词根词缀记忆/谐音联想记忆 补充/纠错
词根a 在…,…的 + field 原野 → 在野外 → …………
词缀记忆a在 + filed野外: 在野外。野外在远方。
对比记忆 / 类比记忆 / 形近词记忆
field / wield / yield / afield / shield
field n.田野;运动场;(电或磁)场;领域,范围
wield vt. 挥舞;行使
yield …………
far afield 遥远的地方
further afield 更远的地方
farther afield 更远的地方
One driver is the UK's imminent departure from the EU, the so-called Brexit, which has prompted businesses to look further afield for global trade opportunities, according to Ed Ratcliffe, head of research and advisory at Asia House, a think tank in London.
Some 60 percent of the money raised through the listing has already been earmarked to finance the company's expansion plan, including operations as far afield as the United Kingdom, Australia and New Zealand.
They also coincide with British companies' growing efforts to develop their businesses further afield, amid uncertainty over Britain leaving the European Union.
Meanwhile, Hainan Airlines also flies from Shenzhen to Australian cities such as Auckland, Brisbane and Cairns, offering interesting connections for Spaniards looking to travel further afield.
"From Hong Kong, Chinese mainland enterprises can tap into a wide range of opportunities in the city, including the Greater Bay Area, the Association of Southeast Asian Nations region and further afield.
Foroughi made the remarks as growing numbers of mobile gaming firms are looking further afield due to tighter regulations and fierce competition at home, which industry insiders believe will create immense opportunities for related service companies both domestically and abroad.
It will now be interesting to see whether they will translate this success across China to global markets as they make their first steps in Europe, the United States, Canada, and further afield.
Further afield, according to Zhang, they will inactivate non-performing stores and revamp big, efficient outlets and some self-operated ones in key cities, including Beijing, Hangzhou and Shenyang.