词根记忆acre英亩 + age 名词后缀 → 土地经过很长时期,面积越来越大 → 土地面积 → acreage  …………
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irrigate acreage 灌溉面积
With safe and stable food supply being a major concern of the country's rural work, the annual conference highlighted the production of grain and key agricultural products, vowing to stabilize farmland acreage and increase grain yields per unit.
Xu Bing, the fair's spokesman, earlier said this year's event has achieved the largest scale since its history began in 1957, in terms of both the venue acreage and the number of global participants.
Xu, the fair's spokesman, said this year's event has achieved the largest scale since its history began in 1957, in terms of both the venue acreage and the number of global participants.
This year, China will seek to keep overall prices stable within a reasonable range, given the sufficient supplies of grain and oil, expanding acreage of vegetable farms, effective measures to use pork reserves to steady prices and the solid foundation for ensuring stable prices of essential commodities, said Zhang Xuewu, chief of the price analysis and forecasting division at the Price Monitoring Center, which is part of the National Development and Reform Commission, the country's top economic regulator.
The country encourages local governments to get a clear picture of the acreage, variety, output of vegetables in the field, and the variety and output of aquatic and livestock product stock on hand, according to a circular jointly released by the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs and other government organs Wednesday.
Home to a little over 1,000 people, the village boasts large acreage of Pu'er tea plantations at an elevation of 1,500 meters above sea level.
Since 2020, due to declines in planting acreage and an increase in demand for livestock feed, domestic imports of the two soft commodities have surged significantly.
But the acreage dwindled to about 133 hectares mainly due to slack market demand and insufficient processing equipment and technologies, said Li.
Heilongjiang is China's largest soybean-producing region, accounting for about half the country's total soybean acreage.
The acreage in the province exceeded 4.66 million hectares in 2020 and will remain stable this year, according to the provincial department of agriculture and rural affairs.
Soybean acreage is expected to exceed 8.67 million hectares this year, up 666,667 hectares from a year earlier.
Last year, the county topped other areas in both annual output and acreage planted to garlic.
The Modi'in sorting center, put into operation in April 2017, has a total acreage of 13,000 square meters and is about 10 kilometers away from the Tel Aviv Ben Gurion International Airport.
This year's soybean acreage exceeded 10 million hectares, the highest in more than 60 years.

考研That's only a small share of the total acreage that could benefit, about half a million acres in all, so it will be vital to prioritize areas at greatest risk of fire or drought.


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六级It accomplished this feat while increasing cultivated grain acreage (土地面积)a mere 8 percent.