词根词缀记忆/谐音联想记忆 补充/纠错
词根ac 加强 + cess 行走,前进 → 一再向前走 …………
词性拓展记忆 / 词形拓展记忆
词根记忆 / 词缀记忆
ced, ceed, cess=go,表示”行走,前进”
antecede先行,先于(ante前+cede=走在 …………
access to 访问
access road 进场道路
give access to 允许访问
have access to 有权访问
gain access to 获得访问权限
restrict access to 限制访问
access to sth. 获得某物
be easy of access 易于接近
open access 开放存取
give sb. access to 让某人接触
get access to 获得访问权限
access to sb. 接触某人
with an access to 可以访问
the equal access to education 平等的受教育机会
an easy access 容易接近的地方
ready access 随时可用
access to exercise equipment 使用健身器材
have ready access to sth 随时可以获得某物
easier access to medical services 更容易获得医疗服务
have ... access to 有…访问权限
have faster access to news in real time 更快地实时获取新闻
have access 有权
the access to Internet services 互联网服务的接入
with easy access to 易于访问
gain access 获取访问权限
have access to ... 可以访问...
easier access 更容易接近
have no worry about food and clothing and have access to compulsory education, basic medical services, and safe housing 不愁吃不愁穿,可以享受义务教育、基本医疗服务和安全住房
have access to sth. 获得某物
wireless Internet access 无线互联网接入
internet access 互联网接入
Internet access 互联网接入
random access memory 随机存取存储器
disabled access 残疾人通道
seek access to government 寻求与政府接触
have ready access to sth. 随时可以获得某物
have access to sb. 接触某人
subject access guide 主题访问指南
subject access 主题访问
with Internet access 具有Internet访问
market access 市场准入
global access 全局访问
offer access to 提供访问权限
access time 存取时间
authorized access 授权访问
access to top 进入顶部
access impossible 无法访问
access flap 检修襟翼
broadband access 宽带接入
equal access to education 平等受教育机会
access to information and political participation 获取信息和政治参与
Access Control List 访问控制列表
access to wheelchairs in the tourist site 在旅游景点使用轮椅
code division multiple access 码分多址
pedestrian access 行人通道
right of access 访问权
market access rules 市场准入规则
universal access to the Internet 因特网的普遍接入
mobile access fee 移动接入费
access to healthcare information and services 获取医疗保健信息和服务
relax market access 放宽市场准入
free access to broadband Internet 免费接入宽带互联网
have access to affordable essential health services 获得负担得起的基本保健服务
fire engine access 消防车通道
improve one's access to education 提高受教育的机会
with access all day 全天可访问
You can turn on and off access to any of these groups.
But how do you access this data?
But the East India Company still had access to exports from China, including tea.

考研Merely helping a gift-giver gain access to other officials, unless done with clear intent to pressure those officials, is not corruption, the justices found.


六级Students are placed in small groups with counselors ( ' , trained seniors on campus); they have access to cultural and ethnic affinity ( ' , 联 系 ) groups, tutoring centers and also have a summer orientation specifically for first-generation students ( ' , the latter being one of the most common programs for students).

学生们被安排在有辅导员的小组中(’,在校园里接受过培训的高年级学生);他们具有文化和种族亲和力(“,联 系 ) 团体、辅导中心和学校也有专门针对第一代学生的暑期定向课程(后者是学生最常见的课程之一)。

考研The charter's main tool of enforcement is to deny access for designers and modeling agencies to Copenhagen Fashion Week, which is run by the Danish Fashion Institute.


六级Once armed with a method for gaining access to iPhones, the government could ask to use it proactively, before a suspected terrorist attack—leaving Apple in a bind as to whether to comply or risk an attack and suffer a public-relations nightmare.


考研Merely helping a gift-giver gain access to other officials, unless done with clear intent to pressure those officials, is not corruption, the Justices found.


考研There are concerns that government, employers, and marketers might be able to access these data, thereby violating our privacy.


高考Thus I have been allowed to gain access to their living environment.


六级Although many researchers broadly agree that public access to raw data would accelerate science, most are reluctant to post the results of their own labors online.


六级More poor and non-white students will be denied access to college.


四级The New York State parks system wants to turn off the falls on the American side some time in the next two to three years to replace two 115-year-old stone bridges that allow pedestrians, park vehicles and utilities access to Goat Island.


四级More access to nature makes children less likely to fall ill.


六级Ego aside, a third advantage is that the emotional neutrality of indifferent relationships has been found to enhance critical evaluation, to strengthen one's focus on task resolution, and to gain greater access to valuable information.


四级But the code to access the program cost $120—a big sum for Harper, who had already put down $450 for textbooks, and had rent day approaching.


六级They also do not have access to quality health care or other prerequisites for upward social mobility.


六级Hobbyists and students are gaining access to technologies without being part of a long-standing amateur establishment.


六级The startup's product, SentabTV, enables older adults who may not be comfortable with computers to access email, video chat and social media using just their televisions and a remote control.


高考Depending on which role you choose, you could help to increase a community's access to safe drinking water, or help to protect valuable local cultures.


六级Students are placed in small groups with counselors trained seniors on campus; they have access to cultural and ethnic affinity(联系) groups, tutoring centers and also have a summer orientation specifically for first-generation students.

学生被分成小组,辅导员在校园里培训高年级学生;他们有机会获得文化和种族亲和力(联系) 团体、辅导中心和学校也有专门针对第一代学生的暑期培训。

四级One vision of the perfect city of the future: a place that offers easy access to air travel.


六级Migrants to cities are attracted by plentiful jobs, access to hospitals and education, and the ability to escape the boredom of a farmer's agricultural life.


四级David Hunt, an associate professor in sociology at Augusta University, which has rolled out digital textbooks across its math and psychology departments, told BuzzFeed News that he understands the utility of using systems that require access codes.

奥古斯塔大学(Augusta University)社会学副教授大卫·亨特(David Hunt)在其数学和心理学系推出了数字教科书。他告诉BuzzFeed News,他理解使用需要访问码的系统的效用。

考研The fact that this is not an uncommon occurrence means that dishonest persons might be able to access bank accounts in electronic payments systems and steal from someone else's accounts.


六级Math circles provide students with access to advanced-math training by university professors.


考研When we don't understand the value of mental health and we don't know how to gain access to it, mental health will remain hidden from us.


六级They can meet their basic needs, but they lack access to cultural goods, entertainment and recreation.


六级I think it's a problem because you're not giving equal access to education to everybody.


四级That means users have access to notes from not only their classmates and Facebook friends, but anyone who purchased the book across the country.


四级A 20-year-old junior at Georgia Southern University told BuzzFeed News that she normally spends $500-600 on access codes for class.


四级access to nature contributes to the reduction of violence


高考Instead, computer users are developing stronger transactive memories; that is, people are learning how to organize huge quantities of information so that they are able to access it at a later date.


六级To get access to millions of new customers, insurers would have a strong incentive to sell on the exchange.


四级Many policy measures to control obesity(肥胖症)assume that people consciously and rationally choose what and how much they eat and therefore focus on providing information and more access to healthier foods," note the two researchers


四级However, online CBT programs have been gaining popularity, with the attraction of providing low-cost help wherever someone has access to a computer.


考研Critics make three main arguments against gene patents: a gene is a product of nature, so it may not be patented; gene patents suppress innovation rather than reward it; and patents'monopolies restrict access to genetic tests such as Myriad's.


六级Apple's stance on these issues emerged post-Snowden, when the company started putting in place a series of technologies that, by default, make use of encryption to limit access to people's data.


四级But because it's all digital it eliminates the used book market and eliminates any sharing and because homework and tests are through an access code, it eliminates any ability to opt out.


四级Yet he also empowered millions of people by giving them access to cutting-edge technology.


六级Thus, while printing enormously increased access to books by making cheap, high-volume production possible, it also reduced choice.


六级That conclusion was reinforced by another finding: that their opposition appeared to soften when that fiscal burden decreased, as occurred with welfare reform in the 1990s, which curbed immigrants' access to certain benefits


六级Allow women access to education.


六级It follows a specific individual, such as a doctor or nurse, who can use it to record and access patient data.


四级However, he'll need to do so without tripping the anti-jamming system, the details of which he almost certainly does not have access to.


考研Not only did they develop such a device but by the turn of the millennium they had also managed to embed it in a worldwide system accessed by billions of people every day.


六级They can access all kinds of public services.


六级There is no access to television in its rooms


六级Some communities have agreed to share online—geneticists, for example, post DNA sequences at the GenBank repository ( ' , 库), and astronomers are accustomed to accessing images of galaxies and stars from, say, the Sloan Digital Sky Survey, a telescope that has observed some 500 million objects—but these remain the exception, not the rule.

一些社区已经同意共享在线遗传学家,例如,在GenBank存储库(“,库), 天文学家习惯于从斯隆数字巡天望远镜(Sloan Digital Sky Survey)获取星系和恒星的图像。斯隆数字巡天望远镜已观测到约5亿个天体,但这些仍然是例外,而不是规则。

六级There's a stimulative effect that kicks in when women have greater access to jobs and the economic lives of our countries: Greater political stability


四级The life of old people is measurably better when they have access to nature


六级Cell phones provide instant access to people


考研In Britain the move towards open access publishing has been driven by funding bodies.


考研But the ruling reinforces the need for citizens and their elected representatives, not the courts, to ensure equality of access to government.


六级For example, they may have access to drinking water, but not clean safe drinking water.


考研It can't when so many more employers have so much more access to so much more above average cheap foreign labor, cheap robotics, cheap software, cheap automation and cheap genius.


高考We need a better way to access information.


高考It was really annoying; I couldn't get access to the data bank you had recommended.


六级Such findings, he says, suggest that "this network can be called on to process and store the kind of information taught in school—potentially giving students access to a range of untapped mental powers".


高考Designers have also created informal gathering places, and upgraded employees' access to heavily trafficked areas such as copy and coffee rooms.


六级Ross Mounce, a postdoc studying evolutionary biology at the University of Cambridge, UK, is a vocal champion of open science, partly because his fossil-based research depends on access to others' data.

Ross Mounce是英国剑桥大学研究进化生物学的博士后,他是开放科学的声乐冠军,部分原因是他的化石研究依赖于他人数据的获取。

六级Open science also offers junior researchers the chance to level the playing field by gaining better access to crucial data.


六级Let's face it, it wasn't too long ago that the idea of working from anywhere and at anytime was some form of a distant utopian dream,and yet now we can perform almost any office-based task from any location in the world as long as we have access to the in


四级Digital learning systems now charge students for access codes needed to complete coursework, take quizzes, and turn in homework.


六级Access to foot traffic and proximity to transit allow the type of entertainment-oriented businesses such as bars and restaurants to stay open later, which attracts both younger, creative workers and baby boomers nearing retirement alike.


六级They improve access to pre-birth care and encourage exclusive breastfeeding for the first six months of a child's life.


六级People who do not have access to a good listener may not only be denied the opportunity to heighten their self-awareness, but they are also denied valuable feedback as to the validity and acceptability of their inner thoughts and feelings.


六级In the United States, up to forty percent of all food goes uneaten, despite the fact that one in seven American households lacks regular access to good food.


四级Many of the access codes he's purchased have been required simply to complete homework or quizzes.


考研We often hear media reports that an unauthorized hacker has been able to access a computer database and to alter information stored there.


考研But it did so while holding its nose at the ethics of his conduct, which included accepting gifts such as a Rolex watch and a Ferrari automobile from a company seeking access to government.


四级Easy access leads to customers' over-consumption.


考研But it did so while holding its nose at the ethics of his conduct, which included accepting gifts such as a Rolex watch and a Ferrari Automobile from a company seeking access to government.


四级This process improves access to relevant information, without old memories interfering.


六级Perhaps you're bringing your unique knowledge and gaining access to someone else's professional network, or Maybe you're able to learn a new skill by working with someone.


四级It facilitates our access to relevant information.


四级A US study suggested that when a school gave children access to a natural environment, academic levels were raised across the entire school.


考研The Dutch giant Elsevier, which claims to publish 25% of the scientific papers produced in the world, made profits of more than £900m last year, while UK universities alone spent more than £210m in 2016 to enable researchers to access their own publicly f


高考People have better access to health care than they used to, and they're living longer as a result.


四级A business professor says that a future city should have easy access to international transportation.


考研Rather officials must avoid double standards, or different types of access for average people and the wealthy.


六级If you look at a lot of low-income communities in the United States, there are programs that are serving them, but they're primarily centered around ‘Let's get these kids' grades up,' and not around ‘Let's get these kids access to the same kinds of opportunities as more-affluent kids,' said Daniel Zaharopol, the founder and executive director of the program.

丹尼尔·扎哈罗波尔(Daniel Zaharopol)说,如果你看看美国的许多低收入社区,都有为他们服务的项目,但这些项目主要围绕着“让这些孩子的成绩提高”,而不是围绕着“让这些孩子获得与更富裕的孩子同样的机会”,该计划的创始人和执行董事。

六级I was lucky to be at the technology conference then, and I had access to 3D printers.


六级since 2013, global scientific bodies have begun to back policies that support increased public access to research.


四级He cannot get access to the assigned book.


六级And about 200 to 215 million women don't have access to birth control they want, so that they can't control their own fertility.


四级Laws can restrict or ban voting, access to public housing, and professional and business licensing.


四级But critics say the digital access codes represent the same profit-seeking ethos (观念) of the textbook business, and are even harder for students to opt out of.

但批评人士说,数字接入码代表着同样的营利精神(观念) 而对于学生来说,选择退出就更难了。

高考Some also contain cd-roms and access to special online features.


六级It's a complex system wherein data is copied to multiple intermediate devices, usually to speed up access to files when millions of people are trying to access the service at the same time.


高考One crucial factor is secure access to land.


考研More than half of all British scientific research is now published under open access terms: either freely available from the moment of publication, or paywalled for a year or more so that the publishers can make a profit before being placed on general rel

现在,英国一半以上的科研成果都是以开放获取的方式发表的:要么从发表之日起免费提供,要么支付一年或更长时间的费用,以便出版商在进入general rel之前获利

考研The charter’s main tool of enforcement is to deny access for designers and modeling agencies to Copenhagen Fashion Week ( ' , CFW), which is run by the Danish Fashion Institute.


六级Today's battery breakthroughs come as the world looks to expand modern energy access to the billion or so people without it, while also cutting back on fuels that warm the planet.


四级As universities go digital, students are complaining of a new hit to their finances that's replacing—and sometimes joining—expensive textbooks: pricey online access codes that are required to complete coursework and submit assignments.


六级Today's battery breakthroughs come as the world looks to expand modern energy access to the billion or so people without it, while also cutting back on fuels that warm the planet.


六级Newsweek ranked 165 countries, looking at five areas that affect women's lives; treatment under the law, workforce participation, political power, and access to education and health care.


考研Favoritism in official access can fan public perceptions of corruption.


六级king penguins are the second-largest type of penguin and only breed on specific isolated islands in the Southern Ocean where there is no ice cover and easy access to the sea.


四级As advocates of the sharing economy like to put it, access trumps ( 胜过) ownership.

正如共享经济的倡导者们喜欢说的那样,访问权胜过了胜过) 所有权。

考研The most drastic, and thoroughly illegal, reaction has been the emergence of Sci-Hub, a kind of global photocopier for scientific papers, set up in 2012, which now claims to offer access to every paywalled article published since 2015.

最激烈、也是最非法的反应是Sci Hub的出现。Sci Hub是一种全球科学论文影印机,成立于2012年,现在它声称可以访问自2015年以来发表的每一篇付费文章。

六级Students in university towns may also have access to another lever for involvement in accelerated math: math circles.


高考Thus, the keyboard can determine people's identities, and by extension, whether they should be given access to the computer it's connected to—regardless of whether someone gets the password right.