词根词缀记忆/谐音联想记忆 补充/纠错
词根a 在…,…的 + side 旁边 → 在旁边 →  …………
词性拓展记忆 / 词形拓展记忆
词根记忆 / 词缀记忆
aside 在边上(a+side旁边)
① 加在单词或词根前面,表示”不,无,非”
acentric 无中心的(a+centric中心的)
asocial 不好社交的(a+social好社交的)
amoral 非道德性的(a+moral …………
set aside 搁置,搁置
put aside 搁置,搁置
aside from 除了
push aside 推到一边
cast aside 抛弃,抛弃
lay aside 搁置,搁置
step aside 靠边站
brush aside 刷到一边
wave aside 靠边挥手
set money aside 把钱存起来
leave aside 搁置,搁置
sweep ... aside 扫…到一边
put ... aside 把…放在一边
set aside for 留出用于
sweep aside 扫到一边
set aside sth. 留出某物
take aside 把…放在一边
set sth. aside 把某物放在一边
set aside some money 留出一些钱
put sth. aside 把某物放在一边
toss aside 扔到一边
lay aside sth. 搁置某事
put something aside 把东西放在一边
stand aside 靠边站
as an aside 作为旁白
to step aside 让开
seek common ground while putting aside differences 求同存异
lay sth. aside 搁置某事
wave sth. aside 把某物抛到一边
to cast aside 抛弃
can't bear putting it aside 不能忍受把它放在一边
He put that box aside.
Soon after I arrived, the chief executive of the agency that had invited us took me aside.
Building on a child's ability to feel joy, rather than pushing it aside, wouldn't be that hard.
She sat on the windowsill, gazing out at the sunset aside from her books.
The teacher asked us to read the text aloud, aside from our usual silent reading practice.
We decided to have a picnic aside from our regular weekend plans.
Aside from the obvious physical benefits, yoga also improves mental well-being.
They discussed business matters aside from their personal gossip during the meeting.
The restaurant offers an extensive menu aside from their signature dishes.
She is a talented musician aside from being a successful lawyer.
The library has a quiet corner aside from the main reading room, perfect for studying.
Aside from the traffic jam, we had a smooth journey to the city.
The conference will cover various topics aside from the keynote address.
Aside from the design and construction of transportation infrastructure, CR20G's business scope includes real estate development, manufacturing, logistics and trade, railway transportation, environmental protection, engineering project inspection, design consulting and training.
Tapping into the potential of fast-growing food and pharmaceutical businesses in China aside, the Hamburg-based group, supported by its manufacturing base in Tianjin and sales and services branches in cities like Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Guangdong province and Chengdu, Sichuan province, will continue to empower digital transformation, enhancing traditional mechanical products with digital attributes, and providing its clients with more customized valves.
Aside from its domestic endeavors, Skyworth Group is striving to strengthen its presence overseas, especially in countries involved in the Belt and Road Initiative.
The power generation company sets aside 3.6 million yuan from the annual power generation income for rural revitalization special funds, achieving double income growth for the villagers and the collective society," said Li Dengxin, Party secretary of the village.
However, any hopes of becoming a pilot were set aside when he shot up in height, finally settling at around two meters tall.
This is part of its ambition to step up investment in 2023, with funds set aside for power grid construction to hit a record 520 billion yuan, up 4 percent compared with a year ago and the fourth consecutive year State Grid has upped investment in the sector.
According to CGN's head Yang, aside from generating electricity, nuclear energy has broad prospects of development in fields such as heating and hydrogen production.
For retailer Tapestry, about half of the $325 million set aside by the company for capital expenditures and cloud computing is going to new store openings and renovations in China.
"Aside from launching special promotional events for men and consumers buying for their sweethearts on Valentine's Day, cosmetics companies can come up with more tailor-made product sets targeting different consumer groups during different festive shopping galas," Deng said.
Aside from the design and construction of transportation infrastructure, its business scope includes real estate development, industrial manufacturing, logistics and trade, railway transportation, environmental protection, engineering project inspection, design consulting, education and training.
We had to put aside the plan and my wife got back to work.
"Aside from the impact from the Ulan Buh Desert, what made protection work even harder is that the area is confronting multiple impacts brought by the environmental issues of neighboring areas, such as water and soil erosion at Wula Mountain and landslide issues in nearby mining areas," said Jia Haiyuan, project manager with Third Construction Co Ltd of China Construction First Group (CSCEC1B3), a unit of China State Construction Engineering Group Co Ltd. With the area facing tough and numerous environmental issues, Ulansuhai Nur has an area "awaiting cleanup" of its 14,700 square kilometers, making it the "hardest nut to crack" among its peers, which was exactly what the company was facing back in June 2019, when it came here to work with the local government to make fundamental changes to the area.
This year, more than 230 companies from around the world were surveyed and studied, he said, adding that it is estimated companies will set aside $26.5 billion from profits for reinvestment in China in 2022.
One of the beneficiaries of the program, Nothokozo Ngulube, from Gwanda district, Matebeleland South Province, said the drilling initiative had brought convenience to women since spending more time searching for water meant that they had to set aside productive work.
该项目的受益者之一,来自Matebeleland South省Gwanda区的Nothokozo Ngulube表示,钻井计划为妇女带来了便利,因为花更多时间寻找水源意味着她们必须留出生产性工作。
Export business aside, Beijing-based China Railway Sixth Group Co Ltd, a subsidiary of China Railway Group Ltd, delivered the Cat Linh-Ha Dong Metro Line project-Vietnam's first metro line-to its client in Hanoi earlier this month.
除了出口业务外,总部位于北京的中国中铁第六集团有限公司,中国中铁集团有限公司的子公司,于本月早些时候在河内向其客户交付了Cat Linh-Ha Dong地铁项目——越南的第一条地铁线路。
The company has set aside dedicated funds to social responsibility programs like increasing incomes for the poor, improving medical assistance, promoting rural economic efficiency and subsidizing education programs.
Enabling rice planting, production and processing aside, the executive said the Chinese firm will deploy more resources to develop an entire industry chain that integrates livestock breeding, greenhouse vegetables, liquor brewing, beef processing and other related services to further enrich the local economy.
Customers can also get access to various daily supplies aside from vehicle-related items like lubricants, cleaning agents and car-wash equipment.
Aside from producing Baijiu, distillers grains can also the raw material of biogas, which is used to generate electricity and heat for the industrial park as well as neighboring villages, Zhou said.
The bank will ramp up nonperforming loan clearance and disposal, adopt a multilayered approach to refine the management of clients whose loans turn sour, continuously improve risk offset capacity by setting aside adequate allowances for impairment losses on loans, and accelerate digital transformation of credit risk management," he said.
Market access and other traditional business areas aside, the RCEP agreement also includes a number of new components, such as intellectual property protection and collaboration, e-commerce and small and medium-sized enterprises, indicating the agreement is a modern and high-quality agreement, and it also promotes transparency and predictability of trade, she said.
Aside from audiovisual companies like Xigua and Bilibili, text and picture-based content creation companies like Weibo and Zhihu are also stepping up efforts to develop products to expand user bases.
Zhihu, a Chinese Q&A forum similar to Quora, recently put forward a plan to support its content creators to produce videos aside from text and pictures, and announced 500 million yuan in financial support for the plan.
We've set aside 1 billion yuan ($147.18 million) for research and development where we don't aim to make profit, but aim to own self-developed products," she said.
Aside from using big data to help governments with policymaking, CSG is also leveraging its data analysis strengths to help enterprise customers troubleshoot equipment and offer customized services.
Aside from big data and AI, CSG also utilized its cloud computing technologies to offer contactless services to its clients to avoid contagion.
Wu has chosen to step aside amid the transition, giving leeway to better promote the company's business, technological, intellectual property and ecological construction that accords with more future-facing business roles.
Yin Jiangbo had to chart a new plan for the year with a long-term vision while setting aside for now the losses his firm recently suffered.
Local banks are asked to set aside special loan programs with lower loan interest rates for SMEs affected by the virus outbreak.
Sinopharm has also set aside 1 billion yuan ($144 million) to prevent the novel coronavirus from spreading.
Aside from the 2,300 jobs Fuyao America has directly created, its supply chain is generating 3,800 additional jobs in the region.
Page's voice has been impaired for years because of a chronic condition, but his health did not play a role in the decision to step aside, Alphabet said.
Some landlords set aside a floor or two in traditional office buildings to serve WeWork's target audience.
But jokes aside, iTutorGroup has grown into a benchmark in the online education industry.
All that aside, though it is exciting to envision AI's future role in the industry, one fact remains: it will never replace human emotion and interaction.
Aside from an increase of sales volume, Sinopec said the revenue increase was also due to a rise in the sales price for gas and liquefied natural gas.
The announcement followed Maoyan's news of a partnership with Tencent for work in various entertainment sectors, aside from ticketing and box office tracking.
Md Shafiqul Islam, a director of the project, said the bridge will offer an alternative and important way of transportation aside from shipping, and the connection will facilitate trade and economic development, especially in less developed areas.
Aside from consolidating its market position in Guangdong province, Wipro is looking to tap Central China and finally eastern China regions, driven by an expected compound annual growth rate of over 20 percent in three years and revenue nearly doubling in the same period, said Nagender Arya, regional director of East Asia and Africa at Wipro Consumer Care.
First-tier cities aside, Bailey said that they will also expand deeper into lower-tier cities.
Aside from their rollout of innovative original content, industrial heavyweights, like Tencent Video and Alibaba-backed Youku, and unicorn rivals, such as Bilibili and TikTok, have alike strived to build greater overseas presence to energize growth.
Facebook Inc beat analysts' estimates for quarterly revenue on Wednesday, aided by growth in its Instagram business and a surge in advertising sales, while also setting aside up to $5 billion to cover anticipated official US privacy penalties.
I try to put mistakes aside, learn from them, and concentrate on what I can do now.
That aside, demand has risen as more industries are becoming aware of women power," said Chen.
The industrial giant also announced it had reached a settlement with the US Department of Justice regarding its former subprime-mortgage business for $1.5 billion, a figure that matches the amount the company set aside for liability in the probe last April.
Aside from Guangzhou-Cebu air route, China Southern Airlines also operates a route from Guangzhou to Manila, the capital of the Philippines.
According to the agreement, Luye Pharma will retain the asset rights, commercial sales rights, the registration permit, all intellectual property rights and other product-related rights, aside from product promotion rights.
Consumer products aside, UK cutting-edge technology is in high demand as China makes a structural shift from a former manufacturing hub to a knowledge economy.
Aside from supporting financing for large companies to introduce new green technologies, the bank is also designing a project in Shandong province to provide funding for small and medium-sized enterprises to exit from polluting technologies.
Dollars and cents aside, Mak has also helped elevate the company’s reputation as an organization that empowers women.
"Aside from the slower growth rate that we are seeing, the inventory of second-hand heavy machinery has been building up, which also indicates that the sales growth in the primary market will be slower," he said.
Ross said that ZTE and its affiliates have agreed to pay a $1 billion fine and set aside $400 million in an escrow account.
"Chinese businesses should unite and brush aside attempts to sow discord," Liu added.
Aside from diversifying the offerings and accelerating new product innovation of the 10 brands currently owned and operated by the company, Jahwa said it would also look for more opportunities for mergers and acquisitions.
Aside from metals, the new Shanghai warehouse will house cocoa beans, which Chinese traders typically buy from African countries including Ghana and Nigeria.
Aside from improved registration, he said a key next step would be for the industry to jointly look at the reimbursement system for innovative therapies coming to the market, as effective pricing and reimbursement system will facilitate access to innovative medicines and stimulate continuous innovation.
The reason China becomes the largest market for air purifiers, population aside, is not because the country has the worst air conditions, but people here have the highest awareness.
Arrival of tourists from China to Indonesia has showed expanding trend in the last few years with their apparent domination was seen in Bali, brushed aside counties which previously dominated foreign tourist arrivals in the Indonesia's exotic island.
According to the agreement, Qiang Sheng will set aside 1,600 business licenses for e-hailing services while Geely and State Grid will offer 1,600 electric cars for services.
Aside from supportive measures from the government of Shah Alam, he added that more partners will be included as Mobike scales up.
Aside from emerging markets, "Japan, South Korea, Western Europe and most of the English-speaking countries are on the top priority of our expansive roadmap," she said.
The bank's provision coverage ratio, a measure of funds set aside to cover bad loans, rose to 181.8 percent from 173.4 percent at the end of last year.
The bank's provision coverage ratio, a measure of funds set aside to cover bad loans, rose to 145.8 percent from 136.7 percent at the end of last year.
Aside from the MRI and remote monitoring devices, other medical key equipment for the examination and treatment of patients is also available in the vehicle.
"Importantly, the sale will allow the government to set aside earnings to repay its upcoming debt maturities and reduce its external debt, a key constraint on Sri Lanka's credit quality," it added.
Ma said Alibaba will have two more new data centers in this fiscal year, one in Malaysia and the other in Indonesia, aside from the current two in Australia and Singapore, a sign that the company attaches great importance to the region.
The company will set aside $200 million every year for research to explore application of technologies like industrial digitalization, automatic control and big data in food safety.
"After coordination with both parties, the bureau has urged companies to put aside disputes to prevent negative social impacts.
The online giant had lost market share in restaurants but is "putting aside a pretty good budget to get back on the competition front", according to Lau.
"Aside from the obvious benefits on the financial side of doing business with China, Holgate said that her own company, Blackmores, has taken lessons from China in the way they advance their own natural health solutions.
Aside from the "Einstein's Brain", "Virtual Mosquitoes", "Wake-up-from-Love Insults", and other whimsical virtual products have also carved out their own spaces.
Zhou Mi, a senior researcher at the Chinese Academy of International Trade and Economic Cooperation, said that aside from being used in the high-technology sector, many graphite materials are also used for weapons or other products in the military field.
Likewise, Yang Shan, a tourist from east China's Shandong Province, also planned her itinerary to allow visits to both Sanya and Haikou, setting aside one day for duty-free shopping with her little daughter.
A certain amount of government procurement projects will be set aside for small and medium-sized enterprises, according to the guideline.
China brings cooperation and opportunity to the world, not confrontation and risk, she said, adding any acts to push forward "de-sinicization" in the name of reducing risks push aside cooperation and opportunity.
Aside from landing orders on site, many buyers made appointments with exhibitors for field surveys in hopes of extensive cooperation in the future, according to the ministry.
Aside from the base effect, Zhang said the quarterly data indicates the economy is experiencing a mixed recovery.
Aside from intensifying its efforts to support local governments in issuing more government bonds, the ministry will take measures to help local water resources authorities and projects to communicate with financial institutions to get more loans, he said.
Aside from attracting foreign investment, China's high-level opening-up will provide strategic guidance and policy support for Chinese multinational corporations to become global leading brands, said Ding Shizhong, a CPPCC National Committee member and board chairman of Anta Group, a sportswear manufacturer based in Jinjiang, Fujian province.
Aside from the overall economic growth, China also made significant headway in maintaining consumer price stability, guaranteeing food and energy security, and improving people's livelihoods.
The US needs to put aside the mentality of overweening pride and listen carefully to the concerns of other WTO members because the US measures not only cause trade disruptions and market turmoil, but also fundamentally damage the stability and authority of the multilateral trading system in which all members have common interests.
They include ensuring that the urban unemployment rate stays below 5 percent, having Shanghai's per-capita disposable income grow at a similar pace as the city's economic growth, containing consumer price rises at around 3 percent and setting aside 3 percent of GDP for environmental protection.
•xa0Containing the consumer price rise at around 3 percent and setting aside 3 percent of the GDP for environment protection expenditure.
They include ensuring the urban unemployment rate stays below 5 percent, having Shanghai's per-capita disposable income grow at a similar pace as the city's economic growth, containing consumer price increase at around 3 percent, and setting aside 3 percent of the GDP for use on environment protection.
In the past three years, China's outbound tourism has been sluggish due to COVID-19 restrictions, as people put aside plans for international travel, according to a 2022 report by the China Tourism Academy.
Many stationery stores set aside special back-to-school sections that sell items with promotional labels such as "necessary for students" and "recommended by teachers".
Aside from this, when his shop underwent renovations, he was exempt from paying rent for two more months.
The Next Generation EU, a historic stimulus package for 2021-27, worth 1.8 trillion euros ($1.79 trillion) in 2018, would set aside at least 37 percent of the recovery fund for green transition, Wang Hong said.
Aside from fixing pollution control facilities and rolling out effective measures to reduce carbon emissions, they should also intensify environmental monitoring work.
"Aside from ramping up capacity building with training and seminars, Chinese enterprises should designate special personnel to take charge of environmental protection work, it added.
Aside from the wine sector, the Chinese market has become important for a growing number of Italian industries in recent years, despite the global economic slowdown caused by the COVID-19 pandemic.
"And all barriers to cooperation and coordination should be cast aside and removed, whether they stand from ideological, international, or political prejudices," he added.
Aside from market opportunities, experts also stressed the challenges a more domestic consumption-oriented China will bring, identifying e-commerce, on-site production and innovation as key adjustments for future success.
Aside from Vinda, PepsiCo, Want Want, Coca Cola and Unilever are also top performers, reporting significant growth in their consumer base.
Even if we put aside economic definitions, it's easy to understand that consumers will be more willing to spend in a society with fewer worries over living costs and muted complaints about wealth disparities.
Aside from cultural products, the Trade in Services area will display innovative service solutions in multiple industries, including financial consulting, logistics, and tourism.
About 60,000 square meters have been set aside for international exhibitions featuring fashion, jewelry, food and supplements, hospitality and professional services.
Aside from making money, we are glad that more people became familiar with our brand name, and we made connections that we consider helpful for our business," he said.
Aside from cutting SOEs' administrative functions and overcapacity in certain industries, China launched a 200-billion-yuan fund in Shanghai late last month to facilitate mixed-ownership reform and cutting-edge technology innovation at its SOEs.
Under the proposal and promotion of the Association of Southeast Asian Nations, countries put aside their disputes and worked toward the launch of RCEP negotiations in 2012.

四级Building on a child's ability to feel joy, rather than pushing it aside, wouldn't be that hard.



四级Before you brush this argument aside as rubbish, or think of joy as an unaffordable luxury in a nation where there is awful poverty, low academic achievement, and high dropout rates, think again.



六级Ego aside, a third advantage is that the emotional neutrality of indifferent relationships has been found to enhance critical evaluation, to strengthen one's focus on task resolution, and to gain greater access to valuable information.


2019年6月六级真题(第三套)阅读 Section C

高考Leaving aside the birth rate issue, India's economy may take off when the country achieves of educational opportunity.


2017年高考英语江苏卷 任务型阅读 题设

六级But in order to take advantage of these common-sense solutions, Americans will have to put aside their own attachment to the idea of smaller government and less regulation



六级a basis for explaining human genetic diversityan aid to understanding different populationsan explanation for social and cultural differencesa term to describe individual human characteristicsmodern genetics research is likely to fuel racial conflictsrace is a poorly defined marker of human genetic diversityrace as a biological term can explain human genetic diversitygenetics research should consider social and cultural variablesit is absolutely necessary to put race aside in making diagnosisit is important to include social variables in genetics researchracial categories for genetic diversity could lead to wrong clinical predictionsdiscrimination against black people may cause negligence in clinical treatmentThey be more precise with the language they use.



六级Soon after I arrived, the chief executive of the agency that had invited us took me aside.



四级Somewhere along the way I set aside my hopes of writing that flawless essay.



四级Aside from cleaning-up, the two will also cook breakfast, and even get coffee and painkillers for recovering merrymakers.


2019年6月四级真题(第一套)听力 Section A

六级If Paris was cast aside, the tradition of beauty was also to some degree slighted.



考研The fund will also be used to compensate landowners who set aside habitat.


2016年考研真题(英语二)阅读理解 Section Ⅱ

六级But very often, a writer can appear to stand aside, and this detachment makes people feel there's a bit of ice in the heart.



高考Data shows that kids and teens who do read frequently, compared to infrequent readers, have more books in the home, more books purchased for them, parents who read more often, and parents who set aside time for them to read.


2018年高考英语全国卷2 阅读理解 阅读C 原文

高考The key is that before bills and living expenses start to eat away your salary, you should put aside the savings portion of your pay.


2016年高考英语上海卷 听力 原文

四级The traditional view of such moments is that they constitute a charming but irrelevant byproduct of youth— something to be pushed aside to make room for more important qualities, like perseverance ( ' , 坚持不懈 ), obligation, and practicality.

对这些时刻的传统看法是,它们构成了一种迷人但不相关的年轻副产品——可以将其推到一边,为更重要的品质腾出空间,比如毅力(“,坚持不懈 ), 义务性,实用性。


四级Aside from the panels on the roof, Premier Gardens looks like a community of conventional homes.

除了屋顶上的嵌板,Premier Gardens看起来就像一个传统住宅社区。


四级I've got a little put aside for a rainy day, but I might need to earn a little more before we go.


2017年12月四级真题(第一套)听力 Section B

四级The traditional view of such moments is that they constitute a charming but irrelevant byproduct of youth — something to be pushed aside to make room for more important qualities, like perseverance, obligation, and practicality.


2015年12月四级真题(第一套)阅读 Section B

四级We are rediscovering Dewey and Montessori and a lot of the practices that they pioneered that have been forgotten or at least put aside.


2019年6月四级真题(第三套)阅读 Section B

六级And while Rubinoff believes there are a good number of four-year schools that truly care about these students and set aside significant resources and programs for them, he says that number isn't high enough.



六级But in order to take advantage of these common-sense solutions, Americans will have to put aside their own attachment to the idea of smaller government and less regulation.



六级A man who had recently reconciled with his brother told Gold there's something that lets older people to put aside bad deeds of the past and focus a little on what we need now, especially when it's sisters and brothers.



六级The writer can stand aside from experience and look at it, watch it happening.



六级All those things are true, but aside from him, all his friends and family are played by actors.


2019年12月六级真题(第一套)听力 Section A

六级If you'd like, I can set one aside for you.


2017年12月六级真题(第一套)听力 Section A

六级President Abraham Lincoln, during the Civil War, issued a proclamation setting aside the last Thursday in November for the holiday.


2018年6月六级真题(第一套)阅读 Section A

六级The tiny island nation has set aside 500, 000 square kilometers 80 percent—of its maritime territory, for full protection.


2017年12月六级真题(第二套)阅读 Section A

六级When you have done this, try to organize your life so that the time set aside for learning coincides with the time when your memory is at its best.


2017年6月六级真题(第一套)听力 Section C

考研Nostalgia for ink on paper and the rustle of pages aside, there’s plenty of incentive to ditch print.



考研He quotes a giant of classical economies, Alfred Marshall, in describing this financial impatience as acting like "children who pick the plums out of their pudding to eat them at once" rather than putting them aside to be eaten last.

他引用了古典经济巨人阿尔弗雷德·马歇尔(Alfred Marshall)的话,将这种金融上的不耐烦描述为“孩子们从布丁上摘下李子,马上吃掉”,而不是把它们放在一边等着最后吃掉。

2019年考研真题(英语一)阅读理解 Section Ⅱ

考研If the bills become law, state boards and commissions will be required to set aside 50 percent of board seats for women by 2022.


2020年考研真题(英语一)阅读理解 Section Ⅱ

考研Nostalgia for ink on paper and the rustle of pages aside, there's plenty of incentive to ditch print.


2016年考研真题(英语一)阅读理解 Section Ⅱ

六级a basis for explaining human genetic diversity an aid to understanding different populations an explanation for social and cultural differences a term to describe individual human characteristics The example of the disease cystic fibrosis underdiagnosed in people of African ancestry demonstrates that it is absolutely necessary to put race aside in making diagnosis it is important to include social variables in genetics research.



六级” She goes from bed, to desk, to bath, to bed, avoiding all contact aside from phone calls with her nine children.



六级” Soon after I arrived, the chief executive of the agency that had invited us took me aside.



四级Clothes which have been worn only a few times have to be put aside because of the change of fashion.



四级The ruling, though it may yet be reversed, sets aside the principle that biology is the primary determinant of parentage.



四级The Princess responded by brushing aside the criticisms: “This is a distraction (干扰) we do not need.

公主对这些批评置之不理:“这太分散注意力了(干扰) 我们不需要。


四级Where once retirement was seen as a brief reward after a long struggle through some miserable job, it is now akin (近似) to being cast aside.

退休曾经被视为在经历了长期的痛苦工作后的短暂回报,现在类似于(近似) 被抛弃。


四级The traditional view of such moments is that they constitute a charming but irrelevant byproduct of youth—something to be pushed aside to make room for more important qualities, like perseverance (坚持不懈), obligation, and practicality.

对这些时刻的传统看法是,它们构成了年轻人迷人但无关紧要的副产品——一些东西可以被推到一边,为更重要的品质腾出空间,比如毅力(坚持不懈), 义务和实用性。


考研Just as we set aside wilderness areas and wildlife reserves to allow animals and growing things to develop naturally while we observe them, so perhaps Earth was set aside ages ago for the same purpose.



考研It is nothing for a big, strong schoolboy to elbow an elderly woman aside in the dash for the last remaining seat on the tube or bus, much less stand up and offer his seat to her, as he ought.



考研Everyone is very peaceful, polite and friendly until, waiting in a line for lunch, the new arrival is suddenly pushed aside by a man in a white coat, who rushes to the head of the line, grabs his food and stomps over to a table by himself.