词根记忆limit 限制+-less 无 → 无限的 → limitless adj.无限制的;无界限的 …………
"Choosing China as our premier market to launch full-line products in Asia demonstrates the brand's limitless confidence and attention to the China market.
"Seeing how we're growing and knowing that the potential is limitless.
Chau Chak Wing, chairman of Kingold Group, said the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area presents limitless business opportunities and the province's high-quality development has bright prospects, which will give strong impetus to the global economic recovery.
limitless possibilities herald multibillion-yuan sectorArtificial .
""New AI and communications technologies are fueling a new wave of smartphone innovation, creating virtually limitless possibilities for us to explore.
"We would like to transform the limited car cabins into limitless possibilities," Li said.
He added that it showcases a new and more modern body scale and a richer range of features, largely highlighting the limitless possibilities that technology allows for design.
"We are excited at the limitless possibilities that lay ahead as India is an important market for us," Great Wall Motors Chairman Wei Jianjun told India's Economic Times in a statement ahead of the expo.
"Looking ahead, we are heading for an intelligent era in which the potential of robots is limitless.
scenarios rather than the steps we must take today to ensure that we responsibly harness the near limitless potential of AI.
"The potential of this market is really limitless," he said.

高考And I've found that the possibilities that lie within books are limitless.


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