词根词缀记忆/谐音联想记忆 补充/纠错
词根adapt(适应;改编)+ation(名词后 …………
词根记忆adopt 采用采纳 + tion 名词后缀 → adaptation n.适应;改编;改编本,改写本 …………
词性拓展记忆 / 词形拓展记忆
screenplay adaptation 改编剧本
adaptation, technology cooperation and steps to reduce deforestation 适应、技术合作和减少森林砍伐的步骤
Eric made a good adaptation to his new school.
Mary made a good adaptation to her new university.
The camel's adaptation to the desert environment is remarkable, allowing it to survive long periods without water.
The film adaptation of the classic novel stayed true to the original story while adding modern visual effects.
Plants have various adaptations that help them compete for sunlight, such as growing taller or developing broader leaves.
His adaptation to the new culture was challenging at first, but he eventually learned to appreciate the differences.
The bird's beak shape is an adaptation that enables it to eat specific types of seeds or insects.
The company's quick adaptation to the shift in market trends ensured its continued success.
The play's stage adaptation required creative adjustments to convey the story within a limited space and time.
The human ability to learn and adapt is what sets us apart from other species on Earth.
The software's latest update includes several user interface adaptations to enhance accessibility for individuals with disabilities.
The biologist studied the amazing adaptations of deep sea creatures that allow them to survive in extreme pressure and darkness.
This swift adaptation not only reduces inventory, but also amplifies the company's capability in navigating the dynamic terrain of market shifts, said Wang Yonglun, general manager of the company.
With a self-developed parallel mine operating system with a full model, multi-mine and full scene adaptation, Waytous will provide smart and unmanned technical services for the project, helping realize self-driving, smart dispatching and new energy mine vehicles, according to the company.
At the same time, the company adheres to constant independent innovation, pursuing stable product quality and market adaptation.
The final assembly line in Tianjin started the adaptation work to become A321-capable in August.
"Since we announced plans to expand the capability of the final assembly line in Tianjin to A321 production last November, the Airbus Tianjin team has completed the relevant adaptation work on schedule by working closely with European experts and our suppliers to overcome the impact of the COVID-19," said George Xu, Airbus executive vice-president and Airbus China CEO.
空中客车公司执行副总裁兼空中客车公司中国首席执行官George Xu表示:“自去年11月我们宣布计划将天津总装线的能力扩大到A321生产以来,空中客车公司天津团队通过与欧洲专家和我们的供应商密切合作,如期完成了相关的适应工作,以克服新冠肺炎的影响。”。
In addition, as its location nears the Shanghai-Kunming Railway, the project team was faced with challenges by additional adaptation work, such as ensuring minimum disruptions by the girder transportation to the neighboring rail line operation, CR24 said.
Plan to push forward adaptation to market-oriented rules underwayThe steady revenue growth of centrally administered State-owned enterprises is expected to shore up China's economic growth and propel the successful completion of its three-year (2020-22) action plan this year, government officials and SOE executives said.
Currently, due to the high cost of customized or localized approaches adopted by the company while entering a new market abroad, POP MART has designed and developed products in China and has sold them overseas, with localized adaptations for each market.
目前,由于公司在进入国外新市场时采用的定制或本地化方法成本高昂,POP MART在中国设计和开发了产品,并将其销售到海外,并针对每个市场进行了本地化调整。
Adaptation work for A321 in Toulouse will be performed in the future.
"In order to have the production and delivery capabilities of the A321 and implement necessary changes in Tianjin, the facility will start adaptation work from July 2022, which will not affect the capacity or the production rate of the final assembly line in Tianjin," Tran Van said.
Tran Van表示:“为了拥有A321的生产和交付能力,并在天津实施必要的变革,该工厂将从2022年7月开始适应工作,这不会影响天津总装线的产能或生产率。”。
We achieved great progress in localization and product adaptation," Xiang said.
A recent study by the China Film Association said 60 percent of China's most sought-after TV dramas are adaptations of internet novels.
This confirmed its earlier strategic choices and accelerates its adaptation to China's digital ecosystem, which has led the world in terms of innovation and trendsetting in the digital fashion space.
For instance, the award-winning stories from the Webnovel Spirity Awards will have the opportunity for further commercial development, such as adaptation to other entertainment productions, including film and TV drama, in cooperation with Tencent Pictures.
Online sales benefited from the group's over 11 billion euros investment in technological integration, digitalization, transformation and store adaptation since 2012.
The base will include a production base for information technology innovation industrial products and a software adaptation center.
In the pipeline include an adaptation of the Chinese hit novel The Longest Day in Chang'an, whose animated series follows the storyline of the novel's protagonists.
It has been in close touch with the supply chain in China to ensure a smooth adaptation, and the local government of Tianjin has supported the same.
The modulation concept of the system has enabled more flexibility and adaptation, allowing laboratories to have diversified operational models and programs to cope with challenges posed by new technologies and new procedures.
Local adaptation also manifests in how the global entertainment titan jumped on the digital express bandwagon spearheaded by Chinese people.
Going ahead, tech innovation will be a focus of competition among major players in the insurance industry, Ye said at an industry forum themed on tech adaptation in China's insurance industry.
Greka has spent nearly 10 years developing a drilling solution called lined faulted brittle coals, an adaptation of the horizontal drilling methods.
For app developers, they only need to extract the core functions of the products and have them built into mini-programs, without developing separate programs and terminal adaptation.
"We can also offer great flexibility and local adaptation when going overseas, which also explains why we are attractive to foreign customers," Xu said.
"The spokesperson explained that the changes were merely due to technical reasons "in relation to the long-term adaptation in the financing structure of the Deutsche Bank holdings.
AOV, an English version of Honor of Kings with some adaptation, has already been launched in China's Taiwan, Vietnam, Thailand and the Republic of Korea and has been warmly received.
On the climate governance front, more efforts are needed to realize proportionate efforts of responsibilities for industrialized and other countries in order to reduce carbon emissions, support adaptation, phase out carbon emissions and conduct better geoengineering research.
Policies that keep foreign trade steady, the adaptation and active responses of different market players to unpredictable factors, and new opening-up measures will ensure China's foreign trade growth next year, he said.
"At COP26, which was held in Glasgow, Scotland, in 2021, developed nations were urged to double the collective provision of climate adaptation finance from the 2019 level by 2025.
By bringing all groups' unique experiences and knowledge to the table, we can find the most effective solutions for climate adaptation and mitigation for all," he added.
Challenges to growth modelFacts are showing that the traditional economic growth model of China is facing challenges, and it is indeed incumbent upon the country to make some adaptations to this end.
Li said China actively supports the ADB in addressing climate change and looks forward to ADB's further mobilization of climate finance to help developing members enhance climate adaptation and financing capacity and promote the transition to green and low-carbon development.
"The fair accurately matched market demand from countries involved in the Belt and Road Initiative and effectively improved the demand adaptation of the province's strategic emerging industries in both domestic and foreign market supply. "
The estimated minimum climate adaptation investment required by 2030 in a 1.5 C warming scenario is $8.1 billion (54.4 billion yuan) for China, said a study report recently issued by Standard Chartered.
The study examines the need for adaptation investment in 10 developing markets – Bangladesh, China, Egypt, India, Indonesia, Kenya, Nigeria, Pakistan, the United Arab Emirates and Vietnam – and explores the current appetite for this particular type of investment among global banks, asset managers and investors.
India ranked top among the 10 markets in terms of the estimated minimum adaptation investment required by 2030 in the 1.5 C warming scenario, with the figure reaching $10.6 billion, which was followed secondly by China.
China is one of the markets in the Standard Chartered study less at risk of climate damage under the 1.5 C warming scenario, explaining its relatively low requirement for adaptation investment as a proportion of GDP, the report said.
At the same time, China's economic strength and historically strong investment in climate adaptation drives an economic benefit of $14 for every one dollar invested – one of the highest in the study.
To gauge the global financial community's appetite to finance climate adaptation projects, Standard Chartered surveyed 150 prominent bankers, investors and asset managers and found that currently just 0.4 percent of their capital is allocated to adaptation projects in emerging markets.
According to the survey, nearly 60 percent of the respondents plan to increase their adaptation investments over the next 12 months.
To develop the eldercare economy, China will continue to promote the adaptation of public facilities and develop technologies and products that are suitable for the elderly population, the outline said.
Apart from providing financing for climate change adaptation and mitigation, the bank also aims to build infrastructure to improve connectivity, regional cooperation and support technology-enabled infrastructure, with a mission of financing the infrastructure for tomorrow – infrastructure with sustainability at its core.
Zhou said 40 percent of the projects the NDB supports will go to climate change mitigation and adaptation, and none of these goals can be achieved without advanced, proven, smart and green technologies, which are key priorities of the New Industrial Revolution.
Chinese enterprises should accelerate adaptation to such rules and make better use of them.
The future of retail will integrate e-commerce and bricks-and-mortar shops; retailers will combine traditional marketing processes and digital adaptations; products will be sold both online and at physical stores; and customers will come from private as well as public traffic pools.
Among these, 80 percent are adaptations of domestic mini-dramas dubbed in English, while the rest are original works created, filmed, and produced by overseas teams.
Xie said that developing nations need financial and technological support to enhance their capabilities for climate mitigation as well as adaptation, which are equally important.
In accordance with these documents, China, together with these nations, will jointly build low-carbon demonstration zones, carry out programs on climate mitigation and adaptation, and organize training to enhance capacity building, the ministry said.
By 2025, a modern logistics system featuring supply-demand adaptation with internal and external connectivity will basically be in place, and it will be safe, efficient, smart, and green, according to the plan.
Kuaikan said in 2021 it would invest 1 billion yuan ($157 million) over the next three years to boost the development of original comics, and another 1 billion to team up with partners for the production of adaptations for film, television and theater.
"Going forward, Shanxi will strengthen policy support and make good use of the market to form an advanced industrial chain including hydrogen production, storage, transportation, filling and adaptation.
For instance, the award-winning stories from the Webnovel Spirity Awards will also have the opportunity for further commercial development such as adaptation to other entertainment production formats including film and TV dramas, in cooperation with Tencent Pictures.
Singapore's Blue Sky Escapes is a good example of how the adaptation is playing out.
The first such achievement was made in 2019 when the market's total earnings from Feb 4 to 10, 2019 topped 5.9 billion yuan, with The Wandering Earth, a cinematic adaptation of Liu Cixin's sci-fi novel of the same name, contributing one third.
It is a new feature film adaptation of Louisa May Alcott's classic novel of the same name and is directed by Greta Gerwig, an American actress, screenwriter and film director.
In the process, they have also gained valuable practical experience and are able to promote to patients the adaptation and familiarity of online diagnosis and treatment.
"That adaptation work is a huge thing in the foundation," he said.
"China, like many other countries, is still at an early stage in blockchain adaptations in the energy industry.
A report by BIS Research said the market for blockchain adaptation in the global energy market is estimated to be $518.6 million in 2019, and is expected to post a 54.09 percent compound annual growth rate from 2019 to 2024.
He said that a complete industrial chain based on the licensing of popular online literature which consists of its publication and adaptation to films, TV series, games and animated works, has been formed.
According to Tang of the Gem Appraisal Center of Peking University, aside from Zhengzhou Sino-Crystal Diamond Co Ltd, ZhongNan Diamond Co Ltd, which takes up about 37 percent of China's total lab-grown diamond market share, and Henan Huanghe Whirlwind Co Ltd, which takes up about 26 percent of total market share, are also seeking innovative adaptations of lab-grown diamonds in emerging fields to move up the global value chain.
The company monetizes its vast and proprietary content library through online paid reading and content adaptations for a variety of entertainment formats.
In the latest development, it announced the launch of the animation adaptation sci-fi trilogy The Three-Body Problem, based on the namesake sci-fi novel by popular Chinese writer Liu Cixin.
I look forward to seeing the adaptation go beyond my imagination," Liu, the author, said at the launch ceremony.
"Tech adaptation in industrial infrastructure like workshops has certainly helped local companies to improve production efficiency and reduce emissions," said Bai Pinghe, head of Linzi district.
"It (tech adaptations in chemical industries) is an inevitable trend and the government aims to help with tech upgrade of about 180 chemical makers in 2019.
The company has spent nearly 10 years developing a drilling solution called Lined Faulted Brittle Coals, an adaptation of the horizontal drilling methods, that enables drilling through multiple faults with a single well.
Extraordinary new business opportunities emerging from nascent industryA zeal for adaptation is sweeping across China's pan-entertainment industry - according to leading executives and sector analysts - and a whole new business of intellectual property rights related to online literature, movies, TV dramas, gaming, animation and comics is taking off in the country.
Stories published online have triggered a wave of adaptations in the form of TV dramas, movies, animation and gaming titles.
This year's forum will feature discussions on internet adaptations in industries such as intelligent connected vehicle (ICV), an attempt to provide autonomous vehicles the ability for data and information exchange with other vehicles.
In 2011, the digital literature industry reaped 2.7 billion yuan ($393 million) from paid subscriptions, advertisements and adaptation fees.
China is willing to continue cooperating with the EU to advance emission cuts, climate adaptation and sustainable development, and push for global free trade and a rule-based multilateral trading system, a spokesperson for the ministry said in a statement.
""It is all worth the effort, as tech adaptation in farming is an inevitable trend," said Li.
"From developing malaria drugs to investing in climate adaptation, China has a lot of experience in that.
Baidu's self-developed artificial intelligence-powered second-generation Kunlun chip, which is designed to help devices process huge amounts of data and boost computing power, has completed an end-to-end performance adaptation for autonomous driving vehicles, the company said during Apollo Day, its self-driving tech event.
"A shorter R&D period and adaptation of complex technological configuration are contributing to this decline," said Elvis Yang, general manager of auto product practice at J. D. Power China.
To help NEV manufacturers address these challenges, the ministry will formulate a roadmap for the low-carbon development of the auto industry, encourage the integration of auto electrification and intelligent technologies, and improve the safety and adaptation to low temperatures of NEV batteries, according to Luo.
The product performance, cost control, and adaptation application scenarios of such batteries need to be further tested," said Yin Zhongshu, an analyst with GF Securities.
"Robotic coaching and VR can significantly help increase training efficiencies, but there are still some defects in the adaptation between product performance and teaching.
The platform has also been developed for adaptation into various platforms like mobile phones, a mini app on WeChat, government platforms and in-car systems.
The perfection of the S-Class lies in adaptation over the years, on a customer-oriented level that ensures its relevancy and warm market reception.
Gong Ke, academic member of I-AIIG and executive director of the Chinese Institute for New Generation Artificial Intelligence Development Strategies, stressed that mitigation and adaptation are the two pathways to addressing climate change.
For adaptation, AI is being successfully used to improve the resilience of infrastructure and to provide early warning," he explained.
The automatic pop-up, smart wear detection functions and the deep adaptation of TWS with mobile phone systems have also strengthened the brand stickiness of original handset users.
Henan Yimin CEO Wang Nuofei said compared with the old farming patterns, the digital adaptations in irrigation and fertilizing can make farming more precise and efficient.
Making AI products aware of human emotions and sub-context information is also essential to a successful AI adaptation in the area of social science, art and literature, Sun said.
Xu said: "Tech adaptation in these areas has certainly enhanced production efficiency, provided a more accurate demand-supply evaluation, and has contributed to green production processes.
The country's traditional industries will also see increasing tech adaptations," Xu said.
Commenting on the partnership, COP28 President Sultan Al Jaber said: "By working together with AIIB, we can find solutions to unlock the necessary finance, attract private capital and support mitigation and adaptation initiatives to build a climate-resilient future.
They should incorporate adaptation plans to extreme temperatures into their climate strategies and assess the potential costs of extreme temperatures.
Apart from providing financing for climate change adaptation and mitigation, the bank also aims to improve connectivity and regional cooperation and support technology-enabled infrastructure, with a mission of financing the infrastructure for tomorrow with sustainability at its core.
"AIIB will continue to prioritize projects that enhance investments in climate adaptation and resilience to promote sustainable green infrastructure development and support our members in achieving their development goals," Jin said.
"Speaking at a news conference on the sidelines of the 2021 AIIB Annual Meeting hosted by the United Arab Emirates, Jin said enhancing investments in adaptation and resilience for low-income members and fostering emerging technologies to drive action on climate change are key focus areas.
As wealth management culture differs among countries and regions, the company does not copy Italian values completely but makes necessary adaptations to the needs of Chinese clients.
The report said green municipal bonds have increasingly been used as a financing tool to close gaps in infrastructure, climate mitigation and adaptation investment.
"We expected faster adaptation to more liberalized interest rates, especially deposit rates both at commercial banks and under the so-called macro prudential assessment framework," she said.
Zeng Gang, director of banking research at the Institute of Finance and Banking under the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences, said: "The regulatory approval of CITIC aiBank signifies innovation within banking institutions in adaptation to the growth of the internet-based economy.
The Ministry of Ecology and Environment hammered out a tailored curriculum for these officials and experts and provided courses themed on China's policies and strategies for addressing climate change, climate investment and financing, carbon markets and climate adaptation, he stated.
She has been performing with the company since 2010, and has played leading roles in classic productions, including as Mu Guiying in Female Generals of the Yang Family, and has also performed in the experimental Peking Opera production of Faust, an adaptation of the Western classic by Johann Wolfgang Goethe.
We urge developed countries to honor their unfulfilled climate finance obligations, and to commit to their new collective quantified goal that goes well beyond the floor of USD 100 billion per year and provide a clear roadmap of doubling adaptation finance.

高考Featuring adaptations from Chinese and western classic, including works from Chinese academy award - winning composer Tan Dun.


2015年高考英语广东卷 阅读理解 信息匹配 原文

高考But the most sensible form of adaptation is surely to adapt our energy systems to emit less carbon pollution.


2017年高考英语江苏卷 阅读理解 阅读D 原文

六级To alert American workers to the urgency for adaptation.



高考Adaptation to climate change is challenging.


2017年高考英语江苏卷 阅读理解 阅读D 选项

高考Here I will stress some smarter and more creative examples of climate adaptation.


2017年高考英语江苏卷 阅读理解 阅读D 原文

高考This is why, in part at least, the US national climate assessment says that: "There is no ‘one-size fits all' adaptation."


2017年高考英语江苏卷 阅读理解 阅读D 原文

高考When it comes to adaptation, it is important to understand that climate change is a process.


2017年高考英语江苏卷 阅读理解 阅读D 原文

高考The cost of adaptation varies with time.


2017年高考英语江苏卷 阅读理解 阅读D 选项

高考These include custom-made navigation tools, night vision systems and intelligent speed adaptations.


2017年高考英语全国卷3 阅读理解 阅读D 原文

四级It enabled families to save a lot of money Evolutionary adaptation.



高考More ordinary forms of adaptation are happening everywhere.


2017年高考英语江苏卷 阅读理解 阅读D 原文

六级Piaget said: “True adaptation to society comes 30 when the adolescent reformer attempts to put his ideas to work.



四级The mother’s role seems to require a complete transformation in daily routine (生活规律) and highly innovative (创新的) adaptation, on the other hand, the father’s role is less demanding and immediate.

母亲的角色似乎需要在日常生活中彻底转变(生活规律) 高度创新(创新的) 另一方面,父亲的角色要求不那么高,也不那么直接。