词根记忆active积极的,活泼的 + ate 使 → activate vt. 使活动,激活,使活化 …………
词性拓展记忆 / 词形拓展记忆
对比记忆 / 类比记忆 / 形近词记忆
culture / cultivate / activate
词根记忆 / 词缀记忆
act=to do, to drive,表示”行动,做”
act 行为
activate使…活动 …………
That robot has been actived.
I want you to activate the tracker.
These push buttons can activate the elevator.
I just activated my new phone, and it's working perfectly fine.
She activated the sprinkler system to water the garden.
He activated the safety features on the car before driving off.
The software was successfully activated after entering the license key.
The alarm went off when he touched the red button, which activated it.
She activated her membership at the gym for the next six months.
The security system will be activated once you enter the passcode.
The oven automatically activates when you close its door.
The team leader activated a plan of action after reviewing the situation.
They activated the emergency response protocol in case of a fire.
It would activate the intrinsic ability of private enterprises to innovate and become more competitive on the global stage.
It would activate the intrinsic ability of private enterprises to innovate and become more competitive on the global stage," said Song Xiangqing, a professor of government management at Beijing Normal University.
PD-1 therapeutics revolutionizes cancer treatment as they enable the immune system to activate and kill the tumor.
The foundation has actively promoted efforts to activate village vitality and build more integrated and resilient communities, she added.
By engineering and developing therapeutic antibody candidates to selectively activate in the tumor microenvironment, the platform is designed to improve safety and tolerability of antibody therapeutics while maintaining clinical activity.
"We project that these efforts will allow us to meet most of our customer demand, however, there may be some near-term delays as we activate our network…We will continue to address the situation proactively and work closely with our customers, suppliers and logistics partners to ensure we minimize any impact to delivery schedules," Micron added.
China Unicom will give full play to the advantages of communication big data, enhance the integration capabilities of big data, artificial intelligence, and blockchain technologies, and activate the value of data, Liu added at the company's global partners conference which kicked off in Beijing on Monday.
So, there's a huge potential in China if you know how to activate that market through digital retail experience.
As part of a wider effort to stabilize economic growth, the Chinese government has unveiled a series of measures and incentives to activate the domestic consumer market.
Then the software will automatically activate the function of money transfer and set the sum and recipient for you to confirm," Guo Weimin, general manager of the E-finance Department at BOC, said at a news conference on Wednesday.
Alibaba Group Holding Ltd will activate a "one-station, one satellite" plan ahead of this year's Nov 11 shopping festival, the company confirmed to China Daily on Monday.
Customers can then either pay with WeChat Pay and leave via a designated passageway, or activate the facial recognition function embedded in the digital wallet at the counter, and choose to pay with a smile.
Users can activate the visual function by scanning a QR code.
The Beijing-based company will initially put 500 bikes on the city's roads, where users will be able to activate the vehicles with their mobile devices and ride them for free with a A$1 deposit in November.
This trend is also expected to produce more competition, which will strengthen the domestic industry, and further activate the dynamics of China's overall economy.
It would activate the intrinsic ability of private enterprises to innovate and become more competitive on the global stage," Song said.
"The confidence of SMEs continues to be boosted as China launches a series of guidelines to promote the development and growth of private enterprises, along with a series of fiscal, taxation and financial policies to support the real economy and activate the capital market.
The comments follow a guideline issued by 17 government departments, including the National Data Administration and the Cyberspace Administration of China, late on Thursday which emphasized efforts to activate the potential of data elements and spur the integration of data in various industries.
The move is to activate the potential of data elements and give full play to the multiplier effect of data, to foster new growth drivers and promote high-quality economic development, it added.
Ma Bin, executive vice-president of the association, said, "The confidence of SMEs continues to be boosted as China launched a series of guidelines to promote the development and growth of private enterprises, along with a series of fiscal, taxation and financial policies to support the real economy and activate the capital market.
He also said it was important to activate new growth drivers such as green economy and circular economy, revitalize business and manufacturing industries, create employment opportunities, further expand market access, and increase investment and trade.
The ministry's comments came as the Philippines became the final member to activate the RCEP agreement on Friday, making the mega free trade pact effective for all signatory countries.
On the other hand, it can better drive and activate international economic circulation and provide more market opportunities for all countries, make China strongly attractive to global high-quality production resources and lift China's industrial technology development level while meeting domestic demand.
However, it is difficult for real estate income and land transfer fees to improve significantly over a short period in the current year, so local governments should activate economic vitality through stronger policies in a timely manner.
At the time of issuing consumption vouchers, many cities have also introduced traditional Spring Festival promotional activities to comprehensively activate spending potential.
Foreign enterprises and international experts believe that China's optimization of COVID-19 response, which expands the flows of people, will help activate the country's economic vitality and potential, and bring important benefits to world recovery and growth.
The city will also hold two key cultural and tourism events — the 2023 Intangible Cultural Heritage Brand Conference and the Guangzhou Cultural Industry Fair — in March to further activate the culture and tourism market.
"Effectively tapping into the opportunities for growth brought by the RCEP will surely further activate the potential for collaboration in various domains and make businesses in various countries better share the opportunities for development brought by the vast market," he added.
Looking to the second half, although orderly recovery of industrial and supply chains will continue to activate economic entities and consolidate trade advantages, under the combined effect of falling overseas demand and a high base, exports will likely decelerate.
Jiangsu province has reopened 52 expressway intersections, or 40 percent of all closed intersections, as of Wednesday, and it said dynamic adjustments will be made in the future per epidemic prevention and control measures while asking for efforts to quickly activate a regionally coordinated work mechanism to ensure smooth traffic flow.
Move by city aims to improve business environment, boost fairer competitionThe latest measures announced by the Shanghai municipal government on Thursday to activate the growth and development of market entities showed the metropolis' resolution to guarantee a fair play business environment for its more than 3 million market entities, experts said.
Lyu called for financial institutions to use their advantages in account management, payment and settlement, investment transactions and information technologies to help all kinds of market entities manage carbon assets, activate carbon pricing and create a larger carbon trading market.
How to activate the potential of data elements has become a very pressing question.
China's 14th Five-Year Plan (2021-25) and long-range objectives through the year 2035 propose to further activate the potential of data to help build China into a cyber power.
The connection to international trade will activate a crucial synergy with global progress, especially during this difficult pandemic time, Loh said.
The measures will activate Hainan's financial market in all aspects and accelerate the construction of Hainan Free Trade Port," he said.
Meanwhile, new measures to bolster investment may include those to eliminate restrictive policies to activate the vitality of various market entities, strengthen investments in key technology areas and promote high-quality development in infrastructure, transportation, energy and digitalization.
The optimization measures, like lowering down payment ratios, cutting mortgage interest rates, and optimizing the definition of ordinary housing, will activate the home market in the two cities and boost overall market confidence, helping to promote the stabilization of the Chinese housing market, said Chen Wenjing, director of research at the China Index Academy.
A competent rural CEO should be good at discovering the advantages of a village, fully utilize local resources and activate the endogenous driving force of rural development.
Douyin said the content creators will decide whether or not to activate the paid feature for their videos, and that the platform will not intervene.
Things have changed since the local government and banking institutions in Quanzhou started promoting the transformation of agricultural resources with regional characteristics into trademark brand advantages, in order to activate rural production factors and facilitate the internal circulation of the rural economy, said Fujian Rural Credit Union's Quanzhou branch.
Experts: Guideline will align emerging industry with development, securityChina's latest efforts to build basic systems for data and put data resources to better use are expected to activate the value of data elements, inject fresh impetus into the digital economy and promote high-quality development, industry experts said on Tuesday after reviewing a guideline.
"All the measures would help activate the home market.
The policies are an extension of the "housing is for living in, not for speculation" principle, and aim to activate firm demand for residential housing as well as demand for improvements.
"The consistency of property measures can activate home buying demand.
Liang said he expects housing vouchers will help activate the real estate market of Zhengzhou, digest market inventory and boost market confidence.
"The lower home loan interest rate will lower home buyers' costs in home purchasing, boost market confidence and activate market expectations for the property market," Chen said.
"The lowered cost of housing loans will activate reasonable home consumption demand and promote market transactions, while improved supply and demand will enable the real estate market to grow steadily," Yan said.
The spot power market between provinces will further activate the vitality of major market players and achieve a better balance in the national power network while promoting better consumption of clean energy on a large scale, it said.
"It manages to activate the entire industrial chain, from producers, suppliers, to merchants.
This is a consumer tranche that Cheng believed is essential to constantly "activate"' in order for brands to grow their revenue pies.
For example, Haier's air conditioners will automatically activate a sterilizing function based on detected levels of air pollution to remove seven types of common air pollutants, while releasing negative ions to provide a healthy and comfortable air environment for the family.
The members, including Sony, Microsoft, Ubisoft, Supercell and other big industry names, are encouraged to make decarbonization commitments, implement action plans and activate the gamer community worldwide to join the common cause, according to sources with the alliance.
"Playing for the Planet Alliance "was created to support the gaming industry to reduce its carbon emissions as well as to use their influence, reach and creativity to address some of the world's biggest environmental challenges and to inspire and activate gamers to take action for the environment, Susan Gardner, director of the Ecosystems Division of UNEP, told Xinhua in an email interview.
How to activate these non-game players is one of the key challenges for gaming manufacturers, according to the report.
It plans to activate 45 drill rigs to drill 100 wells and fracture 55 wells within this year, including 43 new wells, the company said.
But sometimes they were not activated by default, so users may have to manually activate the function in the settings.
The move is the latest push by China to better activate the value of data elements and inject fresh impetus into economic growth.
Innovation and entrepreneurship of overseas leading talents will be further promoted in Beijing to activate the "source of vitality" driven by innovation, the report said.
The move is the latest push by China to better activate the value of data elements, and inject fresh impetus into economic growth.
When Tesla vehicles leave the factory, this feature is turned off by default and requires the owner to manually activate it.
According to the program, the smart electric model could spot vehicles, two-wheelers or pedestrians in time to activate the automatic emergency braking to alleviate the collisions or even prevent traffic accidents.
Liaoning will activate and expand new development drivers with a green development concept and further promote the high-quality development of old industrial bases," said Liang Qidong, vice president of the Liaoning Academy of Social Sciences.
Although both junk dealers and second-hand goods trading platforms have been actively involved in recycling, they have failed to activate the market.
At the World Internet of Things Exposition held in September 2018, it demonstrated a number of V2X functions in Wuxi, Jiangsu province, on its vehicles, which could adapt its speed or activate the warning light system in a hazardous situation based on the traffic lights and road users' behaviors.
"With this mega factory at the South China base of FAW-Volkswagen, we are creating a leading-edge infrastructure to further activate our broad SUV offensive and our e-mobility strategy 'Roadmap E'," said Jochem Heizmann, president and CEO of Volkswagen Group China, at the opening ceremony.
It can boost the role of 5G, big data, AI and other digital technologies in accelerating industrial upgrading, activate the value of digital data in all aspects of the real economy, and lift the production efficiency of many sectors, Zhang said.
Intensified efforts to activate the potential of industrial data will help boost the integrative development of "5G plus industrial internet", contributing to the upgrade of traditional sectors, industry experts said on Monday.
In June, Hutchison Drei partnered with ZTE to deploy and activate a total of 20 5G sites in the city of Linz, achieving continuous 5G coverage for the first time ever in an Austrian city.
The country's top leadership has urged efforts to activate the capital market and restore investor confidence.
The larger goal is to activate the value of data elements, and inject fresh impetus into economic growth, experts said.
"Lyu urged financial institutions to make full use of their advantages in account management, payments and settlements, investment transactions and information technologies to help all kinds of market entities manage carbon assets, activate carbon pricing and help create a larger carbon trading market.
Data have become a key medium to activate flows of people, goods, technologies and capital in the information age.
Lyu called on financial institutions to use their expertise to help all kinds of market entities manage carbon assets, activate carbon pricing and create a larger carbon trading market.
To enjoy such perks, people need to possess a debit account at the bank, activate the digital currency function through a few taps on their smartphones, and transfer some cash from the bank account to the digital currency vehicle.
Credit ratings agencies, acting as independent third-party agencies, need to see their own reputation as "lifeline" and fully activate their role of risk disclosure, it said.
This is not panic-mongering, but a real possibility, considering the generally high debt level in many major economies that may trigger financial crises, rising global temperatures that may activate natural disasters and potentially lead to more frequent epidemics and intensified geopolitical disputes in some parts of the world that may ultimately evolve into conflicts and even wars in worst case scenarios.
The new law has made suing listed firms much easier and will help activate the function of civil action in investor protection, amplifying the deterrent to securities law violations, Dong said.
Miyahara Koichiro, chief executive officer of the Tokyo Stock Exchange, said that the connectivity scheme will activate cross-border trading between China and Japan and deepen cooperation between the capital markets of the two countries.
Meanwhile, it supports enterprises to conduct asset securitization and pushes them to activate the existing funds to reduce reliance on debts.

四级Wireless devices will transmit signals so as to activate the alarm once something wrong is detected.



六级Now they are trying to figure out what molecular signaling processes activate those seed-building genes in resurrection plants—and how to reproduce them in crops.


2018年6月六级真题(第一套)阅读 Section B

考研Anything from cosmic rays to radiation to diet may activate a dormant oncogene, but how remains unknown.



考研Stimulants initially speed up or activate the central nervous system, whereas depressants slow it down.