联想记忆ac爱+quisition音似(question问题) → 爱问问题的人,都是想''获得,习得''答案的人 …………
词性拓展记忆 / 词形拓展记忆
acquisition / merger / consolidation
三个单词均指公司之间的相互整合或合并。准确地讲,acquisition 应译为“购并”,merger 应当译为“兼并”,而consolidation 则应译为“合并。
acquisition → acquisition …………
acquisition cost 购置成本
language acquisition 语言习得
Mergers and Acquisitions 兼并和收购
mergers and acquisitions 兼并和收购
merger and acquisition 兼并和收购
first-language acquisition 第一语言习得
merger & acquisition 兼并与收购
mergers & acquisitions 兼并与收购
data acquisition system 数据采集系统
standard data acquisition system 标准数据采集系统
legal reserves of housing acquisition 房屋征收法定准备金
acquisition of languages 语言习得
automobile acquisition tax 汽车购置税
What’s the cost of customer acquisition?
We investigate the legal status of every potential acquisition.
My classmates were attracted by the library's most recent acquisitions.
In late December, China Medical System, a Shenzhen, Guangdong province-based biopharmaceutical company, announced the acquisition of a factory in Singapore through wholly owned subsidiary CMS Medical Venture Pte Ltd and non-wholly owned units Rxilient Health and PharmaGend Global Medical Services Pte Ltd.
12月下旬,位于广东省深圳市的生物制药公司中国医疗系统宣布通过全资子公司CMS Medical Venture Pte Ltd和非全资子公司Rxilent Health and PharmaGend Global Medical Services Pte Ltd.收购新加坡的一家工厂。
"He said that after the acquisition of Credit Suisse, the growth ambitions for UBS are focused on wealth and asset management.
Efforts will also be made to enhance upstream resource acquisition capabilities in the battery raw materials sector, it said.
The acquisition marks a step toward consolidating China's domestic steel industry and helps the steel industry achieve high-quality development.
So far, the company has invested in 45 fixed-asset and equity acquisition projects in 27 countries, and is engaged in nearly 500 high-quality cement and glass projects around the world.
"We have a better understanding of the market, particularly from a market-fit perspective, which includes content selection, user experience and customer acquisition," Qiu said.
Meanwhile, European aircraft manufacturer Airbus said talent acquisition is becoming one of its priorities alongside business development and steady growth in China.
McDonald's has agreed to raise its stake from 20 percent to 48 percent through the acquisition from global investment firm Carlyle in its strategic partnership that operates and manages McDonald's business on the Chinese mainland, Hong Kong and Macao.
Anta group didn't disclose the price of the acquisition.
The acquisition is a good complementary to the group's women's business sector, which will enhance its goal to meet the diverse needs of consumers and further strengthen the group's brand portfolio, said the group.
Saudi Arabian oil company Aramco said on Thursday that the company has signed a Memorandum of Understanding with Nanshan Group Co Ltd, Shandong Energy Group Co Ltd and Shandong Yulong Petrochemical Co Ltd to facilitate discussions relating to the possible acquisition by Aramco of a 10 percent strategic equity interest in Shandong Yulong Petrochemical Co Ltd.
The possible acquisition of the project, located at Longkou, Yantai in China's Shandong province, is subject to due diligence, negotiation of transaction documents and required regulatory clearance, it said.
The senior executive added that the company will step up its international market expansion through the acquisition of local brands.
To deepen its localization in the country, Signify in 2019 completed the acquisition of a 51 percent stake in Zhejiang Klite Lighting Holdings Co Ltd, a local manufacturer of high-quality, cost-efficient LED sources and luminaires.
It has also completed the acquisition of a 10 percent stake in Rongsheng Petrochemical Co Ltd in Zhejiang province.
Under this business model, The Bicester Collection is not only a major customer acquisition channel for brands but a service provider.
在这种商业模式下,The Bicester Collection不仅是品牌的主要获客渠道,也是服务提供商。
Mutares focuses on the acquisition of parts of large corporations, or carve-outs, and medium-sized enterprises in transitional situations.
Liu said the booming industrial internet will see surging demand for accuracy in data acquisition, transmission speed, storage space, computing capacities and intelligent application, which will drive the development of big data and cloud computing infrastructure and foster a batch of industrial internet companies that are globally competitive.
To further expand Chinese firms' presence in overseas markets, Zhang said more efforts should be made to increase the acquisition of foreign talent and teams, which would be beneficial for their local operations, and to absorb exceptional talent from different countries and regions in terms of creative culture, game design and localization channels.
Additionally, generative AI technologies and large-scale natural language models can also be employed in human resource management to optimize talent acquisition processes and streamline employee engagement initiatives, he added.
The company, as a leading IoT company of new energy, provides value-added services ranging from site selection consultation, software and hardware procurement, EPC general contracting, to station management, user acquisition, operating and maintenance services, unmanned retail cabinets, as well as one-stop solutions covering user-side energy storage, PV and virtual power plants to ensure more efficient operation in the industrial chain.
With China entering a new era of green and innovation-led growth, Ali said this acquisition further demonstrates Eastman's willingness to further expand its production and service levels in China and the Asia-Pacific.
SOE in $2.9b deal with Italian energy giant Enel for South American assetsChina Southern Power Grid's acquisition of Italian firm Enel's power distribution and technology assets in Peru is seen by experts as another move to further expand its presence in South America.
This acquisition will further expand SPG's footprint in South America, which has massive potential to develop in the power grid sector, said Lin Boqiang, head of the China Institute for Studies in Energy Policy, Xiamen University.
Eager to reinforce its earning strength on the Chinese mainland and the Asia-Pacific region, Maersk completed the acquisition of LF Logistics, a Hong Kong-based contract logistics company, with premium capabilities within omnichannel fulfillment services, e-commerce and inland transport in the Asia-Pacific region in 2022.
It announced its entry into the Chinese market in 2019 after its acquisition by Chinese company Hisense in 2018.
XCMG's acquisition of the Bored Ape Yacht Club (BAYC) NFT with the serial number 3489 has also gained industry attention.
China's pharmaceutical conglomerate Sino Biopharmaceutical Limited, or Sino Biopharm, announced on Thursday the acquisition of Nasdaq-listed United Kingdom based biotech F-star Therapeutics, marking a latest move in Sino Biopharm's on-going global growth.
周四,中国制药集团Sino Biopharmaceutical Limited(简称Sino Biocharm)宣布收购在纳斯达克上市的英国生物技术公司F-star Therapeutics,这标志着Sino Bioharm持续全球增长的最新举措。
Approved by regulatory agencies including the Committee on Foreign Investment in the United States, the acquisition was completed with $161 million in cash, the Hong Kong-listed company claimed.
"In addition to the acquisition of Alexion, which specializes in rare disease therapies, in 2020, AstraZeneca announced the acquisition of LogicBio Therapeutics, which had a leading position in the development of gene delivery and gene editing and was committed to tackling various rare and serious diseases afflicting children and adults," said Hu.
胡表示:“除了收购专门从事罕见病治疗的Alexion外,阿斯利康还在2020年宣布收购LogicBio Therapeutics,该公司在基因递送和基因编辑领域处于领先地位,致力于解决困扰儿童和成人的各种罕见病和严重疾病。”。
"In November, we announced the pending acquisition of the assets of our Chinese distributor and the expansion of our on the ground resources in China.
Closing of the partnership transaction is subject to the closing of the previously disclosed acquisition of certain assets from Jamieson's distribution partner in China and other customary closing conditions, including applicable regulatory approval.
According to the supermarket operator, the local government has invested through the acquisition of shares to further drive the upgrade of the retailer through development in internet integration, digital innovation and flagship brick-and-mortar stores.
On Dec 19, AIA Life Insurance acquired controlling stake in Shisen with 5.03 billion yuan, including the acquisition of the North Bund 89 Neighborhood project.
Zhang Xiaoyu, CEO of AIA Life Insurance, consideres this project "a milestone" for AIA's continued investment in China, as this has been the biggest acquisition ever since the firm was incorporated as the first wholly foreign-owned life insurance company in China in 2020.
"The antitrust efforts on CNKI will promote the free flow and dissemination of academic resources, reduce the cost of knowledge acquisition for consumers, and finally drive the fair and sound development of the academic market," said Zhong Gang, executive director of the Competition Law Research Institute at the East China University of Political Science and Law.
Aramco successfully completed the acquisition of a 70 percent stake in Saudi Basic Industries Corporation (SABIC) in June 2020.
Hisense has been one of the most active Chinese companies in the international market in terms of merging and acquisition.
China National Offshore Oil Corp, the country's largest offshore driller, announced on Thursday that it has completed the acquisition of another 5 percent of participation interest in the Production Sharing Contract of the Búzios oilfield in Brazil for $1.9 billion.
The German government issued a document to stop the acquisition of automotive chip production assets of Elmos by Sai MicroElectronics' Swedish subsidiary Silex Microsystems, the Beijing-based developer of micro-electromechanical system chip techniques and manufacturing wafers said on Thursday.
总部位于北京的微机电系统芯片技术和晶圆制造开发商赛微电子的瑞典子公司Silex Microsystems周四表示,德国政府发布文件,停止收购Elmos的汽车芯片生产资产。
In 2021, the group announced the acquisition of Longkang, the leading e-commerce company that specializes in hearing aids in China.
Chinese chip company Sai MicroElectronics Inc said it has not received any official decision or document so far from German authorities about its wholly-owned subsidiary's acquisition plan of an automobile chip manufacturing line in Germany.
Sai MicroElectronics said in a statement on Thursday that up to the present, neither the company nor its domestic and foreign subsidiaries have received any official decision or document from Germany's Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Climate Action regarding the approval result of foreign direct investment in this acquisition transaction.
All information related to this acquisition transaction shall be subject to the final decision of the German government and the official announcement document of the company, Sai MicroElectronics said.
Musk had until Friday to complete his acquisition of Twitter or face a court battle with the company.
In April, Elon Musk announced the 44-billion-dollar acquisition of Twitter.
In April, Musk announced the 44 billion-dollar acquisition of Twitter.
The acquisition of SUEZ R&R in the United Kingdom is a major strategic step forward for the Group, consolidating its position as a global player in the waste market;Following this acquisition, SUEZ's revenues will reach 9 billion euros and the Group will have 44,000 employees;The record contract announced on Tuesdayxa0for a new wastewater treatment plant in India, the largest ever signed by SUEZ in the country, illustrates the Group's ambition to grow in targeted, emerging geographies.
With a focus on first- and second-tier core cities, the company added 420,000 square meters of the land reserve during the reporting period through the acquisition of a total of five new projects.
P. Moller-Maersk, a Danish shipping and logistics service provider, announced on Wednesday that it had completed the acquisition of LF Logistics, a Hong Kong-based contract logistics company with capabilities within omnichannel fulfillment services, e-commerce and inland transport in the Chinese mainland and the Asia-Pacific region.
The rest of the funds will be used for expanding overseas through new stores and acquisition of foreign travel retail operators, and by improving the efficiency of its supply chain and supplementing cash flows.
In early 2021, SUEZ completed the acquisition of the non-controlling interest of its long-term partner, NWS Holdings.
SIG Combibloc recently announced its acquisition of Pactive Evergreen Inc's Asia-Pacific Fresh operations (Evergreen Asia) for an enterprise value of $335 million.
SIG Combibloc最近宣布以3.35亿美元的企业价值收购Pactive Evergreen Inc的亚洲太平洋新鲜业务(Evergreen Asia)。
We hope to seize the growth opportunities of the fresh food segment for milk and beverage through this acquisition," said Fan Lidong, president and general manager of SIG Asia-Pacific North.
The acquisition will enable SIG to increase its share with existing customers in the aseptic segment where the company is well positioned, and access a new customer base, especially in the fresh diary market.
The acquisition underlines SIG's long-term commitment to the Chinese market and its dedication to localization since its entry into China in 1985, Fan said.
"The booming industrial internet will see surging demand for accuracy in data acquisition, transmission speed, storage space, computing capacities and intelligent application, thus driving the development of big data and cloud computing infrastructure and fostering a batch of industrial internet companies with global competitiveness," said Liu Xiangdong, a researcher at the China Center for International Economic Exchanges.
In August 2018, it completed the acquisition of Slovenian appliances producer Gorenje.
He added that industrial giant Koch's acquisition of Infor two years ago also added strong vitality to Infor's future development, including the future growth in China.
The cases included five of Alibaba's transactions, including the acquisition of logistics firm Best Inc, and 12 of Tencent's, such as the takeover of Okaybuy (China) Holding Inc.
Tencent Holdings Ltd was fined a total of 6 million yuan ($896,245) over 12 acquisitions on companies, including retailing firm Okaybuy (China) Holding Inc and DeepBlue Alpha Inc. Alibaba's subsidiaries were fined 2.5 million yuan for not reporting five deals, including the acquisition of logistics firm Best Logistics.
腾讯控股有限公司因收购包括零售公司Okaybuy(China)Holding Inc和DeepBlue Alpha Inc.在内的12家公司而被罚款600万元(896245美元)。阿里巴巴的子公司因未报告包括收购物流公司Best logistics在内的5宗交易而被罚款250万元。
Under the plan, 36Kr Holdings Inc cooperates with large enterprises, investment institutions and other partners to build a network that helps meet startups' needs in branding, financing, customer acquisition, strategy and other areas.
根据该计划,36Kr Holdings Inc与大型企业、投资机构和其他合作伙伴合作,建立一个网络,帮助满足创业公司在品牌、融资、客户获取、战略和其他领域的需求。
DCP, a leading international private equity firm, announced on Monday that it has completed the strategic acquisition of American-Sino Healthcare, a Shanghai-based private premium healthcare services provider specializing in obstetrics care.
领先的国际私募股权公司DCP周一宣布,已完成对总部位于上海的专注于产科护理的私人优质医疗服务提供商American Sino Healthcare的战略收购。
Viva China Holdings, a major shareholder of Hong Kong-listed Chinese sportswear group Li Ning Co Ltd, held an extraordinary general meeting of shareholders on Wednesday and formally voted to approve its acquisition of Clarks, a British shoemaking brand.
周三,香港上市的中国运动服装集团李宁有限公司的主要股东Viva China Holdings召开了一次临时股东大会,正式投票通过了对英国制鞋品牌Clarks的收购。
After putting the PANTAI II Sewage Treatment Plant into operation in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia in 2017, an important step for the company to support the tangible growth of the BRI, BEWG completed the acquisition of Trility Group, one of the three largest private water companies in the Australian water market in 2018, which operates all over Australia and New Zealand, serving customers in the municipal, resource and industrial sectors.
2017年,马来西亚吉隆坡的潘泰II污水处理厂投入运营,这是该公司支持“一带一路”倡议切实增长的重要一步。之后,BEWG于2018年完成了对澳大利亚水市场三大私营水务公司之一Trility Group的收购,该公司在澳大利亚和新西兰各地运营,为市政、资源和工业部门的客户提供服务。
The transaction follows its acquisition of a controlling stake in casual wear brand Bossini in July 2020 and Amedeo Testoni, a century-old Italian luxury brand, in early 2022.
此前,该公司于2020年7月收购了休闲服品牌Bossini的控股权,并于2022年初收购了意大利百年奢侈品牌Amedeo Testoni的控股权。
Due to issues concerning land acquisition, relocation of high-voltage lines, continued impact of COVID-19 and funding, full operation of the Jakarta-Bandung HSR is now expected to begin in June 2023, according to an official local participating party in the project.
They also have relatively high esteem for China's infrastructure, market competition promotion and business premise acquisition, according to the report.
The World Bank's new trial standards to evaluate the satisfaction in a country's business environment for foreign companies include 10 aspects: Market access, business premise acquisition, labor employment, access to financial services, cross-border trade, tax payment, settlement of commercial disputes and promotion of market competition.
According to the municipal government of Dalian, Liaoning province, this is a key project to continue to expand investment in Dalian after the successful acquisition.
The partnership will see Ant, the operator of Alipay, become 2C2P's majority shareholder, though the acquisition amount wasn't disclosed.
Second, the acquisition of Chaucer was a huge success.
In the three years since the acquisition, China Re has achieved stability in terms of business, operations and teams, and Chaucer has consistently outperformed Lloyd's, with a return on economic capital of 14.8 percent.
The introduction of the special purpose acquisition company listing mechanism by the Hong Kong stock exchange will inject new vitality into the local capital market, PwC said.
"We expanded our global single-use capacity with the acquisition of the Chinese biopharmaceutical material manufacturer RIM Bio, which has a manufacturing plant in Changzhou city, Jiangsu province.
“我们收购了中国生物制药材料制造商RIM Bio,扩大了我们的全球一次性使用能力,该公司在江苏省常州市有一家制造厂。
All of the cases are related to mergers and acquisitions, including Bilibili's share acquisition of Versa Inc, Tencent's establishment of a joint venture with automaker Harmony Auto Holding Ltd, as well as Alibaba's venture business unit's share acquisition of a high-tech company based in Guizhou province.
所有这些案件都与并购有关,包括Bilibili收购Versa Inc的股份,腾讯与汽车制造商Harmony Auto Holding Ltd成立合资公司,以及阿里巴巴的风险业务部门收购贵州省一家高科技公司的股份。
Last April, Covestro completed the acquisition of the Resins & Functional Materials business (RFM) from the Dutch company Royal DSM.
It acquired a 95 percent stake in Japan's Toshiba Visual Solutions Corp in 2017 and completed the acquisition of Slovenian appliances producer Gorenje in August 2018.
The acquisition is intended to expand Venus Medtech's product layout of valve replacement and accelerate its innovation and internationalization, the statement said.
声明称,此次收购旨在扩大Venus Medtech的瓣膜置换产品布局,加速其创新和国际化。
"The acquisition of Cardiovalve will further consolidate our leading position in the field of structural heart disease in China and globally", said Eric Zi, chief executive officer of Venus Medtech.
Venus Medtech首席执行官Eric Zi表示:“收购Cardiovalve将进一步巩固我们在中国和全球结构性心脏病领域的领先地位。”。
It acquired stakes in around 40 major companies, including Deutsche Bank AG and Hilton Worldwide Holdings Inc. Later, HNA's acquisition spree drew scrutiny from Chinese and foreign regulators.
海航收购了包括德意志银行(Deutsche Bank AG)和希尔顿环球控股股份有限公司(Hilton Worldwide Holdings Inc.)在内的约40家大公司的股份。后来,海航的收购热潮引起了中外监管机构的密切关注。
Early this year, Suez announced the acquisition of its long-term partner NWS Holdings' non-controlling stakes in all their common businesses in China, further expanding its water business in the country.
今年年初,苏伊士宣布收购其长期合作伙伴NWS Holdings在中国所有普通业务中的非控股股份,进一步扩大了其在中国的水务业务。
After the acquisition, Suez holds a 100 percent stake in Suez NWS and Suyu, with a combined enterprise value estimated at 1.7 billion euros ($1.9 billion).
收购后,苏伊士持有苏伊士NWS和Suyu 100%的股份,企业总价值估计为17亿欧元(19亿美元)。
Wang added that Bilibili's acquisition will not have a significant impact on the online payment industry in the short term, as it takes time to change users' payment habits and adapt to new payment functions.
Of the 43 cases, 13 involved Tencent and its subsidiaries, including the tech company's acquisition of China Medonline Inc. Up to 12 cases were related to Alibaba and its subsidiaries, including its acquisition of the mapping company Amap and purchase of stakes in the food delivery company Ele.
Most of the 43 fined cases are related to mergers and acquisitions, such as Alibaba's acquisition of navigation firm Amap and Tencent’s acquisition of China Medonline Inc.
Liang Zhenpeng, an independent consumer electronics analyst, said the acquisition will help Hisense speed up its layout in the global smart transport sector.
The PE firm announced on July 5 that the acquisition was completed with the privatization of CAR Inc.
Major companies from other industries have followed suit and shown their intention to splurge on the acquisition of imported products and services.
The acquisition will result in Guangzhou Aulton operating as a joint venture between BP and Aulton New Energy to provide safe and efficient battery swapping services for taxis, ride-hailing providers, and other passenger cars in Guangzhou, it said.
Integrated sensors and cameras combined with powerful AI software, 3D machine vision, deep learning and machine intelligence assist the radiographer with first-time-rightimage acquisition, both in the X-ray room and at the point of care.
China COSCO Shipping Corp, the country's largest shipping group, announced on Monday that it has completed an additional 16 percent stake acquisition in the Greek port of Piraeus, marking a fresh step in turning the port into a major international transit hub for products and services between Asia and Europe.
Under the agreement signed between Greek government-owned Hellenic Republic Asset Development Fund (HRADF) and COSCO Shipping in 2016, the Chinese investor paid 280.5 million euros ($327 million) to HRADF for the initial acquisition of a 51 percent stake in PPA.
An analyst said Zijin Mining has been acquiring offshore assets to boost its output and diversify from gold operations in recent years, and its acquisition of lithium shows the company's move to new energy materials in order to benefit from the strong growth of electric vehicles.
As the first case of the merger and acquisition by a listed company of a centrally-owned enterprise, their unification is believed to provide a model for the three-year action of State-owned enterprise reform.
In order to remove the company's continuing obligations under the acquisition rules, all parties decided to withdraw the offer after consulting the executive officials, the company filing said.
In August, the property developer said that the State Administration for Market Regulation looked into the proposed acquisition.
In order to remove the company's continuing obligations under the acquisition rules, after consulting the executive officials, all parties decided to withdraw the offer.
The property developer said in August that the market regulator had looked into the proposed acquisition.
Beijing-headquartered SOHO China said in August the State Administration for Market Regulation was looking into the proposed acquisition.

考研Professionalism has turned the acquisition of a doctoral degree into a prerequisite for a successful academic career: as late as 1969 a third of American professors did not possess one.



六级Although these educators may have good intentions,their advice to families is misguided, and it stemsfrom misunderstandings about the process of language acquisition.



六级Indeed, ease of acquisition is the problem



考研Other scientists perform the specialised work of peer review also for free, because it is a central element in the acquisition of status and the production of scientific knowledge.


2020年考研真题(英语一)阅读理解 Section Ⅱ

六级Although these educators may have good intentions,their advice to families is misguided, and it stemsfrom misunderstandings about the process of language acquisition



六级People, especially the youths, pay much more attention to foreign language acquisition than Chinese study.



四级In bringing up children, every parent watches eagerly the child’s acquisition (学会) of each new skill-the first spoken words, the first independent steps, or the beginning of reading and writing.

在抚养孩子的过程中,每个父母都热切地注视着孩子的成长(学会) 每项新技能的第一个口语、第一个独立步骤或阅读和写作的开始。