afforestation efforts 植树造林努力
barren mountains and wasteland suitable for afforestation 宜林荒山荒地
build man-made forests and seal off mountainous areas to facilitate afforestation 建设人工林,封山育林
afforestation project 造林工程
Together with 1,533 hectares of economic forest planting and 667 hectares of aerial seeding afforestation conducted by CSCEC1B3, company President Wang Liang said these efforts will help effectively prevent soil erosion and improve the ecological environment of the middle and lower reaches of the Yellow River.
The carbon emissions related to the production of the clothing, which includes over 11,000 pairs of swimming trunks exported to the United States, were offset by afforestation activities which help absorb carbon dioxide by generating a forest carbon sink, according to HOdo.
Carbon neutrality largely refers to the total amount of greenhouse gases emitted by enterprises, groups, or individuals within a certain period of time offset with the amount reduced through afforestation or other measures for energy saving and pollution reduction to realize net-zero carbon emissions.
This afforestation activity therefore will play a positive role in improving air quality and protecting water resources in the two cities.
In addition, the environmental quality of the company's factory area has been improving in the past few years thanks to the launch of several afforestation construction projects.
"On the one hand, we promote green development through measures such as expanding afforestation and curbing desertification.
Care for ecology is visible, for example, in the afforestation programs that forever changed the face of this province.
Over 31,000 hectares of afforestation have been implemented with over 23 million nursery-grown plants in the area, increasing its forest coverage rate to 34 percent and lowering the average level of PM2.5 by 37 percent.
On the green development front, China's accumulative afforestation area amounted to approximately 59.44 million hectares from 2013 to 2021.
From Southwest China's Yunnan province to Shanghai municipality on the eastern coast, a number of PPP projects covering afforestation, rural infrastructure and water purification broke ground last month in various parts of the country, according to the China Public Private Partnerships Center under the Ministry of Finance.
Despite the booming market and the fastened pace in afforestation efforts, Chen Jinghe, president of Zijin Mining, told a forum in Tianjin that current scientific calculation methods of carbon emissions are now challenging the sector's further growth and need to be upgraded.
Compared with thermal power, the new energy generation has brought a total emission reduction equivalent to afforestation of 180,000 hectares so far in Inner Mongolia.
Under the CCER program, companies can voluntarily earn carbon credits by taking action to reduce carbon emissions, such as by promoting renewable energy generation and afforestation.
"Environmental protection and afforestation are China's contributions to the world.
After decades of afforestation, the forest coverage rate of Zhuolu county has increased from 12 percent about 70 years ago to 54.43 percent today, with a total forest area of 147,113 hectares.
On Thursday, the market also traded 165,758 tons of China Certified Emissions Reductions (CCER), which are companies' voluntary reduction of emissions achieved via means such as afforestation or employing clean energy technologies.
Its renewable energy generation output reached 81.3 billion kilowatt-hours last year, which equals 25 million tons of standard coal, reducing carbon emissions by 66 million tons compared with the same amount of thermal power, equivalent to adding 180,000 hectares of afforestation.
The 2-year bonds, worth 3.6 billion yuan ($556 million), will be used to finance forest carbon sink projects including afforestation and reforestation.
On Wednesday, the market also traded 177,171 tons of China Certified Emissions Reductions (CCER), which are companies' voluntary reduction of emissions achieved via means such as afforestation or employing clean energy technologies.
Some projects, such as the intercity railway between Beijing and Xiongan, and the afforestation project, have already started, He said on March 6 during a news conference on the sidelines of the first session of the 13th National People's Congress.
China will promote its established afforestation, grass planting, and sand control techniques and models in Mongolia.