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词根ab 离去 + lat 拿出;放 + ion 表名词 …………
词根记忆 / 词缀记忆
ablation n部分切除,脱离(ab去掉+_lat+ion=拿出来去掉=切除)
lat= bring,out,表示”拿出,带出”
translate v 翻译,转化(trans交换+late=交换拿出=翻译)
superlative a 最高的n. …………
The radiofrequency ablation guided by 3D mapping is considered a novel solution that allows surgeons to accurately position the lesion and ensure effectiveness and safety for the procedure.
Blockbuster exhibits will include an atrial fibrillation ablation system that will make its Asia-Pacific debut, the slimmest stent yet on global market, and the world's first deep brain neurostimulator that can automatically recognize brain disease conditions.
Philips (China) Investment Co Ltd and the China Strategic Alliance of Industry Technology Innovation for Minimal Invasive Tumor Therapy, the only national association approved by the Ministry of Science in the field of clinical medicine, signed a strategic cooperation agreement on Tuesday in Beijing to promote minimal invasive tumor ablation treatment.
The two sides will also work together to promote minimal invasive ablation therapy-based diagnosis and treatment standards for tumor care, as well as organizing training programs for doctors in remote and underprivileged areas.
He hopes the cooperation between the alliance and Philips will help promote minimal invasive ablation tumor therapy and early detection-based cancer care in China, as well as promote a healthy lifestyle.
In terms of R&D, the company has been promoting innovations in its core products, including biodegradable stents, transcatheter aortic valve replacement, and cryoballoon ablation to proactively embrace change without waiting for change to be introduced by public healthcare policies, Zang said.
Defective coolers on these cars' EGR systems may cause ablation or fire, the statement said.