词根词缀记忆/谐音联想记忆 补充/纠错
词根anim 生命 + al 表名词 → 有生命的东西  …………
谐音记忆an 一个 + i 一个 + mal 猫 → 一个一个猫,猫是动物啊! → animal n.动物,兽 …………
词性拓展记忆 / 词形拓展记忆
animal / animated
animal(动物) is animated (活跃的)
animal / beast / creature / brute / cattle
animal → 普通用词,指区别于植物和矿物而言的动物的总称。 …………
Animal Helpline 动物保护热线
illegal wild animals transaction 非法野生动物交易
stuffed animal 填充动物
feed animals 饲料动物
this animal year 这个动物年
animal tests 动物试验
animal experiments 动物实验
animal welfare groups 动物福利团体
animal sign 动物标志
the year of one's animal sign 属相年
slow-growing animals 生长缓慢的动物
animal husbandry 畜牧业
animal behavior 动物行为学
draft animal 役畜
animals behavior 动物行为
animals life 动物生命
endangered animals 濒危动物
carve characters on pottery, animal bones and stones 在陶器、动物骨骼和石头上雕刻文字
rare animals 稀有动物
fierce animals 凶猛的动物
animal year 动物年
nocturnal animal 夜行动物
animal in captivity 圈养动物
wild animals 野生动物
protect rare animals 保护珍稀动物
animal rights 动物权利
wild animal 野生动物
marine animal 海洋动物
animal control officers 动物管理人员
cold-blooded animal 冷血动物
domestic animal 家畜
territorial animal 领地动物
leaf-eating animal 食叶动物
pack animal 群居动物
social animal 群居动物
migratory animal 迁徙动物
animal migration 动物迁徙
animal behaviour 动物行为学
extinction of plants and animals 动植物灭绝
endangered plants and animals 濒危动植物
plant and animal species 动植物种类
animal abuse 虐待动物
animal welfare 动物的福利
stuffed animals 填充动物
hard-hoofed animals 硬蹄动物
prehistoric animals 史前动物
animal trainer 驯兽师
release of captive animals 释放圈养动物
parasitic animal 寄生动物
stray animals 流浪动物
species in rare animal area 珍稀动物区物种
marine animals 海洋动物
animal rights activist 动物权利活动家
domestic animals 家畜
animal act 动物行为
magical animals 神奇的动物
native animals 本地动物
animal intelligence 动物智力
handle animals 处理动物
animal competition 动物比赛
animal life 动物生命
wild animal population 野生动物种群
transgenic animal 转基因动物
animal protection 动物保护
animal clinic 动物诊所
harmful to animals 对动物有害
animal bones and stones 动物骨骼和石头
animal rights activists 动物权利活动家
grazing animals 放牧动物
animal shelter 动物收容所
invertebrate animals 无脊椎动物
modern animals 现代动物
a party animal 派对动物
animals getting entangled in trash 动物被垃圾缠住
the shooting of animals 射杀动物
a variety of animal motifs 各种动物图案
animal testing 动物试验
social animals 群居动物
animal experimentation 动物实验
a social animal 群居动物
animal bones 动物骨骼
animal and plant quarantine 动植物检疫
prevention and control of major animal and plant epidemics 重大动植物疫病的防治
slaughter animals 屠宰动物
one's animal year 动物年
all-round development of farming , forestry , animal husbandry , sideline production and fishery 农林牧副渔全面发展
genetically modified animal 转基因动物
all-round development in farming , forestry , animal husbandry , sideline production and fishery 农林牧副渔全面发展
protect rare animals and plants 保护珍稀动植物
wild animals and plants 野生动植物
farm animal 农场动物
built up animal aggression 建立动物攻击性
all-round development in farming, forestry, animal husbandry, sideline production and fishery 农林牧副渔全面发展
all-round development of farming, forestry, animal husbandry, sideline production and fishery 农林牧副渔全面发展
four-footed animals 四足动物
to feed animals 喂养动物
the A-Z of Australian native animals 澳大利亚本土动物的A-Z
animal experiment 动物实验
see animals roam freely 看到动物自由地漫游
He likes small animal.
Cat is a kind of interesting animal.
We should be grateful to other animals.

高考The change in how coffee is grown from shade-grown production to full-sun production endangers the very existence of, certain animals and birds, and even disturbs the world's ecological balance.


四级After failing again and again, most animals give up hope.


高考Animals are built of many different materials----skin, fat, and more----and light moves through each at a different speed.


高考Mom, this is going to take forever! Animal world will be on in 20 minutes.


六级On the occasions when hunting has been tried, local animal rights people have worked to secure court orders against the hunts.


高考Understand the value of connecting animals and children.


四级Again, in Colombian, a speaker of English would have to know that when he indicates height he most choose between different gestures depending on whether he is referring to a human being or an animal.


六级As for our customers, they are all animal lovers, so they would never try to hurt the rabbits.


高考It contained pretty pictures of animals.


高考Medical research often makes use of the forests' plant and animal life, and the destruction of such species could prevent researchers from finding cures for certain diseases.


高考To become transparent, an animal needs to keep its body from absorbing or scattering light.


六级While calling for animal rights, they allowed their kids to keep pet animals


高考Within a short time, however, the burden of caring for the animal is handed over to the parents.


考研All animals download, but only a few upload.


高考But a transparent animal doesn't have pigments, so its tissues won't absorb light.


六级It is estimated that 25% of all methane that released into the atmosphere coming from farm animals.


高考If you are arriving from overseas, bring no food, animal or plant material into the country.


考研Yet for the most part, the animal kingdom moves through the world downloading.


四级New York city police captured a cow on the loose in Prospect Park on Tuesday after the animal became an attraction for tourists while walking along the streets and enjoying the park facilities.


六级Asked what they would like to change in the world, the students mentioned only personal concerns such as slowing down the pace of life, gaining good friends, becoming more spiritual, becoming either more materially successful or less materially oriented ( ' , depending on the student's values), and being more respectful of the Earth, animals and other people.


六级Why do local animal rights people bang on pots and pans


高考Many farmers opposed the plan because they feared that wolves would kill their farm animals or pets.


高考Sonke Johnsen, a scientist in biology, says, "these animals live through their life alone".


考研In most of the homeless gardens of New York City the actual cultivation of plants is unfeasible, yet even so the compositions often seem to represent attempts to call arrangement of materials, an institution of colors, small pool of water, and a frequent presence of petals or leaves as well as of stuffed animals.


高考You are very likely to come across large wild animals, too.


六级In exchange, he guarantees an above-market price for each animal and a calf-to-customer electronic ear tag ID system like that used in the European Union.


六级They believe such a diet which includes no products from animal sources can be deficient in many of the necessary vitamins and minerals our bodies need.


四级But when it comes to one of the cruelest crimes—animal fighting—things rarely work out that way.


四级Now, researchers at New Mexico State University preserving this discovery, which was identified as an ancient elephant-like animal.


四级Roughly half of all federally-convicted animal fighters only get probation(缓刑).


高考Have you ever heard of the trees that are homes to animals both on land and sea?


六级"We want to improve the quality of animal health and make it easier for farmers to maintain large landscapes where animals roam free," says Sukkarieh.


高考Thus humans who lived a million years ago, despite their big brains and sharp stone tools, lived in constant fear of meat-eating animals.


四级Along with this effort, we're working with animal advocates and state and federal lawmakers to strengthen anti-cruelty laws across the country, as well as supporting laws and policies that assist overburdened animal shelters that care for animal fighting


高考For example, if you love animals, volunteer at an animal shelter.


高考For animals their size, ants have been astonishingly successful, largely due to their wonderful social behavior.


高考Some animals are simply very small or extremely flat.


六级But Smith counters that if you factor in the hidden cost of government corn subsidies, environment degradation, and decreased human heath and animal welfare, grass-fed is the more cost-effective model.


高考I'm a scientist who studies animals such as apes and monkeys.


六级They would endanger domestic animals.


高考These animals typically live between the surface of the ocean and a depth of about 3, 300 feet—as far as most light can reach.


高考The first unique human characteristic is that humans have extraordinarily large brains compared with other animals.


六级While launching animal protection campaigns, they were trapping kitchen mice.


六级A person, for example, who is allergic to cats would probably never become an animal doctor.


四级She abused animals including her pet dog.


高考On horseback it is possible to get quite close to elephants, giraffes and many other animals.


高考While Harold and Erica are certainly not strong or memorable characters, the more serious problems with the social animal lie elsewhere.


六级They are labeled pet animals by the researchers.


高考On a local level, the damage of the forest required by full-sun fields affects the area's birds and animals.


四级There is lots of snow around, and the ground freezes, which can make life difficult for animals.


高考Every animal sleeps, but the reason for this has remained foggy.


六级Champions of this type of regenerative grazing also point to its animal welfare, climate and health benefits: Grass-fed animals live longer out of confinement.


高考With golden light streaming across the grassy Delta and the animals coming out to eat and drink.


四级Rats are often associated with spreading disease rather than preventing it, but this long-tailed animal is highly sensitive.


高考They can also be made of plastic, animal bone or metal.


高考His latest book the social animal, however, is more ambitious and serious than his earlier books.


四级If the robot is unsure whether an animal is suitable for the microwave, it has the opportunity to stop, send out beeps, and ask for directions from a human.


四级Just because they can't sing opera or ride a bicycle doesn't mean that animal don't have culture.


高考When condors eat dead bodies of other animals containing lead, they absorb large quantities of lead.


高考The writer mentions birds and frogs to show how light pollution affects animals.


六级Some animal 32 species also display this phenomenon.


四级Rats are often associated with spreading disease rather than preventing it, but this long-tailed animal is highly sensitive Inside a rat's nose are up to 1, 000 different types of olfactory receptors whereas humans only have 100 to 200 types.


四级The brown animal was spotted stuck on a narrow window edge of the office tower.


高考True to a gorilla's unaggressive nature, the huge animal meant me no real harm.


考研Research on animal intelligence always makes us wonder just how smart humans are.


高考Instead, you would see plenty of animals with people running after them.


高考Many animals give off pheromones — natural chemicals that can be detected by, and then can produce a response in, other animals of the same species.


高考I learned that a fish is a cold-blooded animal and therefore is very sensitive to water temperature.


四级At the top of the building, animal control officers put cat food in traps and captured the raccoon.


高考David Brooks, author of the Social Animal: the Hidden Sources of Love,Character, and Achievement, appears to be the latest in a long line of writers who have failed to resist the temptation.


高考I had recently had a beagle, the first and only animal companion I ever had as a child.


四级Modern techniques for producing and shipping food led to greater variety and quantity, including a tremendous increase in the amount of animal protein and dairy products available, making us more vigorous than our ancestorsYet plenty has been lost too, even in cultures that still live to eat.


四级Police turned it over to the animal control department after they caught it.


四级"There's no way on earth that genes from an alga should work inside an animal cell," says sidney pierce from the University of South Florida.

来自南佛罗里达州大学的sidney pierce说:“地球上的藻类不可能在动物细胞内起作用。”

高考Transparent animals let light pass through their bodies the same way light passes through a window.


高考One way for an animal to become transparent is to avoid the absorption of light.


高考From family pets and wild animals to toys, stuffed animal , and media images, animals are a central part of every child's world.


高考Ehlers eventually succeeded in coaxing the animal to him.


四级They allow the animal to rely on sunshine for its nutrition.


四级After such an experience an animal often remains passive even when it can effect change—a state they called learned helplessness.


四级When babies expectations are violated in experiments like the ones performed with the cats, they react much like their animal friends.


六级But I hear her apartment building is about to place a ban on pet animals.


高考Larger transparent animals have the biggest challenge, because they have to make all the different tissues in their bodies slow down light exactly as much as water does.


六级Some polar animals will soon become extinct.


六级From self-service checkout lines at supermarket to industrial robots armed with saws and taught to carve up animal bodies in slaughter-houses, these ever-more-intelligent machines are now not just assisting workers but actually kicking them out of their jobs.


考研A sacred place of peace, however crude it may be, is a distinctly human need, as opposed to shelter, which is a distinctly animal need.


四级If the robot is unsure whether an animal is suitable for the microwave, it has the opportunity to stop, send out beeps ( ' , 嘟嘟声 ), and ask for directions from a human.

如果机器人不确定动物是否适合使用微波炉,它有机会停下来,发出嘟嘟声(',嘟嘟声 ), 向人类问路。

四级This help is critically important because the high cost of caring for animal victims is a major factor that prevents people from getting involved in cruelty cases in the first place.


四级A private wildlife management company will release the animal into the wild.


高考Until we don't stop climate change, many animals and plants in the world will be gone.


四级Some progress has been made in the prosecution of animal fighters.


四级Animal experiments by psychologists at the University of Pennsylvania had shown that after repeated failures, most animals conclude that a situation is hopeless and beyond their control.


四级If he keeps the palm of the hand parallel to the floor, as he would in his own culture when making known the height of a child, for example, he will very likely be greeted by laughter, in Colombia this gesture is reserved for the description of animals


高考One thing is clear for these larger animals, staying transparent is an active process.


四级This is Aesop, the fabulist ( ' , 寓言家 ), the man of these charming little tales, often told in terms of animals and animal relationships, He says.

这是伊索,寓言家(',寓言家 ), 他说,这些迷人的小故事的主人公,经常以动物和动物关系的方式讲述。

高考These animals consumed large amounts of vegetation, which reduced plant diversity in the park.


四级In an effort to understand the matter further, I spoke with doctors Mark Beckhoff a researcher and former professor of animal behavior.


高考It is about the harmony between man and animals.


高考It seems obvious that these have made humankind the most powerful animal on earth.


四级What do animals do? There are three main ways that animals survive the cold in winter: sleep, adapt or migrate.