词根词缀记忆/谐音联想记忆 补充/纠错
词根feas 做,制作 + ible 可…的 → 能做的 …………
联想记忆fe=feel 感觉 + easi=easy 容易 + iable =able能…… → 感觉容易的 …………
词根记忆 / 词缀记忆
feasible a 可行的,合理的(feas做+ible…可 做的)
invincible a 不可征服的(in不+vinc战胜+ible)
eligible a 合格的(e出+lig选择+ible…挑选出来的…合格的) …………
be feasible to do sth. 做某事是可行的
a feasible alternative to ... 一个可行的替代方案...
feasible plan 可行的计划
feasible explanation 可行的解释
feasible new sources of energy 可行的新能源
His proposals sound quite feasible.
Mary questioned whether it was feasible to stimulate investment in these regions
Eric thought out a feasible plan.
The company aims to combine advanced technologies including artificial intelligence to help detect ILD patients and high-risk groups, so that standard treatment and disease management following early detection will become more feasible.
"More efforts are expected to explore other low-carbon fuels that are both technically and economically feasible, such as sustainable aviation fuel and green methanol, for aviation and maritime shipping," Zou said.
The Universities for Goal 13 Award (UG 13) is a competition for young students worldwide, encouraging them to explore innovative yet feasible solutions through multidisciplinary approaches, to further contribute to the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals.
We will showcase the GiM China MVP3, a digital platform that can offer feasible energy saving solutions to energy-intensive industries, as well as NK/NKE pumps that have high reliability and low maintenance costs, at this year's expo.
我们将在今年的博览会上展示GiM China MVP3,这是一个数字平台,可以为能源密集型行业提供可行的节能解决方案,以及具有高可靠性和低维护成本的NK/NKE泵。
"A successful example by a leading player in the industry can help point the direction and offer feasible solutions.
Oriental Energy, a major propylene producer and liquefied petroleum gas distributor in China, said SAF currently represents an important and feasible solution to reduce aviation greenhouse gas emissions.
"It's feasible to let professional and credible third-party organizations evaluate charity projects," said Tao, suggesting a system of applying independent accountability checks when necessary, so as to reduce problems and support good projects.
This is no longer desirable or feasible; so, a modular method has been adopted in many countries such as Iceland and Qatar, in a bid to reduce the work at the main construction site by using one or more prefabrication and preassembly sites in other locations.
In-flight Wi-Fi has room for development as a value-added, paid-for service, like in other advanced countries, said Yu, adding that airlines should explore more profitable and feasible business models.
The feasible technical scheme has been widely recognized by authoritative institutions and important customers such as China Railway Rolling Stock Corp, China International Marine Containers (Group) and CRRC Qingdao Sifang Vehicle Research Institute Co Ltd. Relying on its patented technological advantages and customer confidence, the company signed the world's first dual-use unloader supply contract for open-top containers and open wagons last year.
Investors usually take it as a key factor to see whether a startup's business model is feasible.
"More importantly, we will invest more to develop digital medical solutions, artificial intelligence and telemedicine services so that medical technologies will be more convenient and feasible," he said.
"He also spoke highly of the clinical trial environment in China, saying it is very feasible for the company to carry out large-scale clinical trial projects due to the open-minded regulatory environment.
I think 20 to 30 spaces over the next two to three years are definitely feasible for us.
At the same time, improved logistics networks and high warehouse capacity made a delivery service more feasible for eBay.
Chiao further said: "When you consider all this, the opportunity to make the GBA an innovation hub is entirely feasible.
In the future, the firm will build an integrated platform to provide services including raising funds and capital operations, and financial solutions that are scientific and feasible, according to CIFS.
It will also conduct social and environmental impact assessments for the feasible alignment and prepare preliminary cost estimates, according to the MoU.
"The fully electric large commercial aircraft is not feasible with the constraints of today's energy storage technologies.
"We are not going to build new plants there … So that is feasible," Chen said.
And it is technically feasible," said Duan, adding that the issue was actually an old one, as previous collaboration with Chinese customers in hardware products had touched off such debate and GE backed up its promise with real work.
The country can better implement policy measures promoting the growth of private enterprises, he said, suggesting the authorities roll out detailed implementation measures for policies already in place, to make them more feasible and effective in addressing problems facing private enterprises.
"As the guidance has launched very detailed policies, private enterprises need not worry about whether they can expand investment, but need only to consider whether their business model is feasible, and to develop with greater resources and a positive attitude," Yang said.
"As the guidance has launched very detailed policies, private enterprises need not worry about whether they can expand investment, but only need to consider whether their business model is feasible, and to develop with greater resources input and the most positive attitude," Yang said.
Feasible solutions include gradually extending the retirement age, increasing human capital accumulation through education and training, and replacing labor with new technologies.
"It looks like the government plans to create more jobs with a lower GDP growth, which is feasible under the services-led recovery," Yu said.
During the pandemic, many people worked at home and began to realize that working online is feasible.
It serves as a platform to deeply analyze the new situation and challenges in the fight against infringement and counterfeiting while exploring feasible ways to strengthen IPR protection, stimulate the potential and vitality of cooperation, gather the wisdom and strength of all parties, and promote global governance of infringement and counterfeiting.
GUO: China is demonstrating to the world that it is feasible to strike the right balance between economic development and environmental protection, which will lead to profound and long-term benefits.
Jiang added some cities tried to issue targeted vouchers for low - and middle-income groups, which is technically feasible.
There is still much room for China to adopt progressive policies and thus, a higher economic growth target is feasible.
Both Jiangsu and Anhui provinces have urged full delivery of tax and fee breaks together with feasible policies that can make local businesses profitable.
It is feasible for the PBOC to roll out easing measures despite the foreseen interest rate hikes by the US Federal Reserve, Zhong said.
"Any new reform steps will be much more feasible with active participation from China", given that it is the world's second-largest economy, he said.
The State Council and related departments as well as local governments need to create scientific and feasible approaches and procedures for tax collection and management, said the decision.
Feasible plans need to be made to properly levy taxes on high-income groups.
Regarding the market exit mechanism, the new regulation has improved the cancellation system of market entities and helped make the process easier and more feasible, while it is important in further catalyzing social resources, he said.
It is more feasible to increase tariff exclusion rates and enhance mutual beneficial interactions.
In addition to readjusting the tariff rate for certain steel products, output cut should be the main theme for China's steel mills in the second half of this year, not only because of environmental targets but also because it would not be feasible for companies to produce much steel when the operational, environmental and material costs are very high, he said.
Despite rising demand, it is certainly not feasible for trains to replace maritime transport's major role in trade, said Dong Liwan, a professor of shipping and port services at Shanghai Maritime University.
Therefore, we should accelerate the transformation as realistic and feasible technologies have already come into existence.
"From the perspective of macro policy, I think the targets proposed in the Government Work Report are reasonable and feasible," he said.
For example, in Sichuan, it may not be feasible to preserve ice sculptures on the scale of Harbin's iconic Ice-Snow World.
The country also plans to operationalize pilot projects of its electric vertical takeoff and landing aircraft by 2025, achieve feasible verification of key technologies for hydrogen-powered aircraft, and further strengthen green aviation infrastructure, according to the guideline jointly issued by the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, the Ministry of Science and Technology, the Ministry of Finance and the Civil Aviation Administration of China.
- Incentive mechanisms can be a feasible path to achieving net-zero emissions, according to a report released in Beijing by the Boao Forum for Asia Academy on Thursday.
Yin mentioned that technically, new energy heavy-duty trucks are already feasible for daily use and now require certain policy support for further promotion.
Clean hydrogen, meanwhile, will significantly contribute to decarbonization where direct electrification is not feasible or too costly, he said.
He said it is important to explore feasible paths for achieving a high proportion of locally produced and locally consumed renewable energy at the county level, promote the role of biomass energy in achieving China's green targets, advance the energy revolution and support rural revitalization.
It has not only accelerated the development of clean power replacements, but also provided a technically feasible and economical solution for large scale green power, he said.
Xia also said that thanks to the improvement in mining technology, infrastructure and supporting systems, iron ore reserves that once were not feasible for exploration have become ready for production, creating more space for speeding up the development of domestic mines.
China's high-speed maglev transportation system leads the world, providing feasible "Chinese solution" for green and smart rail transit in the future, a transportation expert said.
However, the green upgrade of the Chinese steel industry faces great challenges, such as the complexity of carbon emissions in steelmaking, the relatively short time span to realize carbon reduction goals, limited potential in further improving mature and feasible technologies and the increased cost to reduce emissions.
Sources with the mystery box giant Pop Mart expressed supportive attitude towards the guidelines and said that the company will cooperate with the regulator to explore feasible detailed schemes.
In 2020, statistically feasible supplies of scrap steel in China achieved about 260 million tons.
And it is feasible, if we adopt the proper means," said Edmond Alphandery, a former French Minister of Economy and chairman of the European Task Force on Carbon Pricing.
Carbon trading was not that economically feasible for some provinces to actually reduce emissions.
The commission also stressed that there are feasible technologies which can guarantee the sound operation of the trading market.
com, said long-term and stable patient-doctor interactions on internet healthcare platforms have become feasible, thanks to advanced technologies.
com, said long-term and stable patient-doctor connections on internet healthcare platforms have become feasible thanks to advanced technologies, and such connections-especially between repeat patients and their doctors-effectively enhance allocations of China's regionally unbalanced medical resources.
Last year, the company also launched a virtual reality-empowered online visit service for customers to get a clear online look at aesthetic medicine practice options when offline visits are not feasible.
Meanwhile, AI-powered virtual hosts are foraying into the industry as they offer a cost-efficient and feasible alternative to hiring real people, according to industry insiders.
Economically feasible technical solutions to achieve ultralow emission in the industry across the whole country are still needed, he said.
It will become economical and feasible, then, to find and extract resources that are too expensive to make use of right now.
Rail transport was not feasible as it involved having a full train laden with goods to make it economically viable.
Zhu Hengpeng, a researcher in health policy and industry at the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences, estimated that tariff and tax reductions will make it feasible for pharmaceutical companies to trim cancer treatment medicine prices by about 8 percentage points on average.
"Shifting manufacturing to other countries is simply not feasible in real time or at scale," Cove testified.
Contestants' enthusiasm is clear in the works they've submitted to the Made in China national innovation and entrepreneurship public service platform, following the recent kickoff of a contest in Beijing to collect innovative and feasible project ideas aimed at helping Jinghai district in Tianjin boost development.
Considering its special structure and huge user density during the Games, the technical team responsible for the venue's network and communication has been working on feasible solutions since 2019, when the gym was first put into use.
They will explore the feasible paradigms of global AI governance and promote exchanges, mutual-learning and inclusiveness among different cultures.
In fact, SME leaders should set short-term, feasible and specific goals based on their situations, and carry out concrete actions with the idea of prioritizing digital deployment in mind. "
In addition, the two companies will conduct comprehensive discussions on feasible plans to further deepen their cooperation.
For car companies that may not be able to get the chips they need, a "sit and wait" attitude is not feasible.
Liu Wenping, an analyst with China Merchant Securities, said echelon utilization is more feasible in that the mainstay power battery made of lithium iron phosphate does not contain high-value metals like cobalt and nickel.
CRU points out that, although feasible, exporting electric vehicles may not be an easy thing for Chinese manufacturers, "but if Chinese EVs were price-competitive, widely available and marketed appropriately, we believe that there is no reason why they could not be successful globally in the coming decade", the report said.
Neil Wu, an auto analyst at consultancy firm Roland Berger, said the adoption of electric vehicles for buses is feasible because their fixed routes make it easier for them to get charged and their total ownership cost is cheaper than gasoline ones.
Autonomous taxi services are fast emerging as feasible business models for commercializing driverless technologies.
Fridman does not believe this is feasible.
Shu at Roland Berger said feasible solutions for getting LeEco's first volume car on the road could be through outsourcing, purchasing, or establishing joint ventures in the production stages, while the company concentrates on the software, connectivity and experience aspects.
To cope with the situation, BMW views research and development localization for autonomous driving technology as a crucial foundation to make automated vehicles feasible on the road in China.
With extreme weather shifts becoming more common, it is not feasible to continuously establish new hydrometric stations in every area deemed as flood-prone, Li said.
Lenovo Group chairman and CEO Yang Yuanqing said US-China technology and supply chain decoupling will hurt the interests of the two countries and is not feasible.
A feasible way (to solve the problem) is to replace their hidden debts introduced by LGFVs with new local government bonds as there is still space in the national budget for local government debt," Li said.
Expanding this year's fiscal deficit to support smaller businesses and removing restrictions on homebuying should be feasible policy options for China to adopt in order to bring economic recovery back on a more solid track, a former finance minister has said.
"We believe that a large-scale issuance of consumption vouchers is feasible to quickly drive growth.
He added that the reform plan's requirements for improving the management of State-owned financial capital should be steadily and properly implemented, while feasible schemes should be made to achieve unified management of staff at financial regulatory bodies.
Downtrend in key lending rates could hold; RRR cut remains feasible optionChina's benchmark rate for bank lending still has room to decline during the rest of the year as the central bank's latest open market operations signaled that an accommodative policy stance may continue to buoy economic recovery, experts said on Tuesday.
Against such a backdrop, Zhang said reducing the reserve requirement ratio — or the amount of cash banks must set aside as reserves — could be a feasible policy option in the coming months to nudge corporate financing costs down, a process that could tamp down the LPRs.
Underlining stable economic growth as the ultimate shield against capital outflow risks, they said measures like cutting benchmark interest rates and required reserves of banks remain feasible tools for China's central bank in order to bolster domestic demand and buffer against global economic downward pressures.
The central bank will seek continuous innovation in the application scenarios of the digital yuan, Fan said, adding that feasible application modes of the e-CNY have been established in multiple areas including wholesale, retail, catering and tourism.
Audit work papers that the US regulator needs access to will be obtained by and transferred through the Chinese side, providing a feasible path for protecting information security while strengthening audit supervision cooperation, the officials said.
The agreement has made clear arrangements on the treatment and use of possible sensitive information during audit oversight cooperation, including procedures for processing personal information and other certain data categories, providing a feasible path for both sides to discharge their regulatory mandates while protecting relevant information.
China's economic growth may remain lackluster in the first quarter due to COVID-19 resurgences and slowing export growth, which points to the necessity of policy easing, she said, adding that easing measures will also be feasible at the beginning of the year, since the US Fed has yet to raise interest rates.
Feasible approaches in this regard include further developing regional centers of equity transactions and nurturing more secondary fund managers, who purchase existing partnership interests in private fund vehicles.
It's understood that experts and industry insiders presented feasible digital transformation strategies for the reinsurance industry at the event.
Saving money has become the most feasible operation for young people to accumulate their first bucket of gold and it is also a source of security for the general public in the face of unexpected situations and emergency crises.
The principle of transparency means the mechanism and application rules of the policy tools are specific, feasible, computable and verifiable, and that policies provide targeted and direct support, he said.
The move is necessary and feasible because of new situations in the new era and the new development stage, Shi added.
"In order to prevent potential debt risks, the reform guidance stressed that "local governments should strictly implement the source of repayment funds, scientifically calculate and evaluate the expected income for debt repayment and make feasible repayment plans that could be reflected in the medium-term fiscal program.
Given that women are more cautious in investing, it's feasible for them to start investing by contributing a small but fixed amount of money each month into their investment portfolios, a method that will substantially help reduce risks, Ho said.
Chan said the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region government and the HKMA are ready to actively explore various feasible plans with the PBOC to improve and expand the two-way circulation of cross-border renminbi.

考研Moreover, average overall margins are higher in wholesale than in retail; wholesale demand from the food service sector is growing quickly as more Europeans eat out more often; and changes in the competitive dynamics of this fragmented industry are at last making it feasible for wholesalers to consolidate.



六级When you hear people speaking of making a rapid transition toward any type of energy, whether it is a switch from coal to nuclear power, or a switch from gasoline-powered cars to electric cars, or even a switch from an incandescent to a fluorescent light, understanding energy system inertia and momentum can help you decide whether their plans are feasible.



六级If there's a downward pressure on costs, because of a need for investment in other areas, I would argue that this is a perfectly feasible solution.


2016年12月六级真题(第二套)听力 Section C

六级a politically feasible policy concerning population



四级Some desalination plants exist where feasible, but they are costly to run and can need constant repairs.


2018年12月四级真题(第一套)阅读 Section C

四级Before the internet, renting a surfboard, a power tool or a parking space from someone else was feasible, but was usually more trouble than it was worth



六级To offer a feasible solution to the structural unemployment.



六级When you hear people speaking of making a rapid transition toward any type of energy, whether it is a switch from coal to nuclear power, or a switch from gasoline-powered cars to electric cars, or even a switch from an incandescent to a fluorescent light, understanding energy system inertia and momentum can help you decide whether their plans are feasible.



四级Before the internet, renting a surfboard, a power tool or a parking space from someone else was feasible, but was usually more trouble than it was worth.