词根词缀记忆/谐音联想记忆 补充/纠错
adj 听觉的,有关声音的
acous读:我哭死 …………
联想记忆a一个 + cous酷似 + ti啼 + c哭→ 一个酷似啼哭的声音 → 声音的、声学的 → acousti …………
acoustic faculty 声学能力
acoustic emission monitoring system 声发射监测系统
electromagnetic acoustic transducer 电磁声换能器
acoustic guitar 原声吉他
acoustics technology 声学技术
acoustic neuroma 听神经瘤
acoustic signal 声学信号
acoustic material 声学材料
acoustic music 声学音乐
acoustic songs 原声歌曲
In the center of a testing room, a compressor does the major work, with over 10 detection sensors positioned above to capture acoustic signals from multiple angles, while the control center receives and displays real-time compressor noise data.
Lebouchard highlighted the significance of the Asian market — especially China — for Devialet, which offers a wide range of acoustic products, such as speakers, amplifiers and wireless earbuds.
It is noteworthy that China boasts a rising demographic of young consumers, who are dynamic and brand-savvy, and they are looking for the best in every domain, such as bold design and outstanding acoustic quality, he added.
Biometric identification collects information on people via biosensors and leverages computers, optical and acoustic analysis and other technological methods to verify individual identities, experts said.
The two centers will use professional visual and acoustic equipment for Tibetan musical and dance routines to promote Tibetan culture.
Devialet, the French acoustic engineering technology specialist known for its high-end audio products, plans to open another two to three stores in China's major cities this year, after registering a double-digit growth in the country in its 2020 fiscal year, according to a senior executive.
As crossover branding is now a hot trend for many sectors across the world, Devialet, the French acoustic engineering technology specialist known for audio products including high-end speakers, unveiled its latest product – Phantom Reactor Opéra de Paris in China to further enhance its market presence.
Franck Lebouchard shapes Devialet's strategy to offer high-end acoustics to consumersFranck Lebouchard, 53, CEO of Devialet, a French acoustic engineering technology specialist that is known for its audio products like high-end speakers, sometimes feels overwhelmed by the sheer size of the China market.
Located in the center of the room, a compressor does testing, with over ten detection sensors positioned above it capturing acoustic signals from multiple angles, while the control center receives and displays real-time compressor noise data.
Franck Lebouchard, head of the French acoustic engineering company Devialet, was among those who couldn't wait to go to China.
When made into lumber for instruments, the wood has good acoustic quality and resonance," Dai Shengmin, general manager of Henan Kaifeng Zhongyuan (Central Plain) Instruments Co Ltd, told Science and Technology Daily.
Acoustic barriers were also set up in the national park to ensure that noise levels did not rise above baselines, while special wildlife crossing designs were put in place to accommodate animal migrations and movements.
Onboard, the range-extending C11 has up to 12 speakers with six acoustic options available, and features seats that can massage occupants.
And a new interior acoustic concept includes sound absorbers integrated into the headliner.
"Some 30,000 children suffering from CHD last year generated an expansive amount of acoustic data.
In addition, the Philippine side has accused China of using a "long-range acoustic device" and a laser weapon to attack crew members on Philippine ships.