词根词缀记忆/谐音联想记忆 补充/纠错
词根ad 加强 + opt 选择 → 一再通过选择 →  …………
o经过适应变成a了 …………
词性拓展记忆 / 词形拓展记忆
adapt / adopt
He adapts to adopt her advice.
词根记忆 / 词缀记忆
adopt收养,采纳(ad+opt选择 …………
to adopt various approaches 采取各种方法
adopt advanced technology 采用先进技术
adopt an orphan 收养孤儿
adopt a policy 采取方针
adopt a measure 采取措施
adopt a method 采用一种方法
adopt a wait-and-see attitude 采取观望态度
adopt a pragmatic attitude 采取务实的态度
He was adopted.
I have decided to adopt the following form for letter writing.
Circumstances force us to adopt this policy.
She adopted a stray kitten from the animal shelter last week.
Many people adopt pets as emotional support animals.
The couple decided to adopt a child from an orphanage.
He adopted a British accent for his role in the movie.
She adopted her brother's son after he passed away.
Companies are adopting more environmentally friendly practices.
They adopted the new technology quickly, making them more competitive.
Governments around the world are adopting policies to combat climate change.
She adopted a vegan lifestyle to improve her health.
In some cultures, it is common to adopt children from other families.
Wang Yun, general manager of ERG China, said as a major cobalt producer in the world, the group will adopt multiple ways to meet the demand of clients with Chinese investors.
They adopt digital technology, a critical element in farming, as it brings together a variety of solutions in a systematic approach to realize regenerative agriculture.
Enterprises need to embrace a strategy focused on reinventing every part of their business and adopt a new approach to digital transformation as part of their continuous reinvention, Zhu added.
The company will adopt unique process concepts in the syngas plant, which is scheduled to be up and running in 2025, to reduce carbon emissions compared to conventional syngas plants, contributing to BASF's sustainability goals, it said.
As Chinese consumers have shown a strong preference for low ABV drinks and mixable spirits, coupled with their high level of digital savvy, the executive said it is essential to adopt a consumer-centric approach and embrace digital transformation to effectively capture this opportunity.
With sustainability becoming a priority for consumers worldwide, brands must adopt practical strategies quickly to capitalize on the growth potential of the present era.
The e-commerce unit of short-video platform Douyin also said it would adopt a strategy of cross-store purchasing discounts and reduce 25 yuan on each purchase worth 150 yuan, besides launching presale events.
The partnership will help establish an advanced infrastructure for vertiports and an autonomous flight management system operated by artificial intelligence, supporting sustainable and electric-powered commercial aircraft and drones through cooperation with local entities, enabling Abu Dhabi to adopt urban aviation technologies.
The Industrial strategy is a major factor to achieve our objectives as its programs aim to enhance, encourage, and adopt methods and technologies of industry 4.0, circular economy, talent development, ecosystem enablement, homegrown supply chain and value chain development.
To effectively capture this opportunity, it is essential to adopt a consumer-centric approach and embrace digital transformation, said Jerome Cottin-Bizonne, managing director of Pernod Ricard China.
保乐力加中国董事总经理Jerome Cottin Bizonne表示,要有效抓住这一机遇,必须采取以消费者为中心的方法,拥抱数字化转型。
McDonald's China, the local franchise of the global quick service restaurant or QSR chain, said its business recovery in the first quarter of this year is encouraging it to accelerate its expansion in the country through long-term investments as well as adopt innovative practices to bring more value to consumers.
Lighthouse sites adopt and deploy Fourth Industrial Revolution technologies to transform business operations through innovation, sustainable practices and maximized efficiency.
"Chinese online retailers are accelerating their layout in overseas markets so as to obtain more users and seek new sources of revenue as growth in the domestic e-commerce sector is slowing," said Chen Tao, an analyst with internet consultancy Analysys in Beijing,Chen said that although Alibaba has expanded its foothold in some European countries via AliExpress, which mainly sells cost-effective commodities, Miravia seems to adopt a differentiated strategy that mainly focuses on the mid-range and high-end market and places an emphasis on localized operations.
China firmly opposes such attempts and hopes that the US side will adopt a more responsible approach, and earnestly respect and abide by fair, open and nondiscriminatory international rules, Mao said.
It continued to adopt a more granular approach to managing public market investments, making proactive adjustments to investment styles and managers, and refining its processes around proprietary investments.
Different from conventional operation, the Hangzhou-based JV will adopt a jet sharing program mode that provides tailor-made private flight solutions according to the varied requirements of their customers.
"We aim to help Chinese companies adopt digitalization quickly and agilely, to make them different and advanced," he said.
"We are dedicated to helping Chinese companies go global and foreign companies better succeed in China," Liu said, adding that the company has close partnerships with a string of cloud computing service providers such as Alibaba Cloud to help different sectors adopt digital technologies.
"Everything is online, every task is online and everybody is online, so our commerce has to adopt this new trend," Zhang said.
The new central SOE will adhere to openness, seek win-win cooperation, and adopt market-oriented and law-based operations to build itself into a world-class mineral resources company with global competitiveness and influence, it said.
Solely State-owned and centrally administered, the company will adhere to openness, seek win-win cooperation and adopt market-oriented and law-based operations to build itself into a world-class mineral resources company with global competitiveness and influence.
"And we will adopt a localization strategy by producing tailored-made products based on different markets' demand.
With the COVID-19 pandemic pushing many businesses to adopt remote work practices in the past two years across China, International Workplace Group, the world's largest serviced office company by sales revenue, aims to quadruple its business size in the country over the next three years, said a senior executive.
一位高管表示,过去两年,随着新冠肺炎疫情迫使中国各地的许多企业采用远程工作方式,全球销售收入最大的服务式办公公司国际工作场所集团(International Workplace Group)计划在未来三年将其在中国的业务规模翻两番。
Relentless efforts have been made to expand the clean energy industry and adopt renewable energy as a substitute, which creates a broad market for wind power as China has announced its ambitious targets of peaking CO2 emissions by 2030 and achieving carbon neutrality by 2060.
Offshore Oil Engineering Co Ltd, or COOEC, has completed the building of, and delivered, two modules for core processes, slated for a major Canadian liquefied natural gas project, in Qingdao, Shandong province, on Saturday, labeling itself as the world's first to adopt integrated construction solutions.
To get there, Baowu plans to adopt a variety of measures ranging from extreme energy efficiency and hydrogen-enriched carbon recycling blast furnaces to recycling of metallurgical resources and carbon capture and utilization, according to China Baowu's road map for low-carbon metallurgical technology.
"We adopt different strategies for different countries and regions.
Tencent Holdings Ltd recognizes that a "new paradigm" is taking shape in the internet industry and will adopt a cautious stance on business expansion henceforth, its top executives said late on Wednesday, after reporting the company's slowest pace of revenue growth in years.
腾讯控股有限公司(Tencent Holdings Ltd)高管周三晚些时候表示,该公司认识到互联网行业正在形成一种“新模式”,并将从此对业务扩张采取谨慎立场。此前,该公司报告了该公司多年来最慢的收入增长速度。
The two ultrahigh voltage transmission lines both adopt the country's world-leading self-developed ultrahigh voltage transmission technology, it said.
"To reach its net zero goal, Tencent will work to improve resource efficiency, increase the proportion of renewable energy it uses, and adopt carbon offsets.
"If we can continue engaging with the giants like Huawei, we will be able to tap their knowledge, and they will be able to give us the knowledge that they have and the experience such that we as Zimbabweans can be able to adopt the technologies that China is using for the betterment of our ICT industry," said Takudzwa Tarutira, a telecommunications student who has benefited from the Seeds for the Future program.
Takudzwa Tarutira说:“如果我们能够继续与华为这样的巨头接触,我们将能够利用他们的知识,他们将能够向我们提供他们所拥有的知识和经验,这样我们津巴布韦人就能够采用中国正在使用的技术来改善我们的信息和通信技术行业。”,受益于“未来种子”项目的电信专业学生。
"After a detailed evaluation, the team from the Department of Hematology of Tongji Hospital decided to adopt autologous hematopoietic stem-cell transplantation combined with CAR-T therapy for Wu.
In addition, more efforts should be made to follow relevant inspection and quarantine from the Customs, and adopt stricter disinfection measures to ensure the safety of imported fresh produce and resolve consumer concerns.
The aim is to encourage people to adopt low-carbon lifestyle from simple things, the company said.
With total investment of 62.44 million yuan ($9.66 million), the project will adopt Sinopec's independent intellectual property rights technology and is expected to be put into operation by the first quarter next year, it said.
Bi Yalei, secretary-general of Shenzhen Robotics Association (SRA), said with improved domestic industrial robot technology and reduced prices, more enterprises have started to adopt cost-effective China-made robots for automation transformation, especially the small and medium-sized manufacturing companies that are more cost sensitive.
"We hope to see more people adopt the 'flexitarian diet', which means setting up a vegetarian diet but also being flexible on meat consumption from time to time," said Yeung.
Therefore, the victory by NCPC is of great significance for other Chinese companies to learn and adopt similar methods in global markets, said Xue Rongjiu, deputy director of the Beijing-based China Society for WTO Studies.
We need to adopt a more digital and agile way to interact with customers.
At the launch ceremony in Shanghai, where the company's China headquarter is based, the US enterprise said it will develop diverse business areas and adopt innovative collaboration models to cater to Chinese women's unmet health needs and support the Healthy China 2030 Initiative.
Asked whether Honor will adopt Huawei's self-developed operating system HarmonyOS in the future, Zhao said currently Android is still its preferred choice, but he did not rule out the possibility of switching the operating systems.
In the future, the refreshed version of Nescafe 1+2 will upgrade product packaging (except for certain products like detachable sachets strung together) to 100 percent recyclable materials, leading the way for instant coffee products to adopt recyclable packaging solutions in China.
The report said that in the Asia-Pacific region, plant-based food products are gaining popularity as more people adopt healthy lifestyles and consumers opt for natural ingredients.
"While many Chinese companies are quick to adopt digital tools, their emphasis tend to be more focused on digital marketing rather than systematic input in supply chain and management," said Zhang Hailiang, China CEO of Tricor.
Experts called for corporate boards in the region to adopt digital board portals, digital governance tools and solutions needed to shift from surviving to thriving virtually.
DCP, a leading international private equity firm with an investment focus on China, just announced the completion of its investment in Adopt a Cow Dairy Co Ltd, a rapidly-growing dairy product company in China with a direct-to-customer approach.
Founded in 2016, Adopt a Cow is a rising star in the dairy industry.
"China's dairy industry will witness notable changes, which will present significant opportunity for innovative players like Adopt a Cow," said Julian Wolhardt, CEO of DCP.
Due to the rapid development of e-commerce and the trend among a younger generation of consumers for newer, more authentic brands, "new domestic brands" like Adopt a Cow are expected to take significant market share, according to Wolhardt.
"The investment from DCP will bring us not only long-term financial support and industry connections, but also world-class operational capabilities and corporate governance practices," Xu Xiaobo, CEO of Adopt a Cow, said.
The station will adopt the advanced technology of the proton exchange membrane (PEM) pure water electrolysis for hydrogen production, and will build the first set of megawatt-level water electrolysis for hydrogen production device in China, with plans to equip production devices for high-quality hydrogen and 70 Mpa hydrogenation units.
The bank will ramp up nonperforming loan clearance and disposal, adopt a multilayered approach to refine the management of clients whose loans turn sour, continuously improve risk offset capacity by setting aside adequate allowances for impairment losses on loans, and accelerate digital transformation of credit risk management," he said.
Multinationals should adopt localization strategies to gain ground in the highly lucrative market, said Pratibha Thammanabhatla, an analyst on medical devices at GlobalData.
Liu Zhefeng, deputy head of the Boao Lecheng International Medical Tourism Pilot Zone Administration, said: "The pilot zone takes advantage of the nine preferential policies to adopt a simplified approval system to cut patient's waiting time, and offers them access to global advanced drugs to cure their disease.
According to Henry Ling, vice-president of operations, Dow Asia-Pacific, the new hub will adopt and employ advanced digital, intelligence and automation technologies to create a manufacturing space of world-class safety, productivity, reliability and sustainability performance"The South China Specialties Hub will be built to Dow's world-class environmental, health and safety standards and aligned to Dow's recent commitment to become net carbon neutral by 2050," he said.
As part of its efforts to protect the climate, the company has initiated a pilot project in the United States and Brazil to help farmers adopt climate-friendly practices and utilize carbon capture and storage for their commercial benefit.
The Wukesong Ice Sports Center has become the first stadium in China to adopt a carbon dioxide-based ice-making system.
Companies should adopt a more rational attitude while deploying capital globally, as money should be used to connect only with the right type of overseas resources.
Guo Hua, deputy head of Panzhihua Steel & Vanadium Co Ltd, a subsidiary of Pangang Group, said: "It's the first HSR project outside China to adopt a complete set of Chinese HSR technology and equipment in accordance with Chinese standards.
The project will adopt domestically made equipment to recycle the polluted oil and silt to abstract the residual oil and have it refined into crude for sale.
McCafe China will adopt new global packaging featuring the "Little Yellow Cup" logo.
He noted these offline stores will adopt a "self-operated plus franchising" operation model, and will cover six major urban clusters in the Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei region, Yangtze River Delta, Pearl River Delta, Bohai Bay, central and south parts of Liaoning province, and Southwest China, serving emerging consumers in third- and fourth-tier cities.
The insurer will renovate products and services, adopt intelligent operation, boost online business and enhance risk control in its health insurance branch, said Ma Xin, senior vice-president of the company, at an online news conference on Monday.
As more industries adopt digital technologies, they will drive the United Nation's 2030 Strategic Development Goals, especially those related to climate change," she added.
Bing Qian, chief quality officer of Genki Forest, said they would continue to adopt high quality ingredients and advocate healthy lifestyles through their products.
But it will adopt a flexible and differential competitive strategy to take on other established players that have already scooped up big market shares, Yu said.
"China's measures to adopt AI-enabled robots to detect abnormal health parameters in staff and students have helped them to either resume work or return to school.
As part of that deal, HSBC promised to adopt American anti-money laundering standards.
US company to adopt local flavors in China for greater product availabilityUS-based Beyond Meat Inc, a leading plant-based meat producer, is set to invest more in the Chinese market by raising its accessibility and manufacturing capacity along with adopting local flavors such as swapping in traditional minced beef recipes like beef noodles and xiao long bao or steamed soup dumplings.
Those events will continue to adopt virtual technology to either replace physical events where attendance is lagging or complementary to physical events, according to the Virtual Conference and Trade Show Market Forecast report by Market Research Media based in the United States.
Enterprises should adopt the most appropriate strategy and mode to explore overseas markets, combining the characteristics of different markets with their own development stages and needs, he said.
Given the fact that its clients have different budget ranges for international delivery services, China Post began to adopt self-organized China-Europe freight trains for its postal services to Europe in April after using other domestic providers' networks in the first quarter.
Looking ahead, Cong said the group will adopt more digital solutions to upgrade its heavy-duty equipment and seize more opportunities from China's ongoing wave of "new infrastructure" projects.
Nice was the first French city to adopt such measures, paving the way for more cities to follow suit.
The most important thing is to share experiences, remove prejudice and adopt a scientific approach suitable for each country's condition," Wang added.
China post said it will continue to adopt this method to run the operation between China and Europe.
Shanghai Runmi Technology Co, a Chinese suitcase and garment product manufacturer, required all its 10 plants to adopt measures for epidemic prevention and control in their domestic and overseas markets.
Meanwhile, cloud computing and collaborative office services such as Tencent Meeting and WeChat Work have expanded rapidly, especially as the epidemic pushed people to adopt distance working tools.
The moves are in line with recommendations from China's National Health Commission and the Ministry of Commerce last month for delivery platforms and caterers to adopt contactless services to avoid spreading the disease.
"We should improve the isolation and treatment process of patients, adopt targeted optimization of diagnosis and treatment, and block virus transmission in the hospital to avoid nosocomial infection among medical staff," he said.
To prevent possible infection caused by the novel coronavirus outbreak, local governments also should guide service outsourcing companies to adopt flexible working hours to carry out the work.
Xiao Lu, chief expert of the Science and Technology Development Center of the Chinese Pharmaceutical Association, said: "When there is such a public health emergency with limited options of effective drugs, it is lawful for the health regulators to adopt priority review on related new drugs.
And on Wednesday, US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo told reporters he hopes the UK government will reconsider and adopt a full ban on Huawei.
According to him, clients who choose Huawei's platform have a choice to adopt technological solutions for specific application scenarios from other companies.
With its business covering trading, logistics, distribution and retail sectors, the company will adopt more digital solutions to upgrade the entire supply chain management system and establish a global smart supply chain to shorten the response cycle.
Upon its successful debut on the stock market, the company can adopt methods such as a debt-equity swap to lower the liability rate of China Railway Corp, he said.
Newcomers to the business are also willing to adopt the latest technology and new solutions to survive and develop in the market.
Chairman of ZTE Corp, a major Chinese telecom equipment maker, on Friday called on the global community to adopt an open, collaborative and win-win approach to 5G, as the superfast technology is at the tipping point for commercial application.
But those plans didn't consider the additional time needed for regulators to draft new training requirements or for airlines to adopt the changes, the Journal said.
"Small e-export business owners usually adopt an asset-light business model, so they need financial institutions to offer an innovative model for credit granting.
Yunxi said it aims to partner with more than 100 industrial leaders and more than 1,000 enterprises that are eager to adopt digitalization to explore how to refine business scenarios and boost operational capabilities.
In addition to upgrading its product value, he stressed that the group will continue to adopt traditional salt production methods in its factories, and actively participate in the ownership reform of salt farms in the Inner Mongolia autonomous region and Qinghai province to secure quality salt sources.
At present, we have begun to adopt robots in our factory in Shenzhen, achieving a high degree of automation in the production process, and the products are also more complicated.
Zhang, the founder of the Shanghai-listed company, said that the firm will also adopt technologies to improve its online sales ability, such as deepening its cooperation with Tmall, an arm of the e-commerce giant Alibaba Group, as well as other digital shopping platforms, so the brand's products could connect digitally with consumers, especially at places where there are no brick-and-mortar stores.
"By using the 'college' theme, Peacebird hopes to represent the curiosity and fearless spirit that teens adopt when facing the world," he said, noting they unleash their adventurous hearts as they explore their own world, as Peacebird also breaks through the shackles of fads in international fashion and is committed to injecting new energy into Chinese design.
With regard to terroir, the company has over the years been helping and encouraging their winegrowers to adopt sustainable measures in their vineyards.
"Something else we see in China today that I suspect will become more common globally over the coming years, is a greater willingness to adopt internet of things products with some sort of virtual assistant or artificial intelligence built in.
Future retail enterprises must adopt an integrated model of both online and offline services, he said, calling for efficient management based on data applications.
"On the other hand, we will adopt a customer-centric approach, accelerate our push for innovation of a full suite of products, increase customer stickiness, and reduce the cost of funds," said Wu at a news conference on Friday.
He also encouraged banks to adopt digital debt collection solutions to reduce loan losses effectively and efficiently.

高考In recent years, however, young upper middle-class people in London, have begun to adopt some regional accents, in order to hide their class origins.


2015年高考英语广东卷 阅读理解 阅读D 原文

四级Whereas older generations are sometimes reluctant to adopt new technologies, driverless cars promise real value to these age groups in particular.



四级Adopt a flexible approach to solving problems.



六级The Senate bill would create an independent commission to monitor the pilot programs and recommend changes in Medicare's payment policies to urge providers to adopt reforms that work.



六级Subsidise companies to adopt plain packaging.



六级The Conservatives plan to adopt this strategy by making utility companies print the average local electricity and gas usage on people's bills.



六级Campuses willing to adopt convenient schedules along with more focused, less-expensive degrees may find that they have a competitive advantage in attracting bright, motivated students.



六级But Delia was careful not to adopt the defensive tone.



六级As more journals and funders adopt data-sharing requirements, and as a growing number of enthusiasts call for more openness, junior researchers must find their place between adopters and those who continue to hold out, even as they strive to launch their


2017年12月六级真题(第二套)阅读 Section B

六级I think that by having people adopt a healthy lifestyle, both from a medical standpoint as well as nutritional and cognitive stimulation standpoint, we can reduce the incidence of cognitive decline, which will be proof that these factors are, in fact, imp


2016年6月六级真题(第二套)听力 Section C

六级In recent years, many mid-sized cities have begun to adopt a middle-of-the-road approach incorporating the excitement and opportunity of large cities with small cities' quiet after midnight.


2017年12月六级真题(第一套)阅读 Section C

六级Campuses willing to adopt convenient schedules along with more focused, less-expensive degrees may find that they have a competitive advantage in attracting bright, motivated students



六级In recent years, many mid-sized cities have begun to adopt a middle-of-the-road approach incorporating the excitement and opportunity of large cities with small cities’ quiet after midnight.



六级I am not talking about requiring people to learn English or to adopt American ways; those things happen pretty much on their own, but as arguments about immigration hear up the campaign trail, we also ought to ask some broader question about assimilation, about how to ensure that people , once outsiders , don’t forever remain marginalized within these shores.



四级In this case, they may decide to adopt a child.



四级Some people prefer to adopt infants, others to adopt older children.



四级Some couples adopt children from their own countries, others adopt children from foreign countries.



四级In any case, they all adopt children for the same reason——they care about children and want to give their adopted child a happy life.



四级No government will adopt rigid restrictions on economic growth and personal freeom (limits on electricity usage,driving and travel)that might cut back global warming.



四级But it hasn't reduced CO2 emissions(up about 25% since 1990),and many signatories(签 字国) didn't adopt tough enough policies to hit their 2008-2012 targets.

但它并没有减少二氧化碳排放量(自1990年以来增加了约25%),许多签署国(签 字国) 没有采取足够强硬的政策来实现2008-2012年的目标。


四级Nowadays, however, it is not uncommon for a child to adopt the mother’s family name.



考研Too many schools adopt the 'win at all costs' moral standard and measure their success by sporting achievements.



考研Scientists could “adopt” middle school classes and present their own research.