词性拓展记忆 / 词形拓展记忆
He loves modern urban culture, sways to rock 'n' roll music with a head band on, and is a diehard motorcycle racing aficionado, with a certificate from the Ducati Club, one of the world's best-known motorcycle sports fan clubs.
I have long been an aficionado of simple Western-style dining, but upon moving into a new condo in Toronto, I realized that my culinary preferences were undeniably Chinese.
Thus, the wine market has been somewhat affected," said He Jianhong, a wine aficionado and a digital marketing strategist based in Jiangsu province.
A sneaker aficionado and collector, the 29-year-old Chen used to prefer foreign brands, but now his closet is full of shoes made and designed in China.
Recycling economy becoming big hit among environmentally conscious youth, those wishing to make most of purchasesWang Hao, 27, an engineer from a software company in Beijing, is a pen aficionado.
The custom-built air conditioner had the calligraphy aficionado's favorite phrase — "Tian Dao Chou Qin", or "God Rewards the Diligent" — embossed in Chinese, with the AC also sporting his preferred color and style.
In Sato, too, he said, he had chosen a fellow car aficionado.