词根词缀记忆/谐音联想记忆 补充/纠错
对比and 一般用于肯定句
or 一般用于 …………
and so on ……等等
in and out 进进出出
and all 等等
and so forth 等等
part and parcel 零件和包裹
in and out 进进出出
back and forth 来回地
by and large 大体上
and so on 等等
now and then 时不时地
off and on 关闭和打开
part and parcel of sth. 某物的一部分
first and foremost 首先也是最重要的
once and for all 彻底地
day and night 夜以继日
over and over again 一次又一次
track and field 田径
between ... and ... 介于…和…之间...
up and down 上上下下
safe and sound 安然无恙的
and yet 然而
here and there 这里和那里
wear and tear 磨损
differentiate between A and B 区分A和B
every now and then 时不时地
backwards and forwards 向后和向前
reform and opening-up 改革开放
night and day 夜以继日
time and again 一次又一次
there and then 那里然后
odds and ends 零碎的东西
more and more 越来越多
boom and bust 繁荣与萧条
time and time again 一次又一次
name and shame 名声和耻辱
accounting and statistics 会计和统计
ups and downs 起起落落
come and go 来来往往
part and parcel of ... …的一部分...
look sb. up and down 上下打量某人
by and by 由和由
pros and cons 利弊
The Old Man and the Sea 老人与大海
again and again 一次又一次
distinguish between ... and ... 区分…和...
water and soil erosion 水土流失
day in and day out 日复一日
destructive and disastrous earthquake 破坏性和灾难性地震
heart and soul 全心全意
cut and dried 切割并干燥
over and over 一遍又一遍
come right out and say 马上出来说
then and there 然后那里
home and abroad 国内外
on and off stage 舞台上和舞台下
wax and wane 盛衰
null and void 无法律效力的
arts and crafts 工艺美术
Hansel and Gretel Hansel和Gretel
through thick and thin 从厚到薄
far and wide 很远很远
tuition fees and other expenses 学费和其他费用
on and on 在和上
fish and chips 炸鱼薯条
preserve and cherish 保存和珍惜
separation between liberal arts and science 文理分离
splendid and glorious cultural legacy 辉煌灿烂的文化遗产
splendid and glorious cultural heritage 辉煌灿烂的文化遗产
epidemic prevention and control 疫情防控
through and through 贯穿始终
trial and error 试错
splendid and glorious cultural relics 辉煌灿烂的文物
ebb and flow 潮起潮落
fever, cough and difficulty in breathing 发烧、咳嗽和呼吸困难
consumers' rights and interests 消费者权益
to and fro 来来回回
by leaps and bounds 突飞猛进
absorb its essence and resist its dark side 吸收精华,抵御黑暗面
a boom and bust cycle 繁荣与萧条的循环
perform one's tasks fairly and effectively 公平有效地执行任务
to respect the old and care for the young 尊老爱幼
profound social and economic impact 深刻的社会和经济影响
Chinese Center for Disease Control and Prevention 中国疾病预防控制中心
morning and evening peak 早晚高峰
provide polite and hospitable services 提供礼貌好客的服务
the reform and opening-up 改革开放
both ... and ... 同时…和...
the Spring and Autumn Period 春秋时期
the Spring and Autumn period 春秋时期
advancements in science and technology 科学技术进步
and all that 以及所有这些
improve welfare and treatment 改善福利和待遇
and then 然后
less and less 越来越少
the rank and file 普通民众
dollars and cents 美元和美分
less ... and more ... 更少…更多...
China's urban and rural areas 中国的城市和农村地区
in black and white 白纸黑字
toil and moil 辛苦劳作
rain cats and dogs 下倾盆大雨
in leaps and bounds 突飞猛进
overdue and pay a fine 过期罚款
on and off 打开和关闭
more and more ... 越来越多
the depth and breadth of sth. 某物的深度和广度
diet and health 饮食与健康
expectation and reality 期望与现实
the meat and potatoes of 的肉和土豆
meat and drink 肉和饮料
commerce and trade 商业和贸易
goods and services 货物和服务
praise and critique 赞扬和批评
milk and water 牛奶和水
hustle and bustle 熙熙攘攘
bright colors and elegant images 鲜艳的色彩和优雅的图像
positive and negative feelings 积极和消极的感觉
Confucian and Taoist ideal life 儒道理想生活
longevity, good fortune and harmony 长寿、好运、和谐
to all intents and purposes 出于所有目的
social and biological factors 社会和生物因素
lost and found box 失物招领箱
bread and butter 黄油面包
clear and efficient energy 清洁高效的能源
then and now 当时和现在
energy conservation and emission reduction 节能减排
resource-saving and environment-friendly 资源节约型和环境友好型
the reform and opening up policy 改革开放政策
oral and written English 英语口语和书面
liberal and conservative views 自由和保守的观点
grin and bear it 咧嘴一笑,忍一忍
over and above 以上
twists and turns 曲折
physical and financial assistance 实物和财政援助
United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization 联合国教育、科学及文化组织
a knife and fork 刀叉
lost and found 失物招领
Lost and Found 失物招领
radar and photographic equipment 雷达和摄影设备
and the like 等等
Spring and Autumn Annals 《春秋》
for good and all 永远的
wait and see 等等看
lost and found office 失物招领处
cost sb. an arm and a leg 使某人付出了很大的代价
local customs and practices 当地风俗习惯
science and technology 科学与技术
neck and neck 脖子和脖子
great and profound 伟大而深刻
civility and harmony 文明与和谐
gifted scholars and beautiful ladies 天才学者和美女
act arrogant and superior 表现得傲慢和优越
now and again 时不时地
for and against 赞成和反对
rock and roll 摇滚乐
ink and wash painting 水墨画
a waste of time and resources 浪费时间和资源
the Ming and Qing Dynasties 明清时期
blow hot and cold 飘忽不定
make the past serve the present and the foreign serve China 让过去服务于现在,让外国服务于中国
make the past serve the present and the foreign serve china 让过去服务于现在,让外国服务于中国
heavenly stem and earthly branch 天干地支
a sense of delight and satisfaction 快乐和满足感
humane and historical sites 人文历史遗址
political and ideological education 政治思想教育
scenic spots and historic sites 风景名胜区
drinks and snacks 饮食
civil rights and civil liberty 公民权利与公民自由
Chinese and overseas scholars 中外学者
oil and natural gas 石油和天然气
and so 所以
hot and bothered 又热又烦
scenery with mountains and rivers 山水风光
commuting and travel 通勤和旅行
high fat and calorie 高脂肪和高热量
famous mountains and great rivers 名山大川
high scores and low abilities 高分低能
the Belt and Road Initiative “一带一路”倡议倡议
black and blue 鼻青脸肿
basic rights and public interest 基本权利和公共利益
the reform and opening-up policy 改革开放政策
carbon capture and storage 碳捕获和储存
question and answer session 问答环节
winding trails and corridors 蜿蜒的小径和走廊
gloom and doom 忧郁和厄运
profit and loss 损益
to farm and harvest 耕种和收获
and art is everlasting 艺术是永恒的
resource-saving and environment-friendly society 资源节约型和环境友好型社会
entrepreneurs at home and abroad 国内外企业家
inside and outside 内部和外部
domestic and foreign entrepreneurs 国内外企业家
by trial and error 反复试验
be both a challenge and an opportunity 既是挑战也是机遇
cause and effect 因果关系
environmental and social imbalances 环境和社会失衡
be torn between ... and 在…和
rural and underdeveloped 农村和欠发达地区
here and now 此时此地
part and parcel of 的一部分
to facilitate market economy and urbanization 促进市场经济和城市化
winding paths and corridors 蜿蜒的小路和走廊
all day and all night 整天整夜
fair and square 公平公正的
treatment of urban garbage and sewage 城市垃圾和污水处理
sandstorm and construction dust 沙尘暴和建筑粉尘
clean and economical traffic system 清洁经济的交通系统
to facilitate energy conservation and emission reduction 促进节能减排
to promote energy conservation and emission reduction 促进节能减排
research and development funds 研究和开发基金
keep one's eyes and ears open 睁大眼睛和耳朵
full faith and credit 完全信任和信用
nature and nurture 天性与后天
have strong hearts and lungs 有强健的心和肺
toss and turn 辗转反侧
"Agriculture, Countryside and Farmer" Issues “三农”问题
with the risks obvious and growing 风险明显且不断增加
Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development 经济合作与发展组织
American Academy of Arts and Sciences 美国艺术与科学学院
better and better 越来越好
lands loss and soil degradation 土地损失和土壤退化
to adapt to the ever-changing and growing needs 适应不断变化和增长的需求
cost an arm and a leg 花费极大
archaeological and environmental impact 考古和环境影响
follow an ambiguous and complicated route 走模糊而复杂的路线
to adapt oneself to the ever-changing and growing needs 使自己适应不断变化和增长的需求
and how 以及如何
Home and Garden TV 家庭和花园电视
civility and virtuosity 彬彬有礼
And you? 你呢?
the here and now 此时此地
wind and sand breaks 防风沙障
not all doom and gloom 并非所有的厄运和阴霾
arrange matches and venues 安排比赛和场地
bridge the gap between rich and poor 弥合贫富差距
collect maps and data 收集地图和数据
help relax and unwind 帮助放松和放松
stay ahead of lectures and seminars 赶在讲座和研讨会之前
schedule of games and events 比赛和活动日程
absorb its essence and discard its dross 取其精华,弃其糟粕
catching and throwing skill 接球和投掷技巧
health and fitness centre 健康健身中心
weigh the pros and cons 权衡利弊
geology and climate 地质与气候
up and running 正常运转
a haven of peace and happiness 和平与幸福的避风港
flat and low lying land 平坦低洼地
bits and pieces 零碎的东西
know ... backwards and forwards 知道…向后和向前
the integration of urban and rural areas 城乡一体化
come between ... and ... 介于…和…之间...
a bridge and bond of ... 桥梁和纽带...
meet the principal and staff 会见校长和员工
rear sheep and poultry 后羊和家禽
low in fats and cholesterol 低脂肪和胆固醇
various services and activities 各种服务和活动
laws and regulations 法律法规
tea and coffee facilities 茶和咖啡设施
develop and deploy 开发和部署
Mergers and Acquisitions 兼并和收购
mergers and acquisitions 兼并和收购
research and development 研究与开发
profit and loss account 损益表
have similar taste and texture of beef 有牛肉的味道和质地
pain and sorrow 痛苦和悲伤
ring out the Old Year and ring in the New Year 敲响新年钟声
at home and abroad 国内外
head and shoulders above 头部和肩部上方
Ice and Snow Festival 冰雪节
Democrat and Republican 民主党和共和党
pay medical expenses and school fees 支付医疗费用和学费
observation and meditation 观察和冥想
thought on Heaven and people 对天和人的思考
unmanned retail and medical diagnosis 无人零售与医疗诊断
monks and nuns 僧侣和修女
high position and great wealth 地位高,财富大
pleasing both to the eye and the mind 赏心悦目
National Aeronautics and Space Administration 美国国家航空航天局
sharp temperature difference between day and night 昼夜温差大
moisture-proof and rot-proof 防潮防腐
combine work and family commitments 结合工作和家庭承诺
fruit and vegetables 水果和蔬菜
and the rest 其余的
in a wide variety of areas including art, politics, literature, philosophy and medicine 在艺术、政治、文学、哲学和医学等广泛领域
men farming and women weaving 男耕女织
contribute to the spread and development of civilization 有助于文明的传播和发展
fishing, woodcutting, plowing and studying 钓鱼、伐木、耕作和学习
research and development base 研发基地
be a feast for one's eyes and mind 让人赏心悦目
high in salt and sugar 高盐高糖
vivid and artistically exaggerated shapes 生动而艺术夸张的造型
absorb its virtues and to resist its dark side 吸收它的优点,抵制它的阴暗面
cheap, light, thin, and durable 便宜、轻、薄、耐用
bridge the gap between A and B 弥合A和B之间的差距
share weal and woe 同甘共苦
spending on official overseas visits, official vehicles, and official hospitality 用于官方海外访问、公务车辆和官方招待的开支
the Belt and Road space information corridor 一带一路空间信息走廊
point and click 指向并单击
one's flesh and blood 有血有肉
check and balance 检查和平衡
economic and cultural exchange 经济文化交流
Read slowly and loudly, please.
You and me,we are friends.
Tom and Jarry are from Beijing.

四级To ensure employees' commitment, it is advisable to give them more flexibility as to where and how they work.


四级Instead of giving people practice, the gradual reduction likely gave them cravings ( ' , 瘾) and withdrawal symptoms before they even reached quit day, which could be why fewer people in that group actually made it to that point.

而不是让人们练习,逐渐减少可能会给他们带来渴望(',瘾) 甚至在戒烟日之前就出现了戒断症状,这可能就是为什么这组人中很少有人真正做到这一点的原因。

考研When one of these noneconomic categories is threatened and, if we happen to love it, we invent excuses to give it economic importance.


考研While few crafts men or farmers, let alone dependents and servants, left literary compositions to be analyzed, it is obvious that their views less fully intellectualized.


四级It can bring wealth and honor to them.


六级The most successful sharers—those whose data are downloaded and cited the most often—get noticed, and their work gets used.


高考A third will remain a mix of walking and standing.


考研We reach for them mindlessly, setting our brains on auto-pilot and relaxing into the unconscious comfort of familiar routine.


高考And he saw a date of 1973 on the back of the box.


四级Viewing the past in high definition can make it very difficult to get over pain and regret.


考研Other anthropologists believed that cultural innovations, such as inventions, had a single origin and passed from society to society.


高考A year later, I reached my goal: I lost 150 pounds and raised $50,000! I feel that I've been given a second life to devote to something that is meaningful and enormous.


高考A quick review of successes and failures at the end of year will help shape your year ahead.


四级Leah easily could have fallen into a trap of feeling content; instead, her energy sparked a period of experimentation and renewal.


四级Companies are abandoning conventional functional departments and organising employees into crossdisciplinary teams that focus on particular products, problems or customers.


六级The recent discovery of the giant Zohr gas field off the Egyptian coast will eventually have impact on pricing in the Mediterranean region and Europe, and there is significant development potential in many other places, notably Argentina.


六级These designers established the modem dress code, letting playsuits and other activewear outfits suffice for casual clothing, allowing pants to enter the wardrobe, and prizing rationalism and versatility in dress, in contradiction to dressing for an occasion or allotment of the day.


高考After reading some history books on how the first group of Chinese immigrants survived in America of the 19th century, she has become keen on her own family history and that of others.


六级Working-class parents, meanwhile, believe their children will naturally thrive, and give them far greater independence and time for free play.


考研Progress in both area is undoubtedly necessary for the social, political and intellectual development of these and all other societies; however, the conventional view that education should be one of the very highest priorities for promoting rapid economic development in poor countries is wrong.


六级Some communities have agreed to share online—geneticists, for example, post DNA sequences at the GenBank repository ( ' , 库), and astronomers are accustomed to accessing images of galaxies and stars from, say, the Sloan Digital Sky Survey, a telescope that has observed some 500 million objects—but these remain the exception, not the rule.

一些社区已经同意共享在线遗传学家,例如,在GenBank存储库(“,库), 天文学家习惯于从斯隆数字巡天望远镜(Sloan Digital Sky Survey)获取星系和恒星的图像。斯隆数字巡天望远镜已观测到约5亿个天体,但这些仍然是例外,而不是规则。

四级Most roads, bridges, transit, water systems, the electric grid, and communications networks were installed 50 to 100 years ago, and they are largely taken for granted until they fail.


考研The supposed importance of influentials derives from a plausible sounding but largely untested theory called the “two step flow of communication”: Information flows from the media to the influentials and from them to everyone else.


六级Parents of advanced-math students and MathCounts coaches say the children are on the website constantly.


考研The theory also seems to explain the sudden and unexpected popularity of people was wearing, promoting or developing whatever it is before anyone else paid attention.


考研Despite variations in detail, wholesale markets in the countries that have been closely examined— France, Germany, Italy and Spain—are made out of the same building blocks.


高考Almost every grandparent wants to be with his or her grandchildren and is willing to make sacrifices, but sometimes it is wiser to say no and visit frequently instead.


高考Although neither of the Adelmans is academically trained in literature, the programmes, contain plenty of Shakespeare tradition and background.


四级Overall, almost three in five people say they try to limit their usage of paper – including facial tissue and kitchen roll – to save money.


高考Admission is at normal charges and you don't need to book.


六级Panini's Ancient Rome and Modern Rome represent the sights most prized, including celebrated Greco-Roman statues and views of famous ruins, fountains, and churches.


四级If you're training for a marathon, you wouldn't expect to turn up and just be able to run it.


四级Where are you in the cycle of renewal: Are you actively preserving the present, or selectively forgetting the past, or boldly creating the future? What advice would Leah give you to move you ahead on your journey? Once we're on the path of growth, we can continually move through the seasons of transformation and renewal.


高考A bar graph has two axes and uses bars to show amounts.


六级There is no best parenting style or philosophy, researchers say, and across income groups, 92% of parents say they are doing a good job at raising their children.


考研Most tests require collecting cells by webbing saliva in the mouth and sending it to the company for testing.


四级Your identity has been formed; you've built up your resources; and now you have the chance to take the big risks precisely because your foundation is already secure.


考研There is a marked difference between the education which every one gets from living with others, and the deliberate educating of the young.


六级Morgan said last week that he would retire at the end of January because of the governor's proposal to split off six universities of the Board of Regents system and create separate governing boards for each of them.


六级The lives of children from rich and poor American families look more different than ever before.


四级By studying about 700 adult smokers, she found out that her mom quit the right way—by stopping abruptly and completely.


高考Adam and Galinsky tested the effect of simply wearing a white lab coat on people's powers of attention.


高考After questioning 1, 000 mothers with children under 18, it found that , on most days, mums started their routine work at 7am and finished at around 11pm.


高考And every week he cleaned old man Mccolgin's chicken house in exchange for manure


高考A desktop computer, screen, projector, and loudspeakers will be available.


高考Abridged dictionaries, such as pocket and desk dictionaries, are shortened.


六级Researchers in Germany used miniature GPS tags to track the migrations of 70 white storks ( ' , 鹳) from different sites across Europe and Asia during the first five months of their lives.

德国的研究人员使用微型GPS标签跟踪70只白鹳的迁徙,鹳) 在他们生命的前五个月,来自欧洲和亚洲的不同地点。

考研The first and more important is the consumer's growing preference for eating out: the consumption of food and drink in places other than homes has risen from about 32 percent of total consumption in 1995 to 35 percent in 2000 and is expected to approach 38 percent by 2005.


四级They need to rid their minds of sentimentalism ( ' , 感情用事): the most successful teams have leaders who are able to set an overall direction and take immediate action.

他们需要摆脱感情用事(',感情用事): 最成功的团队都有能够确定总体方向并立即采取行动的领导者。

考研To take this approach to the New Englanders normally mean to start with the Puritans’ theological innovations and their distinctive ideas about the church-important subjects that we may not neglect.


六级Well-off families are ruled by calendars, with children enrolled in ballet, soccer and after-school programs, according to a new Pew Research Center survey.

皮尤研究中心(Pew Research Center)的一项最新调查显示,富裕家庭受日历支配,孩子们参加芭蕾舞、足球和课外活动。

四级Almost half of those surveyed said their companies were either in the middle of restructuring or about to embark on ( ' , 开始) it; and for the most part, restructuring meant putting more emphasis on teams.

几乎一半的受访者表示,他们的公司要么处于重组中,要么即将开始。开始) 信息技术在大多数情况下,重组意味着更加重视团队。

六级There appeared more and more Roman-style buildings.


六级Within Italy, the great focus was Rome, whose ancient ruins and more recent achievements were shown to every Grand Tourist.


四级Leah gained confidence by laying out her fears and confronting them directly.


六级The Russian, Greek and Polish storks flew as far as South Africa, while those from Spain, Tunisia and Germany flew only as far as the Sahel.


高考A rethink is required - and as a new approach starts to become apparent, two ideas stand out.


高考Although they began with a small restaurant, they had big dreams, and they worked together.


六级Thus was born the idea of the Grand Tour, a practice which introduced Englishmen, Germans, Scandinavians, and also Americans to the art and culture of France and Italy for the next 300 years.


六级Social scientists say the differences arise in part because low-income parents have less money to spend on music class or preschool, and less flexible schedules to take children to museums or attend school events.


考研It may be said that the measure of the worth of any social institution is its effect in enlarging and improving experience; but this effect is not a part of its original motive.


高考Afterwards, she and her father secured their first business meeting with a supermarket owner, who finally agreed to sell Moore's product—cancandy.


高考And doubling a buffet's price led customers to say that its pizza was 11 percent tastier.


考研During his lifetime, though, he was also one of England's foremost classical-music critics, and a stylist so widely admired that his Autobiographybecame a best-seller.


六级They might eat something toxic and damage their health.


考研Building on the basic truth about interpersonal influence,the researchers studied the dynamics of social influence by conducting thousands of computer simulations of populations manipulating a number of variables relating to people’s ability to influence others and their tendency to be influenced.


考研The early settlers of Massachusetts Bay included men of impressive education and influence in England.


高考Also explores philosophy and wellbeing to make sure young readers have a balanced take on life.


高考After having taught fifth-grade classes for four years, I decided to try all costs to rid them of their fear and dislike of books, and to get them to read oftener and more adventurously.


四级I'm extremely sensitive to sounds, smells and visual detail, explains Nicole Donohue, who has taken part in many of these studies.

“我对声音、气味和视觉细节极为敏感,”妮可·多诺霍(Nicole Donohue)解释道,她参与了许多这类研究。

高考Although we may not be aware of chemicals like pheromones consciously, we give and receive loads of information through smell in every interaction with other people.


四级We have presidential candidates running for their first term in office at age 68, 69 and 74.


高考The Internet can help make up for our mental and emotional deficiencies as a wooden leg can compensate for a bodily deficiency.


考研The New England colonies were the scenes of important episodes in the pursuit of widely understood ideals of civility and virtuosity.


考研Coinciding with the groundbreaking theory of biological evolution proposed by British naturalist Charles Darwin in the 1860s, British social philosopher Herbert Spencer put forward his own theory of biological and cultural evolution.

与19世纪60年代英国博物学家查尔斯·达尔文(Charles Darwin)提出的开创性生物进化理论相一致,英国社会哲学家赫伯特·斯宾塞(Herbert Spencer)提出了自己的生物和文化进化理论。

六级Researchers who share get plenty of personal benefits, including more connections with colleagues, improved visibility and increased citations.


高考Adam and Galinsky's experiment tested the effect of clothes on their wearers' attention.


考研Will such variations bring about a change in the overall structure of the food and drink market? Definitely not.


四级Team-building skills are in short supply: Deloitte reports that only 12% of the executives they contacted feel they understand the way people work together in networks and only 21% feel confident in their ability to build cross-functional teams.


考研A parallel situation exists in respect of predatory mammals and fish-eating birds.


六级They were the pioneers of gender equity, in their useful, adaptable clothing, which was both made for the masses and capable of self-expression.


高考Although the programme asks the members only to drive students to and from their classes, Wilson often goes beyond to ensure the welfare and safety of the students.


六级The increasing differences in child rearing between rich and poor families reflect growing social inequality.


六级They advocated equity between men and women.


四级The Cleveland Clinic, a hospital operator, has reorganised its medical staff into teams to focus on particular treatment areas; consultants, nurses and others collaborate closely instead of being separated by speciality ( ' , 专业) and rank.

医院运营商克利夫兰诊所(Cleveland Clinic)已将其医务人员重组为团队,以专注于特定的治疗领域;顾问、护士和其他人密切合作,而不是被专业分开(“,专业) 和等级。

六级They had enough travel and outdoor-life experience.


四级The fashion for teams is driven by a sense that the old way of organising people is too rigid for both the modern marketplace and the expectations of employees.


六级Massive rubbish dumps and sprawling landfills constitute one of the more uncomfortable impacts that humans have on wildlife.


六级They try to develop their skills through close supervision and organized activities, and teach children to question authority figures and navigate elite institutions.


四级The report refers to this as the coming of the 18-hour city, and uses the term to refer to cities like Houston, Austin, Charlotte, and Nashville, which are positioning themselves as highly competitive, in terms of livability, employment offerings, and recreational and cultural facilities.


考研New skills and unfamiliar business models are needed too.


四级And such research might even suggest ways for us all to relive our past with greater clarity.


四级Strength, softness and thickness remain the leading indicators of toilet paper quality, with just a small proportion of consumers preferring more luxurious alternatives, such as those with flower patterns or perfume,said Mintel analyst Jack Duckett.

Mintel分析师Jack Duckett表示,强度、柔软度和厚度仍然是厕纸质量的领先指标,只有一小部分消费者更喜欢更豪华的替代品,如带有花卉图案或香水的替代品。

考研To get the system working again, losses must be recognized and dealt with.


考研The current emphasis on standardized testing highlights analysis and procedure, meaning that few of us inherently use our innovative and collaborative modes of thought.


考研So it seems antithetical to talk about habits in the same context as creativity and innovation.


高考A cup of coffee costs about three dollars and fifty cents, but the fun is free.


四级On the plus side, it allows you to relive the most transformative and enriching experiences.


高考A line graph looks similar to a bar graph, but instead of bars, it plots points and connects them with a line.


考研All in all, this clearly seems to be a market in which big retailers could profitably apply their gigantic scale, existing infrastructure, and proven skills in the management of product ranges, logistics, and marketing intelligence.