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"Affected adversely by the global trade disputes and the outbreak of the COVID-19, the first half of 2020 was exceptionally tough for the retail industry," Sui said.
"Lam Research said in a recent filing, "Our international sales could be materially and adversely affected by export license requirements and other regulatory changes.
"There is no assurance that we will be issued licenses that we may apply for on a timely basis or at all, which could limit our ability to operate and adversely impact our revenues in China," Lam Research added.
The company expects the outbreak may adversely impact its sales and financial performance for the first half of 2020.
The company warned, "If we are unable to replace members who may terminate their membership agreements with us, our cash flows and ability to make payments under our lease agreements with our landlords may be adversely affected.
He underscored the need to steer clear of any further escalation in these complexities, stating, "We must avoid a further escalation, as it could adversely affect the revival of economic growth and trade.
These measures have not only caused significant damage to mainland industries and enterprises but have also adversely affected the interests of consumers in Taiwan, Shu added.
It said growth momentum significantly weakened in the United States, the European Union and other developed economies in 2022, adversely impacting the rest of the global economy through a number of channels.
Policies to keep the economy stable should be introduced whenever possible, while policies that could adversely affect market expectations should be avoided.
Policies introduced in recent years for keeping the economy stable and boosting market vitality will be extended wherever possible, and policies that adversely affect market expectations will be prevented or rectified.
Uncertainties arising from Russia-Ukraine tensions have been disrupting regional ocean shipping, adversely impacting global supplies of oil, natural gas and grains, pushing up commodity prices and straining the already fragile global supply chain suffering from COVID-19 impacts, experts and business leaders said on Thursday.
"Cross-border inbound activities, in contrast, were adversely affected by COVID-related travel restrictions.
Though China's record-setting use of foreign direct investment in 2020 reflects foreign investors' strengthened confidence in conducting business in the country, the government should be aware that the continuous spread of the pandemic overseas has adversely affected the stability of the industrial and supply chains.
The stock market is likely to respond adversely to any planned economic restrictions," Zacks analysts added.
"The encouraging pieces of it have to do with the contribution to economic growth made by Chinese consumers, who clearly were most adversely impacted by the lockdown early this year," said Roach, who was formerly chairman of Morgan Stanley Asia and chief economist at Morgan Stanley, a New York-based investment bank.
The rising gold prices may adversely affect jewelry consumption in the second half, Wang said.
However, continued high or further rising gold prices may adversely affect jewelry consumption in the second half, Wang said.
The COVID-19 pandemic might have adversely impacted many industries, but it has also been a boon for others.
However, semiconductor shortages are adversely affecting the supply chain once again, with shipment lead times for some PCs extending to as long as four months," said Mikako Kitagawa, research director at Gartner.
According to first half results of Swire Properties Ltd-which operates Taikoo Li-COVID-19 adversely affected retail investment properties on the Chinese mainland in the first half, yet footfall and retail sales on the Chinese mainland have recovered strongly since March.
But their career plans are often being adversely affected by the pandemic.
Spence said he is concerned about the side effects of protecting technology flowing between the US and China, which could adversely affect other countries by limiting the global flow of technology.
Although adversely affected by COVID-19, production capacity issues and a global chip shortage, full-year sales of NEVs are expected to have exceeded 3 million units and secured a market share of between 13 and 14 percent by the end of 2021.
Auto manufacturers have argued that the US auto industry doesn't need tariff protection and such restrictions would adversely impact the industry and American consumers.
Toyota Motor, which plans to build a new $1.6 billion factory in Alabama with Mazda Motor, said the administration's decision will "adversely impact" auto companies by raising costs and prices of cars and trucks sold in the US.
- Banning and removing Huawei equipment from Britain's 5G networks by 2027 risks severely delaying operators' 5G roll-out plans, adversely affecting its economy by 18.2 billion pounds ($23.7 billion), according to an independent report released Wednesday by Assembly, a London-based analyst firm.
Zhou Jian, CEO of UBTech, said the COVID-19 pandemic has adversely impacted many companies' overseas businesses and go-global strategies.
The smartphone market will be adversely impacted by slowing GDP growth and plunging consumer spending, due to the fear and "paralysis" caused by coronavirus, the firm added.
It also means that once systemic financial risks break out, the real economy will be adversely affected, and so will be the wealth, employment and income of households.
Policies for keeping the economy stable and boosting market vitality introduced in recent years will be extended wherever possible, and policies that adversely affect market expectations will be prevented and rectified.
"Disruption of local natural gas supplies can prompt people to burn wood and coal, which would erode progress toward cleaner fuels and adversely affect air quality and physical health," ADB's Jackie B. Surtani said.
"We do not expect the delay in Ant's IPO to adversely affect Alibaba's credit profile," said Kelvin Ho, director of Asia-Pacific Corporates, Fitch Ratings.
Some internet companies, in particular, entered the field of small lending barbarously, adopted an extensive model of management, infringed on consumer rights, and might adversely affect financial stability," Dong said.
Lesetja Kganyago, the IMFC chairman and governor of the Reserve Bank of South Africa, said in a press conference Saturday that trade tensions have adversely impacted global trade and the global economy.
"He jokes that being an entrepreneur has adversely affected his quality of life.

六级A further expansion of farming area will adversely impact on the world's natural ecosystems