词根词缀记忆/谐音联想记忆 补充/纠错
词根con 共同 + nect 连接 → 连接;联合 → …………
对比记忆confuse 使困惑v.
refuse 拒绝v.
contain 包括v.
cont …………
词性拓展记忆 / 词形拓展记忆
词根记忆 / 词缀记忆
connect v 连结(con共同+nect)
nect,nex= bind, 表示”连结”
nexus n 连结(nex+us)
annex v 附加n. 附件(an增加+nex=加上连结=附加)
connexion n 连结,亲戚(con …………
connect up 连接;接通电源
connect with 和……有关,和……有联系
connect to 把……连接到……
stay connected with sb 与某人保持联系
connecting flight 转接航班
connect to 连接到
connect with 与…联系
connect ... with ... 与…联系
connect to the Internet 连接到Internet
connect ... to ... 连接到
Shanghai-HK Stock Connect 沪港通
Shenzhen-Hong Kong Stock Connect 深港通
Shanghai-Hong Kong Stock Connect 沪港通
Bond Connect 债券连接
connect the dots 连接这些点
connect with sb. 与某人联系
connect people 连接人员
connect A to B 将A连接到B
connect A with B 连接A和B
connect it to a computer 将其连接到计算机
Has the phone been connected yet?
I missed the connecting flight.
Where do the two railroads connect ?
I connected my laptop to the Wi-Fi network to access the internet.
She connected the two pieces of wood with a strong nail.
He tried to connect his phone to the projector, but it didn't work.
The company's headquarters are connected by a secure network.
She connected with her childhood friend on social media after many years.
They connected the power cable to the refrigerator and switched it on.
The printer is not properly connected to the computer; it keeps disconnecting.
The satellite dish needs to be aligned for a clear connection.
She connected her love for music with her passion for teaching.
The app allows users to connect with other like-minded individuals worldwide.
The airline operates daily flights connecting London and Shanghai, while the flights that connect London and Beijing operate four times a week.
Peet's Coffee, the US-based coffee chain, has partnered with the Dunhuang Museum, unveiling its Lunar New Year coffee series, reflecting a broader trend within coffee chains, seeking to connect consumers who appreciate the incorporation of intangible cultural elements.
总部位于美国的咖啡连锁店Peet’s Coffee与敦煌博物馆合作,推出了农历新年系列咖啡,这反映了咖啡连锁店内部的一个更广泛的趋势,即寻求将欣赏非物质文化元素融入其中的消费者联系起来。
The Lego Group, one of the world's best-known toymakers, is expanding its presence in emerging cities in Northwest China by opening more stores that prioritize immersive play experiences for kids, which is expected to drive further growth while enhancing digital efforts to better connect with its increasing member base in the country.
Lego is also enhancing its digital innovation to better connect with tech-savvy consumers in China.
In April 2024, the carrier will launch flights that connect Shanghai Pudong with Athens, Greece, and is considering launching more flights connecting China with cities in Europe and the United States.
In addition to building a 220,000-square-meter facility in the Malaysian capital, the company aims to connect Thailand, Vietnam, Singapore and Malaysia in its logistics network, better enabling cross-border express delivery among these countries next year.
Unlike traditional infrastructure, such as railways, roads and water conservancy, the concept of "new infrastructure" refers to critical facilities based on information technologies, like 5G, AI, the industrial internet, and the internet of things, which describes networks of devices that can connect and exchange data.
Moreover, the company leverages the aggregation advantages of the State Grid's "vehicle-to-grid" platform and promotes more than 40 charging pile operators to connect to the government's unified platform.
To foster more widespread digital engagement and develop future leaders, the company has deepened its partnership with ITU by launching a fellowship called "ITU Generation Connect Young Leadership Program in Partnership with Huawei".
It also offered us great opportunities to connect with Chinese consumers and local partners.
"The CIIE is positive and progressive, enabling us to connect together.
"Through the three core strategies, we aim to better understand the changing needs of Chinese consumers and connect with them through digitalization," Hwang said.
The company said it will either launch or resume routes that connect Guangzhou, Guangdong province and Zhengzhou, Henan province, with Luxembourg; Guangzhou with Brisbane, Australia; and Guangzhou with Christchurch, New Zealand.
For the domestic market, China Southern plans to launch new flights that connect Beijing Daxing International Airport with Wenzhou, Zhejiang province; Chengdu Tianfu International Airport with Nanjing, Jiangsu province; and Dalian, Liaoning province with Qingdao, Shandong province.
So far, China Southern has launched flights that connect Beijing Daxing with nearly 30 domestic cities.
On the international leg, the carrier has resumed flights that connect Beijing Daxing with Amsterdam, Istanbul and Seoul, and launched new international flights connecting Beijing Daxing and London, Moscow, Tokyo and Osaka, the carrier said.
Moving forward, the company plans to be more engaged in China's rural development, help connect farm produce to the national market, and meet Chinese farmers' logistics needs.
Last year, the company unveiled Spot for $74,500 and the robot has been put to a wide range of uses, from surveying dangerous mines to helping doctors connect with patients remotely.
As the new national carrier of Saudi Arabia, we plan to connect 110 cities globally within five years of operation," said Tony Douglas, CEO of Riyadh Air, who visited China this month to held talks with the Civil Aviation Administration of China and various Chinese carriers.
作为沙特阿拉伯新的国家航空公司,我们计划在运营五年内连接全球110个城市,”利雅得航空公司首席执行官Tony Douglas表示。他本月访问了中国,与中国民航局和中国多家航空公司举行了会谈。
A suite of cross-border mobile payment, marketing and digitalization solutions developed by Alipay+, the international business group of Ant Group, enables payment partners to connect global and local merchants to cross-border digital consumers.
Meng Wanzhou, rotating chairwoman and chief financial officer of Huawei, said at Huawei Connect 2023 in Shanghai that computing power is the core driving force for the development of artificial intelligence.
"As we've grown in China, we've helped to connect people and drive creativity.
"We will continue to do our part to enrich the lives of our customers in China, to help them connect with one another and reach their full creative potential, and we will do it all while leaving the world better than we found it," Cook said.
"As we've grown here in China, we've helped to connect people and drive creativity.
""We will continue to do our part to enrich the lives of our customers in China, to help them connect with one another and reach their full creative potential, and we will do it all while leaving the world better than we found it," Cook said.
"They (Chinese dancers) want a certain style and look, which has helped us connect more deeply with Chinese dance culture; it has not only had an impact on our performance footwear that a dancer may use during a competition or while dancing, but has also (impacted) the entire look," he said.
- A landmark Algerian highway built to connect 17 provinces has been completed with China's CITIC Construction delivering its final 84-km segment on Saturday.
On a construction site of the Wenling-Yuhuan High-speed Railway — a local project in Taizhou, Zhejiang province that will connect all the counties and districts in the city after completion — CR24 organized a measuring competition for its bids on the project to encourage innovative thoughts on construction.
Currently, Scoot operates daily flights that connect Singapore with Tianjin and 10 weekly flights connecting Singapore with Nanjing, Jiangsu province.
In the next six to 12 months, passenger demand for flights that connect China and the Philippines is expected to recover further from the effects of the pandemic.
Ever since China optimized its COVID-19 response measures and resumed quarantine-free international travel in January, international carriers have ramped up efforts to resume more flights or increase the frequency of flights on certain routes that connect China with overseas destinations.
Meanwhile, in November, Guangzhou-based China Southern plans to add three more weekly flights that connect Guangzhou and Auckland in New Zealand.
The airline said it plans to launch more international flights that connect China, Thailand and Singapore, one of the most popular destinations for Chinese tourists.
The pace of resumption of flights that connect China with Europe and the United States has been relatively slow due to several factors such as air rights, visa issuance and airport support capability, China Southern said.
In the same year, it built 750 intelligent screen display terminals in the Missan Oil Fields in Iraq, an energy project led by the China National Offshore Oil Corp, allowing Chinese workers in Iraq to connect with their families through video communication.
It will better connect the downtown of Suzhou, Kunshan and Shanghai and bring the coordinated development of the urban cluster in the Yangtze River Delta.
Unlike traditional infrastructure, such as railways, roads and water conservancy, the concept of "new infrastructure" refers to critical facilities based on information technologies like 5G, AI, the industrial internet and the internet of things, which are networks of devices that can connect and exchange data.
The three others that have been in service before connect to Vancouver, Canada; Phnom Penh, Cambodia; and Paris, France.
The two railways intersect and connect at Jingmen West Station, with a designed speed of 350 kilometers per hour.
"We have actively intensified collaboration with local governments and partners to more efficiently connect Chinese enterprises with the global market, contributing to the increase of China's exports and imports," said Eddy Chan, senior vice-president of FedEx and president of FedEx China.
联邦快递高级副总裁兼联邦快递中国区总裁Eddy Chan表示:“我们积极加强与地方政府和合作伙伴的合作,以更有效地将中国企业与全球市场联系起来,为中国进出口的增长做出贡献。”。
"Through the strategic collaboration with the Guangzhou municipal government, FedEx will be able to better meet customer needs, improve Customs clearance efficiency, connect our customers in Guangzhou and southern China more efficiently to global markets, and further promote the development of small and medium-sized enterprises and cross-border e-commerce," Chan said.
As the global economy speeds up its pace of recovery, FedEx will continue to invest in building new facilities and expanding its network to connect its customers in China to the world, according to the statement.
They're also a way to connect with the incredibly vibrant innovation that is taking place there," Manzoni said.
According to China Railway 24th Bureau Group Corp Ltd (CR24), its construction team on the Wenling-Yuhuan High-speed Railway project in Taizhou, Zhejiang province, is at full throttle, boosting the progress of the project that will connect all counties and districts in Taizhou after completion.
Targeting quality fresh products including salmon, the flight will connect Santiago, capital of Chile, and Chengdu of Sichuan province, according to Fang Hong, general manager of Eastern Air Logistics' supply chain management subsidiary Fresh Port.
东方航空物流供应链管理子公司fresh Port的总经理方红表示,该航班将连接智利首都圣地亚哥和四川省成都,目标是三文鱼等优质新鲜产品。
"Since building a certification platform for the traceability of the entire life cycle of green fiber products is conducive to promoting the low-carbon, environmentally friendly and circular development of the industry, the Department of Consumer Goods Industry of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology will strengthen coordination and promotion, and organize and support industry associations, high-quality brand owners, and manufacturers to connect with the platform, jointly improve the platform, so as to quickly promote the popularity and recognition of the platform in the industry," said He.
In terms of expanding drivers of growth, ICBC was approved as one of the first pilot institutions for Southbound Trading under China's Bond Connect program and gained the qualifications for providing foreign exchange payment and settlement for parties to a cross-border e-commerce transaction.
The airline already operates daily direct round-trip flights that connect Macao and Beijing Capital International Airport.
Compared with other regions, international flights that connect China with Southeast Asian countries have shown price advantages, and travel agencies are now allowed to organize group tours to those countries.
Construction of a nuclear heat transmission pipe network started on Wednesday to further facilitate expansion of nuclear power-based heating projects to more areas nationwide, said its operator State Power Investment Corp. As the support facility of the third phase of the 900-megawatt nuclear power-based district heating project in Shandong province, the pipeline will connect Shandong province's Yantai with Weihai with a 23-kilometer main transport pipe, it said.
On levering digital engagement to connect with more consumers, the company continued to enhance its presence in online channels and promote the digital transformation, resulting in strong growth in sales in its flagship store on the JD platform and the new retail platforms of Alibaba last year.
In the first phase of the initiative, Pinduoduo will help 100 Chinese brands to go global and support 10,000 manufacturers to connect directly with overseas markets.
Since the Northbound Bond Connect was launched, the internationalization of China's bond market has increased remarkably, and the proportion of Chinese bonds held by foreign investors has also increased significantly.
"It will also help Chinese farmers better connect with a broader consumer market, as well as introduce more practical agriculture-related technologies into rural areas," she said.
The Chinese tech giant shared what it is doing during Huawei Connect 2022 held on Tuesday in Kathmandu, its annual flagship event for the global information and communications technology industry that drew together over 400 sector leaders, experts and partners.
"This Huawei Connect congress will play a significant role in this regard by introducing future tech trends and solutions before us," he added.
Huawei Connect was conducted in Nepal for the third time with a view to exploring the means to unleash digital productivity more effectively, promote the digital economy and build up stronger digital ecosystems in Nepal.
"Xie Yu, economic and commercial counsellor of the Chinese embassy in Nepal, said that as Huawei is one of the most innovative tech companies and is leading the ICT industry in the world, he is sure "Huawei Connect will literally connect many things and unleash a digital Nepal.
With the cross-border e-commerce industry entering the next growth stage, it is practical and vital for capable platforms such as Myy-Shop to connect China's powerful supply chain with influential livestreamers on social media, helping them start businesses and participate in global trade, Wang said.
王说,随着跨境电子商务行业进入下一个增长阶段,像Myy Shop这样有能力的平台将中国强大的供应链与社交媒体上有影响力的直播连接起来,帮助他们创业和参与全球贸易,这是现实而重要的。
Founded in 2005, TransNusa has been a low-budget carrier based in Jakarta, and it mainly operates domestic flights and international routes that connect Indonesia and its surrounding areas.
Consumers can purchase round-trip tickets that connect cities such as Guangzhou, Shenzhen, Zhuhai and Shantou in Guangdong province and designated domestic snow and ice destinations.
As the country seeks to further open up at an institutional level, Ruan said she looks forward to improvements in cross-border finance and investment mechanisms, expansion in the scope of securities available via the stock connect schemes and better regulations that can smooth the introduction of more overseas talent.
The company also participated in the CDB's issuance of green bonds that were sold to both domestic and international investors via the Bond Connect, a connect mechanism, Sun added.
The country has integrated the opening-up of the interbank and exchange bond markets this year, meaning that overseas investors who are approved to trade in China's interbank bond market are now also eligible to access the country's exchange bond market, either directly or via the Bond Connect.
"Hainan is important for us to connect to the free-trade area.
The 170-km rail line over the bridge is under construction and will connect the county's capital, Dacca, with Jessore, an important rail line linking Myanmar with India in the future.
German sportswear company Adidas said as one of its most important global markets, China will continue to play an integral role in contributing to its growth, and the company will attract more Chinese designers and integrate more local cultural elements into the design of its products to better connect with local consumers.
We will continue to seek new ways to integrate Chinese creativity and innovation in our efforts to connect with Chinese consumers,” Siu said.
In China, Adidas has been increasingly turning to co-creation and development with local designers and artists, drawing creative inspiration from traditional and modern Chinese culture into the design of its products to better connect with local consumers.
"The CIIE is not only important for us to showcase our products, but also plays a vital role to connect us with various parties in both domestic and global markets," Huang said, adding that the company's brand awareness and sales revenue have grown fast after presenting a number of Chinese and foreign beauty products at the fourth CIIE in 2021, and it will participate in the sixth CIIE next year.
We will continue to deepen our efforts in China and leverage the CIIE as an opportunity to connect more closely with Chinese consumers and tailor our premium products to suit their varied lifestyles".
"In addition to new store openings, the group plans to create meaningful experiences and enable shoppers and families to connect further with the brand.
The CIIE, he said, has evolved into a good platform to share ideas, connect with customers and partners and share innovations not only from Microsoft but also its customers and partners.
More than 250 million third-party products equipped with HarmonyOS Connect for the internet of things have been shipped out of factories, surging 212 percent from last year, he said, adding over 2 million developers have already joined the ecosystem.
他说,超过2.5亿款配备HarmonyOS Connect的物联网第三方产品已经出厂,比去年增长了212%,并补充说,超过200万开发者已经加入了这个生态系统。
IoT describes networks of devices that can connect and exchange data.
This method relies on interlocking joints to connect wood, without the use of nails.
By the end of this year, Huawei Cloud will operate 75 availability zones in 29 regions, covering more than 170 countries and regions, Zhang said at the ongoing Huawei Connect 2022, a company conference in Bangkok, Thailand.
Taicang has a well-developed container port and a comprehensive bonded zone, as well as a convenient location to connect many eastern Chinese cities, including Shanghai and Nanjing, Jiangsu province.
By gathering parties from multiple sectors, the CIIE offers enormous opportunities for us to connect with partners and develop businesses.
When it comes to Huawei's intelligent automobile solutions business, efforts should be made to reduce the scientific research budget, strengthen the development of commercial solutions and focus on key components to be more competitive, with the remaining parts left to connect with others, Ren added.
Pan Helin, co-director of the Digital Economy and Financial Innovation Research Center at Zhejiang University's International Business School, said currently nine Chinese mainland companies have achieved dual-listing on the US and Hong Kong bourses, which will increase the convenience for Chinese mainland investors to invest directly in these companies' shares via the stock connect mechanism linking the Shanghai, Shenzhen and Hong Kong bourses.
The move came after China's top securities regulator launched the China-Switzerland Stock Connect recently, under which Switzerland's SIX Swiss Exchange, the Shenzhen Stock Exchange and the Shanghai Stock Exchange established a two-way depository receipt mechanism.
The general manager said the company has a strong belief in the value of brick-and-mortar retail, which has still served as a crucial channel to connect closely with consumers, particularly in terms of their penetration strategy.
Meanwhile, more than 170 million third-party products that are equipped with HarmonyOS Connect for the internet of things have also been shipped out of factories to retailers across China, Yu said.
余说,与此同时,超过1.7亿台配备了物联网HarmonyOS Connect的第三方产品也已从工厂运往中国各地的零售商。
Meanwhile, Alibaba's Hong Kong stocks are expected to meet the qualifications for Hong Kong stock connect, which may create more convenience for Chinese mainland investors to directly invest in Alibaba, according to The Paper.
The major difference between dual-primary listing and secondary-listing is dual-primary listed companies can be included in Hong Kong stock connect programs, which Alibaba is currently not involved in.
To be included in the Hong Kong stock connect programs, a company can attract A-share investors to improve stock liquidity.
It was the first GDR issuance in China's high-end clean energy equipment industry since the Shanghai-London Stock Connect scheme took effect in June 2019.
It was the fifth domestic GDR issuance and the first of its kind in China's high-end clean energy equipment industry since the Shanghai-London Stock Connect scheme took effect in June 2019.
"Smaller cities in short-haul domestic markets need more direct flights to connect them, and the A220 is the type of aircraft suitable for such markets," said Xie Li, a professor at the Civil Aviation Management Institute of China.
Efforts will be made to encourage high-quality projects to develop infrastructure real estate investment trusts (REITs) and connect private investors with financial institutions to ease financing.
I am thrilled for this opportunity to connect with government officers, industry associations, academic professionals and MNC peers at the conference.
They expect content to be delivered consistently at scale through multiple channels; they expect experiences to be real-time and to deliver the right message to the right customer in the right context and through the right vehicles, and they expect their customer journeys to be seamless across numerous touchpoints and across whatever channels customers use to connect with brands.
Addressing a meeting in Beijing, the official said that the government will reinforce the cultivation and reserves of company resources that can be listed on the stock markets, incubate a batch of companies with strong scientific and technological innovation strength, and bright market prospects to better connect with the capital market.
Starbucks, the world's largest coffee chain, said it will continue to invest in new stores and smart technologies to better connect with consumers digitally in China despite a net revenue decline in the second fiscal quarter.
The project will also include the construction of a 1,443-kilometer oil pipeline, the first of its kind to connect Uganda and Tanzania in East Africa, which will ensure the export of crude oil.
The development of an OS-based infotainment system that can connect with various mobile devices and networks makes JET Optoelectronics' in-car entertainment system even more versatile and creates higher value and competitiveness for customers.
Zhao said that his company will assist the Chinese Academy of Sciences' Center for Excellence in Quantum Information and Quantum Physics to upgrade the latter's quantum computing cloud platform this year to connect quantum computers.
"Our dream is to build quantum information networks, such as a quantum internet, which will connect quantum computers, quantum sensors and other quantum terminals via quantum communication technologies," he said.
One investor focusing on the cross-border business said to Jiemian that as Chinese brands go overseas, traditional marketing methods are no longer enough to connect brands with local consumers.

六级We have the ability to connect seemingly different threads to solve problems we've never seen before.


2018年12月六级真题(第二套)听力 Section C

高考Prinstein has also found that the qualities that made the neighbors want you on a play date-sharing, kindness, openness — carry over to later years and make you better able to relate and connect with others.


2019年高考英语全国卷I 阅读理解 阅读D 原文

四级Plus, on-campus jobs eliminate commuting time, and could be a great way to connect with academic and professional resources at your university.



六级In addition to connecting peers, cell phones connect children and parents.



四级When Ted Komada started teaching 14 years ago at killip elementary, he didn't know how to manage a classroom and was struggling to connect with students.

14年前,当Ted Komada开始在killip小学教书时,他不知道如何管理教室,并努力与学生沟通。

2019年6月四级真题(第一套)听力 Section C

四级It seems to me this highlights quality issues in elementary schools more than pre-K, and indicates longer-term success must connect pre-K with all the other issues related to educating a child.



高考People who have personality traits that connect with competitiveness and low upset tolerance are much more likely to get angry.


2018年高考英语北京卷 阅读理解 七选五 原文

四级Cooking benefits people in many ways and enables them to connect with one another.



考研When people place their trust in an individual or an institution, their brains release oxytocin, a hormone that produces pleasurable feelings and triggers the herding instinct that prompts humans to connect with one another.


2018年考研真题(英语一)完形填空 Section Ⅰ

六级Just connect via videoconferencing software, so your face appears on Ava's screen.



六级Steinberg pointed out that parental sharing on social media helps build communities, connect spread-out families, provide support and raise awareness around important social issues for which parents might be their children's only voice.


2018年12月六级真题(第三套)阅读 Section B

四级There are close to one million nerve fibres that connect the eyeball to the brain, as of yet it is impossible to attach them all in a new person.



高考The Jazz audience continues to shrink and grow older, and the music has failed to connect with younger generations.


2017年高考英语全国卷1 阅读理解 阅读C 原文

六级referring to her new iPod Touch, which can connect to the Internet over a campus wireless network



六级Both the iPhones and the iPod Touch devices can connect to the Internet through campus wireless networks



高考They customers-some thirty Parisians who pay just under $2 plus drinks per session-care quick to intellectualize(高谈阔论), slow to open up and connect.

他们的顾客约有30名巴黎人,他们每节课只需支付不到2美元的费用,外加酒水,他们很快就能实现智能化(高谈阔论), 慢慢打开和连接。

2015年高考英语全国卷1 阅读理解 阅读D 原文

六级In addition to connecting peers, cell phones connect children and parents



四级She told BuzzFeed News that her freshman chemistry class required her to use Connect, a system provided by McGraw hill where students can suBMIt homework, take exams and track their grades.

她告诉BuzzFeed News,她的大一化学课要求她使用Connect,这是一个由McGraw hill提供的系统,学生可以在该系统中提交作业、参加考试和跟踪成绩。

2018年6月四级真题(第三套)阅读 Section B

四级Interstate highways connect just about every large and mid-sized city in the country.


2018年6月四级真题(第二套)听力 Section C

高考Hunch is designed to connect high school classrooms with nasa engineers.


2019年高考英语全国卷2 阅读理解 阅读D 原文

四级Textbook publishers connect professors, instructors and students in ways that alternatives, such as open e-textbooks and open educational resources, simply do not.


2019年12月四级真题(第三套)阅读 Section C

四级The idea was to connect the new system to existing expressways and freeways.


2018年6月四级真题(第二套)听力 Section C

六级It helps politicians connect with workmen.



六级Both the iPhones and the iPod Touch devices can connect to the Internet through campus wireless networks.



六级More and more people I know seem to be turning to yoga, or meditation(沉思),or tai chi(太极); these aren't New Age fads(时尚的事物)so much as ways to connect with what could be called the wisdom of old age

我认识的人似乎越来越多地转向瑜伽或冥想(沉思),还是太极拳(太极); 这些不是新时代的时尚(时尚的事物)甚至可以说是与老年智慧联系在一起的方式


六级The more ways we have to connect, the more many of us seem desperate to unplug.



六级“When it gets a little boring, I might pull it out,” acknowledged Naomi Pugh, a first-year student at Freed-Hardeman University in Henderson, Tenn. , referring to her new iPod Touch, which can connect to the Internet over a campus wireless network.

田纳西州亨德森自由哈德曼大学一年级学生Naomi Pugh承认:“当它变得有点无聊时,我可能会把它拔出来。”她指的是她的新iPod Touch,它可以通过校园无线网络连接到互联网。


六级Although the firm was updating its systems anyway, the company spent 10-15% more per user to equip them with a laptop rather than a PC, and about the same to upgrade to a server that would enable remote staff to connect to the company networks and access all their usual resources.



六级More and more people I know seem to be turning to yoga, or meditation (沉思), or tai chi (太极);these aren’t New Age fads (时尚的事物) so much as ways to connect with what could be called the wisdom of old age.

我认识的越来越多的人似乎开始转向瑜伽或冥想(沉思), 或者太极(太极);这些不是新时代的时尚(时尚的事物) 以及如何与所谓的老年智慧联系起来。


六级Just connect via videoconferencing software, so your face appears on Ava’s screen.



考研What is special about man’s brain, compared with that of the monkey, is the complex system which enables a child to connect the sight and feel of, say, a toy-bear with the sound pattern “toy-bear”.



考研Television is one of the means by which these feelings are created and conveyed—and perhaps never before has it served so much to connect different peoples and nations as in the recent events in Europe.



考研Transitions should connect one paragraph to the next so that there are no abrupt or confusing shifts.