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词根guilt罪 + y表形容词→有罪的,内疚的 …………
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criminal / guilty
criminal → 侧重指某种行为是违犯法律的,因而应受到惩罚。
guilty → 主要指某种行为违反道德标准,也可指违犯法律。
guilty of 有罪
be guilty of 有罪
plead guilty 承认有罪
a guilty conscience 有罪的良心
feel guilty 感到内疚
be guilty for 因…而有罪
be held guilty 被判有罪
feel guilty about 感到内疚
Eric was proved guilty of murder.
Tom was found guilty of murder.
I feel really guilty at forgetting Mary's birthday again.
I feel guilty for not helping my friend when they needed me the most.
She looked down, her shoulders hunched in guilt after admitting to breaking the vase.
Guilty pleasures are those you enjoy despite knowing they might not be considered socially acceptable.
He felt guilty about skipping work to attend his son's school play, even though it was an important event.
The thief couldn't shake off the guilty conscience that plagued him every night.
She apologized profusely for forgetting their anniversary, hoping to ease her guilty feelings.
After realizing he had been dishonest, he tried to make amends with a heartfelt apology.
The parents were filled with guilt for not being there when their child was going through a difficult time.
The murderer's guilty conscience eventually led them to confess to the police.
The teacher's gentle reminder of the missed assignments made the student feel guilty for not staying on top of their studies.
Chu however was found guilty of charges of corruption, and was incarcerated at the age of 71.
Both have pleaded not guilty, according to the broadcaster.
If Liu, as the actual controller of JD, was judged to be guilty, the daily operation of JD would be severely affected," said Shen Meng, director of boutique investment bank Chanson& Co. Liu owns 15.5 percent of JD's stock and controls nearly 80 percent of the company's voting rights.
Shen Meng, director of boutique investment bank Chanson & Co, said: "If Liu, as the actual controller of JD were judged to be guilty, the daily operation of JD will be heavily affected.
If any illegal activity is detected then the guilty will be punished.
However, he pleaded guilty in his final statement at the end of the trial.
"I feel deeply guilty and blame myself for the negative impact from the LeEco debt crisis," he said.
"I feel deeply guilty and blame myself for the negative impact of LeEco's debt crisis on society, government, investor, supplier and employee," he said in the statement that was posted on his official WecChat account on Tuesday.
About 77 percent of consumers are likely to stop buying if brands are found guilty of greenwashing; 75 percent of consumers want governments to mandate that companies must comply with third-party certification of sustainability standards.
Any enterprises found guilty of poor conduct or illegal practices will receive warnings and be guided to timely self-correction, which could then lead to exemptions or mitigation of punishment.
Ex-official pleads guiltyIn another development, Fu Zhenghua, the former minister of justice, pleaded guilty to taking bribes and abuse of power, during a court hearing held in Changchun, capital of Jilin province, on Thursday.
To address these issues, the plan introduced stricter measures, including further restricting probation and increasing fines, severe punishment for guilty intermediaries, and parallel investigation of securities crimes and money laundering.
I also feel less guilty having them as a snack compared to ice cream.
I sometimes feel guilty when buying too many clothes.
"Chinese consumers are increasingly anxious about health, and sometimes feel guilty about eating snacks or high-calorie foods," he said.
Stern action will be taken against those found guilty of withholding the mandatory information and they may be forced to cede their shares in the company or face curbs on their shareholder rights, Guo wrote in an opinion piece published in the Economic Daily on Friday.
"We believe that there was enough to charge and go to trial," he said of Ghosn's case, "and he will be guilty.
Volkswagen said it could not comment on the ongoing case but emphasized that Stadler was innocent until proven guilty.
The Japanese company, which announced its bankruptcy on June 26, pleaded guilty to fraud in January.
For now, Takata has set aside $125 million to compensate the victims and pledged again to honor that commitment, which it made in January as part of its guilty plea.
In April, it was fined $2.8 billion after earlier pleading guilty to three felony charges of defrauding the US and conspiring to violate the Clean Air Act.
Shares of Chinese telecom equipment maker ZTE Corp jumped by the 10-percent daily limit on the Shenzhen Stock Exchange to close at 25.99 yuan ($4.08) on Wednesday after a US judge ruled that the company should be allowed to see an end of its five-year probation following a 2017 guilty plea.
In 2017, ZTE pleaded guilty to violating sanctions by shipping telecom equipment to Iran and the Democratic People's Republic of Korea, and paid $890 million in fines and penalties to the US government.
Due to the fact that Xiang surrendered himself to the police, pleaded guilty and willingly returned all the gifts, he could be punished lightly, according to law.
Considering features of China's justice environment, He expected the country's system of securities class action to retain the arrangement that investors could only bring lawsuits after the defendants are fined by the regulator or found guilty by the court.
Mo pleaded guilty to taking bribes of 42.5 million yuan ($6.3 million), according to the Beijing No 1 Intermediate People's Court.
Zhang Shaochun, former vice-minister of finance, pleaded guilty to taking bribes valued at 66.98 million yuan ($9.72 million), according to the official WeChat account of the Beijing Supreme People's Court on Dec 14.
Given that Yao confessed his crime, pleaded guilty, actively returned his ill-gotten gains and all the spoils of the crime have been recovered, the court advised a lighter punishment be considered.
The former vice-chairman of China's top securities regulator Yao Gang pleaded guilty to bribery and insider trading at his trial on Wednesday in Handan, Hebei province.
Yao pleaded guilty and expressed remorse.
Yao Gang made a final statement and said in court that he pleaded guilty.
According to the SPP, efforts were also made to implement a system allowing for lenient punishment for those who plead guilty, with the application rate for the arrangement exceeding 90 percent at the prosecutorial stage and the acceptance rate of procuratorates' sentencing recommendations reaching 97.1 percent.
Still, to better protect investor interests and boost market morale, the commission needs to learn from their Western counterparts and impose tougher punishments on companies and corporate staff found guilty of fraud and malpractices, so as to clean up the market and restore investor confidence.
For example, in the well-known Enron fraud scandal, the company was fined $500 million and ultimately de-listed; corporate CEO Jeff Skilling was convicted of securities fraud and sentenced to 24 years and 4 months in prison; chief financial officer Andrew Fastow was sentenced to 10 years imprisonment with no parole; and Arthur Andersen LLP, once one of the global "big five" accounting firms, was found guilty of criminal charges relating to its auditing of Enron, which seriously damaged its credibility and led to its later demise.
Li who was also once vice-governor of Guangdong and director of the Guangdong provincial department of public security pleaded guilty and repented in court.
Luo said procuratorial authorities also push for leniency when suspects plead guilty, encouraging them to confess and return stolen relics.
Luo said procuratorial authorities also push for leniency when suspects plead guilty, encouraging them to confess and return stolen cultural relics.
For example, it issued multiple judicial interpretations to protect children's rights and interests in the first half of the year, including provisions for fighting sexual crimes against minors and for promoting family education, and approved death sentences for some child rapists, to show its zero-tolerance for criminals guilty of seriously harming the physical and mental health of minors.
In July, Zhang pleaded guilty when his case was heard by the Nanjing Intermediate People's Court.
In recent years, some Western countries have claimed that Chinese merchants are able to sell counterfeit goods, both online and offline, because China's trademark protection measures are inadequate and leniency is shown toward those guilty of infringement.
Liu's case was publicly heard in November 2022, and he pleaded guilty.
If those found guilty have made profits of over 100,000 yuan, they will face fines up to 10 times the amount.

四级Cheating destroys self-respect and integrity, leaving the cheater ashamed, guilty and afraid of getting caught.



考研Yet as we report now, the food police are determined that this enjoyment should be rendered yet another guilty pleasure intensified to damage our health.


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六级The amygdala is a crucial part of the brain that produces fear, anxiety and emotional responses including that sinking, guilty feeling you get when you lie.


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六级Jackson was similar in appearance to the guilty man.



六级We may instead find ourselves feeling guilty about the time we didn't spend watching our children grow all with our loved ones, or travelling or on the cultural or leisure suits that bring us happiness.


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考研As the hacking trial concludes – finding guilty ones-editor of the News of the World, Andy Coulson, for conspiring to hack phones ,and finding his predecessor, Rebekah Brooks, innocent of the same charge –the winder issue of dearth of integrity still standstill, Journalists are known to have hacked the phones of up to 5,500 people.

随着黑客审判的结束——《世界新闻报》编辑安迪·库尔森(Andy Coulson)因密谋窃听手机而被判有罪,而他的前任丽贝卡·布鲁克斯(Rebekah Brooks)也因同样的指控无罪——缺乏诚信这一更为棘手的问题仍然停滞不前,众所周知,记者已经窃听了多达5500人的手机。


四级All are guilty; and what a mess they have created.



四级Many people feel guilty when they cannot find a place other than a nursing home for their parents.



考研For the low-sympathy kids, how much they shared appeared to turn on how inclined they were to feel guilty.


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六级In my opinion, anyone who takes another person’s life intentionally is insane; however, that does not mean that the person isn’t guilty of the crime or that he shouldn’t pay society the debt he owes.



四级In Britain, if you are found guilty of a crime, you can be sent to prison or be fined or be ordered to do community work such as tidying public places and helping the old.