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词根numer 数;计数 + ous …的 → 为数众多 …………
numer发音类似“牛毛”,多如“牛毛”就是nu …………
词性拓展记忆 / 词形拓展记忆
原形:numerous比较级:more numerous最高级:most numerous
对比记忆 / 类比记忆 / 形近词记忆
词根记忆 / 词缀记忆
numerous a 数目众多的( numer+ous)
numerable a 可数的,可计算的(numer+able=能数数的)
numerous a 数目众多的( numer+ous)
enumer …………
numerous times 无数次
numerous people 无数人
numerous difficulties 重重困难
numerous in variety 多种多样
There are numerous people in the house.
Those cats have become more numerous lately.
The moon is only one of the numerous planets in the universe.
There were numerous people at the park enjoying the sunny day.
The library houses numerous books on various subjects.
The city has numerous restaurants offering diverse cuisines.
She received numerous job offers after graduating from college.
The company has numerous branches across the country.
The museum boasts a collection of numerous ancient artifacts.
He had to overcome numerous obstacles to achieve his goal.
The forest is home to numerous species of wildlife.
The concert featured numerous talented musicians.
The city's streets are lined with numerous shops and boutiques.
ai has initiated explorations of autonomous truck logistics and dedicated logistics freight operations in numerous locations across China.
It has also been stepping up the implementation of CO2 injection technology to extract crude from aging oilfields, also known as enhanced oil recovery, using its numerous empty and mature oil and gas reservoirs to transform them into a carbon storage hub.
Looking ahead, the Chinese mainland, which is home to numerous leisure beverage brands, is expected to see market dynamics change as the pressure on consumption growth increases.
CNOOC said it attaches great importance to its investments and collaborations in the Brazilian market, which has vast and rich oil and gas resources with numerous oilfields under construction or in production.
"Xi'an is not only a center in Northwest China, it has become a key destination for numerous tourists who are longing to experience traditional Chinese culture.
The nation's efforts can catalyze innovation and promote collaboration among numerous stakeholders, Chen added.
"Like them, numerous Wuhan University alumni wholeheartedly contribute their love to the university in various ways," he said.
The nation's economic growth has led to people being more and more confident in China-made products, which offers numerous opportunities for time-honored brands to explore.
"The strong demand for sustainable development from the Chinese market, including electric vehicles, sustainable packaging materials and environmentally friendly coatings, presents Dow with numerous opportunities.
Among them, the Sany 750-metric-ton and 630-ton crawler cranes stood out from numerous international brands, undertaking the most critical lifting work of thermal power plants - a major breakthrough for Chinese domestic cranes exported to Africa.
This sentiment was evident at the ongoing China International Import Expo (CIIE) from Nov 5-10, where numerous enterprises vied to showcase their products and establish a strong foothold in the thriving Chinese market.
"Zhang added the CIIE had not only witnessed many of Neste's important moments of signing agreements of collaborations with their industry partners but also allowed them to bring numerous "new products, new experiences" to their Chinese consumers.
"The strong demand for sustainable development from the Chinese market, including electric vehicles, sustainable packaging materials and environmentally friendly coatings, presents Dow with numerous opportunities," said Puay Koon Chia, Dow Asia Pacific President, on the sidelines of the ongoing sixth China International Import Expo.
陶氏亚太区总裁Puay Koon Chia在正在举行的第六届中国国际进口博览会间隙表示:“中国市场对可持续发展的强劲需求,包括电动汽车、可持续包装材料和环保涂料,为陶氏提供了许多机会。”。
Each CIIE witnesses the premieres of numerous global products, technologies and services, with many of them making their debut on a global, Asian, or Chinese scale.
China has massive potential in the petrochemical sector, with a scale and development pace unmatched elsewhere, which has attracted numerous multinational chemical corporations to invest in recent years, said an analyst.
The BRI has facilitated numerous infrastructure construction projects during the past few years, driving significant progress in participating countries and regions, especially in sectors like railway and energy infrastructure development, said Xu.
Numerous opportunities are arising from China's multifaceted drive to further reduce carbon emissions and explore new avenues of growth through hydrogen-powered products, innovative materials, advanced industrial equipment and the development of new energy vehicles, said Chen Bo, CEO of Sinyuan.
It has achieved numerous innovations in areas such as physical purification, trace oxygenation and other processes.
"Our goal is to transform the English testing landscape, making it a bridge rather than a barrier, empowering numerous Chinese students. "
Domestic companies have also embarked on the green transition journey in recent years with overseas partners to step up the implementation of CO2 injection technology to extract crude from aging oil fields — also known as enhanced oil recovery — using their numerous empty and mature oil and gas reservoirs to transform them into a carbon storage hub, seeking to lead the efforts with their decarbonization moves.
Another customer surnamed Liu, meanwhile, was exploring and testing the functions of a Mate 60 pro model phone in store and remarked, "I've visited numerous offline and online shops with relatively high tax-inclusive prices, but having the option to pre-order without any markup right here is truly fantastic!
与此同时,另一位姓刘的顾客正在商店里探索和测试Mate 60 pro型号手机的功能,他说:“我参观了许多线下和线上的商店,它们的含税价格相对较高,但在这里可以选择预购而不加价,真是太棒了!”!
Heyn said China's carbon-neutral goal presents a huge opportunity for Bosch as numerous technologies, like electric mobility with e-motors and power electronics, have to be developed.
As Beijing boasts a lot of first-in-class universities where numerous talents are cultivated, we want to attract and leverage the strength of local talents.
After being inspected at the customs' supervision center located in Heilongjiang Yili Express Co Ltd in Jixi city, Heilongjiang province, numerous packages will be sorted and arrive in Russia via the Mishan port after only two days' transportation.
CNOOC said it attaches great importance to its investments and collaborations in the Brazilian market, which has vast and rich oil and gas resources with numerous oilfields under construction and in production.
"Generative AI and large language models hold immense transformative power in numerous industries, presenting a significant market opportunity for us," Li said, while emphasizing that Baidu is committed to building new growth momentum around generative AI and LLMs to drive sustainable long-term development.
"Generative artificial intelligence and large language models hold immense transformative power in numerous industries, presenting a significant market opportunity for us.
Mounted on the ceiling and walls, numerous anechoic wedges give the room a low ambient noise brimming with a striking sci-fi atmosphere.
The 10-fold improvement in network capabilities in the 5.5G era is set to enable numerous industries to unleash the productivity of digital technology, Huawei said.
"WPP is confident in China's potential and will continue to invest in the market as Chinese brands continue to grow from strength to strength, providing numerous marketing opportunities," Read said.
As numerous large-scale infrastructure projects involved in the Belt and Road Initiative make progress, an increasing number of smaller-scale projects led by leading companies that focus on niche markets are joining forces with major State-owned enterprises to venture overseas.
Lin Boqiang, head of the China Institute for Studies in Energy Policy at Xiamen University, said China's energy transition has brought numerous opportunities to multinational corporations like EDF.
According to Huawei, over 70 partners from across the Asia-Pacific attended event and pledged to continue cooperation and innovation in numerous domains.
Organizer encouraged by development, favorable conditions to drive salesWith numerous Chinese companies rushing to participate in various trade shows at both home and abroad in recent months, Messe Frankfurt, one of the world's largest trade fair and event organizers by sales revenue, is set to hold more than 40 business exhibitions across China in 2023, said its top executive.
The factory has deployed over 30 fourth industrial revolution flexible automation and advanced analytics use cases, improving labor productivity by 45 percent and reducing supplier quality issues by 55 percent, while managing small-size yet numerous customer orders — 80 percent of which are less than five units — according to the World Economic Forum.
"This will present numerous opportunities for companies in different industries.
The transition of China's economy from a manufacturing powerhouse into a more knowledge-based, intelligence-driven economy is bringing numerous business opportunities for Sandpiper in such fields as financial services, technology, healthcare and environmental protection, she said.
From scratch to finish, the birth of an aircraft must go through numerous processes of production and needs the arduous and sophisticated labor of many people, and the A321neo is no exception.
Veolia is committed to further investing in the decarbonization and depollution sectors in the country as China's ambition to achieve carbon neutrality presented foreign companies like Veolia with numerous opportunities, said Estelle Brachlianoff, CEO of Veolia Group, in Beijing on Wednesday.
威立雅集团首席执行官Estelle Brachlianoff周三在北京表示,威立雅致力于进一步投资中国的脱碳和去污染行业,因为中国实现碳中和的雄心为威立雅等外国公司提供了许多机会。
To boost productivity in an all-around way and better participate in the Belt and Road Initiative, the company has also taken part in numerous energy projects overseas, including oil and gas fields, pipelines and power stations.
Numerous power companies begin accelerating 2023 projects to achieve dual carbon targetsChina's State-owned enterprises have been accelerating construction of new energy projects since the start of the year, from photovoltaic power stations to offshore wind farms, which, according to analysts and industry observers, are expected to become new engines driving the country's economic growth.
"The Belt and Road Initiative also brings numerous opportunities of global cooperation in the high-end manufacturing sector with Chinese products and services winning increasing favor in overseas markets," Zhou said.
SASAC said that the plan has led to all-out efforts and numerous breakthroughs in key areas, including optimizing the modern enterprise system and the market-oriented operation mechanism.
Lebouchard said both high-end speakers including portable audio hi-fi speakers and wireless earbud markets are extremely competitive, including in China, where Devialet has numerous brands and products with wide price ranges, adding that technological innovation has been the key to the success of products to date.
The action plan has led to all-out efforts and numerous breakthroughs in key areas, including optimizing the modern enterprise system and the market-oriented operation mechanism.
Maquet believes that China's ambition to peak carbon dioxide emissions by 2030 and achieve carbon neutrality by 2060 has also given foreign companies like Veolia guidance for development, presenting multinational corporations with numerous opportunities.
The plan was designed to transform SOEs into competitive, modern enterprises and lead to all-out efforts by localities and numerous breakthroughs.
They, together, create numerous business scenarios for developing the digital economy".
Through its venture arm Convivialite Ventures LLC, Pernod Ricard has established close collaborations with numerous startups with considerable potential and supports their growth in China.
保乐力加通过其风险投资子公司Convivialite Ventures LLC与众多具有巨大潜力的初创公司建立了密切合作,并支持它们在中国的发展。
"This has raised the emerging need for innovative, green and digital solutions, and has brought numerous opportunities for Xylem to further develop in the country," she said, adding many manufacturing businesses and sewage treatment plants still rely on manual experience to set various parameters and control the entire process in China, leaving huge potential for digital upgrading and energy-saving.
To achieve the dual carbon goals and keep improving production efficiency at the same time, Chinese industries are undergoing a dual transformation toward digitalization and sustainability, which has raised the emerging need for innovative, green and digital solutions, and has brought numerous opportunities for Wilo to further grow in China, Tu noted.
Now, the product attracts lots of online searches in the eyewear category at online stores and is sold across the country at numerous offline shops as well.
Over the past few years, a large number of high-quality products and services from overseas have also entered the Chinese market, including rural areas and online stores, attracting numerous consumers, they said.
The metaverse can present numerous opportunities in China, especially for brand and consumer experiences, and WPP is committed to working with partners to tap more potential within the meta-verse, said Mark Read, chief executive officer of the company.
WPP首席执行官Mark Read表示,元宇宙可以在中国带来许多机会,尤其是在品牌和消费者体验方面,WPP致力于与合作伙伴合作,挖掘元宇宙的更多潜力。
In addition to deploying more resources in e-commerce sales channels, Tan said the company will continue to reinforce its wide-ranging product layout for all age groups as China has become a cradle for fostering numerous new consumption scenarios, products and services in the sports and health industries.
The group's nationwide presence includes bases in financial hub Shanghai and regional capital Nanning, all helping to build on its numerous industry patents and achievements, in line with the region's development strategies and priorities.
Numerous organizations and individuals have gained memorable experiences during the fair and witnessed its spillover effects.
When numerous domestic companies are exporting their products and services overseas, the spillover effect promotes the relevant international industry-leading enterprises to accelerate vertical industrialization and make additional investments in the Chinese market.
Currently, Freudenberg employs over 7,000 people in China and operates over 70 branches, including more than 20 manufacturing facilities and numerous sales and service offices.
In addition to solving the industry's general finance issues, numerous parties are working to improve the supply chain product service system, increase support for core enterprises' upstream and downstream supply chains, and realize the industry chain's strengthening and supplementing with digital innovation.
Currently, there are numerous large-scale genomics research on Western cancer patients.
"Aside from the impact from the Ulan Buh Desert, what made protection work even harder is that the area is confronting multiple impacts brought by the environmental issues of neighboring areas, such as water and soil erosion at Wula Mountain and landslide issues in nearby mining areas," said Jia Haiyuan, project manager with Third Construction Co Ltd of China Construction First Group (CSCEC1B3), a unit of China State Construction Engineering Group Co Ltd. With the area facing tough and numerous environmental issues, Ulansuhai Nur has an area "awaiting cleanup" of its 14,700 square kilometers, making it the "hardest nut to crack" among its peers, which was exactly what the company was facing back in June 2019, when it came here to work with the local government to make fundamental changes to the area.
Before daily operations begin on Thursday on the Beijing-Shanghai Railway and the Shanghai-Nanjing Intercity Railway, an overpass of Benfa Road in Changzhou, Jiangsu province, can be seen above the rails of the two busiest railways, which marks not only a milestone for the road project as it is a success after numerous challenges, but also another valuable example for all other construction teams facing similar technical issues nationwide.
They expect content to be delivered consistently at scale through multiple channels; they expect experiences to be real-time and to deliver the right message to the right customer in the right context and through the right vehicles, and they expect their customer journeys to be seamless across numerous touchpoints and across whatever channels customers use to connect with brands.
China is already making tremendous efforts in CCUS applications with numerous breakthroughs seen over the past few years, Luo added.
A key transportation project in Southwest China, the Cuntan Railway Bridge, had its first beam recently erected, marking a milestone as it represents success amid numerous challenges faced by the construction team, and lays a solid foundation for the next phase of track-laying work, the project's builder said.
According to Liu, while the COVID-19 pandemic has brought numerous challenges to the company's business abroad, it has also brought along many opportunities.
The three-year (2020-22) action plan, which builds on decades of efforts to transform SOEs into competitive and modern enterprises, has led to all-out efforts in multiple localities and numerous breakthroughs, said Hao Peng, chairman of the State-owned Assets Supervision and Administration Commission of the State Council.
"With the energy shortage in Europe, European governments are attaching more attention to the investment in and the continuous development of clean energy, which has brought us numerous chances," Wu said.
Liu Yiyong, deputy manager of the construction department of Offshore Oil Engineering Co Ltd, a CNOOC unit, said the company has overcome numerous challenges including water injection under pressure, underwater grouting and sand slopes on the seabed, to ensure the jacket is precisely installed.
Moving beyond railroadsCREC4, which has 18 wholly owned affiliates, 10 branch companies, 41 operating branches, 10 regional operation headquarters, numerous other subordinate units and eight overseas operating offices, has gone beyond its main businesses of railway and highway construction and now is involved in building housing, municipal public works and water conservancy projects.
The Angolan Civil War, which started in 1975 and continued off and on until 2002, left numerous landmines around the country, posing a huge problem during construction.
The company invested a record amount in research and development and continued to strengthen its innovation capabilities by making numerous acquisitions, taking stakes in other companies and entering into partnerships, he explained.
"The completion of the highway brings convenient transportation to the two cities and the numerous beneficiaries along the route, thus promoting their economic exchanges with the outside world," he noted.
"Over the past 30 years, our relations with Chinese partners have grown far beyond the buying and selling of crude oil to include investments in numerous sectors such as refining and petrochemicals, technology, research and development; and today in nonmetallic materials," said Aramco Asia President Anwar Al Hejazi.
The entire healthcare industry stands to benefit from the region's advantages, which include numerous world-class research institutions backed by a strong pool of local talent, as well as the manufacturing capabilities and cutting-edge logistics chain needed to turn innovations into practical results in record time.
When seeking flexible workspaces in China, enterprises consider numerous factors while assessing their options.
Officially established in Silicon Valley in 2006, Plug and Play successfully invested and incubated numerous internet giants including Google.
But as the easy access and low threshold of the Internet enable charity projects to flood digital fundraising platforms, the difficulty to evaluate the real effects of the numerous projects has also increased, said Tao Chuanjin, professor at the School of Social Development and Public Policy of Beijing Normal University.
Lisa Hunt, head of international services for Charles Schwab, said the numerous encouraging policies and measures announced in the latest guideline will support the development of Pudong as a demonstration zone for high-level reform and opening-up.
Competition between numerous coffeehouses has been fierce in major Chinese cities, said AskCI Consulting.
Electricite de France said China's energy transition has brought numerous opportunities for the Paris-based utility company in terms of both energy services and the development of renewable energy including wind, solar and nuclear power.
The country's ambition to achieve carbon neutrality by 2060 has presented numerous opportunities for multinational corporations, said Tang Sisi, an analyst at research firm BloombergNEF, adding that international firms have been stepping up efforts to align their core businesses with market demand in China.
The railway line will have eight stops, numerous bridges and mountain tunnels, and trains can reach speeds of up to 350 kilometers per hour, and benefit some 7.85 million residents in the mountainous area, said Song Heng, a CTCE publicity official.
Because of the product, the company's booth was visited by numerous media outlets and more than a dozen groups of Chinese healthcare experts and trade missions.
During the construction, the company protected 313 trees and numerous wildlife.
While 2020 was an unprecedented year, with numerous business challenges brought by the pandemic, Philips, especially its production facilities, has been operating largely uninterrupted as the company is committed to addressing the triple duty of care-ensuring employee safety, continuous business operations and addressing key customer needs.
For instance, in March, BGI Genomics, a Shenzhen, Guangdong province-based genomics sequencing company, established Huo-Yan Laboratory, a standardized nucleic acid testing platform, in numerous countries around the world.
The company has helped numerous villages in the Tibet autonomous region, Qinghai, Gansu, Yunnan and Guizhou provinces come out of the poverty shadow.
"The CIIE is showcasing how rich and strong the Chinese market is and how numerous the opportunities are in this particular market.
COVID-19 has brought numerous challenges to the macro economy and many industries.
Sinopec's Easy Joy is planning to capture more market share by taking advantage of its numerous C-stores.
There are numerous practitioners without a license that only took a crash course.
With the advancement of the hierarchical medical system and the development of the country's grassroots medical institutions, there are numerous unmet needs at the grassroots level.
In the first quarter, we adopted numerous measures to support them, including providing free bandwidth to farmers and small businesses, and stabilizing the prices of medical and other daily necessities that were in high demand," said Huang Zheng, chairman and CEO of Pinduoduo.
The procurement team worked via 10 WeChat groups and numerous phone calls, closely coordinating material production and shipments round the clock.
"With novel coronavirus pneumonia plaguing China and other countries across the globe, numerous front-line contributors commit themselves to the battle to help and save those who are suffering from the disease and protect more people from infection," said Leon Guo, senior vice-president of Tencent and chairman of the Tencent Charity Foundation.
In line with numerous prevention efforts taking place across China, we have temporarily closed parks in Shanghai and Hong Kong.
The Wall Street Journal reported that the team that spirited Ghosn out of the country made numerous trips to Japan to scout out possible escape routes.

六级In America, white tailed deer are more numerous than ever before, so abundant in fact that they've become a suburban nuisance and a health hazard.



六级99 Occupational stress increases the risk of heart attack and diabetes, accelerates the aging process, decreases longevity, and contributes to depression and anxiety, among numerous other negative health outcomes.



四级I have already sweated through numerous in-class midterms and finals, and now I have a professor who issues take-home ones.


2017年12月四级真题(第一套)阅读 Section B

六级Although many of the churches appear from the outside to be complex structures, they normally feature only a single storey but numerous different roof levels.


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四级Numerous studies have shown that women who attend single-sex schools tend to have stronger self-confidence, better study habits and more ambitious career goals than women who attend coeducational schools.


2019年12月四级真题(第一套)听力 Section C

六级Occupational stress increases the risk of heart attack and diabetes, accelerates the aging process, decreases longevity, and contributes to depression and anxiety, among numerous other negative health outcomes.


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六级The same goes for numerous big cities around the world.


2017年6月六级真题(第二套)听力 Section A

六级Professor of Sociology at WashingtonUniversity, has written numerous articles and books on the issues facing older Americans in our graying society for the past 15 years.



六级Teenagers in Australia, similarly ,said that their mobile phones provided numerous benefits and were an affiliated part of their lives; some were so attached to their phones that the researchers considered it an addiction.



四级While there are numerous factors behind these shifts, one factor is surely a growing realization for the young that they are going to live longer.


2019年6月四级真题(第一套)阅读 Section B

六级The butterflies are so numerous that they often cover the entire trees



六级But numerous studies have now found that when classroom material is made harder to absorb, pupils retain more of it over the long term, and understand it on a deeper level.



六级Few babies survive this rare condition, and those who do must endure numerous operations and are likely to have complex needs.


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考研This scale took numerous factors into consideration.


2013年考研真题(英语一)完形填空 Section Ⅰ

六级The butterflies are so numerous that they often cover the entire trees.



六级Numerous examples can be given, but this will suffice.



六级In time, Italians, Romanians and members of other so-called inferior races became exemplary Americans and contributed greatly, in ways too numerous to detail, to the building of this magnificent nation.



六级Many days seem to bring numerous tasks and responsibilities.



四级Although numerous books have been written about American mothers, only recently has literature focused on the role of a father.



四级It has also been known as the "City of Love" in history Numerous legends about people who were bom for love and died for love circulate among the local folk.



四级In 1979, a National Academy of Sciences report used the term “global warming” to define increases in the Earth’s average surface temperature, while “climate change” more broadly re-ferred to the numerous effects of this increase,such as sea-level rise and ocean acidification(酸化).



考研Numerous other commercial enterprises, from theaters to magazine publishers, from gas and electric utilities to milk processors, bring better and more efficient services to consumers through the use of computers.