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词根ag 做;代理;引导 + ile 可…的 → 能做的 …………
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ag=do, act, 表示”做,代理做”
agita …………
a tall agile guy 高个敏捷的家伙
agile and elegant 敏捷而优雅
The company said it has an agile approach, without so many layers in terms of working methods.
Xiaomi has improved the cyberdog's mobility with self-developed CyberGear micro-actuators, which make the robot more agile and capable of performing complicated maneuvers, such as continuous back flips and fall recovery.
Hu Xiao, senior vice-president of Schneider Electric, said with more industrial talent, the company's R&D center built in Wuxi can better meet the needs of Chinese consumers and, in the meantime, serve a larger global market with a more agile innovative organization and a stronger local collaborative innovation capability.
However, we still believe this market is agile and resilient," Machuel said.
It was a major breakthrough and the company was quite agile in this respect in the industry, said Shreeram Aradhye, president of global drug development and chief medical officer for Novartis.
诺华公司全球药物开发总裁兼首席医疗官Shreram Aradhye表示,这是一个重大突破,该公司在这方面在行业中相当灵活。
He said Cardinal Operations aims to help companies build agile and flexible supply chains, and achieve quick responses, as part of a broader drive to enhance production efficiency as well as reduce operational costs amid an uncertain market environment.
他表示,Cardinal Operations旨在帮助公司建立敏捷灵活的供应链,并实现快速反应,作为在不确定的市场环境中提高生产效率和降低运营成本的更广泛努力的一部分。
Zhang said Alibaba's structuring will allow all of its business units to become more agile, enhancing decision-making capability and enabling faster responses to market changes, adding that the company began laying the foundation for this transformation years ago.
The historic restructuring of Alibaba Group will make the tech heavyweight more agile to capture new business opportunities, gain a higher market valuation and inject vitality into technological innovation from its diverse business units, experts said.
The fundamental purpose of this reform is to make the organization more agile, Zhang said in the letter, adding each unit should actively tackle rapid changes in the market.
Covering an area of around 113,000 square meters — or larger than 15 football fields — the facility will have a warehousing storage capacity of 150,000 sq m. Once it opens in the third quarter of 2024, the new logistics center will provide agile and sustainable solutions for customers, including international export consolidation, regional and global order fulfillment and distribution, cross-border e-commerce and other value-added logistics services.
NAOS, a French dermatology beauty group, is optimistic about China's huge consumption market and will invest more as the company's global CEO believes that China is a more agile country than other countries in the world.
In a post-pandemic era, the importance of the Chinese market and its agile performance in the market are emphasized, according to Xavier Unkovic, NAOS global chief executive officer.
NAOS全球首席执行官Xavier Unkovic表示,在后疫情时代,中国市场的重要性及其在市场上的敏捷表现得到了强调。
"China is more agile than other countries in the world," said Unkovic.
The plant is more agile than conventional ones, "allowing us to better keep up with fast-paced consumer demand in China," Xu said.
Smaller companies may be more agile to make strategic changes at times of uncertainty.
While current external challenges persist, Lenovo said it remains agile and focused on pursuing its strategy and ensuring ongoing profitability by rebalancing resources towards its diversified growth engines and driving efficiencies and expense reduction through the business.
The integrated site will be a valuable step for enhancing our R&D capability and ensuring agile supply chain for products that best serve the China and Asia-Pacific markets," he said.
While Ikea will remain "agile" in China over the next few years, Shanghai will remain as one of the key investment destinations for Ikea, she said.
In the most difficult period ever for the global airline industry, the company said it credits its positive results to its agile and successful strategy.
"Recent data showed that China is a market where consumers do have growing confidence in local brands while embracing any brand that has the ability to be innovative, adaptive and agile," he said.
Yu said international labels that invest heavily in building digital apparatus, omni-channel sales and agile decisionmaking in China stand to enjoy long-term success.
Siemens Healthineers "successfully ended the record year 2021 with a strong quarter," said CEO Bernd Montag, speaking of an "agile and prudent response" to the COVID-19 pandemic.
西门子Healthineers首席执行官Bernd Montag在谈到对新冠肺炎疫情的“敏捷而谨慎的应对”时表示,“以一个强劲的季度成功地结束了创纪录的2021年”。
Lenovo Infrastructure Solutions Group, also known as Lenovo ISG, a unit of Chinese tech giant Lenovo Group, aims to build a new type of agile, efficient, green and low-carbon intelligent infrastructure for new IT.
Tong Fuyao, senior vice-president of Lenovo Group and president of Lenovo ISG China, said as a leader and enabler of enterprise digital transformation, Lenovo ISG builds a new type of agile, efficient, green and low-carbon intelligent infrastructure for new IT.
We need to adopt a more digital and agile way to interact with customers.
Benichou said that this year IBM proposed a new "go-to-market" strategy, and the digital sales center aims to use more advanced digital tools, solid technical sales skills and agile response speeds to meet customer demand.
"By launching IQVIA Biotech in JAPAC, we can support the aspirations of biotech customers with agile solutions and resources dedicated to supporting smaller companies," Staub said.
"Our technology platform can offer data insights and full transparency to help customers build agile and resilient supply chain strategies," Levy said.
"From the point of view of supply chains, maintaining a high level of localization is key to staying agile and addressing challenges," Zhang said.
According to Gibbs, SAP's China strategy for 2021 includes three areas:First, SAP-the company was known as System Analysis and Program Development at the time of its founding in 1972-will deepen partnerships and offer customers more innovative, agile, secure, scalable and easy-to-deploy cloud solutions.
This agile, faster model is a huge step forward in product development and consumer marketing, she said.
Currently, SAP is partnering with the Shenyang Institute of Automation in China to support agile manufacturing and internet services to promote automated manufacturing in China.
He added that a growing group of domestic enterprises use the global infrastructure and cloud services of AWS to empower their globalization push and make them more agile with lower costs.
"The challenge in education is so large that we need all of us, global multilateral funds and empowered local community leaders, nation state resources and agile philanthropy, researchers and activists, all playing our part in concert," said Julia Gillard, former prime minister of Australia and chair of Global Partnership for Education.
The digital engagement strategy, or DARE, is a consumer-centric approach, involving continuous interactions through a centralized but agile model to enhance consumer experiences, said Ryan.
Our strong portfolio appealed to builders of all ages and our recently upgraded e-commerce platform and agile global supply chain allowed us to fulfill online demand.
"But to harness mid- to long-term growth, it's critical to reach out to new customers, build connections and stay agile in digitally innovative ways.
Thus, the company decided to invest in upgrading its factory into the world's first ice cream production base that combines automatic, intelligent and agile manufacturing.
If it is used as a fighter jet, it is agile and intelligent, and has good self-defense measures to survive tough combats.
Zhang Jinliang, chairman of the PSBC, said in a written message, "In the new year, we will firmly seize the new opportunities of business reform, accelerate digital, agile and scenario-based transformation … We will implement the strategy of development through technology by allocating at least 3 percent of our annual operating income on IT investment every year.
"Of course, with the current situation, it requires the company to be more agile and adaptable," he said.
For instance, devices enabled by the internet of things will be installed in all of CHEP's equipment to enable digitalized and more agile supply chains.
"Being unique and agile, Bell is undergoing a transformation.
"China is the best place to learn how to be agile, how to be fast, how to be market focused, so we think we bring global know-how, global innovation with the willingness to invest in local Chinese capabilities and stay relevant," said Wyant.
It enables enterprises to uncover actionable answers to the toughest business questions by integrating the analytic functions and engines to provide a scalable, agile platform that enables enterprises to drive business value.
"To close the gap, companies should invest in and deploy digital technologies at scale and at speed, and they must seek to create an agile organization with an innovation culture that will allow them to monetize new ideas," Zhu added.
We have also seen the efficiency of China - lean and agile.
So far, domestic tech heavyweights such as Lenovo Group Ltd, TCL Corp, Midea Group and Xiaomi Corp and some fast growing startups have used AWS cloud services to power their infrastructure and make them more agile with lower costs.
We have been agile and responded to market needs.
"The move shows that Coca-Cola is heading toward a more agile business building model as LePur is 100 percent local," Yu added.
As part of our ongoing transformation, we are exploring how AI could help further improve efficiency, make us more agile and drive profitability.
Over the last two years, we have embarked on an ambitious and bold transformation and value creation strategy for our business, to ensure that we remain a resilient, agile and performance-driven company, fit to compete and lead in this new energy era.
We are not only competing with global brands; there are lots of agile and intelligent local brands.
“The regeneration speed of clients' business models is faster than ever before, requiring more agile data analytics.
The restaurant chain, which has about 2,500 outlets in the country, will become more agile and flexible to fulfill the growth potential that exists in smaller cities on the mainland, said Phyllis Cheung, CEO of McDonald's China Co Ltd. Cheung's comments came on Tuesday at the McBanquet, an annual event that showcases the company's innovation in products and services and the steps taken to ensure food safety.
McDonald's China operations will become agile and flexible, fulfilling the potential of market growth after a deal earlier this year, in which Chinese financial firm Citic took the majority stake (52 percent) in McDonald's operations in China, said Cheung.
"We have devoted resources and time to ensure that our cloud service infrastructure is reliable, secure and agile," said Wenli adding that the Chinese mobile phone company has been offering cloud based solutions tailor made for corporate clients.
According to him, with the world changing ever faster, it is becoming increasingly important for leaders to be agile to deal with uncertainty and ambiguity.
So, top executives should be agile to make decisions based on different facts, have people following them with good communications skills and be able to move ahead without having all the information.
"Communicating in a dynamic, evolving environment requires communicators who are agile and can anticipate what is likely to happen next, she said.
This divergence in performance underscores the importance of innovation, premium branding, and agile responses to market changes — factors that will continue to define winners in the market.
UCB is flexible, agile and quick to adapt due to our focused approach and medium size, which allows us to better grasp opportunities.
"The resilience of the country and the ability of people inside companies to be agile will also be strong factors supporting the stability of the renminbi exchange rate.
Agile firms ride policies, domestic strengths to upgrade products, tap new channelsWhen some US corporate executives recently visited Safewell, a manufacturer of high-security safes and vaults located in Ningbo, East China's Zhejiang province, the company's senior president, Wang Wei, showed them around the assembly lines and explained various application scenarios.
With Lingang's proximity to Yangshan port and its favorable free trade policies, this facility will provide agile and sustainable solutions, connecting and simplifying our customers' supply chains, " said Caroline Wu, managing director of Maersk Greater China.
This covers local control of governance, local empowerment and specific KPIs and allows for being agile to test and learn new developments through micro-battles, the report said.
The meeting also required the agile and appropriate use of monetary policy tools, and better leveraging of their role in adjusting both the monetary aggregate and the monetary structure, in order to provide robust support to the real economy.
"You need to design in China, do it at China speed and stay agile.
They must stay agile and resilient to face increasingly tough competition.
Hard times have forced small business owners to make tough decisions and to be innovative and agile to surviveIt will go down as the year of disruption and dislocation, one in which, because of the pandemic, planning ahead often seemed to be a pointless exercise.
"People become more agile outdoors.
Wu Shenkuo, a law professor at Beijing Normal University and deputy director of the Internet Society of China's Research Center, said, "In face of new technologies and applications, it is necessary to continuously explore a set of agile and efficient regulatory mechanisms to deal with related risks promptly.
For example, companies should establish an agile organization and talent structure, and set up short-term project posts, invite external experts and consultants, etc.
The industry has to move quickly to adapt to shifting consumer preferences, make travel better, and take an agile, customer-centric approach.
The soaring demand has put those companies to the test since many are not agile enough to cope with the surge throughout the supply chain from sourcing, logistics to last-mile delivery.
While claiming just 6 percent of the overall FMCG market share, 46 "insurgent" local brands delivered nearly 20 percent of the value growth in their sub-categories between 2015 and 2017, according to joint research on Chinese consumers by Kantar Worldpanel and Bain and Co. "These insurgents demonstrate an entrepreneurial mission, Chinese consumer-focused innovations, and more speed and agile operating models, which are giving them an advantage in this ever-changing market," said Bruno Lannes, a partner in Bain's consumer products practice in China, and co-author of the report.
The implications for foreign brands operating in China are that they should localize product design, remain agile and nimble in terms of organizational structure, and be fast in responding to market situations, experts said.
"These insurgents demonstrate an entrepreneurial mission, Chinese consumers' focused innovations, and more speed and agile operating models, which are giving them an advantage in this ever-changing market," said Bruno Lannes, a partner in Bain's consumer products practice in China and a co-author of the report.
"The implications for foreign brands operating in China are that they should localize product design, remain agile and nimble in terms of organizational structure, and be fast in responding to market situations, experts said.
In the last 12 months, Chinese companies continued to outpace multinationals by recruiting new shoppers faster through braver innovations, agile go-to-market capabilities and successful activation of Omni-channel strategies.
The initiative also "espouses key principles of Europe's regulatory approach to AI; for instance, a system that is based on AI risk levels, implements agile governance, and carries out tiered and category-based management for rapid and effective response", he said.
Fu Haishan, director of the World Bank's Development Data Group, said the challenges facing the rapidly changing world require better policies, more agile responses to crises and a more nuanced understanding of today's complex problems.
Cloud-bond is a plug and play service, capable of supporting a flexible, secured, agile and resilient services through one-stop delivery and unified platform.
"As consolidation unfolds among the capable electric vehicles start-ups in China, it becomes increasingly apparent that a handful of efficient and agile new generation EV players, like Leapmotor, will come to dominate the mainstream segments in China," said Stellantis CEO Carlos Tavares.
Among international brands, those which have popularity in China, such as Volkswagen and BMW, have been more agile than others, although they lag behind local carmakers.
In response to the demands of global customers, TE Connectivity can leverage its global resources to meet domestic customers’ requirements for flexible customization, agile delivery and cost-effectiveness products, he added.
WM Motor, another company focused on the mainstream electric vehicle market, announced on Tuesday it had raised $152 million from property developer Agile Group.
"At the same time, we have continuously developed our organization in terms of agile cooperation and secured numerous new orders with innovative technologies for lowering emissions and enhancing vehicle safety," he said.
It will collaborate with CalmCar to achieve agile development and thus speed up mass production for Chinese and international carmakers.
Major traditional auto manufacturers have played second fiddle to the agile Tesla since the launch of the Model 3 in 2017.
With a maximum speed of 70 kilometers per hour, the ART urban transport system is said to be agile, cheap, and non-polluting, carrying the advantages of both rail and bus transit systems, thus is described as a cross between a bus, train and tram.
In its announcement, GM said it would effectively close five assembly and propulsion plants in the United States and Canada in 2019, a reorganization plan intended to make the company "highly agile, resilient and profitable. "
Report says automakers must become flexible, agile mobility service providers to meet future demandCar sales in almost all major markets, including China, are slowing down, but there is no time for automotive manufacturers to lament, according to Strategy&.
"Therefore, OEMs must be ambidextrous: on the one hand today's players will still be highly-efficient designers and producers of cars, and on the other, they must become flexible, agile digital services providers," said Strategy& in the report.
The XC40 combines a generous ground clearance with a rather agile handling and the lively performance of its powerful launch versions.
The TLX-L also comes with a slew of technical features, such as PAWS (precise all-wheel steer), AHA (agile handling assist) and IDS (intelligent distribution system).
They formed 5 percent of their working force into an agile with the social changes and customer demands to tailor new experiences for customers.
"And not only are Peugeot and Citroen not agile enough in launching their latest offerings, they have had different generations of a model available at the same time in the past several years.
With Chinese customers demanding auto products that are agile and compact enough for a flexible urban lifestyle, while powerful enough for out-of-town excursions, products like the face-lifted GLA are set to gain further prominence.
BMW combined the highly advanced drive train with suspension technologies to ensure agile handling and a high level of riding comfort for all passengers.