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The sky is very clear.
He speaks loud and clear.
He is a clear thinker.
He was cleared of all charges.

四级It should be made clear that not everyone has a device to record their sleep patterns; in some of these nations, it's likely that only the richest people do.


高考Tall poles, placed in large training areas, teach the birds to stay clear of electrical lines by giving them a painful but undeadly electric shock.


四级Social psychologist, John Roberts, finally cleared up the confusion about why people sometimes perform better and sometimes worse in front of an audience

社会心理学家约翰·罗伯茨(John Roberts)终于澄清了人们在观众面前有时表现更好,有时表现更差的困惑

四级When you look at attitudes toward driverless cars, there doesn't seem to be a clear generational divide.


六级What happens to the centralized electric grid, which took decades and billions of dollars to build, as more and more people become prosumers, who produce and consume their own energy on-site?No one knows which – if any – battery technology will ultimately dominate, but one thing remains clear: The future of energy is in how we store it.


高考If you're clear about where you want to go, the rest of the world will either help you get there or get out of the way.


四级villiers, the goal is not just to clear up the park.


四级In daily life, forgetting actually has clear advantages.


六级He uses lots of gestures to help make his points clear.


六级Trees need more water as temperatures rise, but the prolonged droughts have robbed them of moisture, making whole forests easily cleared of trees and turned into farmland.


高考This certainly makes my own views clearer.


六级It is not clear how many colleges and universities plan to give out iPhones and iPods this fall; officials at Apple were unwilling to talk about the subject and said that they would not leak any institution's plans.


高考The streets are clear, and many homes have been rebuilt.


六级It is clear that consumers don't always know what they are getting.


高考Dinner ended only after we had a clear understanding of at least half a dozen such facts.


六级Workers were not allowed to use the phone or send e-mail, but simply had the chance to clear their heads and to hear themselves think.


四级We encourage students to go on to college whether they are prepared or not, or have a clear sense of purpose or interest, and now have the highest college dropout rate in the world


六级The data was slightly complicated by the fact that there was a tendency for kids who were social in the real world to also use more online communication, but by bracketing out different cases it became clear that the real-world sociality component correla


考研As the cost to everyone else has become clearer, politicians have begun to clamp down.


四级What's less clear is whether divorce and separation rates rise in a recession - financial pressures mean couples argue more but make splitting up less affordable.


六级This was made clear by the work of two sociologists, Richard Arum and Josipa Roksa.

理查德·阿鲁姆(Richard Arum)和约西帕·罗克萨(Josipa Roksa)这两位社会学家的工作表明了这一点。

考研The state's proposed Forest Carbon Plan aims to double efforts to thin out young trees and clear brush in parts of the forest.


考研It seems clear that such a scheme is an initiative push toward what would eventually be a compulsory Internet "driver's license" mentality.


六级It seems clear that the concentration of research and commercialisation work creates differences between universities


六级At the time, it became clear that the newly reunified Berlin would need a modern airport with far greater capacity than its existing airports.


四级Students risk health and well being,as well as performance in other end-of-term work, when faculty offers take-home exams without clear, time-limited boundaries.


考研As much as some scientists may complain about the new awards, two things seem clear.


四级contributes to environmental protection Romantic love has clear evolutionary roots but our views about what makes an ideal romantic relationship can be swayed by the society we live in


四级Most people do not have clear memories of past events.


六级As he prepared the speech, Juan kept asking himself, "How can I make this clear and meaningful to someone who knows nothing about earthquakes or geological principles?


六级given that there's now over $1.3 trillion in student loans on the books, it's pretty clear that many students are far from sensible.


六级This is still disputed, but it's clear that the woman reputed for writing it was one of America's most fascinating characters.


六级But the data is exact enough for a clear trend to be easily discernible.


考研But even if you accept Friedman’s premise and regard corporate social responsibility( ' , CSR) policies as a waste of shareholders’ money, things may not be absolutely clear-cut.


四级However, its new 10-year plan makes clear it believes it still has a long way to go.


六级However, it's clear that Macy's believes its troubles run deeper than a temporary aberration off the thermometer.


考研It also sent a clear message to the outside world about his aspirations.


高考In colonies that range in size from a few hundred to tens of millions, they organize their lives with a clear division of labor.


高考I hope I've given you a clear idea of the schedule for your London weekend.


六级We need to make it clear that it's not just change for change's sake.


高考The state also cleared the way for companies to sell or rent out self-driving cars, and for companies to operate driverless taxi services.


四级It was not clear where the cow came from or how it got lost.


考研If it clears the House, this measure would still have to get through the Senate where someone is bound to point out that it amounts to the bare, bare minimum necessary to keep the Postal Service afloat, not comprehensive reform.


高考Others build a large, clear mass of non-living jelly-lie material and spread themselves over it.


高考She had given us clear directions and we were able to find it easily.


六级There will probably be months of legal confrontation, and it is not at all clear which side will prevail in court, nor in the battle for public opinion and legislative favor.


六级Science has shown a clear correlation between high stress levels in workers and absenteeism ( ' , 旷工 ), reduced productivity, disengagement and high turnover.

科学已经表明,工人的高压力水平与旷工之间存在着明显的相关性,旷工 ), 生产力降低、人员流失和高周转率。

六级I only heard about the delay yesterday because we kept the production line clear to handle these special sheets.


六级Average starting salaries give a clear indication of what type of training society needs its new workers to have.


六级Despite clear signs of global warming it is not easy for most people to believe climate change will affect their own lives.


四级So, I think we're more or less clear what the show will be like.


高考As writer Caroline Alexander makes clear in her forceful and well-researched story the endurance, adventuring was even then a thoroughly commercial effort.

正如作家卡罗琳·亚历山大(Caroline Alexander)在其有力且深入研究的故事中所阐明的那样,耐力、冒险甚至在当时都是一种彻底的商业努力。

考研Your home colleagues - your family - have no clear rewards for their labor; they need to be talked into it, or if they're teenagers, threatened with complete removal of all electronic devices.


四级Yeah, but that only leaves me 30 minutes to clear customs in getting to the city center and (13) it means I have to check in by 5:30, which means leaving home at about 4:


四级A new technology is unlikely to take the place of an old one without a clear advantage.


四级It's clear that petrol-driven engines have no future.


考研Take a broader look at our species' place in the universe, and it becomes clear that we have an excellent chance of surviving for tens, if not hundreds, of thousands of years.


高考It is not yet clear who would administer the scheme, but the UK government is looking at introducing it on a voluntary basis.


考研The fossil record shows that many species have endured for millions of years - so why shouldn't we? Take a broader look at our species' place in the universe, and it becomes clear that we have an excellent chance of surviving for tens, if not hundreds, of thousands of years.


高考The most hopeful data shared in the report shows clear evidence of parents serving as examples and important guides for their kids when it comes to reading.


六级At two of these stages, when Obama's success was less than certain, the tests showed a clear difference between the scores of the white and black participants—an average of 12.


高考In his introduction, he made it clear that our credits would be hard-earned.


四级When your elderly relative needs to enter some sort of long-term care facility—a moment few parents or children approach without fear—what you would like is to have everything made clear.


四级Dogs, man’s best friends, have a clear strategy for dealing with angry owners—they look away.


六级Business leadership means that managers need to "put first things first," which implies that before leading others, you need to be clear on your own values, abilities, and strengths and be seen as trustworthy.


四级It's clear why this would be something a music major would love.


六级Certain conclusions are nonetheless clear.


六级The Swedes can certainly take a lesson from the United States and look for ways to clear a path for their ambitious female careerists.


高考Explain your frustrations calmly and sensibly—see it as an opportunity to clear up any difficulties you may have with this person.


高考The outcome is still far from clear.


六级The Wallaces also had a clear sense of the kind of workplace they wanted.


六级However, it's clear that Macy's believes its troubles run deeper than a temporary aberration ( ' , 偏离) off the thermometer.

然而,梅西百货显然认为,它的麻烦远不止是暂时的反常(“,偏离) 从温度计上取下。

四级The nice thing about ancient philosophy as offered by the Greeks is that they tended to see life clear and whole, in a way that we tend not to see life today.


高考In the quietness of my bedroom, the story suddenly all came clear to me.


四级However, Soren Andreasen, a social scientist at Dalberg Global Development Partners who supervised the writing of the report, defended it, saying that it was clear that the numbers were rough estimates.

然而,监督报告撰写的Dalberg Global Development Partners社会科学家索伦·安德里亚森(Soren Andreasen)为报告进行了辩护,他说,很明显,这些数字是粗略估计的。

高考You can keep your head clear for 4-10 hours after exercise.


六级When a few family members did post pictures, O'Hanlon and her husband made their wishes clear.


高考This tip reduces outside noise so that television dialogue is clear and understandable.


六级If these investments generate huge social benefits—as they clearly do—the benefits of providing more social support for the family should be that much clearer.


考研Get clear on what impact you’re hoping to have.


考研France's planned tax is a clear warning: Unless a broad consensus can be reached on reforming the international tax system, other nations are likely to follow suit, and American companies will face a cascade of different taxes from dozens of nations that


六级The outline of the changes needed is clear.


六级These changes have cleared up much of the confusion and conflict that followed in the wake of 1976 legislation.


四级Post wants to make clear that she's not talking about legal rights, but rather personal preferences.


高考It's a great opportunity to learn more about fitness through the clear instruction and supervision of a fitness instructor.


四级But if we keep clearing up the myths and learning more about the eyes, some day a full transplant may be possible.


四级It is one thing to use AI within a game with clear rules and clear goals.


高考And they are as clear as glass.


高考As one would expect, his writing is mostly clear and, to be fair, some chapters stand out above the rest.


六级Science has shown a clear correlation between high stress levels in workers and absenteeism(旷工), reduced productivity, disengagement and high turnover.

科学表明,工人的高压力水平与旷工之间存在着明显的相关性(旷工), 生产力降低、人员流失和高周转率。

六级They are not clear which products are truly green.


高考The underlined word "sharp" probably means clear and definite.


四级A look at what goes on in most classrooms these days makes it abundantly clear that when people think about education, they are not thinking about what it feels like to be a child, or what makes childhood an important and valuable stage of life in its own right.


高考West hasn't tested his idea on larger blocks, but he thinks rolling has clear advantages over sliding.


四级Considering that the government's standards are not nearly ambitious enough, the picture is clear: by not cooking at home, we're not eating the right things, and the consequences are hard to overstate.


四级Contrary to its title, the center is a clearing house ( ' , 信息交流中心) for using technology in classrooms and in online courses.

与其名称相反,该中心是一个清算所(“,信息交流中心) 用于在教室和在线课程中使用技术。

六级It is becoming increasingly clear that retail reinvention isn't a simple battle to the death between bricks and clicks.


考研The changes identified by David Graddol all present clear and major challenges to UK`s providers of English language teaching to people of other countries and to broader education business sectors.

大卫·格拉多尔(David Graddol)发现的这些变化都对英国向其他国家的人和更广泛的教育商业部门提供英语教学的机构提出了明确而重大的挑战。

考研It is not yet clear how much more effective airline security has become—but the lines are obvious.


高考With farmers over the age of 65 outnumbering farmers younger than 35 by six to one, and with two-thirds of the nation's farmland in need of a new farmer, we must clear the path for talented people willing to grow the nation's food.




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