词性拓展记忆 / 词形拓展记忆
lack / want / absence / shortage / scarcity
lack → 普通用词,指部分或完全的不足。
in the absence of 在没有
absence of mind 心不在焉
absence of 缺少
during one's absence 在某人缺席期间
absence from 缺席
in one's absence 缺席时
absence rate 缺席率
high absence rate 高缺勤率
in the absence of ... 在没有…的情况下...
absence from school 缺课
leave of absence 休假
absence of business 无生意
Absence makes the heart grow fonder . 距离产生美
ask for a leave of absence 请假
conspicuous by one's absence 因缺席而引人注目
He was always absence in his mind.
She did not mention her mother's absence.
She took advantage of the children's absence to tidy their rooms.
He acted as chairman in my absence.
She was absent from the meeting due to a sudden illness.
His absence from the classroom raised concerns among the teachers.
The party went on in his absence, but he felt deeply missed.
She left the office early because of her family's unexpected absence.
The boss's absence led to chaos and confusion in the workplace.
In his absence, his assistant was responsible for managing the project.
The children were well-behaved during their father's absence.
Her absence prolonged the argument between them.
The museum was closed for renovations, but we could still admire the exhibits in their absence.
His regular absence from school has raised questions about his commitment.
With the absence of blockbuster products during the period, the existing smartphone series failed to pique the interest of consumers.
But, modern financial infrastructure is conspicuous by its absence.
The company arranged a special team to facilitate the return of its staff members as the construction project was affected due to the absence of the working staff.
China’s National Health Commission earlier suggested Aluvia, a pill containing lopinavir and ritonavir, as one of two possible treatments for the symptoms of the virus in the absence of effective antiviral medications.
Oelrich estimated China must have become the company's largest market in 2019 in terms of revenue, for the first time, despite the absence of any full-year data.
Absence of a new national pipeline project, except the China-Russia east route natural gas pipeline, where gas started flowing on Monday, has made LNG increasingly important to meet China's fast-growing natural gas demand since 2017, although it is still second only to pipeline gas supplies due to higher costs, said Lin.
The three drugs treat Fabry disease, hemophilia B, and mucopolysaccharidosis, a rare metabolic disorder caused by the absence or malfunctioning of lysosomal enzymes.
There has been an absence of geologic information for the Luntan One well, and the deep location, ultra-high pressure, ultrahigh temperature and sulfur content have all made the drilling more challenging, said Li Li, energy research director at ICIS China, a firm tracking China's energy market.
Abdul Latheef, in a column for China Daily in 2017, wrote that the premier of Canada’s Ontario province “bemoaned the absence of Tim Hortons in the country” during a trade trip to China in 2014.
The product may look simple — just a booth with microphones and recorders in it — but Lyu found there’s an absence of professional recording facilities customized for human reading voices in such a small space.
"Joe Nocera, writing for Bloomberg Opinion, said of the arrest: "What I didn't expect was the absence of any outcry in the US.
Latest iPhone models unlikely to do so well in China due to absence of major upgradeApple Inc's dual SIM card design for new iPhones in the Chinese market will resonate well with local consumers, but the lack of a major upgrade is likely to dent their enthusiasm to buy them, experts said on Thursday.
Furthermore, the expansion in import duty and absence of local manufacturing affected its estimating system in India.
However, former chairman of the Metropolitan Transportation Authority in New York State, Thomas Prendergast, said there was an "absence of domestic steel fabricators capable of satisfying the requirements for a project of this scope and complexity".
Sun's absence does not mean that he does not care about the development of the company, said Zhao Kai, secretary of the board.
Responding to the absence of Sun Hongbin, chairman of Leshi, at Friday's meeting, Zhao Kai, secretary of the board, said Sun's absence does not mean that he does not care about the development of the company, according to a report by china.
The risk is exacerbated by the absence of approval from the country's foreign exchange regulator to transfer onshore funds offshore, it added.
"We have not had serious absence injuries, which shows that the Chinese have a strong focus on HSE.
While the initial customer concern would be anxiety over running out of gas in the middle of nowhere, what comes next is a question of price, in the absence of government subsidy, he said.
The former employees interviewed by the New York Times had been fired by Fuyao due to excessive absence, late arrivals or early leaves, according to a communication officer from Fuyao.
However, due to the absence of a corresponding urban development plan, it lacked the hustle and bustle of a typical big city for a long time.
However, the absence of dedicated rules poses challenges in effectively addressing the complexities and unique dynamics of this rapidly evolving sector.
Despite the widespread emphasis on supply chain resilience resonating across industries and many economies, a noticeable gap has emerged — a considerable absence of coordinated efforts to ensure that the restructuring endeavors lead to a genuinely robust, resilient and efficient global supply chain network, he said.
Those challenges also include the absence of clear social value objectives and reliance on market mechanisms to address market failures, as well as having to deal a wide range of government and social demands with relatively small profit margins.
Over 3,000 companies will gather at the business exhibition, among which 400 exhibitors are returning after an absence of two years.
Consequently, Japan has been able to achieve balance sheet repair for businesses and households, while China faces an absence of immovable assets such as land and housing in their balance sheets and urgently needs to fill this gap and set up its own sheets by aligning with characteristics of its socialist market economy.
The absence of effective communication, and the lack of a comprehensive, holistic and objective perception could easily result in prejudice and stereotypes.
The absence of effective communication can easily lead to prejudice and even stereotypes, he said.
The lack of diplomatic relations, the absence of FTAs and consultation mechanisms were the main factors that previously limited Honduras' exports to China.
This cannot be done in the absence of financial support.
China firmly opposes the United States' generalization of the concept of national security, its abuse of state power and its repeated malicious suppression of Chinese telecom operators in the absence of facts, the Ministry of Commerce said on Friday.
"Facilitating the registration process does not mean an absence of oversight, but means to change regulations and approval into compliance oversight, so that business operations will not be easily interrupted," he added.
Trial run launched at three stations after a hiatus of two decadesAfter nearly two decades of absence, convenience stores have begun to operate again inside select Beijing subway stations for a trial run, and more such stores are expected to be launched later to improve comprehensive service for straphangers.
China's consumer price inflation is expected to remain below target this year, despite the recent surge in imported raw material prices and firming domestic demand, the bank predicted, adding that the rise in inflation is most likely going to be transitory in the absence of excessive wage growth.
Demographic transitionIn the absence of substantial immigration, slower population growth and a rapidly aging population are the inevitable result of a declining birthrate.
With the absence of significant expansion of demand, there is no need to worry that the Producer Price Index, or PPI, rise will trigger a new round of inflation.
Also, with the absence of demand expansion, there is no need to worry about the risk of the PPI triggering a new round of inflation, and more attention should be paid to the effect of redistribution of corporate profits brought about by the PPI rise.
"In the absence of travel, we have seen a real investment by New Zealand businesses in maintaining their connection to market, through digital platforms, local business partners, or the government teams,"O'Connor added.
""In the absence of travel, we have seen a real investment by New Zealand businesses in maintaining their connection to market, through digital platforms, local business partners, or the government teams," O'Connor added.
In addition, increasing service trade links, tourism interdependence and growing digital trade will foster regional economic integration, said researchers at the event, which is ongoing this week after 2020's absence due to the virus.
"But again, the absence of a specific range for a growth target in 2021 is welcome and should reinforce this focus on high-quality growth and rebalancing, which is a discussion we've been engaged in with the Chinese authorities quite constructively for the last several years," he said.
"The absence of a specific range for a growth target in 2021 is welcomed.
"In April 2020, China recognized the absence of the fruit flies in the Argentine cherry region.
On the global front, a sharp sell-off in developed markets is unlikely mainly because central banks won't take any unnecessary risks in the absence of a sustained rise in inflation.
In the absence of a very strong pickup in inflation and bond yields, we think it is premature to fully rotate from growth stocks to unloved "value" companies, such as banks.
On-demand businesses like Li's have become popular in China, with diverse services offered online, ranging from finding a chauffeur for a drunk customer to asking other pet owners to take care of pets in their absence.
"These data suggest the insatiable appetite of Chinese consumers for high-quality products, in the temporary absence of outbound travel and surrogate buyers," Yu said.
What immediately captures their attention is the absence of traditional liquefied petroleum gas cylinders once favored by food stalls and small eateries.
While CCUS technology will play an essential role in helping achieve the national carbon neutrality targets, large-scale application of the solution remains challenging in the absence of methodology and trading mechanisms, Ma said.
However, in the absence of a mature commercial model for energy storage, investment in power storage projects could be a huge burden to PV investors.
Experts said the landscape of Chinese e-commerce livestreaming industry had begun changing during Li's absence.
His waiting time was shorter in the absence of in-store diners, so he can complete more orders.
"But supply cannot expand immediately to meet rising demand due to the absence of new capacity projects over the past few years.
The overall domestic box office during August to September will be 20 percent to 30 percent of the same period in previous years due to attendance limitations for the COVID-19 prevention and control and the absence of quality films.
David Liu, chairman of global public relations company Weber Shandwick China, said the ad sector has scaled things down due to absence of offline activities and fears of cross-infection, while online promotional events-such as those related to e-commerce-are still operating, and he expects the situation to return to normal in the second half.
Top fall/winter fashion weeks which open around February and March in New York, London, Milan and Paris, are expected to be low-key affairs due to the absence of Chinese fashion industry participants, including fashion media and fashion buyers.
The impact of the absence of China on global fashion houses and the luxury goods industry is mostly visible on the buying side and media exposure, said Gao.
Meanwhile, the cluster communication effect between Chinese fashion media, influencers, and celebrities from fashion weeks is so significant that their absence this year will greatly reduce the exposure of brands among consumers in China, he said.
He recalled how an article about the absence of internet firms in Hubei galvanized officials into action in 2017.
The complete response for Brukinsa, or the absence of all detectable tumors, reached 59 percent among patients with relapsed or refractory MCL, and that for Calquence and Imbruvica were 40 percent and 21 percent respectively.
Ren Dongming, deputy director of the China National Renewable Energy Center, said the absence of investors and mature commercial models has impaired the development of biomass energy, including biomethane.
"The absence of rail connection to major port areas has been a major barrier for the port of Shanghai.
Hong Kong's attraction can be attributed to its high levels of transparency, cultural alignment, and absence of any real language barrier, according to James Shepherd, who heads China-related research at Cushman& Wakefield.
This year, people can choose Hello-Chuxing and Dida Chuxing in the absence of Didi.
Xue Jun, a professor at Peking University Law School, said the absence of the Hitch service "would be a huge loss for social welfare, because it's very efficient for many people who commute over medium and short distances, which also relieves the pressure of the holiday rush. "
The absence of express delivery only adds to the embarrassment of the former trade stop in the e-commerce era.
They include the lack of technological breakthroughs in key areas, deficiency in strategic scientists with international influence, weak voice in leadership prowess in the international arena, the absence of leading technology firms hinders the potential of the new economy to take the lead, as well as the shortage of high-level talent with an international perspective and an understanding of international rules.
Intel told the Biden administration that the absence of Chinese orders could reduce the necessity for projects like the Ohio chipmaking hub.
ai — on Tuesday that for the first time allow for the absence of a human safety operator from the front seat on public roads in the capital, marking a significant step toward the commercialization of fully self-driving technology, experts said.
Putting aside the absence of China in its electrification strategy by 2030, the carmaker is one of the few that even now don't bother to give itself a Chinese name, they said.
Despite the absence of Tesla and Wuling, two of the bestselling electric carmakers in the country, eye-catching and mind-blowing products are in plentiful supply.
"The absence of legislation is curbing the sector's development," said Yin.
"The absence of legislation is curbing the sector's development," said Yin, adding that this level of autonomy should be allowed in low-speed traffic situations so as to gain experience for higher level of unmanned driving.
The country's auto market is undoubtedly recovering, despite the absence of a sharp rebound in consumption, said Xiao Zhengsan, secretary-general of the CADA.
He said the absence of dealers does not mean Aiways will not have test drive centers and pop-up stores to offer experiences for interested buyers.
Germany's biggest carmaker, Volkswagen, has been notable by its absence from the flurry of alliances on new technology within the country's car industry.
On Monday, economists from the Halle Institute for Economic Research said they modeled what would happen if imports to Britain from the remaining European Union countries fell 25 percent due to the absence of a negotiated trade agreement when Britain leaves the EU.
Skoda's Vision E has won acclaim with its new design features, including counteropening doors and the absence of a B-pillar, when it was shown on April 17.
Chinese smartphone market faces a downside risk of shipping fewer than 300 million smartphones for the whole of 2022 if the market continues to see an absence of a fresh stimulus, said the IDC.
People often flocked to Gemechu's cafe to access the internet, but the absence of 4G telecom services posed a challenge to the internet experience of his customers.
With the absence of blockbuster products from April to June, the existing smartphone series failed to pique the interest of consumers, IDC said.
Any absence of 5G models reduces the addressable market size for Huawei in China, while the absence of Google services does the same for Huawei's 4G devices, Counterpoint Research said.
A high temperature or absence of a mask triggers the alert.
The company has also launched a product facilitating remote meetings between a lawyer and client, as well as remote interrogation by the police -- situations in which people don't normally wear masks, but the absence of a mask poses health risks during the epidemic.
Instead, the absence of a rate cut implies that regulators may be mulling other more substantial measures, as simply cutting the mortgage rate benchmark has proven to have a limited impact on shoring up the sluggish homebuying demand.
While agreeing that uncertainty over Fed rate hikes will affect the local market mood to some extent, observers said the absence of news flows on A-share companies' financial results is a reason for the current short-term volatility.
This intrinsic nature could lead to monopolies in the absence of necessary regulations, which would kill competition, restrain innovation and impair consumers' interests, Blair said.
In its statement, the central bank said that although a number of laws had previously been issued to govern the financial system, there remains a lack of systematic arrangements in terms of maintaining financial stability, with relevant provisions scattered in different sets of law and an absence of rules in relation to some key issues.
Ming Ming, co-chief economist of CITIC Securities, said any absence of a rate cut this month could mean the PBOC may take some more time to observe the effects of previous easing measures, given the mixed bag of weaker credit demand and stronger-than-expected economic activities.
While there are no evident signs of bears on the rampage, bulls are conspicuous by their absence as well, said Yang Delong, chief economist at First Seafront Fund.
Their remarks take cognizance of the current market situation where an absence of high gains is also marked by active trading, with the combined turnover of the Shanghai and Shenzhen bourses topping over 1.25 trillion yuan ($193 billion) on Monday.
The tighter grip of Chinese regulators on certain key industries is regarded as a belated response to innovation and the breakneck growth of such industries that flourished in the absence of a regulatory framework, he said.
"The monetary policy support is receding, even in the absence of official policy rate adjustments," said Fitch Ratings in its updated sovereign rating report for China.
The monthly spot and forward (including options) forex settlements by banks recorded mild deficits in the absence of short-selling driven by panic over the RMB appreciation.
But some groups, especially the elderly people, are facing difficulties due to the absence of cash payments, PBOC official said.
"With an unprecedented amount of cash in the system, equities and high-yield bonds are attracting a lot of interest from investors in the absence of acceptable yields from money markets and longer-term government bonds.
Yang Changxiao, an economist with brokerage firm Zhongtai Securities, attributed the consistent LPR to the absence of obvious liquidity tightening in the market and the fact that conditions at home do not justify a rush for monetary policy adjustment.
China's credit offtake contracted in February despite a faster growth in money supply as the novel coronavirus outbreak dampened consumption demand and delayed production, prompting experts to warn of inflation spikes in the absence of a quick rebound in economic activity.
The government's funding gap, the difference between spending needs and revenue sources, would be extended in the absence of additional support measures to increase financial resources, said analysts.
Domestic orientation of monetary policy also implies that the PBOC will choose a combination of independent monetary policy, increasing yuan flexibility and capital outflow restrictions in the "impossible trinity" (or trilemma, which refers to the notion that it is impossible for a country to have a stable currency, an independent monetary policy and the free movement of capital - the absence of capital controls - at the same time).

高考In the absence of wolves, coyote populations also grew quickly.


2017年高考英语全国卷3 阅读理解 阅读C 原文

高考My mother will be living alone most of the time for three years in my absence.


2017年高考英语浙江卷(11月) 听力 原文

四级In the absence of societal pressures to maintain pair-bonds, O'Sullivan suggests that romantic love has increasingly come to be seen as the factor that should determine who we stay with and for how long.



四级Far from the traditional image of a culture of aggressive masculinity (阳刚), the absence of girls gives boys the chance to develop without pressure to conform to a stereotype.

与传统的男性文化形象相去甚远(阳刚), 女孩的缺席使男孩有机会在不受压力的情况下发展,从而遵守陈规定型观念。


六级Researchers at Duke University scrutinized more than 160 published studies and found an absence of strong evidence that any of these approaches can make a big difference.



六级The absence of rigorous discipline.



六级Much of the concern among politicians about the state of American universities today is focused on the absence of "real world" education—which means preparation for professional and scientific careers.



六级Its clean air, attractive parks, and the absence of any industry, make this an ideal spot for people looking for a quiet life.



六级Barrett wanted to find out if the absence of physical currency does indeed cause a person to spend more, so she decided to conduct an experiment a few months ago.


2017年6月六级真题(第二套)听力 Section C

六级Dehl and her fellow researchers wanted to find out if that was true, so they embarked on a series of nine experiments in the lab and in the field testing people's enjoyment in the presence or absence of a camera.


2018年6月六级真题(第二套)阅读 Section C

考研We have no land ethic yet, but we have at least drawn nearer the point of admitting that birds should continue as a matter of intrinsic right,regardless of the presence or absence of economic advantage to us.



考研This same absence of moral purpose was wounding companies such as News International ,shield thought ,making it more likely that it would lose its way as it had with widespread illegal telephone hacking.

shield认为,同样的道德目标缺失伤害了新闻国际(News International)等公司,这使得它更有可能迷失方向,就像广泛存在的非法电话窃听一样。


考研Driving her point home, she continued: “It’s increasingly apparent that the absence of purpose, of a moral language within government, media or business could become one of the most dangerous foals for capitalism and freedom“.



考研But the epidemic is "moderate" in severity, according to Margaret Chan, the organization's director general, with the overwhelming majority of patients experiencing only mild symptoms and a full recovery, often in the absence of any medical treatment.

但该组织总干事陈冯富珍(Margaret Chan)表示,疫情的严重程度为“中度”,绝大多数患者症状轻微,通常在没有任何治疗的情况下完全康复。

2010年考研真题(英语二)完形填空 Section Ⅰ

考研In the absence of work, a society designed with other ends in mind could yield strikingly different circumstances for the future of labor and leisure.


2017年考研真题(英语二)完形填空 Section Ⅰ

考研Restrictions that keep highly polluting cars out of certain areas - city centers, school streets", even individual roads - are a response to the absence of a larger effort to properly enforce existing regulations and require auto companies to bring their


2020年考研真题(英语二)阅读理解 Section Ⅱ

考研This same absence of moral purpose was wounding companies such as News International, she thought, making it more likely that it would lose its way as it had with widespread illegal telephone hacking.

她认为,同样的道德目的缺失也伤害了新闻国际(News International)等公司,使其更有可能迷失方向,就像广泛存在的非法电话窃听一样。

2015年考研真题(英语一)阅读理解 Section Ⅱ

四级In the absence of societal pressures to maintain pair-bonds, O'Sullivan suggests that romantic love has increasingly come to be seen as the factor that should determine who we stay with and for how long



六级Much of the concern among politicians about the state of American universities today is focused on the absence of “real world” education—which means preparation for professional and scientific careers.



四级Studies over a range of illnesses, from depression to heart disease, reveal that the presence of social support helps people fend off (挡开) illness, and the absence of such support makes poor health more likely.

对从抑郁症到心脏病等一系列疾病的研究表明,社会支持的存在有助于人们抵御疾病(挡开) 疾病,而缺乏这种支持会使健康状况不佳的可能性更大。


四级In the absence of societal pressures to maintain pair-bonds, O’Sullivan suggests that romantic love has increasingly come to be seen as the factor that should determine who we stay with and for how long.



四级Women, of course, face the same issues of returning after a long absence.



考研There is “the democratizing uniformity of dress and discourse, and the casualness and absence of deference” characteristic of popular culture.