谐音记忆ad(我的) + just(驾驶它) + ment(名词后缀,表状态) → “我驾驶它是一种状态,所以我要适 …………
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structural adjustment 结构调整
a central adjustment system for basic pension funds 基本养老金中央调剂制度
make adjustment 进行调整
salary adjustment 薪金调整
rate adjustment 费率调整
strategic adjustment 战略调整
adjustment lever 调节杆
frequency adjustment 频率调整
geostrophic adjustment 地转调整
allow adjustment of 允许调整
This adjustment was very successful.
We live in an era of great change and adjustment.
The company made an adjustment in my salary.
The company made a slight adjustment to the pricing strategy to better compete in the market.
After trying on the dress, she requested a minor adjustment to the hemline for a perfect fit.
The therapist guided him through a series of stretching exercises for spinal adjustment.
Due to unexpected expenses, we need to make an adjustment to our monthly budget.
The camera's automatic white balance adjustment ensures that colors appear natural in different lighting conditions.
The teacher allowed for a time adjustment on the exam for students who spoke English as a second language.
The mechanic made a few adjustments to the engine, and now the car runs smoothly.
The new software update includes a significant adjustment in user interface design for improved usability.
She had to make a mental adjustment when transitioning from working in an office to working from home.
The economist suggested an adjustment in tax policy to stimulate economic growth.
The designer has made a few adjustments to the old design.
With the tightening of global resource and environmental constraints and the nation's pursuit of the "dual-carbon" goals, many policies such as the "carbon border "adjustment mechanism have been introduced.
The adjustment does not involve the market guideline prices of its products, the company said.
The Hong Kong-listed developer said that, due to the deep adjustment in China's property market, it has been under huge pressure on sales since the beginning of 2023.
By making better use of virtual power plant platforms, State Grid Zhejiang Electric Power is realizing a flexible adjustment in accordance with different electricity consumption scenarios, which is of significance to balancing the grid load.
In mid-July, 12 companies in Wuyi participated in the electricity adjustment action during the peak period.
This will promote the increase of natural gas's proportion in China's primary energy consumption structure by more than 0.3 percentage points and is of great significance for promoting energy structure adjustment, green transformation of development mode, and enhancing the clean energy supply capacity along the pipeline route, it said.
We always believed in the Chinese market, so we started our business in China just at the right time," said Lorenzo Tertan, head of Sales Export, Wintersteiger Sports, a firm in the market of equipment for snowboard care and snowshoe adjustment.
Wintersteiger Sports的销售出口主管Lorenzo Tertan表示:“我们一直相信中国市场,所以我们在正确的时机开始了在中国的业务。
Yang Yuanqing, chairman and CEO of Lenovo, said last quarter, the macro environment presented challenges, and the company's hardware business remained in a phase of adjustment, but Lenovo persisted in executing its strategy.
"With the adjustment of China's COVID-19 prevention and control policies, the Chinese economy has shown a trend of stabilization and recovery, and the growth momentum continues to strengthen.
According to a recent report by Red Star Capital, a Chengdu-based research and financial news group, China's white liquor sector has experienced a three-year adjustment period due to the impact of the pandemic on the consumption sector, and will maintain steady growth with the recovery of the economy.
He Yaqiong, Director of the Department of Consumer Goods Industry of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, said the ministry is making continuous efforts to strengthen industrial policy guidance by issuing the Guidance on the High-Quality Development of Chemical Fiber Industry, publishing and revising the Normative Conditions for Recycled Chemical Fiber (Polyester) Industry and Interim Measures for the Administration of the Announcement on the Normative Conditions of the Recycled Chemical Fiber (Polyester) Industry, promoting high-quality, high-efficiency, high-value recycling of waste resources such as waste textiles and bottle flakes, and promoting the structural adjustment and industrial upgrading of the recycled chemical fiber (polyester) industry.
Promoting the strategic restructuring and specialized integration of central SOEs is a vital step in accelerating the optimization of the layout and structural adjustment of the State-owned economy, said Weng Jieming, SASAC's vice-chairman.
In conjunction with the partnership transaction and the preferred share investment, DCP will subscribe for warrants to purchase 2,527,121 common shares of the Company at an exercise price equal to a 10 percent premium to the 20-day volume weighted average share price as of February 22, 2023, subject to adjustment pursuant to the rules of the Toronto Stock Exchange.
Ant said in a statement on its official website that upon completion of the adjustment, major shareholders of Ant, including equity investment firms Hangzhou Junhan and Hangzhou Junao, will independently exercise their voting rights in Ant.
Amid the market adjustment caused by various uncertainties and complexities, ACE has seized the time window to invest in more private equities in China over the past three years, according to He.
"With solar power, together with other renewable energy modalities, to play the major role in China's energy mix, energy storage will play a key part in ensuring steady operation of the grid and its potential of flexible adjustment has not been played to its full extent. "
The potential of its flexible adjustment has not yet been played to its fullest, Li said.
The adjustment in company strategies came after Huawei recorded 301.6 billion yuan ($44 billion) in revenue in the first half of 2022, with a net profit margin of 5.0 percent.
The company apologized for the inconvenience brought by its business adjustment and said special personnel for special positions have been set up to handle the follow-up work of various problems and actively solve the problems to protect users' rights and interests.
Addressing a news conference in Beijing, the official said that backed by China's structural adjustment funds and innovation funds for SOEs, State-owned companies' investment in emerging industries grew from less than 700 billion yuan in 2017 to more than 1.3 trillion yuan in 2021, with an average annual growth rate of more than 20 percent.
"It is necessary to use the advantages of State-owned capital investment, structural adjustment funds and innovation funds as important measures to optimize the equity structure of listed companies," he added.
The company said its accelerated adjustment of business strategy and enhanced risk-defusing measures helped boost revenue last year.
Dubbed by some as the "Hercules forklift at sea", the vessel can lower its deck into the water through the adjustment of its own ballast water, and lift cargo from the designated position to complete the loading.
While promoting the optimization and structural adjustment of State-owned capital, it is vital for central SOEs to carry out solid actions to uphold the industry chain and strengthen coordination between the upstream and downstream businesses, said Liang Jun, president of the Guangdong Association of State-owned Capital.
Addressing a share transfer meeting in Anshan, Liaoning province, Weng Jieming, vice-chairman of the SASAC, said the restructuring is conducive to deepening supply-side structural reform, promoting the optimization and structural adjustment of China's steel industry, and upholding the high-quality and sustainable growth of this sector.
Every change and adjustment now is to make a better future for Suning.
In the healthcare sector, a series of major policy reforms have been introduced since 2015, to encourage innovation, speed up new drug registration, and enhance the dynamic adjustment mechanism for the national reimbursement drug list, so as to improve quality healthcare accessibility and affordability.
"Grasping new opportunities from upgraded consumer demand and making rapid adjustment to business models are vital for us to achieve new breakthroughs. "
"Such an adjustment is also viable thanks to WeChat's strong social gene that sets itself apart from rival services like Douyin or Kuaishou.
The order recently passed inspection in Baoji, Shaanxi province, and is now ready for installation and adjustment.
Samsung said mobile demand for DRAM chips would increase in the fourth quarter with new smartphone launches, while server demand for DRAM would remain weak amid the continued inventory adjustment.
Mobile demand for NAND flash memory chips would rise in the fourth quarter on the back of improving consumer sentiment and demand from Chinese manufacturers, while server demand for server solid state drive (SSD) would remain weak amid the inventory adjustment, Samsung noted.
The Three Gorges Dam, China's largest water project, has played a key role in water adjustment and energy generation on the Yangtze River.
The first premium adjustment can be made three years after the product is sold, and the time span between two adjustments should be no less than one year.
Furthermore, an inventory monitoring system is in operation to give real-time advice on product display and portfolio adjustment.
The administration is negotiating adjustment of international passenger flights with certain countries and a moderate increase in the number of services and routes could be expected soon.
In keeping with an international flights' adjustment policy announced on June 4, the administration issued its first flight award directive.
Following the go-private deal, Sina will be able to boldly take new moves without considering the market reaction, such as strategy and management adjustment and the introduction of new investors, Ouyang said.
No matter what happens to employees or capital adjustment, it should serve the company's strategic target.
These investments will provide necessary funds for the adjustment of the province's economic structure, and support poverty alleviation and development of local industries, Shen added.
"The group's structural adjustment on revenue sources and production procedures-and variation of products-helps it tackle overcapacity of phosphate fertilizer (on which the group's income relies heavily) and hedge risks from continuously shrinking market demand," He said.
Last year Fonterra experienced major adjustment in its business strategy.
Next, it is planning to offer psychological support, including psychological knowledge related to the epidemic, as well as guidance on self-psychological adjustment.
Samsung Electronics Co Ltd is making a strategic adjustment in China and beefing up investment in 5G related technologies and equipment, as the South Korean technology giant is reportedly planning to close a high density interconnect (HDI) production unit in Kunshan, Jiangsu province, and invest an additional $8 billion into its memory chip plant in Xi'an, Shaanxi province.
Samsung Electronics said that the adjustment is part of "normal business operations" to enhance its competitiveness in the Chinese market, and it provides the necessary impetus for the long-term development of the company.
For example, China's adjustment of the import of non-special use cosmetics procedure has effectively shortened the import duration from two to six months to five working days.
"Policies need to stress countercyclical adjustment.
He noted that the company raised the goal of "building a world-class clean energy enterprise by 2035", and had been constantly increasing clean energy investment and accelerating structural adjustment.
The cruise tourism sector in the country has entered a period of adjustment and optimization since 2017.
If major adjustment can be made regarding business and management, Thomas Cook can seek expansion in China with the help of Fosun Tourism Group and even seek better investment return in the capital market," he said.
The liquor maker said the profit and revenue growth came after its product structure adjustment and both sales volume growth and price hikes of its core product Wuliangye, a well-known brand of baijiu in China.
In terms of China's recent adjustment of the VAT rate, PetroChina said the policy would not affect the continuity of its business and regarded it as conducive to the healthy development of its business and improvement of its financial position.
Analysts said the company's efforts are in accordance with the growing demand for oil and gas in the country and the company's adjustment to the stringent environmental regulations.
The company confirmed the salary adjustment plan via its official Sina Weibo account on April 7, saying as the number of orders from individual clients increases, the company is looking to adopt an incentive plan to reward outstanding employees.
Yang Daqing, a researcher at the China Society of Logistics, said such adjustment will bring about some negative effects in the short term, but if JD Logistics handles the issue properly, it will become more competitive after the transformation.
Analysts said Sinopec's continuous lead has mostly to do with the steadily growing demand for chemical products in the country and the company's adjustment to the country's stringent environmental regulations.
But assets under management dropped to 369.41 billion yuan due to asset structure adjustment and active product cleanup.
It rebounded in the fourth quarter of 2018, driven by the product mix adjustment and business innovations.
As a traditional home appliance giant, TCL announced strategic adjustment last year.
The 6.47-inch smartphone also features AI capabilities, with AI functions being applied in its triplecamera, motion capture, scene recognition, portrait lighting adjustment and user behavior learning.
The latest adjustment is due to the rising cost, said Alipay in the announcement, adding that it hopes to provide high-quality services in a sustainable way.
The company said that "this has necessitated the adjustment of plans for all projects, including Wisconsin".
SOEs are not alone, many global companies such as Germany's Siemens AG restructured five main industrial divisions into three new companies, and Zurich-headquartered ABB Group planned to sell its power grid business to Japan's Hitachi Ltd, last year, in an adjustment to their development strategy.
Last month, Samsung announced strategic adjustment in the Chinese market.
As a traditional home appliance giant, TCL has announced strategic adjustment.
SVT's economics specialist Peter Rawet believes that through this adjustment, IKEA is keeping up with their customers who are moving their shopping from brick-and-mortar stores to online shops.
Mobike claimed that two of Didi Chuxing's subsidiary companies, Beijing Small Orange Technology Company and Hangzhou Qingke Technology Company, have infringed on four of its patents relating to share bikes, including its seat adjustment and smart lock designs.
It is a long-term strategy rather than a short-term adjustment in production capacity, the senior executive added.
Regulators from eight ministries said in a joint statement that "an adjustment and control on the total number of online games" was necessary.
Demand for natural gas is also expected to rise rapidly amid the country's energy structure adjustment, it said.
The driver voice assistant, which is voice activated via an in-vehicle smart device, is designed to provide a full spectrum of services ranging from audio and video content search, information inquiry and temperature adjustment, to passenger communications, customer service, and even refuel, recharging or repair services.
Priced at 1,999 yuan ($295), Xiaomi's latest air conditioner features minimalist design, app control and voice commands, as well as precise temperature adjustment by 0.1 C, according to a statement from the company.
Li said the market response after the company's price adjustment is in line with expectations.
"The global media and entertainment industries are undergoing a new round of adjustment and transformation as the tech revolution drives constant changes in the consumption of content," said Li Ruigang, chairman and chief executive officer of CMC, which was founded in late 2015.
In addition, goods distribution and adjustment with other store branches becomes easier.
According to the San Diego Business Journal, Qualcomm filed a Worker Adjustment and Retraining Notification (WARN) notice with the state of California on Thursday stating 1,500 employees in the state will be terminated on or about June 19, 2018.
The project would enable China to have independently owned technology in the design, manufacturing, adjustment and appraisal of the high-speed maglev transportation system that promises faster speeds and reduced energy consumption.
Madsen reckons it's a natural adjustment as the local demand remains strong and people living in the suburbs shop in nearby malls.
"In the long term, price adjustment follows the trend and we can't avoid it.
This time, the adjustment range is moderate, and it is suitable for what the public can afford and also takes into consideration the potential profits of distributors," Li said.
"UCAR is doing quite well in its various niches and the business consolidation is a looking-ahead adjustment.
Major construction is close to completion and will be followed by a preparation period including ride testing, adjustment and trial operations.
Additionally, the private sector has become a bigger contributor to China's economy after a significant structural adjustment.
The Russian-Chinese Investment Fund was established by the Russian Direct Investment Fund and China Investment Corporation in 2012 and it was aimed to strengthen bilateral economic cooperation between China and Russia and realize profitable returns after risk adjustment.
TCL said although the company is actively promoting strategic adjustment and business restructuring, its handsets sales in overseas markets continue to be sluggish and the overall performance of TCL Communication is poor.
Xu said it hoped to welcome a new round of growth from 2017 to 2019 after undergoing a deep adjustment period.
The aim of the strategic adjustment is to make New Leshi a leader in cultural consumption evolution with home internet as a platform, according to the company's official website.
In this case, China Baowu set up the Siyuanhe Steel Industry Structure Adjustment Fund together with WL Ross & Co from the United States, Sino-American Green Fund and China Merchants Group in April, with capital of 40-80 billion yuan ($6.1-12.2 billion).
According to financial media outlet Caixin, CNBM's Board Chairman Song Zhiping said in February that integration and adjustment of the corporate structure and secondary platforms has been completed, and CNBM is going to further integrate the business of 15 listed subsidiaries of the two enterprises.
Baihetan is significant in development of the Yangtze River Economic Belt and adjustment of China's energy structure, according to Lu Chun, chairman of the China Three Gorges Corporation.
Wang added that Ofo's personnel adjustment would speed up the reshuffle of the industry and accelerate the pace of competition with its biggest rival Mobike.
Unlike traditional fish farming facilities, the ocean farm adopts advanced technologies including automatic fishing, hydrological monitoring, deep-sea positioning and biological light adjustment systems.
The firm said its portfolio mix in China is in line with an adjustment in its global investment theme, with more focus being placed on new areas such technology, agriculture, life sciences, healthcare, non-bank financial services, energy and resources.
"Now, such advantages have faded, with improvement in sheep variety, feeding pattern adjustment and a series of policies that limited production.
"The construction and commercial operation of Epec coincides with the State's full implementation of supply-side structural reform, which aims to push forward the growth pattern transition, structural adjustment and the innovative development of enterprises," Jiao Fangzheng, Sinopec's deputy general manager, said at a news conference in Beijing.
Experts called on the government to further prioritize economic growth and enhance policy coordination, to avoid causing potential risks when it is defusing existing risks and promoting a growth model transition and structural adjustment.
Dong Zhongyun, chief economist at AVIC Securities, said: "Among the nine key tasks proposed by the meeting for next year, leading the development of a modern industrial system with scientific and technological innovation ranks first, further highlighting the important role of scientific and technological innovation in stabilizing China's economic growth, structural adjustment and transformation. "
By placing the scale of social financing ahead of money supply, the adjustment in the statement indicates a closer relationship between social financing and economic growth, the office said.
We have 15 innovation centers across the world, and expert teams to learn about the favorable tastes of the locals to meet their demands," said Shang Zhihu, general manager of the digital technology center at Yili Group, explaining on their product adjustment on ice cream in Southeast Asia and Africa.
An important reason for this is that the period of structural adjustment will be accelerated after a reversal of cyclical forces, which will lead to a recovery in confidence.

六级The dynamic adjustment to low oil prices may, however, be different this time around.



高考It clearly showed that while likability can lead to healthy adjustment, high status has just the opposite effect on us.


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六级That would definitely fall within the price adjustment window.


2017年12月六级真题(第一套)听力 Section A

四级The nutritional and health crises that followed the policy of structural adjustment, he says, led to many children and teenagers failing to reach their full potential in terms of height.