词根词缀记忆/谐音联想记忆 补充/纠错
词根spect(看) + rum(奇怪的) →  …………
对比记忆字根spec(t/spic表示“看(to look)", 故 spectacle 就
是“用来看的东西 …………
词性拓展记忆 / 词形拓展记忆
vacuum / spectrum
a wide spectrum of 广泛的
Political spectrum 政治光谱
light spectrum 光谱
social spectrum 社会阶层
audio spectrum 音频频谱
across the spectrum 整个频谱
a wide spectrum of 广泛的
solar spectrum 太阳光谱
absorption spectrum 吸收光谱
unite left and right of the political spectrum 团结政治派别的左翼和右翼
electromagnetic spectrum 电磁波谱
loading spectrum 载荷谱
digital spread spectrum radio telemetry 数字扩频无线电遥测
band spectrum 频带谱
characteristic spectrum 特征光谱
emission spectrum 发射光谱
line spectrum 线谱
molecular spectrum 分子光谱
a spectrum of 光谱
continuous spectrum 连续光谱
electromagnetic wave spectrum 电磁波谱
atomic spectra 原子光谱
spectrum analysis 频谱分析
visible spectrum 可见光谱
drop spectrum 液滴光谱
spectrum management 频谱管理
the whole spectrum of industry 整个行业
There is a wide spectrum of opinions on this article.
His speech covers a wide spectrum of topics.
Ryan has a broad spectrum of interest.
The spectrum of visible light ranges from violet to red.
The scientist was analyzing the electromagnetic spectrum to study celestial bodies.
The new product has a broad spectrum of applications in various industries.
The disease can be treated with a broad-spectrum antibiotic.
The rainbow displays the entire spectrum of sunlight.
The spectrum of atomic hydrogen is particularly important in astronomy.
Our emotions form a spectrum, from joy to sorrow.
The political spectrum includes both extreme left and right ideologies.
The financial market offers a wide spectrum of investment options.
The autism spectrum disorder affects individuals in different ways.
Industry insiders said AMOLEDs are more flexible compared with traditional liquid crystal displays (LCDs), and have great improvements in terms of image contrast, brightness and color spectrum.
Across the great spectrum of products, Palace Museum-themed lipsticks and a makeup series including eye shadow and blush have been extremely successful.
Johnson & Johnson Vision, a global leader in eyecare and a subsidiary of Johnson & Johnson MedTech, is doubling down its efforts on advancing its innovations and investments in China to offer more solutions to address a spectrum of patients' lifetime vision health from pediatric eyes to developed and aging eyes, said its top executive.
Johnson&Johnson Vision是眼保健领域的全球领导者,也是Johnson&Johnson MedTech的子公司,其首席执行官表示,该公司正在加倍努力推进在中国的创新和投资,以提供更多解决方案,解决从儿科眼睛到发达和衰老眼睛等一系列患者的终身视力健康问题。
It was approved for use in China in March, and has since been recommended in multiple treatment guidelines in China and around the world due to its broad bacterial spectrum coverage and high potency against multidrug-resistant bacterial infections.
Huawei has been working with multiple players across the industry on R&D and verification of key 5.5G technologies, with significant progress, specifically in extremely large antenna arrays which underpin 10-gigabit downlinks, flexible spectrum access that helps in realizing gigabit uplinks, and passive IoT that can enable 100 billion IoT connections.
Driven by higher demand for health and changes in disease spectrum, R&D and innovation continue to be the main theme.
Compared with traditional liquid crystal displays, the new-generation display technologies, such as OLEDs and micro/mini LEDs, have made great improvements in terms of image contrast, brightness and color spectrum, thus further accelerating the upgrade of the display industry, experts said.
Danish shipping and logistics services provider A. P. Moller-Maersk will continue to pursue opportunities to maintain robust growth in China across the full spectrum of the logistics chain, said its top executive.
丹麦航运和物流服务提供商A.P.Moller Maersk的高管表示,该公司将继续寻求机会,在中国的整个物流链中保持强劲增长。
Yang called on the global telecom industry to jointly promote 5.5G development in four areas including setting clear roadmaps for industry standardization and a clear strategy for spectrum, which is fundamental to wireless networks.
Founded in 2014, Hesai makes three-dimensional light detection and ranging, or LiDAR, solutions that enable a broad spectrum of applications across passenger and commercial vehicles with advanced driver assistance systems and autonomous functions.
OLED means organic light-emitting diodes screens, which are great improvements to screens especially in terms of image contrast, brightness and color spectrum.
In addition, BOE is betting big on next-generation semiconductor display technologies, such as organic light-emitting diodes (OLED) and micro light-emitting diodes (micro LED), which have great improvements in terms of image contrast, brightness and color spectrum.
"As part of the plan, the company will gradually advance the localization of full product lines, further enrich its product spectrum, and facilitate the transformation and upgrading of the local industrial chain.
The mRNA company will accelerate the late-stage development and registration of its potentially best-in-class mRNA COVID-19 vaccine candidate, PTX-COVID19-B, and continue the development of a second-generation COVID-19 vaccine with broad spectrum activity designed to be effective against but not limited to the Omicron variants, as well as two Collaboration Project with Providence that target new mRNA based vaccines, Everest said.
Compared with traditional LCD, the new display technologies show great improvements in terms of image contrast, brightness and color spectrum.
"We look forward to accelerating our growth by pursuing various strategic M&A and tech enablement initiatives and seek to better serve our biotech and pharmaceutical clients and support the clinical research industry in the development of a wide spectrum of therapeutic areas," Novotech CEO John Moller said.
Novotech首席执行官John Moller表示:“我们期待着通过实施各种战略并购和技术支持举措来加快我们的增长,并寻求更好地服务于我们的生物技术和制药客户,支持临床研究行业开发广泛的治疗领域。”。
It not only has excellent neutralization activity for COVID-19 but also targets a broader spectrum of mutant infections, according to ZJ Bio-tech.
ZJ Bio-tech表示,它不仅对新冠肺炎具有良好的中和活性,而且还靶向更广泛的变异感染。
Startups in the Shanghai-based accelerator with an investment of nearly 300 million yuan each will have access to Roche's full spectrum of local resources ranging from early research and development to commercialization, and will also be provided with research funding support or subsidies.
From the C series, D series, to the DK series, to the current MAX series excavators, the XCMG excavator completes product series and model spectrum coverage are leading the global industry.
The compound annual growth rate of botulinum toxin and hyaluronic acid injections is estimated at 12 percent, and that for the wider spectrum of products will be higher," she said.
With tailor-made recipes based on Chinese culinary needs as part of efforts to bank on rising demand from consumers in the country, the high-tech plant-based products are set to enhance the quality of consumers' lives and promote sustainable growth in China, said Randy Tan, CEO of PFI Foods Co Ltd. "There has been a surge in interest among Chinese consumers for healthy, flavorsome and environmentally-friendly meat alternatives in recent years," he said, adding the company's plant-based products have focused on innovations to ensure we provide authentic plant based alternatives to pork and chicken, which are most popular within the Chinese culinary spectrum.
Only 48 percent surveyed board directors in Asia-Pacific expressed willingness to use third-party digital specialists, compared with some 60 percent of those in Americas, according to the 2021 Asia-Pacific Board Director Barometer Report, which polled 771 board directors representing a wide spectrum of companies in sizes and industries.
Bilibili has recently captured the attention of a broader audience beyond its traditional Generation Z demographic, when a 22-year-old content curator named "Hetongxue" posted a video of an interview with Apple CEO Tim Cook on a wide spectrum of topics.
Harvest Gourmet plant-based products have focused on imitating the taste of pork and chicken, which are most popular within the Chinese culinary spectrum.
This is true for high-end plastic products, sustainable construction materials and automobile components, as well as for the company's broad spectrum of upstream suppliers and downstream clients, said Javier Gimeno, group senior vice-president and CEO of the company's Asia-Pacific operations.
He noted food consumption has been rising across a diverse spectrum in China.
China will remain a competitive supply chain choice for Saint-Gobain, as it has a broad spectrum of strong upstream suppliers and downstream clients, he said, adding the company is looking forward to greater investment and development in research and development, production and sales, and has great expectations for the recovery of China's economy as well as the continuous improvement of China's investment and business environment.
Climate change, care for disadvantaged groups and environmental protection are the top three issues that young Chinese consumers care the most about across a broad spectrum of social issues, according to a recent survey.
"While online insurance encompasses a wide spectrum of business, there is a substantial difference between selling insurance online and financial technology-powered insurance, meaning the use of data and algorithms to design, market and sell insurance products, Rui said.
He said available spectrum is also limited.
"According to Lane, a key solution to the business model challenge in Africa is to reduce the costs of the network, from the spectrum to the backhaul and to the taxes imposed on operators, data, mobile money and devices.
Instruments from CASIC Smart Industry Development are capable of identifying every hazardous gas emitted by factories by analyzing their light spectrum.
For instance, we are able to offer a wide spectrum of quality and value-added services to our clients, including but not limited to strategy and growth consultancy, commercial due diligence, and product entry and market positioning consultancy.
They have also indicated they were considering divesting wireless spectrum.
The group has 11,316 stores, covered by its single-focus, multiple brand strategy, positioning its brands across the mass market to a high-end market spectrum.
Huawei's 5G smartphone harnesses a wide spectrum of patented technologies to support standalone (SA) and non-standalone (NSA) 5G networking modes, as well as multiple generations of network technology, according to the company.
Attracted by China's market potential and mature telecommunication infrastructure, Philips established an AI lab in Shanghai in 2018 to drive the deep integration of AI technologies with a wide spectrum of areas, including medical imaging, image-guided therapies, patient monitoring, health informatics, home care and personal health.
Proceeds from this new round of fundraising will support Chehaoduo’s investments in technology to drive innovation in the sector, and develop new products and services across an increasing spectrum of customer needs.
With Huawei's end-to-end 5G solutions, Rain has been able to build the 5G network using its 3.6GHz spectrum.
Apart from deploying new base stations, Huawei's solutions enable Rain to fully leverage its existing LTE network and allocated spectrum for 5G deployment.
Powered by the Qualcomm Snapdragon 855 mobile platform along with the Snapdragon X50 5G modem and an artificial intelligence-powered performance engine, the ZTE Axon 10 Pro 5G supports sub-6G spectrum frequencies, enabling users to enjoy "extremely fast" video and gaming experiences.
As the first independent Chinese digital advertising agency to go West, Hylink helps international and domestic brands navigate the "intricate spectrum" of digital advertising across tech, beauty, travel, and FMCG (or fast-moving consumer goods) sectors.
The group has 11,316 stores, covered by its single-focus, multiple brand strategy, positioning its brands across the mass market to high-end market spectrum.
The driver voice assistant, which is voice activated via an in-vehicle smart device, is designed to provide a full spectrum of services ranging from audio and video content search, information inquiry and temperature adjustment, to passenger communications, customer service, and even refuel, recharging or repair services.
"As a leading social media platform with a full spectrum of media formats in China, we believe Weibo's larger user scale, enriched content ecosystem and strong social marketing capabilities will put us in a unique position to take advantage of the marketing budget shift toward mobile, social and video in the Chinese mobile internet market," Wang said.
But the company nailed down its offering price at the highest end of the indicative price spectrum — $19 per share, which would translate into $24 billion in total market cap.
Chinese online group discounter Pinduoduo nailed down its offering price at the highest end of the indicative price spectrum of $19 per share, with a value of $24 billion, as the company will debut on the Nasdaq on Thursday, local time, according to a report by tech news portal All Weather TMT.
Such a wide spectrum of offerings is designed to cater to the lifelong learning mentality as a new default way of life for modern Chinese, and that spells huge market opportunities, Liu said.
Its broad business spectrum includes photovoltaic, wind, nuclear and biomass power, as well as the eco-friendly transformation of traditional fossil powered facilities.
We're looking forward to a more enriched experience from GE and its CFM joint venture on the full spectrum of operations and management to benefit the future growth of Xiamen Airlines.
Drawing on its leading capabilities in chip innovation and hardware architecture design, Huawei provides a wide spectrum of HPC platform products including blade, high-density, and fat node servers.
In the spectrum of the 96 European geographical indications embraced by China, Italy gleams brightly with the lion's share, having 26 exemplary products selected.
Ahead of the first edition of the CISCE, which will be held in Beijing, Sun Xiao, spokesman for the China Council for the Promotion of International Trade, said foreign exhibitors constitute over 20 percent of the total, representing a diverse spectrum of 50 countries and regions.
"Lawrence Loh, a professor at the National University of Singapore's Business School, stressed the importance of developing a strong domestic capital market and catering to a broad spectrum of companies -- particularly SMEs.
On June 28, the NDRC said that the hog-to-grain ratio stood at 4.9:1, entering Level 1 early warning spectrum.
Tencent Cloud, the cloud computing arm of internet giant Tencent Holdings Ltd, is offering an end-to-end enterprise solution called "WeMake", covering the full spectrum of the industrial process that has incubated more than 20 industrial solutions since its launch in 2019.
"The country will comprehensively promote consumption toward the green, healthy and safe spectrum, develop service consumption and encourage new consumption models and new business forms," said Ning Jizhe, deputy head of the National Development and Reform Commission.
"In coherence with the trend of consumption upgrading, the country will comprehensively promote consumption toward the green, healthy and safe spectrum, develop service consumption and encourage new consumption models and new business forms," said Ning Jizhe, vice-minister of the National Development and Reform Commission, at a media conference on the Fifth Plenary Session of the 19th Central Committee of the Communist Party of China.
Compared with traditional liquid crystal displays, new display technologies boast great improvements in terms of image contrast, brightness and color spectrum.
Compared to previous generations, Gen Zers exhibit distinctive purchasing patterns, prompting businesses across the spectrum to vie for a slice of their evolving preferences.
Its mega luxury cruise ship, Spectrum of the Seas, specifically designed for Chinese travelers, is making a comeback and, starting April, Royal Caribbean will operate multiple cruise trips lasting four to seven nights to Japanese destinations such as Tokyo, Osaka, Kobe, Fukuoka, Kumamoto, Nagasaki, Kagoshima and Okinawa.
Jason Yu, general manager of Kantar Worldpanel, a global firm studying shoppers' behavior, said: "With the aging global population and drop in new births, brands are required to keep expanding their product portfolio to reach full spectrum of the life cycle, through brand extension or acquisitions to de-risk the over-exposure to merely one consumer group.
Asia's largest cruise ship Spectrum of the Seas is currently porting in Singapore until 2024, giving Southeast Asian travelers easier access and more sea-travel options to explore the region, Royal Caribbean said.
According to Royal Caribbean's data, Spectrum's Southeast Asian itineraries are the most popular overseas itineraries among Chinese consumers.
The executive said these moves will enrich the spectrum of transportation speeds in China and enhance the independent technological innovation capabilities of rail transportation.
Industry insiders said that compared with traditional liquid crystal displays, the flexible OLED has made great advances in terms of image contrast, brightness and color spectrum, thus further accelerating the transformation and upgrade of the display industry.
Compared with traditional liquid crystal displays, the new display technologies have great improvements in terms of image contrast, brightness and color spectrum, thus further accelerating the upgrade of the display industry, experts said.
It allocates global radio spectrum and satellite orbits and develops the technical standards that ensure networks and technologies seamlessly interconnect.
The company launched its latest TriChroma laser TVs, with screen sizes ranging from 75 inches to 100 inches, and its brightness, color spectrum and immersion experience all significantly improved, as seen at the virtual Consumer Electronics Show in January.
Xu Zuyan, an academician of the Chinese Academy of Engineering, said a display with a laser light source points to the future development direction of display technology, which features ultrahigh definition and a large color spectrum, and will become mainstream in the next generation of the display industry.
China is taking the lead in international patent applications related to laser displays, covering a wide spectrum ranging from optical components and control units to whole machine assembly.
"This year, Luo's speech touched upon a wide spectrum of issues and new perspectives like understanding China's social fabric, tackling the pandemic and handling hardship and potential of indigenous R&D of key technologies.
Hilmond Hui, vice-president of PFGHL, said, "We provide a full spectrum of services including textile production, dyeing, weaving, garment manufacturing and worldwide product delivery.
Proptech also refers to a wide spectrum of digital and technological trends in the real estate industry involving technologically innovative products like digital business models, smart buildings and smart cities.
And it is with interest and respect that we perceive that there is such a broad spectrum of views and ways of life in China today, which would have been unimaginable forty years ago, when this first city friendship between China and Germany would have been unimaginable.
Wang Maochun, vice-president of the chamber, said the two new drug approvals indicate that innovative drugs from China are being increasingly accepted by the high-end spectrum of the international pharmaceuticals market.
The ongoing changes in the disease spectrum and medical practice environment have been prompting pharmaceutical companies to adjust patient strategies, from "working for patients" to "work with patients", according to a senior executive of French pharmaceutical company Servier.
"Shopping notes and live streaming are popular among online shoppers, belonging to the spectrum of 'online influencers who make a product hot sold online', but the mechanisms of their content approval and supervision are not perfect, resulting in both false data and false advertising in promotion and goods of 'three Nos' (goods with no date of production, no qualified assurance and no tagged manufacture). "
Proptech refers to a wide spectrum of digital and technological trends in the real estate industry such as innovative products, digital business models, smart buildings, and smart cities.
Because general aviation contains such a broad spectrum, it could develop stably even if the business aviation sector sees slower growth, as it did last year, said Shih.
And services can go beyond payment per se to include product recognition, customer relations management, even advertising, when merchants tie in with WeChat's Mini Program, an array of built-in functionalities connecting users across a wide spectrum of online and offline services.
More than 30 aircraft across the spectrum of business aircraft including pistons, intercontinental jets and helicopters are being showcased in Shanghai during the three-day ABACE starting from Tuesday.
More than 30 aircraft across the spectrum of business aircraft including pistons, intercontinental jets and helicopters, are being showcased in Shanghai during the annual three-day Asian Business Aviation Conference & Exhibition (ABACE) starting from Tuesday.
Compared with traditional liquid crystal displays, the latest generation display technologies represented by OLEDs have made great improvements in terms of image contrast, brightness and color spectrum, thus further accelerating the upgrade of the display industry.
Compared with traditional liquid crystal displays or LCDs, OLED is a relatively new technology and part of the latest innovations in displays, and boasts great improvements in terms of image contrast, brightness and color spectrum.
Meanwhile, the domestication of surgical robots helps reduce the procurement costs of medical equipment, thus lowering the overall burden of medical services, rendering a broader spectrum for patients to enjoy high-quality healthcare.
Significant progress has been made in this verification process, specifically for extremely large antenna array which underpins 10 gigabit downlink, flexible spectrum access which helps realize gigabit uplink and passive IoT which can enable 100 billion IoT connections.
Founded in 1972, JCET's comprehensive portfolio covers a wide spectrum of semiconductor applications such as smartphones, communications, computing and automobile, through advanced wafer-level packaging.
has endeavored to provide a full spectrum of comprehensive information and communication services to customers worldwide.
Led by the Cadillac Lyriq, a wide spectrum of Ultium-based models across Cadillac, Buick and Chevrolet will be introduced to the Chinese market, said GM.
Though it has claimed itself sales champion, the Hong Guang Mini EV occupies a polar opposite end of the EV spectrum to that of Tesla.
The industry's first hyper-scale battery platform – Ultium – will empower a wide spectrum of EVs across GM brands in China, leveraging the company's highly localized manufacturing and supply base.
It is further supplemented by adaptive cruising and lane maintenance systems working on the full spectrum of driving speed.
It also manufactures a broad spectrum of other commercial vehicles, including diesel, gasoline and electric-powered buses.
Yang also said Guazi has begun the research and development of a series of intelligent hardware products, including intelligent glasses, a chassis detection robot, diffuse reflectance spectrum detector, visual guidance robot, and intelligent endoscope for increasing used-car assessment and pricing accuracy.
"Any time you have a voluntary agreement you have a spectrum of implementation," Jeff Boyer, GM's vice-president for safety, told Reuters last week.
Photo Provided to China DailyEver since the first Mercedes-Benz S-Class rolled off the production line 66 years ago, the model has led innovations across the whole spectrum of automotive engineering.
She also shared the deep integration development trends of information communication distribution transaction (ICDT), noting that wireless access with extreme capabilities, distributed intelligent network with a simplified yet flexible protocol stack, all spectrum three-dimensional global coverage, pervasive intelligence, digital twin net work enabled autonomous operation are trends to be seen in the era of 6G networks.
Hisense is introducing high-end laser TVs and ultra light-emitting diode or ULED TV products, which have great improvements in terms of image contrast, brightness and color spectrum in overseas markets, with its sales of laser TVs surging by more than 170 percent year-on-year in the first six months in Australia.
Charlie Dai, principal analyst at business strategy and economic consultancy Forrester, said: "Huawei's computing strategy demonstrates the importance of leveraging holistic hardware and the software spectrum to fully unleash the power of AI in the cloud.

考研Avoiding this rather than promoting it should unite the left and right of the political spectrum.



考研This was also found in high- functioning men with some autistic spectrum symptoms, who may tend to avoid eye contact.


2020年考研真题(英语一)阅读理解 Section Ⅱ

六级Think of something as seemingly benign as the cellphone: we have microfinance and text-based social networking at one end of the spectrum, and improvised explosive devices at the other.


2019年6月六级真题(第三套)阅读 Section B

六级Non-white females also tend to fall at the fatter end of the spectrum: Mexican-American women are 30% more likely than white women to be obsess, and black women have twice the risk.



四级The part of the spectrum (光谱) seen by colour-conscious man as red is non-existent for honey-bees.

光谱的一部分(光谱) 有颜色意识的人认为蜜蜂不存在红色。


四级But a bee can see far more in flowers than we, because the ultra-violet (紫外线) to which our eyes are blind is a stimulating (刺激的) part of the insect’s spectrum, and, for honey-bees at least, constitutes a separate colour.

但是蜜蜂在花上能看到的比我们多得多,因为紫外线(紫外线) 我们的眼睛失明是一种刺激(刺激的) 昆虫光谱的一部分,至少对蜜蜂来说,构成了一种单独的颜色。