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词根adjust 调节 + able 可…的,能…的 → …………
Currently, State Grid Zhejiang Electric Power has activated various types of adjustable resources, linking 4,599 households of various resource users to the Jinhua virtual power plant platform with a maximum load of 361,000 kW.
Regions will need to formulate solutions if there is a tight supply-demand situation in the future, and mobilizing demand-side resources and preparing adjustable power loads should be prioritized, experts said.
The stroller takes advantage of expanded seating space and its adjustable seated and lying-down modes deliver a more comfortable ride for children aged six months to seven years old.
To solve the issue, the contractor designed an "adjustable mobile door frame" using cast-in-place crossbeams.
Cheng Qiang, chief macroeconomic analyst at CITIC Securities, said 38 out of the 70 big and medium-sized cities are eligible for adjustable mortgage rate minimums.
The government will make vigorous efforts to boost the overall adjustable capacity of the electric power system, expedite construction of flexible power sources, incorporate enterprise-affiliated power plants, the load of traditional energy intensive industries, interruptible industrial and commercial load, electric vehicle charging grids, and virtual power plants into the power system, build resilient smart electrical grids, and make grids more secure and reliable, it said.
According to an announcement sent to its customers, service outlets of ZTO across the country could make their express fees adjustable to cater for the increase in parcel volume during peak days.
In the first half of 2021, Porsche found that it could not get enough chips for electrically adjustable steering columns.
In a statement last week, Porsche China vowed to make the steering column in all its vehicles electronically adjustable, a default configuration it had originally decided in March to cancel without customers' consent.
Paired with a vertically adjustable air suspension, the ride is comfortable whether along forest paths or on a highway, Audi said.
Equipped with a rotatable driver seat, folding steering wheel and adjustable rear seat, Redspace can be transformed into a mobile living room, meeting room, baby care room, karaoke and movie theater when necessary, according to Bangle.
Contour lights in 11 color tones, eight adjustable high-end fragrance sets, and a Bowers & Wilkins Diamond surround sound system help create a comfortable and enjoyable atmosphere.

高考For example, think of an adjustable desk lamp.


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