词根词缀记忆/谐音联想记忆 补充/纠错
词根a 加强 + spir 呼吸 + e → 看到渴望的 …………
谐音记忆饿死白了→饿死我一了百了→向往天堂生活,用饿死的方法有志气 → aspire vi.(to/after)渴 …………
词性拓展记忆 / 词形拓展记忆
词根记忆 / 词缀记忆
aspire v 热望,立志(a加强+spire=看到渴望的东西加强呼吸=热望)
spirit n 精神,情绪(有呼吸=有精神)
spirited a 精神饱满的
spiritual a 精神的,宗教的 …………
aspire to 渴望
Scholars aspire after truth.
As the economy picks up, opportunities will abound for aspiring leaders.
For us, it's something that we may aspire to but can never attain.
There are many waitresses that aspire to be actresses。
She aspires to become a world-renowned scientist.
His dream is to aspire for the top position in his company.
Aspire to learn a new language every year, it broadens your horizons.
The young athlete aspires to win an Olympic gold medal.
Many students aspire to attend prestigious universities after high school.
She aspires to leave a positive impact on society through her work.
He aspires to be a role model for his younger siblings.
The explorer's aspiration is to discover untouched parts of the world.
Their aspiration is to create a sustainable future for generations to come.
The artist aspires to express emotions through their paintings.
"They aspire to buy cost-effective commodities, rather than just obtaining low-priced goods at the cost of quality," Yu said.
We aspire to uncover opportunities that will enable Chinese-developed medications and solutions to have a positive global impact, ultimately benefiting patients worldwide," Dong said.
"We found that Chinese consumers are willing to pay for what they aspire to buy and currently, Canon's camera business continues to grow in China," Ozawa said.
"Innovation has been highly valued in Lin-gang, as we aspire to build a frontier industrial cluster here to nurture more technological breakthroughs", said Zhang Xiaohong, deputy head of the finance and trade department for Lin-gang administrative committee.
"With rich experience in retail and cutting-edge logistics technologies that the company has accumulated over the years, we aspire to create an unprecedented shopping format for customers in Europe with better price and service," said Pass Lei, general manager of ochama at JD Worldwide, the company's cross-border commerce unit.
“凭借公司多年来积累的丰富零售经验和尖端物流技术,我们渴望以更好的价格和服务为欧洲客户创造一种前所未有的购物模式,”该公司跨境商务部门京东全球的ochama总经理Pass Lei说。
"People shopping on cross-border e-commerce channels are not just middle-income earners living in first-tier cities, but also from the Generation Z population who aspire for novelty and individuality and look for niche overseas products that are cost-effective," Zhao said.
"We will keep both options -- imported and locally produced fresh milk -- available to the Chinese market, as we do witness a certain silo of Chinese consumers who aspire to top-notch products and are willing to pay a premium," said Bo Shuangyu, vice-president for consumer business at Fonterra China.
"But we shall note that the Chinese consumers as a whole are showing increasing sophistication, and what they aspire for are beyond just products-but boutique items, and even gifts," he said, adding that currently 55 percent of Disney's consumer product sales in China are generated by adult shoppers.
However, the online marketplace is the go-to venue for a loyal customer base in Russia, Spain and Southeast Asia and a growing number of countries, who aspire for both quality Chinese or local products at reasonable prices and easy delivery.
But that's a strength that enables us to be a group of wide brand portfolios that customers all over the world can aspire to in a way that's relevant for them," Boutte said.
"I feel flattered when some Chinese think we are a Chinese company, because that's what we aspire to be," Chun said.
The program, named "Hey Barista", will offer people with hearing loss vocational training, vocational certification and career advice for certain physically disadvantaged citizens who aspire to become professional baristas, and support them to become qualified baristas.
"We have a deep commitment here and we aspire to serve more Chinese doctors and patients to help address their evolving needs through our innovative healthcare solutions designed for China, and more importantly, made in China," Denti said.
The newly devised offerings are expected to attract gourmet enthusiasts and trend-seekers who aspire to taste cuisines that go beyond the familiar fare of local palates, said Mao Fang, vice-president of Meituan Dianping.
The interesting yet vintage design aims to pique the interests of those born in the 1990s and after, which aligns with Hero's predilection to tap into a younger generation of customers who aspire to be trendsetters, said Dong Wenbin, general manager of Shanghai Hero Pen Co.
The latest initiative can easily tap into more foreign users who aspire for Chinese brands or have purchased Chinese cars but lack effective channels for procuring spare parts and attending to after-sales services.
On the other hand, more and more international investors and investment agencies aspire to join the Chinese market.
However, Liu said, the geographical complexity of this region has created some logistical challenges, and he expected that the collaboration will facilitate the business of cross-border sellers in the Chinese mainland who aspire to sell into Southeast Asia.
The result showed that Chinese citizens no longer aspire for just longevity, but pay more attention to increase their health-span instead of lifespan, and strive to live more healthily and with more dignity.
"Shell is already the leading international oil retailer in China, running 1,300 sites via strategic joint ventures and two wholly owned companies, and we aspire to triple the size of our network by 2025," said John Abbott, downstream director, Royal Dutch Shell.
Having been lifted out of poverty, the 1.4 billion people have higher demands on their material and cultural lives, and aspire to keep abreast of international standards in every aspect.
"In a startup, one naturally has more opportunity to take on various roles at the top of the organization, which appeals to senior professionals who aspire to drive their own business initiatives instead of being part of a gigantic hierarchy," he said.
"They aspire to buy cost-effective products, not low-priced, low-quality goods. "
Industry insiders believe that Turkish home appliance companies see significant potential for industrial research and development as well as market collaboration between the two countries, and they aspire to further expand their cooperation with China.
Numerous exhibitors aspire to opportunities brought by the expo, not merely to capture a greater share in the Chinese market, but also to catalyze their own product innovation and gain more steam for their recovery from the repercussions of the COVID-19 pandemic and other uncertainties.
"We will continue to aspire to offer high-quality products to our valued Chinese customers and will aim to identify opportunities to develop new products to meet the ever-changing needs of our Chinese customers. "
Lujiazui should also aspire to become a hub for the world's top asset management companies, featuring a complete industry chain and most up-to-date businesses.
One week into her new job as the seventh director-general of the World Trade Organization (WTO), Ngozi Okonjo-Iweala's appointment as head of the 26-year-old global trade body remains historic, especially for women worldwide who aspire to leave a positive mark on global trade history.
""It may take time but Australia and China should aspire to a similar arrangement in upgrading the China-Australia Free Trade Agreement (FTA)," he suggested.
"Since China has turned itself into a moderately prosperous society in all respects, people will aspire for better lives and increase their demand for such products," he said at the event.
"Duli, a restaurant brand offering purely vegetarian recipes, has introduced nine set menus at the Foodie Social food court in Xintiandi to attract white collar workers and the younger generation of customers, who aspire after novel experiences.
Meanwhile, other avant-garde coffee lovers normally aspire to the uniqueness discovered in standalone boutique shops, or immersive experiences both fun and photogenic.
Li Zhenni, executive vice-president and chief business officer of Tujia said domestic tours and rural homestays are gaining popularity among Chinese consumers, who aspire to get away from the hustle and bustle of the city and embrace nature, while attaching more importance to the quality and cleanliness of the shared homes they rent.
Efforts already made included hosting trade events like the Food Ingredients China 2021 earlier this month in Shanghai, where 1,500 exhibitors from home and abroad showcased a variety of food additives, ingredients and solutions as Chinese consumers aspire for quality and healthier dining options.
Experts said competition among Chinese TV manufacturers is very intense as production capacity of both panels and TVs is continually increasing, but demand from consumers who aspire to switch to new TV sets is declining.
"About 40 percent of our exports go to China and we aspire to increase that figure to 50 percent," Perinetti said.
In addition to those playing esports as a hobby, professional players aspire to become world champions.
"Customers aspire for something not necessarily exclusive but unconventional.
Despite working with KOLs for product endorsement, they equally aspire for a firm grip on original and compelling content.
But now, gone are the days when seafood consumption was a luxury for Chinese people, who aspire to enjoy seafood as part of their diet," said Sun.
The fruit went viral thanks to social media promotions and became an instant hit among Chinese who aspire for quality treats, presenting a unique opportunity for brands to tap into the younger and relatively affluent population, said Neil Wang, president of consultancy Frost & Sullivan China.
Whether people want to travel by car, air or other modes, we aspire to change what's possible," said Gu Hongdi, vice-chairman and president of Xpeng Motors.
We aspire to foster a relationship in the EV industry as we have previously achieved in the healthcare sector," said Tunisi.
"Regardless of the powertrain, Porsche will always aspire to provide the pure driving pleasure and sports car performance that, in our view, distinguishes us from other brands and sets us apart," he said.
"We would like to aspire to have a 25 percent share of the world's premium car market," said Li.
ZF said it will initially focus on developing, sourcing, and producing electric drivetrains that aspire to meet maximal sustainability targets.
US carmakers GM, Ford and Chrysler parent Stellantis said in a joint statement they aspire for electric vehicles to account for 40-50 percent of total annual sales by 2030.
The company said its success stories in the country are based on its understanding that a company cannot achieve sustainable development in overseas markets if it does not aspire for extensive and long-term localization.
The production capacity of both panels and TVs is continually increasing, but demand from consumers who aspire to switch to new TV sets is declining," said Ai of AVC.
The production capacity of panels and TV products is continually increasing, but demand from consumers who aspire to switch to new TV sets is declining, which has led to price wars in the TV market," said Ai Weiqi, research manager of consumer electronics at AVC.
Meanwhile, CDB Securities places the development of corporate culture high on its agenda, Sun said, stressing that compliance, integrity, professionalism and prudence are important values to aspire to.
José Viñals, chairman of Standard Chartered, said: "Built on our joint commitment to inclusive financial services, and with a combination of cutting-edge technology and banking expertise, we aspire to explore and broaden access to inclusive financial services along the Belt and Road route.
Some of the main indexes measuring disability prevention — such as the rate of premarital checkups and genetic screening of newborns — aspire to reach the same levels as high and medium income countries.

六级Most mothers do not aspire to (向往) elite,competitive full-time positions: the Swedish policies have given them the freedom and opportunity to live the lives they prefer.

大多数母亲并不渴望怀孕(向往) 精英、有竞争力的全职职位:瑞典的政策给了他们自由和机会,让他们过自己喜欢的生活。


六级We often hear people say that America is a land of opportunity, a country built on hope to aspire to greatness on the American Dream.


2018年12月六级真题(第一套)听力 Section C

考研Nor do they aspire to such command themselves.