abbr.aryl hydrocarbon hydroxylase 芳烃羟化酶,acute hypobaric hypoxia 急性低气压性缺氧
Ahh, that's much better!" - "啊哈,这样好多了!"
This expression is often used to express relief or satisfaction after something has been improved or resolved.
Ahh, I see what you mean now." - "啊哈,我现在明白你的意思了。"
This phrase is used when someone finally understands something that was previously unclear to them.
Ahh, the smell of fresh coffee in the morning." - "啊哈,早晨新鲜咖啡的香味。"
It's a way to express pleasure and enjoyment, often related to sensory experiences like smells or tastes.
Ahh, it's so quiet here, I can finally relax." - "啊哈,在这里真安静,我终于可以放松了。"
This phrase expresses relief or contentment when finding a peaceful environment.
Ahh, this chair is really comfortable." - "啊哈,这把椅子真的很舒服。"
Used to express comfort or satisfaction with physical surroundings or objects.
Ahh, I've missed these old movies." - "啊哈,我怀念这些老电影。"
Expresses nostalgia or fondness for something from the past.
Ahh, it's so good to be back home." - "啊哈,回到家的感觉真好。"
Often used to express the joy and comfort of returning home after being away.
Ahh, I forgot how delicious this dish is." - "啊哈,我忘了这道菜有多美味。"
This phrase is used when rediscovering the enjoyment of a familiar food or drink.
Ahh, that was a close one!" - "啊哈,那真是一次惊险的经历!"
Used to express relief after narrowly avoiding a negative outcome.
Ahh, the view from up here is breathtaking." - "啊哈,从这里看的景色令人叹为观止。"
This phrase is used to express awe and admiration for a beautiful sight or view.