vt.(给…)消毒,消除(计算机)病毒, 给(电脑)杀毒
词根词缀记忆/谐音联想记忆 补充/纠错
v 杀菌;消毒(使带病菌的微生物无法生长)
in …………
词根记忆dis(未) + infect(污染) → 未被污染的 → 只有消了毒才能保证不被污染 → disinfec …………
词性拓展记忆 / 词形拓展记忆
Rong Jun, deputy director of Beijing Municipal Commission of Transport said at the press conference that some drivers of the platforms do not disinfect or ventilate their vehicles, do not wear masks or wear them correctly, or do not dissuade the passengers who do not wear masks as required.
We have body temperature checked twice a day, educate employees about disease prevention and control measures through speakers and screens and disinfect vehicles and areas.
There are special personnel deployed to disinfect the scenic area and hotels.
Its drones have also been applied in Italy to disinfect trash collection stations and parking lots in a bid to reduce infections.
XAG has also teamed up with local authorities in South Korea and Vietnam to use drones to disinfect schools and government office areas, the company said.
At this time, the company has two ways to handle coronavirus medical waste: burning or heating the material to disinfect it, Lei said.
The service team inspects the factory every day, helps disinfect more than 20,000 square meters of the producing and office area and conducts temperature checks for workers.
Eight professional teams have also been set up to comprehensively implement epidemic prevention and control measures as well as disinfect production, material storing and living areas, Chen said.
"People can disinfect their hands anytime and anywhere as more than a dozen hand sanitizers were set up in the hotel.
One-meter bars were set at the shop's sales counters and sanitizers were provided, while staff will keep customer flows at a safe distance and disinfect public areas regularly every day, Zhang said.
Behind the recent bumper harvest is the local success in promoting agricultural technologies, such as the use of LED (light-emitting diode) light to disinfect lychee trees and the development of high-yield varieties, said Liang Jihao, deputy head of the department.
Robots have also been widely used at the Games to cook and deliver food, patrol competition venues as security guards and disinfect stadiums.
At the CIFTIS which began on Friday and will continue through Wednesday, other Chinese robotics manufacturers have also showcased their latest robots which can offer medical advice, deliver medicines, guide patients, measure patients' temperature, and disinfect wards in hospitals.
Robots are becoming increasingly popular in China as they check body temperature, deliver food and drugs, help disinfect offices and wards and accompany children and patients via voice interaction and body movements.
"Robots that can check body temperature, deliver drugs, and help disinfect offices, wards and other areas are very popular," Bi said.
5G-enabled robots can deliver drugs, check temperature, offer medical advice, guide routes, clean and disinfect rooms, which can improve ward isolation management.
JD said the products sold by the machines are sourced from its fresh-food supermarkets, where employees regularly clean and disinfect the machines and also monitor the quality and quantity of produce.
In Central China's Henan province and North China's Hebei province, villagers in rural areas use agricultural plant protection UAVs to disinfect the roads and houses in villages.
By combining chloric acid and plasma, the company's robot can disinfect the environment where both human beings and machines are present.