词根词缀记忆/谐音联想记忆 补充/纠错
词根词根hon-=honor/dignity表示 …………
对比记忆同义词respect[v.尊敬 n.尊敬]
词性拓展记忆 / 词形拓展记忆
in honor of 向…致敬
on one's honor 以自己的名誉
do the honors 做荣誉
a badge of honor 荣誉徽章
upon one's honor 以自己的名誉
honors thesis 荣誉论文
in one's honor 为某人的荣誉
maid of honor 伴娘
on one's word of honor 凭自己的名誉
lie in honor 在荣誉中撒谎
in honor 表示敬意
a sense of honor 荣誉感
sense of honor 荣誉感
guest of honor 主宾国
honor guard 仪仗队
female guard of honor 女仪仗队
in honor of ... 为了纪念...
with honors 带着荣誉
graduate with honors 以优异成绩毕业
pledge one's honor 宣誓自己的荣誉
Socialist Concept of Honor and Disgrace 社会主义荣辱观
honor someone's request 尊重某人的要求
honor one's commitments 信守承诺
guard of honor of the three services 三军仪仗队
honor its promise with good faith 真诚地履行诺言
review the guard of honor 检阅仪仗队
honor one's check 兑现支票
win top honor 赢得最高荣誉
give a banquet in honor of ... 为…举行宴会...
We remove their hats to honor the flag.
We fought for the honor of the country.
Lei said that this recognition from his alma mater is an honor and the most important achievement of his life.
Chinese smartphone maker Honor said in an internal letter on Wednesday that it will seek to attract diversified capital and aim for an initial public offering.
Wu Hui, who was chairman of Shenzhen Water (Group) Co Ltd, will serve as the chairman of Honor, and Wan Biao, the original chairman, will serve as the vice chairman.
JD began its presale promotion at 8 pm on Oct 23 and saw sales of domestic smartphone brands, such as Xiaomi, Honor, Huawei, Oppo and Vivo, via the e-commerce giant's online marketplaces exceed 100 million yuan within just one second.
China Southern Airlines said it will honor tickets sold at extremely low prices during a system malfunction on Wednesday evening, allowing passengers to travel normally.
At the store, Cook saw a competition of the Honor of Kings, a popular Chinese-developed game.
It is an honor for us to host them," Samarzija said.
Samsung and Vivo grabbed the third and fourth spots on the sales ranking followed by Honor, Xiaomi and Moto.
In H1, 55 percent of foldable smartphones in China's foldable smartphone market are in the form of horizontal folding, and Huawei remained the top leader in this area followed by Samsung and Honor.
Chinese technology company Xiaomi Corp will invest 20 billion yuan ($2.7 billion) in research and development this year, in an effort to crack the high-end, AI-backed smartphone market where competitors including Honor, Oppo and Vivo are all pushing to expand their presence, despite what experts call "limited progress" so far.
中国科技公司小米公司(Xiaomi Corp)今年将投资200亿元人民币(27亿美元)进行研发,以打入高端人工智能支持的智能手机市场。尽管专家称迄今为止进展“有限”,但包括Honor、Oppo和Vivo在内的竞争对手都在努力扩大其业务。
Honor Device Co Ltd also said in June that it is exploring the possibility of harnessing AI LLMs on devices.
Honor Device Co Ltd也在6月表示,它正在探索在设备上利用人工智能LLM的可能性。
Huawei's comeback, they said, will likely inject greater vitality into the smartphone market that has seen declines for a string of quarters now, and could challenge relatively new brands such as Honor.
Success on that front could deal a big blow to Honor Device Co, which was spun off from Huawei more than two years ago.
这方面的成功可能会对两年多前从华为分拆出来的Honor Device Co造成重大打击。
Honor is seen as a substitute for Huawei amid US government restrictions.
But now, with Huawei on the comeback trail, Honor phones may lose their luster in the eyes of consumers, experts said.
Oppo maintained the top spot in the domestic mobile phone market with a market share of 17.7 percent, followed by Vivo, Honor, Apple, Xiaomi and Huawei in order, according to IDC.
Chinese consumer electronics company Honor unveiled its latest smartphone—the Honor 90 series -- despite intensified competition and market declines.
尽管竞争加剧,市场下滑,但中国消费电子公司Honor推出了其最新智能手机——Honor 90系列。
Zhao Ming, CEO of Honor, said the smartphone market in 2023 will see sales of around 260 million units, with some variations but none too significant.
"In 2023, Honor will still maintain an aggressive attitude towards advancing products, and we will adhere to a high proportion of research and development investment.
As its latest push to expand market presence, the Honor 90 series boasts of an enhanced camera system, high-quality display and powerful performance.
作为扩大市场份额的最新举措,Honor 90系列拥有增强的摄像头系统、高质量的显示屏和强大的性能。
China's smartphone market sales decreased 11.8 percent year-on-year to 65.4 million units in the first quarter, according to the market research company International Data Corp. OPPO took the top position with a 19.6 percent market share, followed by Apple, Vivo, Honor and Xiaomi, IDC added.
- Chinese smart devices maker Honor unveiled its new mobile phone on Tuesday at a ceremony held in Istanbul, Türkiye's largest city.
Renowned for its durability, the Honor X9a model is the first of Honor's X series to debut in Türkiye.
Honor X9a以其耐用性而闻名,是Honor X系列中第一款在土耳其亮相的车型。
Sun Jingfei, Honor's country manager for Türkiye, described Honor's 13,000 staff, seven R&D centers and almost 300 patents as a reflection of fast growth in such a short period since it split from Chinese tech giant Huawei two years ago.
Founded as a sub-brand of Huawei, Honor primarily develops and sells smart devices like smartphones, tablet computers and wearable technology.
Italy, as the guest country of honor this year, has 147 of its brands participating in the expo.
Its net profits hit 35.6 billion yuan in 2022, a 69 percent year-on-year decline, largely due to the company achieving a bump in profits in 2022 after it sold off its Honor smartphone brand to a consortium of buyers, making the comparison base with 2022 quite large.
During the event, Budweiser China was once again awarded the title of "Road Safety Public Service Partner in Shanghai", the eighth consecutive year it has received the honor.
At the MWC, Qualcomm announced Chinese smartphone brands Honor, Motorola, Oppo, Vivo and Xiaomi are working with it to develop smartphones with satellite communication capabilities leveraging its Snapdragon Satellite platform.
在MWC上,高通公司宣布,中国智能手机品牌Honor、摩托罗拉、Oppo、Vivo和小米正在与其合作,利用其Snapdragon satellite平台开发具有卫星通信功能的智能手机。
Chinese smartphone maker Honor Device Co Ltd launched new flagship-class slabs for its Magic 5 series as well as foldable handset Magic Vs at the ongoing Mobile World Conference in Barcelona, Spain on Monday.
周一,在西班牙巴塞罗那举行的世界移动通信大会上,中国智能手机制造商Honor Device Co Ltd为其Magic 5系列和可折叠手机Magic V推出了新的旗舰平板。
With the overseas launching of Honor's dual flagship products, the tech company didn't hide its ambitions of expanding into the global high-end smartphone market.
The Honor Magic 5 Pro, priced at 1,199 euros ($1,271), is powered by Qualcomm's latest Snapdragon 8 Gen 2 chipset and is equipped with an "eye of muse" design for the rear cameras.
Honor Magic 5 Pro售价1199欧元(1271美元),采用高通公司最新的Snapdragon 8 Gen 2芯片组,后置摄像头采用“缪斯之眼”设计。
"(The launching of two flagship products) in the global market pushes industry benchmarks in every aspect of the smartphone user experience, in line with our vision to enable a smarter life for everyone," said George Zhao, CEO of Honor.
Honor also announced its Magic 5 Pro would be the first to have a silicon carbon battery, which offers 12.8 percent higher energy density.
Honor还宣布,其Magic 5 Pro将是第一款采用硅碳电池的产品,其能量密度可提高12.8%。
It has cooperated with Chinese culture icons including Chen Xiaoqing, director of the hit food documentary A Bite of China, Kunqu Opera performer Zhang Jun and folk singer Gong Linna, and has held activities and food experiences to honor traditional Chinese festivals and occasions.
Bayer China Academic Collaboration Award aims to honor distinguished scholars from prestigious Chinese universities and recognize their outstanding achievements in life sciences, medical science as well as drug research and development, to strengthen communication and coordination between the pharmaceutical industry and academia and to advance basic research applied to the research and development of new drugs, thus accelerating breakthrough innovations that will benefit patients.
Chinese tech company Honor Device Co Ltd unveiled its latest tablet V8 Pro on Monday night, as it aims to compete with Apple's iPad in the 2,000 to 3,500 yuan($503) price range.
周一晚,中国科技公司Honor Device Co Ltd发布了最新的平板电脑V8 Pro,旨在与苹果iPad在2000元至3500元(503美元)的价格范围内展开竞争。
The move is also part of Honor's broader push to expand its presence in the tech sector amid intensified competition.
Zhao Ming, CEO of Honor, said the company has become the No.3 tablet brand in China during the third quarter.
According to him, though there is still a gap between Honor and Apple in tablets, the company will continue marching towards the middle-to-high-end market with better products.
On Monday, the company also unveiled its latest handsets Honor 80 GT.
周一,该公司还发布了最新手机Honor 80 GT。
Honor will maintain growth in the Chinese market over the next few years, and the momentum in overseas markets will be particularly strong," Zhao said.
Honor shipped 12.7 million units of smartphones, ranking in second place and taking up 17.9 percent of the market share, followed by Oppo and Apple.
They did this in collaboration with the Disciples of Escoffier, an association to honor the "father of French gastronomy" — Auguste Escoffier (1846-1935).
It was followed by Honor, Oppo, Apple and Xiaomi.
Honor, a leading provider of smart devices in China, will step up push to achieve breakthroughs in foldable smartphones, which are expected to continue their rise in the coming years, a senior company executive said.
The comments came after Honor announced the China launch of its latest foldable smartphone series Magic Vs in Shenzhen, Guangdong province on Wednesday.
周三,Honor宣布在广东省深圳市推出其最新的可折叠智能手机系列Magic Vs。
Priced from 7,499 yuan ($104.8) in China, Magic Vs are part of Honor’s broader push to expand its presence in the high-end smartphone market.
Magic Vs在中国的售价为7499元人民币(104.8美元),是Honor扩大其在高端智能手机市场影响力的更广泛努力的一部分。
Zhao Ming, CEO of Honor, said “The Magic Vs will be our very first foldable flagship to debut in the overseas markets and we are confident that it will deliver huge advancements, transforming how people all around the world use their smartphones.
Honor首席执行官赵明表示:“Magic Vs将是我们在海外市场推出的第一款可折叠旗舰,我们相信它将带来巨大进步,改变世界各地人们使用智能手机的方式。
Deal expected to boost competitiveness in China's chip display industrial chainChinese display panel supplier BOE Technology Group Co Ltd has invested in Honor Device Co Ltd, a major domestic smartphone manufacturer, a move that is expected to reinforce cooperation between the two sides and strengthen the competitiveness in the country's semiconductor display industrial chain, industry experts said.
这笔交易有望提升中国芯片显示产业链竞争力中国显示面板供应商京东方科技集团有限公司投资了国内主要智能手机制造商Honor Device Co Ltd,此举有望加强双方合作,增强中国半导体显示产业链的竞争力,业内专家表示。
According to Tianyancha, a Chinese corporate information provider, Honor has recently completed a new round of strategic financing from six new investors such as BOE, China International Capital Corp Qizhi (Shanghai) Equity Investment Center, Guosen Capital and Shenzhen Baoan District Investment Management Group.
Honor said in a statement on Thursday that the company has been concentrating on "diversifying shareholding structure", and "has always adhered to the principle of openness and collaboration".
As a leading player in China's display panel segment, BOE has 16 semiconductor display production lines across the country and is the core panel supplier for smartphone makers including Huawei, Xiaomi, Honor, Oppo and Vivo.
Chen Jun, deputy general manager and chief analyst of Sigmaintell Consulting, a Beijing-based market research firm, said BOE's investment in Honor is conducive to establishing more stable cooperation between the two partners.
总部位于北京的市场研究公司Sigmaintell Consulting的副总经理兼首席分析师陈军表示,京东方对Honor的投资有助于双方建立更稳定的合作关系。
"The display screens, especially the organic light-emitting diodes or OLED screens, are regarded as the core resource for terminal device makers, so BOE's investment will ensure that Honor will obtain its OLED panel supply and strengthen its competitiveness amid fierce competition from domestic rivals," Chen said.
Apart from mobile phones, Honor offers a wide range of terminal devices including tablets, laptops, televisions and wearables, which will provide a large number of orders for BOE, said Zhou Hua, chief analyst at CINNO Research, a Chinese flat-panel display consultancy.
中国平板显示器咨询公司CINNO Research的首席分析师周华表示,除了手机,Honor还提供包括平板电脑、笔记本电脑、电视和可穿戴设备在内的各种终端设备,这将为京东方提供大量订单。
"For Honor, it is important to have a stable and reliable source of display panels as the company is ramping up efforts to expand its presence in the smartphone market", Zhou added.
Domestic smartphone maker Vivo took the lead with a shipment of 14.1 million units in the July-September period, accounting for 20 percent of the market share, while Honor ranked third with 12 million units of smartphones shipped, taking up 17 percent of the market share.
Twitter then sued him, alleging he "refuses to honor his obligations to Twitter and its stockholders because the deal he signed no longer serves his personal interests.
France serves as the guest country of honor at this year's CICPE.
Honor Device Co Ltd said its workforce will increase by 30 to 40 percent this year, despite the overall decline in the smartphone market.
The announcement came as Honor unveiled its latest smartphone Honor 70 series to expand its presence in the high-end smartphone market and continue its marketing campaign for the June 18 online shopping festival.
According to market research company Counterpoint, from the sixth week of 2022 to the present domestic smartphone sales have declined for 10 consecutive weeks, but Honor's phone sales have grown strongly with an average weekly growth of 132 percent year-on-year.
Zhao Ming, CEO of Honor, said Honor's offline retail channels account for more than 70 percent of its total sales, and the company will increase its offline stores from more than 2,000 to about 3,000 within this year.
This year is a crucial moment for Honor to make an ambitious comeback in overseas markets, Zhao said, including the Middle East, Europe and the Asia-Pacific.
Honor Device Co Ltd sees this year as a crucial starter to make an ambitious comeback in overseas markets including the Middle East, Europe and the Asia-Pacific, after the former unit of Huawei Technologies Co spent more than a year reviving its popularity in the domestic market.
Meanwhile, the company is ramping up its presence in the personal computer market after its smartphone shipments in China grew 290 percent year-on-year in the first quarter, defying an industry decline of 14 percent, according to data from market research company International Data Corp. Zhao Ming, CEO of Honor, said at an online product launch event on Monday that so far, Honor released smartphones including the Magic 4 Pro and midrange products in the Middle East, Africa, Asia-Pacific, some European countries and Latin America.
For more than a year since 2020, Honor had nearly no products to sell in overseas markets due to US government restrictions on Huawei.
And in late 2021 when Honor launched its flagship Honor 50 series smartphones overseas, the company-which became fully independent from Huawei in November 2020-still had not fully recovered its critical supplies sourced offshore, Zhao said.
"This year will mark the first year for Honor to fully return to overseas markets," Zhao said, adding that it will take several years for the company to regain its position in the global arena.
The move came after data from IDC showed that Honor was the second-largest smartphone vendor in China from January to March, with shipments reaching 13.5 million units.
But unlike Oppo that posted a 33.5 percent year-on-year decline during the period, Honor registered a surge of 291.7 percent year-on-year.
Honor achieved high year-on-year growth, driven by a low comparison base year and good performance of its Honor 60 and X30 series, which contributed about 60 percent of its shipments.
The launch of Honor Magic 4 also strengthened the company's position in the high-end segment, said IDC.
After regaining strong momentum in smartphones despite an overall industry decline, Honor is setting eyes on the PC market with a string of new products such as MagicBook 14 launched on Monday.
It also unveiled Honor Magic OS for Windows, which the company claimed as a notebook business technology architectural system based on the underlying chips and Microsoft's Windows operating system.
Domestic smartphone maker Oppo took the lead with a market shipment of 13.7 million units in the January-March period, accounting for a 18.5 percent market share, while Honor followed with 13.5 million units.
The company has stepped up efforts to supply high-end flexible organic light-emitting diodes or OLED display screens to makers of foldable smartphones and notebooks like Honor, Oppo and Asus.
Huawei recorded a full-year 2021 net profit of 113.7 billion yuan, up almost 76 percent year-on-year, on better profitability linked to the sale of certain businesses, including the smartphone brand Honor.
Honor consolidated its position in the top three with 14.2 million smartphones shipped, the report said.
Chinese tech company Honor Device Co said it is ready to make a big splash in the global high-end smartphone market this year, after the company established cooperation with more than 200 telecom operators and distributors across the world.
The ambition was announced at the company's launch event for its latest premium smartphone, the Honor Magic 4 series, at Mobile World Congress 2022, a major global telecom industry exhibition, which kicked off in Barcelona, Spain, on Monday.
Zhao Ming, CEO of Honor, said the company has more than 11,000 employees, and half of them are in research and development.
According to Zhao, the company's Honor Magic smartphone series is a showcase of the company's innovative technology and a testament to its can-do attitude to constantly challenge industry benchmarks.
The Honor Magic 4 series feature an iconic symmetrical design, and powerful multi-camera photography.
The phones are designed to help Oppo stand out amid intense competition with rival players including Apple Inc and Honor Device Co Ltd. Pete Lau, chief product officer of Oppo, said the only way to truly make valuable innovation is through self-research that goes deep into the bottom layer of communication, chip, and material technologies to solve key problems.
Honor, which became independent from Huawei more than two years ago, surged to become the second largest smartphone vendor in China with a 16.7 percent share of the market.
Sales of domestic mobile phone brands such as Xiaomi, Oppo, Honor and Vivo increased four times on a yearly basis in the first 10 minutes after the clock struck 8 pm on Wednesday, while the turnover of home appliance products like televisions, washing machines and refrigerators exceeded 2 billion yuan within 5 minutes, according to JD.
Honor Device Co Ltd is making big progress toward getting its overseas business back on track, as it officially confirmed that it has resumed cooperation with Google and its new smartphone models overseas will carry Google Mobile Services.
Honor, which gained independence from Huawei last November, said in a post on social networking platform Twitter that it has successfully confirmed cooperation with a number of supplier partners in the early stage.
"The Honor 50 series will be equipped with Google Mobile Services, which will provide a more comprehensive application environment and extraordinary mobile experience for our customers," the company said.
The move marks another important step by Honor to recover its overseas business.
In November, Honor was sold by Huawei Technologies Co to a Chinese consortium of over 30 agents and dealers to ensure the brand's survival after Huawei faced severe constraints due to the persistent unavailability of technical components needed for its mobile phone business.
Experts said resuming cooperation with Google marked an important step for Honor to recover its overseas smartphone business.
Zhao Ming, CEO of Honor, said in an interview in August that "in the future, more Honor products will hit the global market, and our smartphones and tablets will be equipped with GMS in overseas markets".
Zhao said the focus of Honor's overseas business is to quickly restore local operations, channels and retail sales capabilities in overseas markets.
Honor said in September that its share in the Chinese smartphone market had already returned to 16.2 percent.
Last month, Honor also expanded its partnership with US tech heavyweight Microsoft as they are committed to collaborating on Microsoft cloud adoption, personal and mobile computing as well as other technologies.
Microsoft said its resources, technical skills and global reach will also provide strong support for Honor's global expansion.
Honor's workforce now includes some 10,000 employees.

考研Court, school organizations of amateurs, and the traveling actors were all rivals in supplying a widespread desire for dramatic entertainment; and no boy who went a grammar school could be ignorant that the drama was a form of literature which gave glory to Greece and Rome and might yet bring honor to England.



四级It can bring wealth and honor to them.



四级Some colleges have what they call an "honor code", though if you are smart enough to get into these schools, you are either smart enough to get around any codes or hopefully, too ethical to consider doing so.


2017年12月四级真题(第一套)阅读 Section B

高考Students who enter the curiosity challenge and are selected as winners will be honor at a special ceremony during the CSF on Sunday, April 21st.


2014年高考英语全国卷1 阅读理解 阅读A 原文

四级Last April, the council created a Stitch Away Stress campaign in honor of National Stress Awareness Month.


2017年12月四级真题(第三套)阅读 Section B

高考As the ceremony was nearing the end, I suddenly heard the head coach announcing, "the highest honor goes to Cathy!" looking around, he continued, "Cathy has inspired us with her will and enthusiasm."


2016年高考英语天津卷 完形填空 原文

六级As it is, sleep is so undervalued that getting by on fewer hours has become a badge of honor.


2015年12月六级真题(第二套)阅读 Section A

高考Scott's last journey, completed as he lay in a tent dying of cold and hunger, caught the world's imagination, and a film made in his honor drew crowds.


2016年高考英语全国卷2 阅读理解 阅读D 原文

六级It seems very good for Harvard to honor such a high profile popularizer of the irrational…… at a time when political and religious nonsense so jeopardize the rule of reason in this allegedly enlightened democracy and around the world.



六级In Pakistan, 1,000women die in honor killings every year.



六级It seems very good for Harvard to honor such a high profile popularizer of the irrational…… at a time when political and religious nonsense so jeopardize the rule of reason in this allegedly enlightened democracy and around the world



六级As former Dean of Harvard College, Harry Lewis,noted in a blog post about his objections, “It seems very odd for Harvard to honor such a high profile popularizer of the irrational.


六级"This story has to be told to honor the passengers and crew for what they did," she says.


四级There were joyous celebrations all over the country, with parades and the ringing of church bells to honor the great achievement.


四级Countries fight to hold the Olympics not only for honor, but for money.


四级The highway system was officially renamed for Eisenhower to honor his vision and leadership.


四级” Some colleges have what they call an “honor code,” though if you are smart enough to get into these schools, you are either smart enough to get around any codes or hopefully, too ethical to consider doing so.


四级Last April, the council created a “Stitch Away Stress” campaign in honor of National Stress Awareness Month.


四级UNESCO considers the entire city a World Heritage Site, a great honor that means Venice, at the cultural level, belongs to all of the world's people.


四级The survey commissioned by the district found that 68 percent of high school honor and Advanced Placement students reported feeling stressed about school "always or most of the time. "


考研The Olympian athletic festival held every four years in honor of Zeus, king of the Olympian Gods, eventually lost its local character, became first a national event and then, after the rules against foreign competitors had been abolished, international.


考研So great was the honor that the winner of the foot race gave his name to the year of his victory.