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词根ad-去,往 + equ-等同, 相等的 + …………
词根记忆ad(强调)+equ(相等)=强调相等的=足够的 → adequately adv.充分地;足够地;适当地 …………
Eric could not adequately express his sentiment.
My project is adequately financed.
By shedding light on the fundamental role water plays in facilitating the breakdown of alcohol within the human body, the campaign underscores the importance of staying adequately hydrated and avoiding dehydration, according to Pernod Ricard China.
She said the premium market-friendly valuations are likely to put to rest investor concerns on whether the deal would adequately compensate the national oil companies.
But, critics charge, Boeing didn't adequately inform pilots of the new system and wrongly assumed the flight crew would react calmly in an emergency to regain control of the aircraft or simply shut off the automated system.
First, the country should strengthen coordination and cooperation in optimizing the policy system, focusing on the key contradictions and adequately grasping the rhythm and strength.
In terms of dealing with the competition in the cloud industry in China, Alex said that AWS's strategy is to focus on clients, meet their demands and bring new partners into their business so they adequately cater to different types of clients.
Each new model launched by OnePlus sees great deals on account of informal reference from existing clients and furthermore in light of the fact that the organization adequately use internet based life, the report said.
That one-page form, according to Zhao, was far from enough to adequately allocate financial resources.
He pointed out that China Mobile's service could have a similar fate if it is not marketed adequately.
To make TME work, artists and composers need to be adequately rewarded in what music industry insiders call the "value gap".
one job-title does not adequately describe Thomas Derksen and his thriving business in China.
"China's income tax system is in the process of improvement, and it will eventually adequately bring down the income tax level of middle and low-income earners.
It's estimated that in three months, the amount of vegetables will be enough to adequately supply every person in China with 1.5 kilograms per day.
To handle new economic situations, an executive meeting of the State Council, China's cabinet, Monday urged efforts to adequately increase domestic production and release inventories of vital raw materials to curb surging prices.
It is in everybody's interests to make sure COVID-19 vaccines are adequately supplied across the globe, according to a report by CNBC on April 7, citing experts including the top economist from the IMF.
It is also crucial for the entire aviation value chain in China to be well-prepared and adequately resourced to handle the expected surge of air travelers to avoid travel disruptions and problems seen elsewhere in the world when borders reopened, the IATA said.
It is crucial that the entire aviation value chain in China be well prepared and adequately resourced to handle the expected surge of travelers, so as to avoid the travel disruptions and problems seen elsewhere in the world when borders reopened, the IATA said.
Luo Zuoxian, head of intelligence and research at the Sinopec Economics and Development Research Institute, said the plan can adequately ensure the country's energy security through optimization of energy distribution, technology empowerment, improving energy governance and international cooperation.
This will adequately ease the supply shortage, and provide more dynamism to the market, stated the CBRE report.
"It is an inefficient way to produce food that may soon be unable to adequately feed the growing global population, which could reach 10 billion by the year 2050.
It emphasized that no so-called "global stablecoins"-a new type of cryptoasset designed to maintain a stable value relative to specified assets-should commence operation, until all relevant legal, regulatory and oversight requirements are adequately addressed, according to the communique.
The rise in home mortgage rates will adequately tame soaring property prices and lower risks, but local policymakers should be aware of protecting first-time buyers, according to experts.
To ensure that personal information is adequately protected, the central bank will work with other government departments to prevent illegal personal data trading by big data companies, financial institutions and credit information service companies, Chen said.
Leaders from the world's most powerful 20 economies and regions have agreed that before the issuance of any cross-border digital currency that may even be guaranteed by central banks' reserves, they should first set up relevant legal, regulatory and oversight requirements, which are "adequately addressed through appropriate design and by adhering to applicable standards".
"Unlike some developed economies, China has maintained a conventional monetary policy framework with positive interest rates and a stable central bank balance sheet, leaving enough room to respond adequately to any circumstance," Li said.
In its June stress test of major banks, the Fed found that the banks are adequately capitalized to survive probable scenarios.
Authorities should fully assess the difficulties going forward and stay adequately prepared, Li said.
The G7 report said that no global stablecoin project should begin operations until the legal, regulatory and oversight challenges and risks that have been outlined have been adequately addressed.
China will, as always, support a strong, quota-based and adequately resourced IMF, he added.
Monetary authorities are adequately prepared to deal with short-term fluctuations of the yuan amid lingering trade friction between China and the United States, economists said on Tuesday.
"Chen Qiaoshan, senior medical analyst at the internet consultancy Analysys, said: "From the privatization of US stocks to the three-for-one share split return to the domestic stock market, WuXi AppTec is adequately prepared, and is familiar with the listing process.
One of the priorities for the work groups is to check whether these people have been adequately accommodated.
"The system will adequately guarantee the interests of participants in data-related activities, spur their enthusiasm and invigorate the creation of value," Wang said.

六级Several years ago when my grandparents were well into their eighties, they were faced with the reality of no longer being able to adequately care for themselves.


2015年12月六级真题(第一套)听力 Section C

高考Some social app companies were to blame because they didn't adequately check their users' registration.


2018年高考英语江苏卷 阅读理解 阅读D 原文

六级They argued that her causal-sounding claims rested on correlational data, and that she had not adequately accounted for other potential causal factors.


2019年12月六级真题(第一套)阅读 Section B

四级“As our tests became more complex,” sums up Spilich, “non-smokers performed better than smokers by wider and wider margins” He predicts, “smokers might perform adequately at many jobs-until they got complicated.



四级A smoking airline pilot could fly adequately if no problems arose, but if something went wrong, smoking might damage his mental capacity.



四级“ While many good and useful claims are being made, it is clear there is a long way to go in ensuring shoppers are adequately informed about the environmental impact of products they buy,” said Consumers International director Anna Fielder.

消费者国际总监Anna Fielder表示:“尽管人们提出了许多好的、有用的主张,但很明显,要确保购物者充分了解他们购买的产品对环境的影响,还有很长的路要走。”。


考研After you have already and adequately developed the body of your paper, pay particular attention to the introductory and concluding paragraphs.