词根词缀记忆/谐音联想记忆 补充/纠错
词根in(里面)+her(她的)+it(它) → …………
对比记忆inherit 继承、遗传
inherent 生来就有的
coherent 连贯的、一致的 …………
词性拓展记忆 / 词形拓展记忆
inherit from 继承自
inherit the tradition 继承传统
inherit sb.'s bad temper 继承某人的坏脾气
inherit the family estate 继承家族财产
inherit sb.'s beauty 继承某人的美貌
right to inherit private property 私有财产继承权
We will try my best to inherit and promote the Chinese culture.
The X chromosome inherited through men in a mother's line
Jerry inherited his red hair from his mother.
The young artist inherited her father's talent for painting.
She inherited a large estate from her wealthy uncle.
He will inherit the family business when his father retires.
She has inherited her mother's green eyes and curly hair.
The house was passed down through generations of the family, an inheritance from great-grandfather.
He didn't want to inherit his father's pessimistic outlook on life.
The company's founder's son was named as the next CEO, inheriting the leadership role.
She chose to inherit her grandmother's passion for charity work.
Inheritance tax laws vary greatly from country to country.
The knowledge and skills he acquired were not only an intellectual inheritance but also a moral legacy.
I want them to inherit a better world.
"Through such an easy-to-access activity, we hope to let more young people learn more about and fall in love with the precious ancient culture of Dunhuang, to gradually inherit it for themselves, and finally to spread it to more people," said Chen Feifei, head of QQ Music marketing and communication.
According to Tang, Yinxiang Biji operates as a separate service and will inherit the intellectual property and source code to its app.
com vowed to make full use of its e-commerce platform to help inherit the intangible cultural heritage and bring the intangible cultural heritage closer to lives of ordinary people.
In a statement, New Leshi said it will continue to put users' experience at the center, inherit the business model of "platform + terminal + content + application", focus resources on areas of industrial advantage, combine user-generated content with an open strategy and create an internet-based home entertainment ecosystem, with smart TV at the core and internet financial services as a support.
According to Liu Wei of the Nanjing Fuzimiao cultural tourism group, in order to inherit the millennium-old culture of Fuzimiao and cultivate new forms of tourism including research and study activities, the company has developed traditional cultural experience courses, such as movable-type printing, ancient book restoration and tie-dyeing, for young people.
Jin said it is necessary to take 40 years of establishment as a new starting point, carry forward the past, inherit and innovate.
Serving as a deputy to the 13th NPC, she hopes to help more women who live in impoverished conditions to master and inherit traditional embroidery skills and thus make a better living and enrich their lives.
Founded in 2014, the bookstore aims to inherit and promote traditional Chinese culture.
“We believe that innovation is the best way to preserve our traditional culture, and consumption is the best way to inherit our heritage,” he said.
"We inherit what we have done good in gasoline cars, including the chassis, the man-machine interaction, the noise, vibration and harshness," Zhu said.
As pioneer models of FAW-VW's "e-era", they not only inherit the excellent handling and stylish design of the Volkswagen brand, but are also equipped with advanced battery, motor and electronic control systems and intelligent devices.
With its all-new design, advanced technologies and attractive vehicle model range, it will inherit Volkswagen's quality and add a new chapter of 'people's car' in China.
Close family members of the deceased can inherit the balance deposited with Alipay by providing a death certificate, identification card and proof of kinship.
Zhejiang province, where the first National Congress of the Communist Party of China was concluded in 1921, will inherit the Party spirit and build the province into a window of the country's new development vision by further promoting digitalization reform, senior officials of the province said on Monday.
One count by the Boston College Social Welfare Research Institute in 2003 suggested that the next generation of high net worth individuals would inherit some $41 trillion in assets.
It emphasized that the plan should impart and inherit the spirit of the Long March (1934-36) and revolutionary culture; strengthen the protection and utilization of cultural heritage; improve literary and artistic creation and public service; push forward the digitization of the culture and tourism sector; and promote the province's mountain tourism and ethnic group culture.
Wang said the CPPCC is studying and implementing the spirit of the 20th CPC National Congress and is willing to work with the Vietnam Fatherland Front to implement the consensus reached by the top leaders of the two parties, inherit and carry forward the traditional friendship between China and Vietnam, deepen friendly exchanges at all levels, carry out work experience exchanges in the fields of political participation and discussion, and make positive contributions to building the two countries into a community with a shared future that bears strategic significance.

六级They seem to be turning inward—generally in a pro-social manner, certainly with positive benefits for intimate relationships, but too often at the expense of a connection with the present and future world beyond, including the society they will one day inherit.