词根词缀记忆/谐音联想记忆 补充/纠错
词根ad 加强 + opt 选择 → 一再通过选择 →  …………
o经过适应变成a了 …………
词性拓展记忆 / 词形拓展记忆
adapt / adopt
He adapts to adopt her advice.
to adopt various approaches 采取各种方法
adopt advanced technology 采用先进技术
adopt an orphan 收养孤儿
adopt a policy 采取方针
adopt a measure 采取措施
adopt a method 采用一种方法
adopt a wait-and-see attitude 采取观望态度
adopt a pragmatic attitude 采取务实的态度
He was adopted.
I have decided to adopt the following form for letter writing.
Circumstances force us to adopt this policy.
To reduce the tension and friction of the cable during traction — a process of the construction — the company adopted wire rope traction, installing an "exoskeleton" for the cable, and using pipeline lubrication materials to reduce friction, ensuring that the cable was intact during the dragging process.
The Beijing High People's Court ruled in the first instance judgment that Alibaba Group along with Zhejiang Tmall Network Co and Zhejiang Tmall Technology Co had abused market dominance and adopted monopolistic practices, such as forcing merchants to sell products exclusively on Alibaba's platforms, which caused severe damages to JD.
Zhong Shi, an independent auto analyst, said that Huawei has so far adopted two strategies to involve itself in the auto supply chain.
Meanwhile, some nascent Chinese brands like Voyah have also adopted a global business strategy right from the outset.
In July, the US Securities and Exchange Commission, a US government agency that regulates the securities markets and protects investors, adopted new rules for cybersecurity risk management and incident disclosure, requiring public companies to disclose material cybersecurity incidents within four days of an attack.
The project has adopted the construction technology standards of the United States, Russia and Uzbekistan, he added.
Within road reconstruction projects in Uzbekistan, the A380 highway reconstruction project stands as one of the rare initiatives that adopted the "simultaneous traffic and construction "approach.
The PCAOB also sanctioned Shandong Haoxin Certified Public Accountants Co Ltd and four of its associated persons for violations of the US securities laws and PCAOB rules and standards in connection with the audits of the 2015-2017 financial statements of Gridsum Holding Inc. Haoxin, a public accounting firm, issued a false audit report, failed to maintain independence from their issuer client, and improperly adopted the work of another accounting firm as their own, said the PCAOB.
Mo said Chinese online retailers have ramped up efforts to offer steep discounts and adopted low-price strategies to obtain a new breed of users and improve user loyalty and repurchase rates.
In 2013, the Kusile power plant - Africa's largest thermal power plant project - adopted 60 units of Sany equipment during the whole construction process.
Several technologies were adopted for the first time, while China's domestic design, manufacturing, operation maintenance and management abilities have all been improved, it said.
As China embarks on a new era characterized by innovation and sustainable growth, Sharma said that Schneider Electric has adopted a strategy of creating multiple research and development hubs and will continue to do so in China.
Wang Yun, general manager of ERG China, said as a major cobalt producer in the world, the group will adopt multiple ways to meet the demand of clients with Chinese investors.
City-specific targeted policies should be adopted to better support both rigid housing and housing improvement demands, the conference statement said.
With China focused on achieving carbon neutrality through industrial transformation and sustainable growth, the innovative and practical solutions of multinational corporations will not only be utilized in China but also can be adopted in many parts of the world, said Ding Rijia, a professor specializing in the green economy at the China University of Mining and Technology in Beijing.
"Based on a green design concept, a slew of measures are adopted to reduce fuel, noise and carbon emission of C929, Wu added.
They adopt digital technology, a critical element in farming, as it brings together a variety of solutions in a systematic approach to realize regenerative agriculture.
Enterprises need to embrace a strategy focused on reinventing every part of their business and adopt a new approach to digital transformation as part of their continuous reinvention, Zhu added.
A total of 50 percent of the group's strategic suppliers have adopted clean energy from photovoltaic panels.
The company will adopt unique process concepts in the syngas plant, which is scheduled to be up and running in 2025, to reduce carbon emissions compared to conventional syngas plants, contributing to BASF's sustainability goals, it said.
Based on the platform of Building Management System, Ikea has combined the needs of logistics management processes and adopted the technology of digital twin and visualized simulation to achieve full-process digital coverage and control.
As China aims to peak carbon emissions by 2030 and achieve carbon neutrality by 2060, the maker of Oreo cookies, Toblerone chocolate and Stride gum has kept deploying resources aimed at achieving technological breakthroughs to minimize carbon emissions in the production process and more than 97 percent of its products have adopted recyclable packaging materials, said Grace Zhu, vice-president of Marketing and Growth at Mondelez China.
Pauer considers the technical approach adopted by China in promoting environmentally-friendly vehicles "well balanced" and smart.
Hu Yuanfeng, head of Dawukou MAP beSide farm of Syngenta Group China, said the MAP team adopted advanced drainage technology with concealed pipes to continuously discharge saline water and constructed a large pumping station to draw irrigation water from the Yellow River.
先正达集团中国区大武口MAP beSide农场负责人胡元峰表示,MAP团队采用先进的暗管排水技术,连续排放盐水,并建造了一个大型泵站,从黄河中抽取灌溉水。
As Chinese consumers have shown a strong preference for low ABV drinks and mixable spirits, coupled with their high level of digital savvy, the executive said it is essential to adopt a consumer-centric approach and embrace digital transformation to effectively capture this opportunity.
With sustainability becoming a priority for consumers worldwide, brands must adopt practical strategies quickly to capitalize on the growth potential of the present era.
Several major lenders such as Postal Savings Bank of China and China Merchants Bank have successfully adopted GaussDB for the core systems of their operations.
Afterward, ClearTV adopted a strategy of partnering with large State-owned enterprises.
He abandoned the traditional way of paying his workers by how many tents they assembled and adopted the salary method that measures work by the hour so as to improve the quality of each tent.
The e-commerce unit of short-video platform Douyin also said it would adopt a strategy of cross-store purchasing discounts and reduce 25 yuan on each purchase worth 150 yuan, besides launching presale events.
The group believes that as a leading global agricultural technology company, Syngenta Group fits better with the main board of the SSE, which has adopted a registration-based IPO scheme.
Then the main board, for blue chip companies, adopted a registration-based share issuance scheme in February this year and welcomed the first batch of 10 listings under the new regime on April 10.
The train also adopted the most advanced automatic driving technology, including automatic wake-up, automatic start/stop and return to the depot.
The partnership will help establish an advanced infrastructure for vertiports and an autonomous flight management system operated by artificial intelligence, supporting sustainable and electric-powered commercial aircraft and drones through cooperation with local entities, enabling Abu Dhabi to adopt urban aviation technologies.
The Industrial strategy is a major factor to achieve our objectives as its programs aim to enhance, encourage, and adopt methods and technologies of industry 4.0, circular economy, talent development, ecosystem enablement, homegrown supply chain and value chain development.
Promote software development effectiveness and efficiency-induced innovationsThe approach proposed by Tencent Cloud is widely adopted in its healthcare business.
More than 900 medical institutions have adopted the system, and it has substantially improved the productivity of physicians.
Chinese smartphone makers, such as Huawei Technologies Co and Xiaomi Corp, have adopted flexible OLED panels from homegrown display panel suppliers in their latest handsets, buoyed by the maturity of OLED technology and continuous decline in production costs.
Novel models, including those involving digital technologies, have also been adopted to explore new channels to benefit more patients, said Yu.
Currently, a total of 108 countries and regions have adopted a two-dose vaccination strategy for girls aged between 9 and 14, which is conducive to bolstering its accessibility and vaccination rate by a large margin, according to Wang Linhong, honorary director of the Maternal Healthcare Branch of Chinese Preventive Medicine Association.
To effectively capture this opportunity, it is essential to adopt a consumer-centric approach and embrace digital transformation, said Jerome Cottin-Bizonne, managing director of Pernod Ricard China.
保乐力加中国董事总经理Jerome Cottin Bizonne表示,要有效抓住这一机遇,必须采取以消费者为中心的方法,拥抱数字化转型。
McDonald's China, the local franchise of the global quick service restaurant or QSR chain, said its business recovery in the first quarter of this year is encouraging it to accelerate its expansion in the country through long-term investments as well as adopt innovative practices to bring more value to consumers.
"Many global brands born in China have adopted brand-first awareness and have successfully established global influence.
The company, which announced its listing on the NYSE in October 2020, has adopted a more positive strategy and controlled the expansion rate overseas, he added.
According to Ye, the company, which announced the listing in the NYSE in October 2020, has adopted a more positive strategy and controlled the expansion rate overseas.
Lighthouse sites adopt and deploy Fourth Industrial Revolution technologies to transform business operations through innovation, sustainable practices and maximized efficiency.
To cater to the needs of demanding Japanese customers, both BYD and Hisense have adopted differentiated approaches in the country.
In a statement, Carrefour China said they have adopted temporary limits on the use of prepaid cards due to the impact of the pandemic, strategic shifts and rumors of the retailer's exit.
In a statement, Carrefour China said they have adopted temporary limits on the use of the cards due to the impact of the pandemic, strategic shifts and rumors of the retailer's exit.
Jinhua, Zhejiang province-based milk tea maker xsqtea has introduced a fried chicken side business to supplement sales, while other brands have adopted plant-based milk tea, ginseng milk tea and Chinese herbal milk tea to satisfy diverse consumer demands.
To support that goal, Aramco has adopted the Circular Carbon Economy approach — which emphasizes projects that reduce, reuse, recycle and remove emissions.
"Chinese online retailers are accelerating their layout in overseas markets so as to obtain more users and seek new sources of revenue as growth in the domestic e-commerce sector is slowing," said Chen Tao, an analyst with internet consultancy Analysys in Beijing,Chen said that although Alibaba has expanded its foothold in some European countries via AliExpress, which mainly sells cost-effective commodities, Miravia seems to adopt a differentiated strategy that mainly focuses on the mid-range and high-end market and places an emphasis on localized operations.
Meanwhile, Leonidas Tzevelekas, a Greek engineer who has participated in construction of the stadium for the entire process, said that by relying on advanced digital technologies adopted by Chinese enterprises, he and his colleagues have been able to control construction accuracy down to the millimeter level.
同时,全程参与体育场建设的希腊工程师Leonidas Tzevelekas表示,依靠中国企业采用的先进数字技术,他和同事们已经能够将施工精度控制在毫米级。
For their part, domestic companies, particularly those from the retail sector, have adopted a trial and error approach, constantly drawing insights from consumer feedback, acting upon them to improve products, and accelerating new product launches, all to discover best-selling products.
China firmly opposes such attempts and hopes that the US side will adopt a more responsible approach, and earnestly respect and abide by fair, open and nondiscriminatory international rules, Mao said.
It continued to adopt a more granular approach to managing public market investments, making proactive adjustments to investment styles and managers, and refining its processes around proprietary investments.
Different from conventional operation, the Hangzhou-based JV will adopt a jet sharing program mode that provides tailor-made private flight solutions according to the varied requirements of their customers.
Over the past two and a half years, the world adopted all forms of digital technology at an unprecedented pace.
We also went on an online tour around a small village in China to learn the Chinese culture and how residents there adopted a modern digitalized lifestyle, including using digital payments like Alipay and WeChat Pay.
And despite the strict prevention and control measures adopted in key economic hubs such as Shanghai during the first half of this year, the latest data from the ministry show the actual use of foreign capital in China reached 892.74 billion yuan in the first eight months of the year, soaring 16.4 percent from a year ago.
"We aim to help Chinese companies adopt digitalization quickly and agilely, to make them different and advanced," he said.
CSSC therefore adopted one of its 62,000-dead weight ton pulp carriers to ship vehicles to South America using its self-innovated foldable frames inside the ship body, after gaining certification from classification authorities.
The STAR market, inaugurated in June 2019 and designed to support companies in the high-tech and strategic emerging sectors, has eased its listing criteria but adopted higher requirements for information disclosure.
"We are dedicated to helping Chinese companies go global and foreign companies better succeed in China," Liu said, adding that the company has close partnerships with a string of cloud computing service providers such as Alibaba Cloud to help different sectors adopt digital technologies.
"In fact, lots of our sustainable solutions are being developed in China and then globally adopted elsewhere," he said.
Liu Wenrui, vice-president of BOE and general manager of the BOE Fuzhou factory, said they have adopted digital technologies and advanced analytics in a fully automated production system, with production costs reduced by 34 percent and output up 33 percent.
"Everything is online, every task is online and everybody is online, so our commerce has to adopt this new trend," Zhang said.
For internal office operations, Wumei has adopted a single mobile application to operate their work, such as checking all the on-time data and setting up closer relationships with vendors and suppliers.
"In the past, most Chinese enterprises adopted the OEM model, but nowadays they tend to build up their own brands to participate in global competition," said Liang Zhenpeng, an independent consumer electronics analyst.
The new central SOE will adhere to openness, seek win-win cooperation, and adopt market-oriented and law-based operations to build itself into a world-class mineral resources company with global competitiveness and influence, it said.
Solely State-owned and centrally administered, the company will adhere to openness, seek win-win cooperation and adopt market-oriented and law-based operations to build itself into a world-class mineral resources company with global competitiveness and influence.
Chinese lawmakers adopted an amendment to the Anti-monopoly Law in late June that improves rules related to the platform economy and the concentration of operators.
The base in Ganzhou, Jiangxi province was Gree's 15th manufacturing base worldwide and is also among its most technology-driven bases on a global scale because it uses internet-connected machinery to monitor production processes, and has adopted over 20 world's leading technologies such as internet of things.
"And we will adopt a localization strategy by producing tailored-made products based on different markets' demand.
The project adopted the advanced semi-direct-drive technology and customized the ultra-low wind speed solution considering the Mediterranean climate situation, which greatly improved the return on investment for customers.
With the COVID-19 pandemic pushing many businesses to adopt remote work practices in the past two years across China, International Workplace Group, the world's largest serviced office company by sales revenue, aims to quadruple its business size in the country over the next three years, said a senior executive.
一位高管表示,过去两年,随着新冠肺炎疫情迫使中国各地的许多企业采用远程工作方式,全球销售收入最大的服务式办公公司国际工作场所集团(International Workplace Group)计划在未来三年将其在中国的业务规模翻两番。
In tandem with this, the brand also announced it has adopted two giant pandas from the Chengdu Research Base of Giant Panda Breeding, naming them "Oreo" and "Mini Oreo".
Relentless efforts have been made to expand the clean energy industry and adopt renewable energy as a substitute, which creates a broad market for wind power as China has announced its ambitious targets of peaking CO2 emissions by 2030 and achieving carbon neutrality by 2060.
Customs authorities in the five major cities in the Yangtze River Delta region, namely Shanghai, Nanjing, Hangzhou, Ningbo and Hefei, have adopted mutual recognition of each other's clearance processes for cargoes related to companies on Shanghai's white list of businesses that can resume operations, according to information released by the General Administration of Customs.
Offshore Oil Engineering Co Ltd, or COOEC, has completed the building of, and delivered, two modules for core processes, slated for a major Canadian liquefied natural gas project, in Qingdao, Shandong province, on Saturday, labeling itself as the world's first to adopt integrated construction solutions.
To get there, Baowu plans to adopt a variety of measures ranging from extreme energy efficiency and hydrogen-enriched carbon recycling blast furnaces to recycling of metallurgical resources and carbon capture and utilization, according to China Baowu's road map for low-carbon metallurgical technology.
Online news outlet ThePaper said KE Holdings' flotation in Hong Kong has adopted the method of "dual-primary listing + introduction listing", which does not involve new share financing or new offerings.
在线新闻媒体ThePaper表示,KE Holdings在香港的上市采用了“双重一级上市+引入上市”的方式,不涉及新股融资或新股发行。
"As an incubating project of Sinovation Ventures' artificial intelligence laboratory, J-Elephant Technology has proved its latest forklift AMR has rich commercialization scenarios and broad market potential, as its products have been adopted by many of the world's top 500 companies, said Ren Bobing, executive director of Sinovation Ventures.
“作为科创创投人工智能实验室的孵化项目,J-Elephant Technology已经证明其最新的叉车AMR具有丰富的商业化场景和广阔的市场潜力,其产品已被许多世界500强公司采用,”科创创投执行董事任伯兵表示。
Based on the skills and human resource development systems built in China's domestic petroleum and petrochemical industry, the training institute has successfully adopted vocational skills training, assessment and certification systems for local employees in Uganda to resolve relevant issues.
A day after Musk's unsolicited offer came, Twitter adopted a so-called poison pill, designed to make it more difficult for Musk to reach more than a 15 percent stake in the company by diluting the stock, or making more shares available at a discount to current holders.
Dow's recyclable packaging solutions have been adopted for use in nine of Liby's products since the brand introduced China's first recyclable packaging for laundry pods in 2020.
Through the implementation of digital and intelligent transformation measures, the Jingzhou lighthouse factory adopted flexible automation.
Highlighting that it will not make cars itself, Huawei said it has adopted two approaches to help car-makers better embrace connectivity and intelligence.
"We adopt different strategies for different countries and regions.
Tencent Holdings Ltd recognizes that a "new paradigm" is taking shape in the internet industry and will adopt a cautious stance on business expansion henceforth, its top executives said late on Wednesday, after reporting the company's slowest pace of revenue growth in years.
腾讯控股有限公司(Tencent Holdings Ltd)高管周三晚些时候表示,该公司认识到互联网行业正在形成一种“新模式”,并将从此对业务扩张采取谨慎立场。此前,该公司报告了该公司多年来最慢的收入增长速度。
The two ultrahigh voltage transmission lines both adopt the country's world-leading self-developed ultrahigh voltage transmission technology, it said.
As other countries and regions have adopted more relaxed policies to combat COVID-19, the global retail industry is now in the process of recovering.
At first, when POP MART decided to enter Asian markets, such as South Korea, Japan and Singapore, the company adopted a wholesale model or operated as a joint venture.
起初,当POP MART决定进军韩国、日本和新加坡等亚洲市场时,该公司采用了批发模式或合资经营。
Currently, due to the high cost of customized or localized approaches adopted by the company while entering a new market abroad, POP MART has designed and developed products in China and has sold them overseas, with localized adaptations for each market.
目前,由于公司在进入国外新市场时采用的定制或本地化方法成本高昂,POP MART在中国设计和开发了产品,并将其销售到海外,并针对每个市场进行了本地化调整。
Meanwhile, it has required all employees in the Shenzhen plants to receive nucleicxa0acidxa0tests and adopted other prevention and control measures to ensure the health and safety of the employees.
In addition, Baidu's ACE or autonomous driving, connected road and efficient mobility smart transportation has been adopted by 35 cities, up from 14 cities a year ago as of the end of 2021.
By incorporating Chinese standards and specifications with the locally adopted southern African road and bridge specifications and standards, the project department strengthened its inspection of raw materials, construction techniques and quality checks, he said.
In terms of digitization, as of December 2021, more than 500,000 customers have adopted the trade marketing investment and digital engagement module of Budweiser APAC's BEES -- its proprietary business-to-business (B2B) platform -- to further enhance strength in earnings.
"To reach its net zero goal, Tencent will work to improve resource efficiency, increase the proportion of renewable energy it uses, and adopt carbon offsets.
"If we can continue engaging with the giants like Huawei, we will be able to tap their knowledge, and they will be able to give us the knowledge that they have and the experience such that we as Zimbabweans can be able to adopt the technologies that China is using for the betterment of our ICT industry," said Takudzwa Tarutira, a telecommunications student who has benefited from the Seeds for the Future program.
Takudzwa Tarutira说:“如果我们能够继续与华为这样的巨头接触,我们将能够利用他们的知识,他们将能够向我们提供他们所拥有的知识和经验,这样我们津巴布韦人就能够采用中国正在使用的技术来改善我们的信息和通信技术行业。”,受益于“未来种子”项目的电信专业学生。

高考In recent years, however, young upper middle-class people in London, have begun to adopt some regional accents, in order to hide their class origins.


2015年高考英语广东卷 阅读理解 阅读D 原文

六级Direct subsidies to research and development have been adopted by some governments but are a poor substitute for a carbon price: they do only part of the job, leaving in place market incentives to over-use fossil fuels and thereby add to the stock of atmospheric greenhouse gases without regard to the collateral ( ' , 附带的) costs.

一些政府已经采取了对研发的直接补贴,但这并不能很好地替代碳价格:它们只做了部分工作,留下了过度使用化石燃料的市场激励,从而在不考虑抵押品的情况下增加了大气温室气体存量(“,附带的) 成本。


六级Direct subsidies to research and development have been adopted by some governments but are a poor substitute for a carbon price: they do only part of the job, leaving in place market incentives to over-use fossil fuels and thereby add to the stock of atmo


2017年6月六级真题(第一套)阅读 Section B

高考I'm talking about people who have stopped learning on growing because they have adopted the fixed attitudes and opinions that all too often come with passing years.


2019年高考英语天津卷 阅读理解 阅读D 原文

高考The same cognitive systems that make young children feel good about feel good about figuring something out may have been adopted by adult scientists.


2016年高考英语浙江卷(6月) 阅读理解 阅读C 原文

四级Whereas older generations are sometimes reluctant to adopt new technologies, driverless cars promise real value to these age groups in particular.



四级It does not support the strategies adopted by smart companies.



四级A scientific standard should be adopted in job evaluation.



四级Adopt a flexible approach to solving problems.



四级Familiar consumer products are being adopted by businesses, government and the armed forces.



六级The Senate bill would create an independent commission to monitor the pilot programs and recommend changes in Medicare's payment policies to urge providers to adopt reforms that work.



六级Subsidise companies to adopt plain packaging.



六级The Conservatives plan to adopt this strategy by making utility companies print the average local electricity and gas usage on people's bills.



六级Kapur points out that while the model adopted by many teachers when introducing students to new knowledge―providing lots of structure and guidance early on, until the students show that they can do it on their own―makes intuitive sense, it may not be the best way to promote learning.



六级Individuals and companies adopted self-protection measures.



六级Campuses willing to adopt convenient schedules along with more focused, less-expensive degrees may find that they have a competitive advantage in attracting bright, motivated students.



六级Effective measures adopted by the government.



六级It came as a surprise when Australia adopted the policy.



六级Since 1976 the act has been amended to include computer software and guidelines have been adopted for fair use of television broadcasts.



六级But Delia was careful not to adopt the defensive tone.



六级As more journals and funders adopt data-sharing requirements, and as a growing number of enthusiasts call for more openness, junior researchers must find their place between adopters and those who continue to hold out, even as they strive to launch their


2017年12月六级真题(第二套)阅读 Section B

六级I think that by having people adopt a healthy lifestyle, both from a medical standpoint as well as nutritional and cognitive stimulation standpoint, we can reduce the incidence of cognitive decline, which will be proof that these factors are, in fact, imp


2016年6月六级真题(第二套)听力 Section C

六级In recent years, many mid-sized cities have begun to adopt a middle-of-the-road approach incorporating the excitement and opportunity of large cities with small cities' quiet after midnight.


2017年12月六级真题(第一套)阅读 Section C

考研Among the most popular : paternity and kinship testing , which adopted children can use to find their biological relatives and families can use to track down kids put for adoption.



六级Campuses willing to adopt convenient schedules along with more focused, less-expensive degrees may find that they have a competitive advantage in attracting bright, motivated students



考研Among the most popular: paternity and kinship testing, which adopted children can use to find their biological relatives and families can use to track down kids put up for adoption.


2009年考研真题(英语一)阅读理解 Section Ⅱ

六级In the mid-19th century, the US government adopted a policy of Americanising Indian children by removing them from their homes and culture.


2016年6月六级真题(第一套)听力 Section B

六级Effective measures adopted by the government



六级In recent years, many mid-sized cities have begun to adopt a middle-of-the-road approach incorporating the excitement and opportunity of large cities with small cities’ quiet after midnight.



六级His son was soon adopted by relatives.



六级I am not talking about requiring people to learn English or to adopt American ways; those things happen pretty much on their own, but as arguments about immigration hear up the campaign trail, we also ought to ask some broader question about assimilation, about how to ensure that people , once outsiders , don’t forever remain marginalized within these shores.



四级Ray Jackson, who recently retired from the Department of Agriculture, thinks remote infrared crop scanning could be adopted by the end of the decade.



四级In this case, they may decide to adopt a child.



四级Some people prefer to adopt infants, others to adopt older children.



四级Some couples adopt children from their own countries, others adopt children from foreign countries.



四级In any case, they all adopt children for the same reason——they care about children and want to give their adopted child a happy life.



四级Most adopted children know that they are adopted.



四级However, many adopted children or adoptees have very little information about their biological parents.



四级Naturally, adopted children have different feelings about their birth parents.



四级(28) Even though adoptees do not know about their natural parents, they do know that their adopted parents want them, love them and will care for them.



四级No government will adopt rigid restrictions on economic growth and personal freeom (limits on electricity usage,driving and travel)that might cut back global warming.



四级But it hasn't reduced CO2 emissions(up about 25% since 1990),and many signatories(签 字国) didn't adopt tough enough policies to hit their 2008-2012 targets.

但它并没有减少二氧化碳排放量(自1990年以来增加了约25%),许多签署国(签 字国) 没有采取足够强硬的政策来实现2008-2012年的目标。


四级But EdX expects its software to be adopted widely by schools and universities.



四级An adopted child, growing up in Silicon Valley, Mr. Jobs displayed those traits early on.



四级Nowadays, however, it is not uncommon for a child to adopt the mother’s family name.



四级Later, political strategists adopted the terms to influence public opinion.



考研Too many schools adopt the 'win at all costs' moral standard and measure their success by sporting achievements.



考研Scientists could “adopt” middle school classes and present their own research.