词根词缀记忆/谐音联想记忆 补充/纠错
词根af =ad, 加强 + firm 坚定的  …………
词根记忆af一再 + firm表示“坚定” + ation名词后缀 → affirmation主张,肯定 …………
词性拓展记忆 / 词形拓展记忆
Mary nodded her head in affirmation.
I must recite my affirmations!
They issued an affirmation of their faith in the system.
"For us, the title is both an affirmation and a motivation.
"It is an affirmation from the government on the role of platform companies in driving economic growth, as well as an encouragement for them to now make another step forward," he said.
"The affirmation of Tencent's A1 rating reflects its strong financial profile, large customer base and a track record of monetizing value-added services offered on its online and mobile platforms, which have helped sustain free cash flow generation," said Lina Choi, a Moody's senior vice-president and its lead analyst for Tencent.
This can be seen as an affirmation of our confidence in the Chinese market.
In recent years though, the rise of new consumption forces and the public's affirmation of Chinese traditional culture meant liquor enterprises should pay more attention to the cultivation of young consumption groups.
"This project is an affirmation of the seriousness that Nonferrous China Africa attaches to investing in our country.
It is an affirmation from the government on the role of platform companies in driving economic growth, as well as encouragement for them to take another step forward now.
Meanwhile, more Chinese brands are gaining popularity among overseas consumers, which experts said is an affirmation of the country's manufacturing and supply chain capabilities.
Han Yonggang, general manager of CREC4, toured CREC4's construction sites for the HSR on Oct 19, giving full affirmation of his colleagues' work.
Industry experts are interpreting the official's comment as an affirmation by the nation's top banking and insurance regulator of continuous deleveraging actions of property developers in the past two years.
The domestic brands are helping athletes improve their performance, which is a great affirmation for any sports brand, Cheng added.
"She called for greater efforts to formulate a code of conduct for employees who use generative AI tools, guide them to reasonably judge and use the content output by machines, and establish management mechanisms concerning risk control and liability affirmation.
""The partnership with BKN301 is a further confirmation of our commitment to the affirmation of the cashless economy in San Marino," said Pietro Candela, head of business development at Alipay Europe, as quoted in the same coverage.
Their comments came as the US-based ratings agency on Wednesday changed to negative from stable its outlook on the banks, following the agency's affirmation of the government of China's issuer rating at A1 and changing the sovereign ratings outlook to negative from stable on Tuesday.
"This confirmation is based on affirmation with members of the FTSE Russell advisory committees and other index users that ongoing reforms to the Chinese government bond market warrant inclusion in the WGBI.
The CGBs will be included in the index from October 2021, pending an affirmation on March 2021, according to the statement, thepaper.
The affirmation of AIIB's Aaa rating reflects the development of the bank's operational capabilities and governance frameworks, which Moody's has assessed as evolving in a manner consistent with the highest-rated multilateral development banks, said a statement from the international rating agency.
Lee said the law, which proposes to enhance the Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan compatriots' affirmation of the nation and outstanding traditional Chinese culture, as well as strengthen their awareness of safeguarding national unity and ethnic solidarity, points the way for Hong Kong's patriotic education and turns a new page of the city's patriotism.

六级Harvard has a special opportunity to convey its respect for science not only through its research and teaching programs but also in its public affirmation of evidence-based inquiry.