mentality, according to the meeting.
China will take resolute steps to oppose such acts if the news about the forced restrictions on investing in China is true, she said, adding that China will remain steadfast in advancing high-level opening-up and welcome enterprises from all countries to invest in China and share development opportunities.
Wang Linjie, spokeswoman for the Beijing-based China Council for the Promotion of International Trade, said that global companies, attracted by China's economic outlook and consumer market potential, will remain resolute about increasing investment in the country in the coming years.
Meanwhile, 31 measures were enacted to create fine environments based on the rule of law to protect entrepreneurs' innovation and entrepreneurship, and the local courts are resolute to prevent economic disputes from being recognized as criminal offences, Jia said.
Immediate responses and strict measures should be adopted once an epidemic outbreak occurs, so as to ensure resolute and effective control wherever necessary.
China has been able to implement resolute anti-COVID measures "followed by a rapid push to resume work and production," he said.
The government must adopt sound measures to promote employment among college graduates and rural migrant workers and take resolute steps to prohibit various forms of discrimination in the job market, he said.
The event and policies to drive offshore duty-free shopping "further show China's resolute determination of opening wider to the outside world to share development opportunities", said Shiseido China CEO Kentaro Fujiwara.
He said that China's resolute efforts and achievements in effectively containing COVID-19 have ensured a speedy economic recovery, but also contributed substantially to ensuring the stability of global supply chains.
Facing the sudden onslaught of COVID-19, it took resolute actions and put people and life above everything else.
"China's fast recovery continues thanks to resolute measures in combatting the virus, mitigating its impact, and supporting growth," Georgieva said in a statement at the conclusion of the fifth "1+6" Roundtable convened by the Chinese authorities.
Georgieva said China's fast economic recovery is based on resolute measures in combating COVID-19, mitigating its impact and supporting growth.
However, standing in contrast to the slumping global economy, China has basically brought the pandemic under control and got its economy back on track after months of resolute and effective struggle.
"In the event that the Japanese government is determined to jeopardize the well-established cooperative relationship between the Chinese and Japanese semiconductor industries, the CSIA is committed to safeguarding the legitimate rights and interests of its 900 members and shall call on the Chinese government to take resolute countermeasures," the association added.
The humble beginnings of one of China's leading natural resources and energy bases-now a modern, model industrial site boasting the latest technology and management practices-point to the importance of resolute planning and consistent implementation to achieve stable and successful development, he said.
- The China Cotton Association on Saturday voiced its resolute opposition to the United States' suppression of China's cotton textile industry in the name of human rights.
First, mid and long-term reform and changes in long-term mechanisms must be advanced with resolute efforts, and this process should be maintained even with temporary disruptions.
The International Air Transport Association is actively responding to the impact of climate changes with solutions, and members of the IATA are resolute in enhancing their environmental performance, said Willie Walsh, director general of International Air Transport Association.
Behind the output growth is the demand recovery and perking up consumption in the main downstream industries, but the country is resolute to curb steel output.
"Given the guideline of 'housing is for living in and not for speculation', local governments are resolute in creating a fair and transparent market for home purchases.
- The opening of a new battery plant affiliated to BMW is the latest testament to the confidence of foreign firms in the Chinese market amid the country's steady economic recovery and resolute commitment to opening up.
The annual Central Economic Work Conference held in Beijing from Dec 10 to 12 has called for resolute efforts in targeted poverty alleviation, as one of the "three tough battles".
"In the midst of Ford's global business transformation, the Chinese market holds paramount significance and the company remains resolute in driving sustainable growth in its operations here," Xiang said.
With a shared commitment to combat climate change and reduce carbon emissions, Tesla has reaffirmed its resolute investment in the Chinese market, she added.
Toyota is even not as resolute as its Japanese rivals when it comes to electrification.
Governments' resolute pushes and clear schedules are prompting carmakers to steer toward electrification.
Currently, major nations are resolute in developing cleaner hydrogen-based energy worldwide with respective strategies and road maps," said Yu Zhuoping, professor of the School of Automotive Studies of Tongji University.
But the resolute and effective efforts of China and the Chinese people soon paid off, and the auto market started to recover from March, Puttfarcken recalled.
Well, I thought for a minute, and my answer was a resolute and decisive "not a penny".
Experts close to the central bank said the statements have shown monetary policymakers' determination to safeguard foreign exchange market stability after taking resolute steps to mitigate the transitory depreciation pressure of the renminbi while upholding the dominant role of market forces in foreign exchange rate formation.
Against this backdrop, the government's resolute action in raising market returns will be key to consolidating confidence in the stock markets and boosting the economy.
China's economy has recovered quickly from the COVID-19 outbreak, thanks to the resolute containment of the epidemic and the relatively effective policy stimulus.
Financial sector opening-up efforts get solid backing from global investorsFinancial sector opening-up efforts are set to gain momentum in China on the back of resolute regulatory pushes and the sustained confidence of global financial institutions on market prospects, experts said on Monday.
They called on governments to take resolute measures in bringing the novel coronavirus global outbreak under control as soon as possible, as well as to coordinate macro-adjustments to minimize the economic impact of the pandemic.
The latest signals from top authorities have indicated a resolute yet prudent stance in carrying out the market-oriented, registration-based IPO system on ChiNext, which was listed among the top leadership's annual task list, they said.
The country has been taking gradual but resolute steps to open up the financial sector to boost the Chinese financial sector's international competitiveness and ability to serve the real economy.
He struck a resolute note that they need to be cleaned up to forestall financial risks.
At the Central Economic Work Conference, which concluded Wednesday, senior leaders agreed to maintain the resolute crackdown on irregular and illegal activities in the financial sector to forestall risks.
The ongoing deleveraging efforts by the government to rein in runaway corporate debt, coupled with resolute regulatory crackdown on risky financing, sparked worries about potential liquidity constraints.
One year ago, during the second plenary session of the 20th Communist Party of China Central Commission for Discipline Inspection, the Party's resolute commitment to successfully combat corruption was emphasized, vowing to take stronger measures to prevent new cases and root out existing ones.
BEIJING — China has been resolute in containing leverage and financial risks, as it endeavors to trade short-term deleveraging pains for the long-term health of the economy.
Against this backdrop, China must take resolute steps to strengthen its manufacturing sector and boost its real economy, as well as accelerate the promotion of new industrialization, Cheng added.
We express our strong condemnation, will take resolute measures to punish separatist forces seeking "Taiwan independence" and their behavior, and will resolutely safeguard China's sovereignty and territorial integrity.
In response to the seriously erroneous acts of collusion between the United States and Taiwan, China will take resolute and effective measures to safeguard national sovereignty and territorial integrity.
"The report discusses the impact of the pandemic on China's economy over the last three years," he said, underscoring that the resolute measures taken to protect lives had an inevitable impact on economic activity — although this was managed well overall, and didn't interfere with China's world-historic achievement of eliminating absolute poverty once and for all.
- Chinese courts will take resolute actions to protect legitimate property rights and interests of private businesses and entrepreneurs, a Supreme People's Court report said Tuesday.
The country responded to the economic shocks from COVID-19 and other greater-than-expected factors with resolute and swift action.
Multiple unexpected factors, such as the COVID-19 epidemic, have impacted economic operations, but China has made resolute responses, implemented set policies and measures ahead of time, continuously promoted supply-side structural reform, and speedily issued a package of policies and measures to stabilize the economy, the premier noted.
The vice-minister emphasized the ministry's resolute determination to promote water management investment this year.
In addition, the nation has taken resolute measures in fighting corrupt officials in China and those who fled abroad.
Wang said the report of the 20th CPC National Congress has put forward the tasks for advancing the process of China's peaceful reunification, urging resolute efforts from the federations to push forward national reunification and actively promote cross-Strait exchanges and deepen integrated development in various fields.
Singaporean Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong said that Jiang's steady leadership and resolute implementation of reform and opening-up were crucial in guiding China's integration into the global economy and its emergence on the world stage.
At critical moments, Jiang had the great courage to make resolute decisions and theoretical innovation.
Sun urged immediate, resolute and decisive measures to cut off the transmission chain and contain the virus spread more quickly so as to shield economic and social development and people's well-being from the pandemic to the greatest possible extent.

考研"The valuable examples which they furnish of the power of self-help, of patient purpose, resolute working and steadfast integrity, issuing in the formation of truly noble and manly character, exhibit," wrote Smiles, " what it is in the power of each to ac


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