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The website is designed with full accessibility in mind, ensuring that visually impaired users can navigate it easily.
She installed screen reader software to enhance her computer's accessibility for those with visual impairments.
Public transportation should be accessible to all, including individuals with disabilities.
The building's wheelchair ramps and wide doorways ensure accessibility for people with mobility impairments.
The app has an option for high contrast mode to make it more accessible for those with color blindness.
Employers are legally obligated to provide accessible workspaces for employees with disabilities under the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA)."
The new smartphone has an infrared keyboard, making it more accessible for those who struggle with physical dexterity.
Designers are exploring haptic feedback as an alternative to visual cues to improve accessibility for blind users.
Online content creators must adhere to web accessibility standards, ensuring their materials are usable by everyone, regardless of ability.
Educational institutions are investing in accessible technology to bridge the digital divide for students with disabilities.
For that purpose, it is important to make full use of digital technologies to overcome restrictions from the unbalanced and inadequate healthcare resources, to coordinate utilization of medical resources and improve accessibility and coverage of high-quality medical services in the country.
For example, Medi Cover introduced a patient welfare program to greatly reduce patients' financial burdens and improve the accessibility and affordability of innovative drugs through commercial insurance.
例如,Medi Cover推出了一项患者福利计划,通过商业保险大大减轻患者的经济负担,提高创新药物的可及性和可负担性。
Other pillars for the company, which has a complete portfolio covering prevention to treatment and will preside over the CIIE Pharma Committee this year, include improving accessibility and affordability for patients and consumers, sustaining long-term partnerships with customers and strengthening capabilities in data analysis, digitalization, and lifecycle management of products at different stages so they have greater value for patients, Van Acker said.
该公司的其他支柱包括提高患者和消费者的可及性和可负担性,与客户保持长期合作伙伴关系,以及加强数据分析、数字化、,以及不同阶段产品的生命周期管理,因此它们对患者有更大的价值,Van Acker说。
Van Acker said that in order to continue riding the wave of China's medical care development, MSD will make further moves to improve accessibility and affordability by pursuing innovative access solutions and pan-industry partnerships along the patient journey of prevention, diagnosis and treatment, and keep long-term partnerships with customers to improve the quality of academic engagement and create solutions with stakeholders.
Van Acker表示,为了继续搭乘中国医疗保健发展的浪潮,默沙东将在预防、诊断和治疗的患者旅程中,通过寻求创新的获取解决方案和泛行业合作伙伴关系,进一步提高可及性和可负担性,与客户保持长期合作伙伴关系,以提高学术参与的质量,并与利益相关者一起创建解决方案。
At the upcoming sixth China International Import Expo in Shanghai in early November, Sony will showcase its latest innovative technologies and achievements in the field of sustainable development, such as environmental protection, public welfare and accessibility.
By localizing production through technology transfer and cooperation, Sinovac aims to achieve win-win results with foreign partners, including improving vaccine affordability and accessibility in host countries and spurring the development of the local vaccine and pharmaceutical sectors, the company said.
Localized production of Chinese vaccines not only improves the affordability and accessibility of vaccines for partner countries but also helps to cultivate talent and enhance medicine regulation, including clinical results review and product registration, she added.
Beaufort-Ipsen (Tianjin) Pharmaceutical Co Ltd inked a deal with Shenzhen Wanhe Pharmaceutical Co Ltd on Monday, in an effort to increase its drug accessibility in China.
"Wang Kejia, general manager of Wanhe Pharmaceutical, said: "It is expected that we could integrate resources to promote the accessibility of Beaufort-Ipsen's product to enhance patients' healthcare awareness and quality of life.
To improve accessibility within the train, the gangways between CRL train cars will be wider — 1.6 meters, compared with the 1.4 meters of other train lines.
Since 2006, IFC has repeatedly provided financial and advisory support to Fosun Pharma, which is committed to ensuring the accessibility and affordability of pharmaceutical products and improving the healthcare supply chain resilience in the region, he said.
Abbott said that it will continue to improve the accessibility and affordability of its competitive diagnostic solutions in the country and work closely with local partners to support early diagnosis and treatment of diseases.
Currently, a total of 108 countries and regions have adopted a two-dose vaccination strategy for girls aged between 9 and 14, which is conducive to bolstering its accessibility and vaccination rate by a large margin, according to Wang Linhong, honorary director of the Maternal Healthcare Branch of Chinese Preventive Medicine Association.
Going forward, the company will work with various stakeholders to accelerate vaccine innovation, enhance vaccine accessibility, lighten people's financial burden and put healthcare resources to more effective uses, she added.
Theresa Tse, chairwoman of Sino Biopharm, said that through F- star's world-leading platform, Sino Biopharm hopes to develop more innovative drugs with good efficacy and high accessibility as soon as possible, to benefit cancer patients in China and around the world.
Sino Biopharm董事长Theresa Tse表示,通过F-star的全球领先平台,Sino Biopharm希望尽快开发出更多疗效好、可及性高的创新药物,造福中国和世界各地的癌症患者。
Consumer health company Haleon aims to grasp opportunities and boldly engage in digital marketing and e-commerce in China to increase the accessibility of healthcare in the country, said its senior executives.
"In recent years, Signia and parent company WS Audiology have made great efforts to boost the accessibility and affordability of hearing solutions in China, in line with the group's sustainability targets.
“近年来,Signia和母公司WS Audiology做出了巨大努力,以提高中国听力解决方案的可及性和可负担性,符合该集团的可持续发展目标。
At its booth during the fair, the company is exhibiting a group of new launches in China, looking forward to setting up more partnerships to improve new drug accessibility and eliminate barriers for the public to pursue their well-being and health, and promote the construction of the " Healthy China 2030" initiative with joint efforts.
The purpose of the center is to improve accessibility and quality of eye health services focused on patients with eye-related diseases, J&J said.
Given its global footprint, Fosun Pharma can help address unmet clinical needs and improve the accessibility and affordability of COVID-19 treatments in low- and middle-income countries worldwide.
The company will also continue to ensure the accessibility of its mature drugs for patients.
The plan will focus on five public welfare areas including information accessibility, emergency disaster relief, ecological protection, cultural heritage protection and technological assistance for the elderly, according to sources with the company.
These ecosystems, which involve new drug innovation, long-term chronic disease management, e-hospital building, and drug accessibility enhancement, will contribute to the realization of the Healthy China 2030 initiative, said the companies.
They will combine the use of innovative drugs to provide innovative diagnostic and therapeutic solutions to meet the clinical needs of a wider range of Chinese patients, explore innovative commercial insurance and payment models in-depth to improve the accessibility of innovative drugs and treatment methods for patients, so as to provide more professional and convenient healthcare services for Chinese patients, AstraZeneca said in a press release.
The facility, which provides online vaccination registration, intelligent pre-inspection, and unmanned vaccination, can reduce the complexity of the vaccination process, improve vaccination efficiency and accessibility, and provide large-scale vaccine support.
"The restructuring is aimed at accelerating clinical trials and the approval of the portfolio, as well as improve accessibility and affordability to ensure that more patients in the country benefit," said Pointeau, who assumed his role in September.
"And in the space of healthcare, we have digital health solutions to further facilitate drug affordability and accessibility.
Such a long-standing effort serves to improve vaccine accessibility and uphold public health in China, a goal shared by both the company and the Chinese government, Van Acker noted.
Dan Brindle, president of Novartis Group (China), said the company has had a strong flow of new drug approvals and therapies or indications included in the national reimbursement drug list to expand patients' accessibility to drugs over the past years.
"We not only regard China as the world's second largest pharmaceutical market, but also aim to be engaged locally and make contributions in interacting with the local research and development efforts, promoting disease awareness, and improving drug accessibility and affordability," he said.
Such efforts accelerated the accessibility of innovative medicines to Chinese patients, Hudson said.
It will increase market distribution channels, and improve drug accessibility and patient service capabilities to benefit more than 10 million local patients.
"Through participating in the 4th CIIE, we look forward to seizing new opportunities in the China market under the new development pattern, bringing more cutting-edge therapies and technologies into China, and improving their accessibility," he said.
People can donate with just a cellphone and charity projects can be updated timely through social media platforms like WeChat and Weibo, which significantly improved accessibility, said Deng Guosheng, deputy director of the School of Public Policy and Management at Tsinghua University.
Made easier by accessibility, telling the story behind philanthropy is also easy as many online charity channels feature pictures and first-person accounts of what or who ultimately benefits from the donations.
At the fair in Beijing, the company will ink strategic collaborations with different players in the health sector, including a precise testing provider, and insurance companies, to prepare to help patients use the right therapy, improve drug accessibility, and ease patients' financial burden after the drug candidate's market approval, which may be expected in the fourth quarter of this year.
China plans to provide a total of 2 billion doses of COVID-19 vaccines to the world this year, in the latest effort to honor its commitment to make vaccines a global public good by ensuring vaccine accessibility and affordability.
In the healthcare sector, where a series of major policy reforms have been introduced since 2015, internationalization and innovation have become an inevitable trend in the country's pharmaceutical industry in order to encourage innovation and improve quality healthcare accessibility and affordability.
Smart medical services will be a future trend as it can assist with medical tests, improve the accuracy and efficiency of diagnosis, and promote the equal accessibility of good medical resources, said industry experts.
The company also reached a series of agreements with local partners in China at the third CIIE, including a contract with domestic health platform JD Health to establish an online liver disease innovation platform that would improve accessibility of the drug Baraclude, which is used to treat hepatitis B infection of the liver.
Wang Shirui, founder and CEO of the company, said it is an urgent issue to make full use of the convenience, easy accessibility and intelligence of internet hospitals to ensure the standardization and effectiveness of online medical services and protect the vital interests of doctors and patients.
In the healthcare sector, a series of major policy reforms have been introduced since 2015, to encourage innovation, speed up new drug registration, and enhance the dynamic adjustment mechanism for the national reimbursement drug list, so as to improve quality healthcare accessibility and affordability.
Greatly inspired by the government's commitment to improving accessibility to high-quality and innovative pharmaceuticals, Merck opened its largest life science technology and training collaboration center in Shanghai last year.
The approval of the production could fully guarantee the company's supply of drugs after they are listed and included into the national reimbursement drug list, ensuring patient accessibility, he said.
Nasdaq-listed Chinese biopharmaceutical company BeiGene hosted a public welfare salon on neuroblastoma on Sunday, aiming at raising public awareness of the disease and increasing drug accessibility to benefit more patients.
The company also said that in 2020, eight therapies or new indications were included in the NRDL to expand patients' accessibility to drugs and benefit more sufferers.
In February 2020, the ADB lent 130 million yuan ($20 million) to the company to help with accessibility of essential medical supplies in China's rural areas.
The aim is to comprehensively improve drug accessibility for local patients with chronic diseases, Servier China said.
The National Medical Products Administration, the National Healthcare Security Administration, and the National Health Commission have launched various measures to encourage drug innovation and enhance drug accessibility.
The move is in line with the company's earlier plan to invest more in the Chinese market for improving the accessibility of its products and manufacturing capacity apart from adopting local flavors.
"In the future, Ipsen China will constantly enhance medication accessibility, by not only improving services in hospitals, but also deepening exploration in retail channels," Chen said.
As a retailer which once mostly operated brick-and-mortar malls, Ikea China carried out its transformation strategy with the aim of boosting convenience and accessibility for consumers.
But such accessibility can't be easily realized in overseas markets.
US company to adopt local flavors in China for greater product availabilityUS-based Beyond Meat Inc, a leading plant-based meat producer, is set to invest more in the Chinese market by raising its accessibility and manufacturing capacity along with adopting local flavors such as swapping in traditional minced beef recipes like beef noodles and xiao long bao or steamed soup dumplings.
Beyond Meat Founder and CEO Ethan Brown said in line with the company's goal to increase accessibility to plant-based meat globally, they are going to "make the investment necessary to engage, understand and serve Chinese consumers".
Apart from manufacturing HPV vaccines, Walvax said that it will accelerate the research and development process for a SARS-CoV-2 vaccine, fulfilling its commitment of providing safe, effective and high-quality global public goods to the world, and contributing to the realization of vaccine accessibility and affordability in developing countries.
"SMEs are a major force in the Chinese economy for employment, tax revenue and exports, but they are relatively more susceptible to challenges caused by the epidemic, due to their vulnerable resource accessibility and operational flexibility," said Zhou Mi, a senior researcher at the Chinese Academy of International Trade and Economic Cooperation.
"With our artificialintelligence-powered solutions, we hope to work with like-minded partners in China to improve the quality and accessibility of healthcare for China's 1.4 billion people, as part of the Healthy China 2030 agenda, and ultimately for citizens across the wider region," Ali Parsa, Babylon's CEO and founder, said.
With policies on new drug access reform and medical insurance negotiations, multinational pharmaceutical firms are stepping up efforts to introduce innovative drugs, expand accessibility and penetrate into grassroots level markets in China.
After innovative drugs are introduced to China, the next step is addressing accessibility.
The report said that patients suffering from chronic diseases such as cardiovascular disease and diabetes are mainly from such areas, which shows the need for greater drug accessibility.
Using the four medicines that have entered the national medical insurance as an example, Gilead will promote more products to enter the catalog to increase drug accessibility, and enable more patients in China to get access to good medicines, the company said.
Also, in China we are seeing a focus on ensuring health and ensuring broader accessibility for medicines through the National Reimbursed Drug List or the volume-based procurement policy, making sure that there is access to medicines at reasonable prices.
"The collaboration with CARD is aimed at standardizing the medical treatment that rare disease patients can access in different regions and a better accessibility of drugs to ultimately improve their quality of life," said Wu Kun, Pfizer China Biopharma country lead.
Several multinational pharmaceutical enterprises said that they had benefitted from the country's streamlined innovative drug approval procedure and better drug accessibility by promoting more medicines to be included in the National Reimbursement Drug List in the past years, and they were proud to have contributed to that improvement.
"We suggested that the country set up special funds to improve rare disease drug accessibility and explore a guarantee model that gathers various social sectors raise funds to ultimately change rare disease patients' destiny," he said.
He hopes that through Jianke and Bayer's cooperation, Jianke's internet-enabled technologies can not only improve patients' accessibility to drugs, but also transform the treatment paradigm for chronic disease management from treatment to prevention.
The support of emerging infrastructure-for example, the fast development of 4G and 5G in China, plus cheaper data packages and the greater accessibility of smartphones and apps for developing populations-has meant an influx of heavy downloads and app activity that is predicted to continue.
The Phonak Marvel's digital-enabled features, Perler said, are a major improvement in accessibility.
"Work related to technological innovation, overseas investment, foreign markets accessibility, and international talent recruitment will be the focus of Sinopharm next.
With a fleet of 45 aircraft reaching over 100 destinations across China, the company is collaborating with mainstream domestic airlines, governments, and airports to improve air accessibility and to benefit and revitalize urban residents and economic development.
In recent years, in order to meet the growing healthcare needs of the people, the government has issued a series of plans, policies and documents related to the construction of the healthcare service system, strengthening the grass-roots level and making up for shortcomings, promoting the hierarchical diagnosis and treatment model, and further enhancing the service supply capacity and service accessibility.
"Bolstered by higher disposable income, wider international exposure and easier accessibility of travel, Chinese consumers are more confident in exploring new destinations and looking to gain new experiences when they travel.
"In the future, AstraZeneca will work closely with the government to increase the accessibility of roxadustat in China and benefit more Chinese patients.
"One major task of the company is to raise the accessibility of the innovative drugs introduced to China, to enable more patients to use our medicines, at a more affordable price," said Luo.
Molly Liu, vice-president of Digital Venture, Starbucks China, said: "This new milestone in the Starbucks digital strategy will significantly fuel our capability to provide an even more personalized and enticing one-touch digital experience for Chinese consumers, while extending the accessibility of our digital innovations into the everyday lifestyle rituals of our customers.
"More and more products are being included into the medical insurance, which has significantly improved patients' accessibility.
For rural areas in China where there is limited medical access, the company launched a program called "Study on the Accessibility of Peritoneal Dialysis Treatment to Patients with End-Stage Renal Disease and the Grass-Root Management Mode" in 2012, offering home therapy for end-stage renal disease patients.
It also improves the accessibility of medical care in rural areas.
DiDi also launched its AI for Social Good project in conjunction with more than 10 founding partners to seek joint technological and social solutions to environmental, safety, health, and accessibility challenges.
"This phenomenon is due to the rising affluence and improved accessibility of products in China's lower-tier cities," said David Haigh, CEO of Brand Finance.
"With the continued commitment to open the Chinese capital markets to outside investors from the government, and an ongoing commitment from companies to deliver transparency and accessibility to investors, we have seen another leap ahead in the minds of the investment community for Chinese listed companies, outstripping their rivals across the region," said Cara Eio, Institutional Investor Research's Head of Asia.
“This phenomenon is due to the rising affluence and improved accessibility of products in China’s lower-tier cities,” said David Haigh, CEO of Brand Finance.
Education First expects to continue developing products, services and accessibility to the advantage of the general public in ChinaPlease use three words to describe China's changes in the past 40 years.
Competition, especially local competition, forces us all to continue to develop our products, services and accessibility, to the benefit of the general population, whom one may argue local companies understand better than their foreign counterparts.
The three key areas in which I have seen significant progress over the past 40 years outside of the economy are: healthcare accessibility and quality; infrastructure investment, reach and quality (air, land, sea, between and within cities); and local innovation instead of replication in technologies that have changed how we live, such as Alibaba's AliPay platform and Tencent's WeChat app.
Wuxi, an important transportation hub in the Yangtze River Delta Economic Belt, has attracted massive foreign investment thanks to its easy accessibility.
About two thirds say online information is very valuable to them, according to a report by China's Information Accessibility Research Association.
The New South Wales state transport authorities are "working out" how to appropriately manage bike sharing and the city continues to stress "concerns about safety, redistribution of bikes and accessibility on footpaths, and have found operators to be responsive to public queries and complaints", said its spokesperson.
"It is highly necessary to strengthen policy support for those enterprises and expand the allocation of financial resources for the private sector," Wang said, predicting loan accessibility for small and micro-sized enterprises will continue to improve while their cost of loans will likely decline.
"Shu said the ministry will work with other government branches to introduce corresponding detailed regulations to local governments to guarantee the effective implementation of various policies, providing foreign enterprises with a greater sense of accessibility, after China unveiled 24 targeted measures to boost foreign capital inflows in mid-August.
We look forward to working with all partners to accelerate the introduction of more world-leading innovative med-tech products and drugs into China, and continuously improve their accessibility and affordability, so as to better meet the rising healthcare needs of the people and promote the high-quality development of the health industry.
We believe that China's high-quality economic development will bring multifaceted opportunities for multinational enterprises, and we look forward to China's further opening-up and continuous emphasis and recognition of innovation value, so as to help improve accessibility and affordability of the world's leading innovative drugs and medical products to address unmet healthcare needs in the market.
The opening ceremony of this year's conference invited 10 experts and scholars from the fields of urban planning, construction, and governance to give academic reports on topics such as urban governance, public services, accessibility law, architectural quality, urban design and some major scientific issues in the planning field in the last two years, engineering and technical difficulties, industry technology issues, and urban renewal.
Adding Vladivostok as a transit port is expected to address this issue by enhancing accessibility to seaports for Jilin and Heilongjiang provinces, Xiao said.
"We will explore more diversified partnerships with local partners to accelerate innovative drug development and expand their accessibility," he said.
Commercial banks and WMCs have a large number of clients and wide networks, which will increase the coverage and accessibility of the personal pension business.
Asmare said the CIIE is a conducive platform to expedite the demand and accessibility of Ethiopia's export-oriented agricultural commodities to the wider Chinese and global market, eventually enabling the East African country to tap into its competitive advantages in the global agricultural products market.
We are working with all sectors of the community to improve the quality of China's healthcare industry, and to improve the accessibility and affordability of quality healthcare services for its patients.
Apart from strengthened driving force for strong regions, China's regional development has made great achievements, including a narrowed relatively regional development gap, more important roles played by essential functional areas, revitalized special areas, more equalized basic public services, more equivalent infrastructure accessibility and a similar minimum standard of living.

考研Orin Kerr, a law professor, compares the explosion and accessibility of digital information in the 21st century with the establishment of automobile use as a virtual necessity of life in the 20th: The justices had to specify novel rules for the new personal domain of the passenger car then; they must sort out how the Fourth Amendment applies to digital information now.

奥林·克尔(Orin Kerr)是一位法学教授,他将21世纪数字信息的爆炸式增长和可访问性与20世纪将汽车作为一种虚拟生活必需品进行了比较:当时,法官们必须为乘用车这一新的个人领域制定新的规则;他们必须弄清楚第四修正案现在如何适用于数字信息。


考研Orin Kerr, a law professor, compares the explosion and accessibility of digital information in the 21st century with the establishment of automobile use as a virtual necessity of life in the 20th: The justices had to specify novel rules for the new person

奥林·克尔(Orin Kerr)是一位法学教授,他将21世纪数字信息的爆炸式增长和可访问性与20世纪将汽车作为一种虚拟生活必需品进行了比较:法官们必须为新人制定新的规则

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