词根记忆ac-(=to)+ -credit(赞扬,认可;官方认可)→把认可、赞扬或官方认可给予某人→把…归功于;认为 …………
teacher qualification accreditation 教师资格认证
To simplify the device distribution process, iFlytek has established service desks at three of the athletes' accreditation hotels and the media center of the Hungarian National Athletic Centre, ensuring convenient and efficient access to these devices for users.
The company said it will offer certification and accreditation services for more international public products.
American-Sino is also the first private women and children's healthcare service institution in Asia that received the DNV International Accreditation, a world-renowned accreditation which represents the highest standard of safety, quality and service in healthcare.
American Sino也是亚洲第一家获得DNV国际认证的私人妇幼保健服务机构,这是一项世界知名的认证,代表了医疗保健领域的最高安全、质量和服务标准。
The laboratory is certified by the internationally recognized China National Accreditation Service for Conformity Assessment.
A class action lawsuit has been filed against Uber on Friday on behalf of thousands of Australian taxi and car-hire drivers, alleging that the global rideshare giant allowed its drivers to operate without proper accreditation.
"The basis of the class action is that Uber failed to enforce its drivers had proper accreditation and therefore gained an unfair advantage over companies and drivers that did adhere to the law.
As required by China's Organic Product Certification Management Measures, organic products sold in the domestic market must be certified by the China Certification and Accreditation Administration.
The alloy later won the accreditation certificates issued by two major ship classifiers, the Beijing-based China Classification Society and France-based Lloyd's Register, the world's oldest ship classifier, marking another step for the application of the special steel in LNG ships.
The Certification and Accreditation Administration of China has annulled the registration of Celia Laiterie Decrao, the subsidiary of Lactalis.
Soon after the first recall, the Certification and Accreditation Administration of the People's Republic of China suspended the registration statute of Lactalis's subsidiary, the Celia-Laiterie de Craon, on Dec 5.
Under a rule issued by the top court in July 2015, courts of execution could report blacklisted parties to government departments, financial regulatory bodies, financial institutions, relevant administrations and industry associations, which might issue credit warnings or render punishments to the blacklisted parties according to law regarding government procurement, tendering and bidding, administrative approval, government support, finance and credit, market access, and qualification accreditation.
So, NIQ proposed ten steps, including proactively reducing risks from the supply chain, removing barriers to sustainable choice, eliminating price premiums, and investing in reputable third-party accreditation and embracing collective collaboration to accelerate the reshaping of brands, adapt to the green revolution of CPGs, ease the impact of climate change on finances and be aligned with consumer expectations.
Investing in reputable third-party accreditation and joining sustainability foundations or industrial organizations will be a future trend for enterprises.
The municipal government of Shanghai on Tuesday released a new version of a regulation regarding the setting up of regional headquarters of multinational companies, optimization of accreditation standards and provision of more supportive measures.
The regions will actively convert domestic and international standards, and improve the mutual recognition level for inspection, quarantine, certification and accreditation, according to the MOC.
Accreditation of national-level technology centers in private companies will be accelerated.
On the one hand, green finance has developed so rapidly that the introduction of related accreditation systems and standards for carbon reduction has not kept pace.
To ensure data validity, monitoring and reporting systems should be set up and also be involved in third-party accreditation institutions.
These teachers should have accreditation to teach Chinese to nonnative speakers or teaching certification from China's Ministry of Education.
According to Gu Shaoping, deputy division chief of the China National Administration for Certification and Accreditation, the government is stepping up efforts to create a favorable environment for bird's nest trade.
The accreditation and certification industry has been developing rapidly since China joined the World Trade Organization in 2001, and China has signed more than 120 mutual recognition agreements with other countries, including major economies such as the United States and Russia, said Bo Yumin, deputy chief for certification supervision at the State Administration for Market Regulation.
"We want to train as many people as we can on open source and get them accreditation.
BAIC BJEV, a Chinese electric vehicle manufacturer, said the company has been granted an electric vehicle product safety certificate by German accreditation provider DAkkS.
Besides, the status of listed companies will be helpful for them to obtain the relevant qualification accreditation or file for record under tightened regulations," the report said.
The Singapore branch of the Industrial and Commercial Bank of China (ICBC Singapore) on Monday launched its investment banking services after it had received accreditation as an issue manager from Singapore Exchange (SGX).
Pu Chun was appointed director of the National Certification and Accreditation Administration.
The government will encourage foreign talent hired by the centers to apply for professional accreditation, and support talented individuals in terms of housing, children's education and healthcare.