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[元音音变]able原型为abil,abil原型为前缀,比如例词 ability ,这个时候 …………
词性拓展记忆 / 词形拓展记忆
able / capable / competent
able → 最常用词,多用于褒义,着重指多方面的,经常性的,或潜在性的能力。有时也指高超、非凡的能力。
capable → 语气弱于able,指有能力、有潜力或有条件做某事,常与of连用。
compete …………
词根记忆 / 词缀记忆
able a 能够的
ubl, bili=able,表示”能力”
able a 能够的
ability n 能力
habilitate v 装备,使具备能力(h可看作have+abilit+ate=有能力=使具备能力)
rehabili …………
He is an able lawyer.
The general impression at the studio was that he was able.
We should be able to resolve our differences.

高考She had given us clear directions and we were able to find it easily.


高考They hoped that wolves would be able to control the elk and coyote problems.


四级They want to know if they are able to pay


高考She was able to transfer her new wisdom to other parts of her life as well.


四级They'll be able to answer the questions of students who are in their class directly via the interactive book.


四级You'll also be able to receive email, music and movies, all via an internet link.


四级The plane stretches a total length of 54 meters, where experienced scuba divers will eventually be able to venture through the cabin and around the plane's exterior.


六级"They were able to walk fester, had improved balance, and were also able to get up out of a chair faster than the control group," Starr says.


高考Only guests staying at the hotel will be able to take part.


六级Otherwise, no fish are able to survive in the naturally toxic lake.


四级Advances in AI will make human beings smarter, more able and "just better human beings".


四级And I knew it was a negotiation scheme, so I was able to say to myself, ‘This is not real.


四级This enables him to reinterpret British cuisine depending on what is avail able in the local markets.


六级In a competitive work environment, employers are able to use technology to demand more from their employees rather than motivating workers with flexibility that benefits them.


四级We don't know when we'll be able to restart, a company spokesman said.


四级with wired setups, the fear is that a burglar might be able to shut your system down simply by cutting the right cable.


高考Brown won't be able to see you today.


四级Later, in his cook books, he would often include a sketch of himself, so that people on the street would be able to recognize—and admire—him.


四级Leaders have to be able to delegate and manage resources wisely—including staff expertise.


四级Generally, young women have had growing success in the paid labor market since 1960 and hence might increasingly be expected to be able to afford to live independently of their parents.


考研We often hear media reports that an unauthorized hacker has been able to access a computer database and to alter information stored there.


四级They need to rid their minds of sentimentalism: the most successful teams have leaders who are able to set an overall direction and take immediate action.


四级There are two ways to interpret Plutarch when he suggests that a critic should be able to produce "a better in its place."


高考But he is providing a few years during which the farmers will, perhaps, be able to find other means of adapting.


四级Successful team leaders know exactly where the team should go and are able to take prompt action.


六级The report found that although some king penguins may be able to relocate to new breeding grounds closer to their retreating food source, suitable new habitats would be scarce.


高考And the good morning Britain presenter says she's been able to put a lot of what she's learnt into practice in her own home, preparing meals for sons, Sam, 14, finn, 13.


四级When submerged, they're also able to emit signals from depths of 20,000 ft.


六级Ruel says in the 1980s Thailand was able to reduce child undernourishment by recruiting a large number of volunteers to travel the countryside teaching about health and nutrition.


四级What factors make you more or less bold, intelligent, or able to read a map?


六级In a competitive work environment, employers are able to use technology to demand more from their employees rather than motivating workers with flexibility that benefits them.


高考Some 60, 000 novels were published during the victorian age, from 1837 to 1901; today a casual reader might be able to name a half-dozen of them.


高考Armed with this knowledge, they're able to carry out individually targeted campaigns to cheat people.


六级They didn't work anywhere and all the time – they were better able to manage their work, Moen said.


四级"Women want to be able to do it all—volunteer for school parties or cook delicious meals—and so their answer to any request is often "Yes,I can."


高考And if you have your lecture notes or the article in hand, you and the professor will be able to examine specific points that are confusing to you, rather than just talking in a general way about the contents.


四级"Imagine being able to remember every painting, on every wall, in every gallery space, between nearly 40 countries," he says.


考研For example, even in dense forest, you should be able to spot gaps in the tree line due to roads, train tracks, and other paths people carve through the woods.


高考You will be able to take part in a number of activities from canoeing to wild camping on Dartmoor.


六级Many have argued that the women designers of this time were able to project their own clothing values into a new style.


四级Dutt says they were not able to evaluate the actual scientific qualifications of the applicants using the data in the files.


高考Machines with specific purposes are associated with living things partly because they might be able to prevent themselves from being destroyed.


四级Many scientists have studied the green sea slugs to confirm that they are actually able to create energy from sunlight.


四级"As what happened with tobacco, this will require a cultural shift, but that can happen," says Nguyen. "In the same way physicians used to smoke, and then stopped smoking and were able to talk to patients about it,I think physicians can have a bigger voic


四级They need to rid their minds of sentimentalism ( ' , 感情用事): the most successful teams have leaders who are able to set an overall direction and take immediate action.

他们需要摆脱感情用事(',感情用事): 最成功的团队都有能够确定总体方向并立即采取行动的领导者。

六级It's a rare thing for anybody to be able to change who they really are.


考研Last year, the Transportation Security Administration found in a secret check that undercover investigators were able to sneak weapons—both fake and real—past airport security nearly every time they tried.


四级She's afraid she won't be able to attend your class this afternoon though.


四级It is impossible that a single shot of education, administered in childhood and early adulthood, will be able to support a sustained, 60-year career.


四级I don’t know about perfecting but they want at least to be able to communicate decently.


六级Clearly, richer societies are able to provide environmental improvements which lie well beyond the reach of poorer communities.


六级If a team manager exemplifies such qualities, then the team as a whole would be better able to realize their potential and achieve their objectives.


四级According to a newly published study, cats seem to be able to predict the location of hiding prey (猎物) using both their ears and an inborn (天生的) understanding of how the physical world works.

根据一项新发表的研究,猫似乎能够预测隐藏猎物的位置(猎物) 用他们的耳朵和天生的(天生的) 理解物理世界是如何运作的。

四级After some adjustments, and sufficient time, jill was able to answer the students’ questions correctly 97% of the time.


六级And to get at the contents of a single iPhone, the government says it needs a court order and Apple's help to write new code; in earlier versions of the iPhone, ones that were created before Apple found religion on 热衷于 privacy, the Fbi might have been abl

政府表示,要获取一部iPhone的内容,需要法庭命令和苹果的帮助来编写新代码;在iPhone的早期版本中,这些版本是在苹果出现宗教信仰之前创建的热衷于 隐私,Fbi可能是abl

考研Today's CEO, at least for major American firms, must have many mere skills than simply being able to "run the company" CEOs must have a good sense of financial markets and Maybe even how the company should trade in them.


高考For breakfast, we were able to eat papaya and other fruits from their trees in the backyard.


四级After taking appropriate measures to contain the RF interference to our test lab, we tested the attack out for ourselves, and were able to verify that it's possible with the right equipment.


四级The plane stretches a total length of 54 meters, where experienced scuba divers will eventually be able to venture through the cabin and around the plane's exterior.


六级The public must be able to understand the basics of science to make informed decisions.


高考As the smallest child of his family, Alex is always longing for the time when he should be able to be independent.


高考For example, these robots will be able to distinguish when someone is happy or sad.


考研However, Allen believed that the unconscious mind generates as much action as the conscious mind, and while we may be able to sustain the illusion of control through the conscious mind alone, in reality we are continually faced with a question: “Why cannot I make myself do this or achieve that? ”Since desire and will are damaged by the presence of thoughts that do not accord with desire, Allen concluded : “ We do not attract what we want, but what we are.


六级If you're able to come this afternoon, you can give your name to the sales manager and they will be able to assist you.


高考I need to be able to erase my work.


四级Few people are able to resist alcohol's temptations.


高考I might not be able to do it.


四级You are not really going to be able to understand all of the dimensions of this plan.


考研But as adults we also have the luxury of being able to control our own diaries and it's important that we schedule in time to enjoy the thing we love.


高考Being able to communicate ideas in a meaningful way is a valuable skill.


六级Music, I don't especially love life on the road, but I figure if you are lucky enough to be able to do what you truly love doing, you've got the ultimate of life.


高考You'd better hurry, or you won't be able to catch it.


四级It means that a thief likely wouldn't be able to Google how the system works, then figure out a way around it.


考研States will be able to force more people to pay sales tax when they make online purchases under a Supreme Court decision Thursday that will leave shoppers with lighter wallets but is a big financial win for states.


高考If everyone is giving you the same answer, you won't be able to use it.


六级"They didn't work anywhere and all the time – they were better able to manage their work, "Moen said.


考研Plenty of other species are able to learn, and one of the things they've apparently learned is when to stop.


高考Meanwhile, with her parents' help, Moore is generally able to live a normal teenage life.


六级Nearly a decade ago it was predicted that viewers of "Friends", a popular situation comedy, would soon be able to purchase a sweater like Jennifer Aniston's with a few taps on their remote control.


四级These are processes that you are developing so that you are able, over time, to tackle more interesting problems, more challenging problems 一 problems that require many people instead of one person, and many skills instead of one.

这些是您正在开发的流程,以便随着时间的推移,您能够处理更有趣、更具挑战性的问题一 需要很多人而不是一个人,需要很多技能而不是一个人的问题。

高考If steel is heavier than water, why are ships able to float on the sea?


高考On the other hand, whenever I had plunged into deep water, forced by courage or circumstance, I had always been able to swim until I got my feet on the ground again.


六级The inconvenience of not being able to see the food you are buying is outweighed by the time saved and convenience of having the goods delivered.


四级All girls schools tend to be smaller than coeducational schools, which means teachers would be able to tailor the materials to girl students' personal learning styles and interest.


四级A very small number of people are able to remember almost every detail of their life.


高考Instead, computer users are developing stronger transactive memories; that is, people are learning how to organize huge quantities of information so that they are able to access it at a later date.


六级She says she is able to take Zumba exercise classes three times a week, work out on the treadmill(跑步机), and take long, brisk walks.

她说她可以每周参加三次尊巴健身班,在跑步机上锻炼(跑步机), 然后进行长时间、轻快的散步。

六级And with it, I was able to print the first garment, a red Jacket that had the word "Freedom" embedded into it.


六级It literally is like something in a dream to remember what it's like to actually be able to go out and put in a day's work and receive a day's pay.


四级But even if people are able to economically support a retirement at 65, over thirty years of potential inactivity is harmful to cognitive (认知的) and emotional vitality.

但是,即使人们能够在65岁时从经济上支持退休,超过30年的潜在不活动对认知能力是有害的(认知的) 和情感活力。

四级There are two ways to interpret Plutarch when he suggests that a critic should be able to produce a better in its place.


四级It is also more accurate— the rats are able to find more TB infections and, therefore, save more lives.


四级For me it took the form of my first, and I hope only, encounter with writer's block— I was not able to produce anything for three years.


六级The message to young people who might not otherwise be able to afford to break into the business is, "You can purchase this $3 million piece of land here, because I'm guaranteeing you today you'll have 1, 000 Bison on it."


高考If certain kinds begin to disappear from the ocean, Dutkiewicz said, it will change the type of fish that will be able to survive.


六级The winning programs were able to match the grades given by human teachers.


考研Some might see the proposal as a boo by prize for the fact that Britain is no longer be able to apply for the much more prestigious title of European capital of culture, a sough-after award bagged by Glasgow in 1990 and liverpool in 2008.


六级Through satellite tracking of both the herd and the lions in the area, they will be able to determine if their psychological trickery will work to help keep farmers from shooting lions.


高考The crowne plaza hotel in copenhagen is offering a free meal to any guest who is able to produce electricity for the hotel on an exercise bike linked to a generator.


高考A company showed a new voice technology able to produce such a convincing human-sounding voice that it was able to speak to a receptionist.




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