词根词缀记忆/谐音联想记忆 补充/纠错
词根summ 加 + ary 表物 → 内容总括 → 摘 …………
词性拓展记忆 / 词形拓展记忆
summer / summon / summit / submit / summary
在今年夏天(summer)召集(summon)了峰会首脑会议(summit)递交(submit …………
summary / abstract / digest / outline / resume
summary → 普通用词,指将书 …………
词根记忆 / 词缀记忆
summary n 摘要:大纲{summ+ary=内容总和=摘要)
sum,summ = add up,表示”总,加”
sum n 总计 n.和
summit n 顶峰(summ+it表名词=山的顶峰像数量总和=一样=最高数量=最高峰)
summ …………
in summary 总的来说
summary execution 草率处决;即决处决
summary sheet 汇总表
article summary 文章摘要
summary judgment 简易判决 即决判决
summary account 汇总帐户
in summary 总结
summary report 总结报告
year-end summary 年终总结
executive summary 执行摘要
news summary 新闻摘要
the Prose Summary questions 散文摘要问题
a summary report 摘要报告
summary lead 汇总线索
She will give you a summary of case.
Here is a summary of the points for attention.
Harry gave a summary account.
The summary of the report highlighted the key findings and recommendations.
She gave a concise summary of her job responsibilities in the interview.
After reading the novel, he wrote a brief summary for his book club.
In the meeting's opening, the chairman provided a summary of the previous session's discussions.
The movie's plot can be summarized in a few sentences.
The financial report summary showed a significant increase in profits.
The scientific paper's abstract is a summary of its main research findings.
He asked me to summarize the main points of the lecture in one paragraph.
The journalist provided a summary of the day's news during the evening broadcast.
The executive summary is intended to give readers an overall understanding of the business plan.
Huawei's AI assistant Celia, for instance, can quickly translate a 3,000-word English news report into Chinese, write a summary and provide relevant data for readers to better understand the report.
For instance, Celia can quickly translate a 3,000-word English news report into Chinese, write a summary and provide relevant data so that readers can better understand it.
The company's planned capital expenditure for 2022 will be between 90 billion yuan ($14.14 billion) and 100 billion yuan, with that for exploration, development, production and others to account for approximately 20 percent, 57 percent, 21 percent and 2 percent, respectively, according to a summary of the centrally administered State-owned enterprise's business strategy and development plan for 2022 released on Tuesday.
As a veteran observer of Baidu's development, Pan gives a brief summary of the management changes in 2019, focusing on the pivotal role of corporate culture, transition from KPI to OKR (objectives & key results), a younger management team and no-nonsense, straightforward meetings.
The summary omitted slides from the presentation where Meng described Huawei as having a "normal and controllable" relationship with Skycom, they said, adding that the summary of allegations provided to Canada is "manifestly unreliable "and "seriously misleading".
Meng's lawyers claim the record provided to the court is incomplete and inaccurate in several aspects, including the summary of the PowerPoint presentation Meng is alleged to have given to a HSBC executive.
But the defense team says the summary provided to the court is "grossly misleading" because it omitted references to critical disclosures Meng made regarding Huawei's ongoing business operations in Iran.
On May 27, Song Liuping, Huawei's chief legal officer, wrote in an opinion article in the Wall Street Journal that Huawei had sued and would file a motion for summary judgment asking a US court to declare the NDAA law unconstitutional.
Huawei Technologies Co filed a motion for summary judgment on Wednesday Beijing time, as the Chinese tech company aims to speed up its lawsuit against the US government over a ban that bars federal agencies from using its products.
"It includes a summary of sustainable development achievements we have made in the past and new initiatives we are expected to complete in the future.
Until now, on-site inspections, data handover and inquiries have been completed, the Ministry of Transport said on Tuesday, adding that the team is conducting analysis and summary now.
According to an official summary of the meeting, policymakers underlined that a high-quality ecology and environment in the Yangtze River basin is the fundamental guarantee of the economic belt's high-quality growth.
It is important to continue to promote well-coordinated environmental conservation and avoid excessive development, with greater efforts set to be made on high-quality protection to guard the ecological red lines and coordinate efforts to cut carbon emissions and pollution, expand green areas and promote growth, the summary said.
The economic belt must coordinate development and security, ensure the security and stability of key industrial and supply chains for the nation, and bolster its capacity in disaster prevention and mitigation, the summary said.
In summary, Chinese imports in general still largely contribute to improving the overall welfare of US citizens and reducing inflation.
In summary, consumers will require brands to be responsible for advancing the sustainable development of the world in 2023.
Based on the summary of the previous experience, the regulator further proposed the requirements for deepening the pilot program by combiningxa0the experience with new situations and fresh problems.
We drew a summary of the NBS data in recent years and learned that the proportion of China's household income to GDP has been around 45 percent for many years, while the global average is about 60 percent.
In summary, the global economy has experienced a stagflation crisis, and China's economy is recovering slowly.
In summary, the chief culprit behind this round of inflation is US protectionism.
In summary, my view of Shandong's business environment is of great potential, friendly and open, and pragmatic and thoughtful.
In summary, we believe that the COVID-19 situation has become the biggest uncertainty for the economy and adds further pressure to a tough situation.
In summary, there were multiple factors behind the country's good macroeconomic performance in the first two months.
In summary, digital and green transformation will be the key trends in the coming years and bring both challenges and opportunities.
The book systematically expounds on 21 project cases from the background of the host country's governance structure, development history, cooperation mode, socioeconomic impact and environmental impact, and conducts a theoretical summary, after two years of overseas research.
For this year and next year, smaller firms and self-employed individuals will see their corporate income tax cut by half for the part of their annual taxable income that is less than 1 million yuan, according to a summary of the meeting.
In summary, the China-EU CAI is an important milestone event in the history of China-EU economic and trade cooperation, which will benefit not only China and the EU but also the world economic recovery and revitalization in the post COVID-19 era.
In summary, the 14th Five-Year Plan will set very ambitious goals that will lead to fundamental upgrading of both industry and the lifestyles of average people.
In the WeChat group, he gives customers an online summary of his products and price.
"So in summary, we are confident in the long term prospect of the Chinese market and will continue to invest in the country.
Here is a quick summary of what the policy adjustment means for home buyers and the real estate market.
Discussions will focus on hot issues of mining development at home and abroad, including the supply and demand situation of minerals, the relationship between sustainable development of the mining industry and economic growth, and the summary of new concepts and practices of mining development, said Peng Qiming, president of the association.
To aid your strategic efforts, here is a summary of 20 key lessons learned to date during the pandemic and what they may mean for your business.
According to the Q2 financial summary of Tesla released Wednesday, recent equipment upgrades in its Shanghai base enabled the auto manufacturer to continue to increase production rate further, with the installed annual capacity exceeding 750,000 units.
So in summary, we are confident in the long-term prospects of the Chinese market and will continue to invest in the country.
The summary alone is 56 pages long.
In summary, in the context of "slowbalization", the policy combination of maintaining global technological supremacy and reducing external imbalances is most beneficial for the US, but not necessarily for developing economies.
In summary, economic recovery is on track amid stronger internal driving forces, but the strength of the endogenous growth momentum behind the data in January and February should not be exaggerated.
At the initial phase of debt capital market development, project bonds and other infrastructure-related fixed income securities are not the focus of this credit portfolio, according to a project summary released by the bank.
So far, there is no summary of the applications from the commission.
The International Monetary Fund and the World Bank Group jointly published a series of reports on Thursday, with the core being the China Financial System Stability Assessment-a summary of outcomes of the every-five-year update of China's Financial Sector Assessment Program.
"It's also a summary of our experience in reviewing documents over the past few years," Zhang said.
A summary of the document published by Xinhua said the CPC Central Committee had agreed that work related to agriculture, rural villages and farmers will be the most important of the Party's key tasks.
In a summary of the document published by Xinhua, central authorities said the CPC Central Committee has agreed work related to agriculture, rural villages and farmers will be the most important among the Party's key tasks, and cannot risk any mistakes.