词根词缀记忆/谐音联想记忆 补充/纠错
after / behind / atthebackof
after和behind用来表地点时,前者强调的是顺序的先后,而后者侧重方向和位置的前后关系。请比较:The student sat after me.那个学生坐在我后面。(我坐在他前面)。The student sat …………
after all 毕竟,终究
go after 追逐,追求
take after 效仿,与某人相像
long after 很久以后,比晚很
aftermath 后果
after all 毕竟
look after 照看
take after 像
one after another 一个接一个
go after 追求,追求
after school 放学后
the day after tomorrow 后天
time after time 一次又一次
run after 追赶
year after year 年复一年
after a while 过了一会儿
ask after 询问
name after 以……命名
be modelled after 模仿
hunger after 饥饿之后
chase after 追赶
after class 课后
be named after 以…命名
model after 之后的模型
after sales service 售后服务
day after day 一天又一天
one wave after another 一波又一波
take after sb. 模仿某人
shortly after 不久之后
after a fashion 在某种程度上
seek after 寻找
after sight 见票后付款
close the stable door after the horse has bolted 马脱缰后关上马厩门
soon after 不久之后
come after 追来追去
to name after 以以下名称命名
inquire after 询问
name ... after 以……命名
after that 之后
after dark 天黑后
be after 在…之后
after you 在你之后
long after 很久以后
name something after 以…命名
after a time 一段时间后
look after family 照顾家庭
after some time 一段时间后
look after ... 照看
be sought after 受到追捧
ever after 从此以后
model ... after 模型…之后
long after sth. 很久之后
Clearing After Snow on a Mountain Pass 山口雪后清理
shortly after ... 不久之后...
a quarter after 一刻后
a quarter after six 六点后一刻
name ... after ... 以……命名
night after night 一夜又一夜
the week after next 下一周
be modeled after 模仿
students who return to China after studying overseas 留学回国的学生
after formality 正式之后
look after somebody 照顾某人
look after something 照顾一些东西
one ... after another 一个接一个
to model their approach after Science 在科学之后模仿他们的方法
see after ... 看看...
run after sb. 追赶某人
after graduation 毕业后
soon after ... 不久之后...
run after ... 追赶
lived happily ever after 从此幸福地生活
get after sb. 追赶某人
strive after 争取
after all is said and done 毕竟一切都说了做了
take off after ... 起飞后...
not long after that 之后不久
take out after 之后取出
hour after hour 一小时又一小时
after sale service 售后服务
be after something 追求某件事
after hours 下班后
follow after 紧随其后的
after lunch 午饭后
after the fashion of ... 在…的时尚之后...
after the manner of 在
run after somebody 追赶某人
get after 追赶
accessory after the fact 事后从犯
run after something 追赶某物
seek after fame 追求名声
name sb. after 以某人的名字命名
name sth. after 以…命名
after a moment 过了一会儿
Sorrow after Departure 离别后的悲伤
after the fact 事后
keep after 保持在…之后
re-employment after being laid off 下岗后再就业
much sought after 备受追捧
to look after 照顾
take after my father 模仿我父亲
inquire after sb. 询问某人
Tao models itself after nature . 道以自然为榜样
take after my mother 像我妈妈一样
is looked after 受到照顾
emerge one after another 一个接一个地出现
to run after 在后面跑
the elderly will be looked after properly 老年人将得到妥善照顾
ask after one's health 关心自己的健康
to stare after sb. 盯着某人
name ... after sb. 以某人的名字命名
only available for travel after 9 a.m. 仅限上午9点以后的旅行
reemployment after being laid off 下岗后再就业
throw good money after bad 把好钱扔到坏钱后面
must not play music after midnight 午夜后不得播放音乐
look after the family 照顾家庭
work after 11 pm 晚上11点后工作
after consideration 经过考虑后
see after 看在后面
After the breakfast, he went to school.
After school, he went home directly.
I am 17 after all.
Day after day, he became older and older.

六级More than seven years after it was originally supposed to open, it still stands empty.


四级After Hurricane Katrina hit in 2005, mail facilities were set up in dozens of locations across the country in the two weeks that USPS was unable to provide street delivery.


四级Healing can take place after this.


四级My dancing life began not because I wanted to do it, but because my mother was sick and tired of seeing me running around after school doing nothing.


高考After investing more than $1 million in reconstructing the building, we began producing a full season of theater performances, Jazz concerts, and year-round arts education programs in 2008.


考研After all, if everyone you know is going to college in the fall, it seems silly to stay back a year, doesn't it?


六级After that, a few small populations left Africa to populate the rest of the world.


六级Soon after launching EPIC'S most successful product - the Bison Bacon Cranberry Bar - Collins and Forrest found they'd exhausted their sources for Bison raised exclusively on pasture.


四级Explaining what the data revealed, he said: "What you see is that even after three years, mental health is still better, which is unlike many other things that we think will make us happy." He observed that people living in green spaces were less stressed


六级But after I moved to Tokyo and lived there for a number of years, I got used to having a pile of to-do lists.


考研Such actions to seek knowledge and to understand what information we already knew were captured by the Latin phrase "sapere aude" or "dare to know", after Immanuel Kant used it in his essay An Answer to the Question: What is Enlightenment?

在伊曼纽尔·康德(Immanuel Kant)在其论文《什么是启蒙》中使用了拉丁语“sapere aude”或“敢于知道”之后,这种寻求知识和理解我们已经知道的信息的行为被捕捉到了?

高考In study after study, it appears that these chemical conversations help the neighbors.


高考After the trip, my family became quite interested in camping.


六级Perhaps one explanation for her mistakes is that she cut short her Suriname trip after getting bick, and completed the book at home in Amsterdam.


高考Five minutes after he arrived, he had an emergency call and left.


四级After graduating with a degree in business and accounting, she joined a public accounting firm, married, bought a house, put lots of stuff in it, and had a baby.


六级Still, the track coach had offered me a walk-on spot, and I actually found the urban Atlanta campus a decent consolation prize after New York city.


高考After paying the clerk,I still had 5 cents.


高考After several weeks' successful work, I began to notice that egg production was going down.


考研John Gottman, the marriage expert, explains that we quickly"thin slice"information reliably only after we ground such snap reactions in "thick sliced" long-term study.

婚姻专家约翰·戈特曼(John Gottman)解释说,只有在“厚切片”的长期研究中,我们将这种突然的反应磨平之后,我们才能快速可靠地“薄片”信息。

四级He could not watch television except for two programs a week, could not play with his friends after school until he finished his homework, and had to read two books a week and write book reports about them.


考研After the Netherlands, Britain is Europe's most crowded country.


考研The policy follows similar efforts from other journals, after widespread concern that basic mistakes in data analysis are contributing to the irreproducibility of many published research findings.


四级After failing again and again, most animals give up hope.


高考After less than a week, I started noticing that the groceries were running out pretty quickly — we were always suddenly out of something.


考研After all, it has an ad business too, which it says will comply with DNT requests, though it is still working out how.


六级In recent years, many mid-sized cities have begun to adopt a middle-of-the-road approach incorporating the excitement and opportunity of large cities with small cities' quiet after midnight.


高考After he got home, Peter went online to several auction websites looking for his game.


六级"There is a lot of support at Yale, to an extent, after a while, there is too much support," he said, half-joking about the countless resources available at the school.


高考After that, feeling the need to explore further, I decided to drop in on one of ASL club's meetings.


高考But Cathy woke me up early next morning, wearing her swimsuit ready to go! I told her she shouldn't swim after a whole night's coughing, but she refused to give up and insisted she go.


四级After Hurricane Florence and Hurricane Michael last fall, USPS worked with state and local election boards to make sure that absentee ballots were available and received or time.


高考After all, "patty poem" gave me my love for poetry not because it was the poem that lifted my spirits, but because it was the one that hurt me the most.


四级Animal experiments by psychologists at the University of Pennsylvania had shown that after repeated failures, most animals conclude that a situation is hopeless and beyond their control.


四级I have a friend coming round in the afternoon, but I'll be at home, so the day after tomorrow will be great.


六级After conducting extensive research in which he studied the festivals of many African groups of people, he decided that the new holiday should be a harvest or "first fruits" celebration, incorporating ideas from many different harvest traditions.


考研Now that members of Generation Z are graduating college this spring the most commonly-accepted definition says this generation was born after 1995, give or take a year-the attention has been rising steadily in recent weeks.


高考It's much faster, for example, to shop for groceries at a quarter to three than to stand in line during the after-work rush.


六级More than 20 years after the internet was opened to commerce, the Census Bureau tells us that brick and mortar sales accounted for 92.3 percent of retail sales in the first quarter of 2016.


考研Even after the advent of widespread social media, a pyramid of production remains, with a small number of people uploading material, a slightly larger group commenting on or modifying that content, and a huge percentage remaining content to just consume.


四级After new legislation demanded their removal from the roads, a low interest loan scheme was set up with three Egyptian banks so drivers could buy new cars.


高考Dinner ended only after we had a clear understanding of at least half a dozen such facts.


六级Shortly after he took over the Reader's Digest Association in 1984, George Grune unlocked the company's boardroom and announced that the room was now open to the employees.

1984年,乔治·格伦(George Grune)接手《读者文摘》协会(Reader’s Digest Association)后不久,就打开了公司董事会的大门,宣布董事会现在对员工开放。

高考A young English teacher saved the lives of 30 students when he took control of a bus after its driver suffered a serious heart attack.


高考After receiving the Oscar for Best Supporting Actress, Anne Benedict went on to thank all the people who had helped in her career.


四级After making a stop for a few hours at a British station on the edge of Antarctica, the two workers were flown to the southernmost Chilean city of Punta Arenas.


考研Conversations are links, which means when you have a conversation with a new person a link gets formed and every conversation you have after that moment will strengthen the link.


考研They link between happiness and investment generally held even after accounting for these things.


考研After Pickwick, Dickens plunged into a bleaker world.


六级with the help of psychologists, there is fresh hope that we might go green after all.


考研You all came into a conversation where you first met the person, but after some time you may have met again and have forgotten their name.


四级She decided to start an after school program where children participated in STEM-based competitions.


考研The first shiploads of immigrants bound for the territory which is now the United States crossed the Atlantic more than a hundred years after the 15th- and 16th-century explorations of North America.


高考After you exercise, you continue to burn calories throughout the day.


高考Once, after a trip to Hollywood, I returned to Australia so depressed and spent months in my bedroom painting, listening to Eckhart Tolle's music and trying to find myself again.


六级At the end of his first year, Nijay lost his Pell Grant of over $5,000 after narrowly missing the 2.0 GPA cut-off, making it impossible for him to continue paying for school.

在第一年结束时,尼杰差一点错过了2.0 GPA的截止点,失去了5000多美元的佩尔助学金,使他无法继续支付学费。

六级In 1863, after 17 years of advocacy including letters to five presidents, Hale got it.


高考After two days stuck in the snow, Nicholas was saved.


四级And based on past experiences, it takes four to five years after economic recovery for unemployment to return to pre-crisis levels.


考研It's not necessarily a bad thing, but depending on the school, it can be costly to make up credits after switching too late in the game.


六级At the end of his first year, Nijay lost his Pell Grant of over $5,000 after narrowly missing the 2.


高考Finally, after more than an hour in the dark and the icy cold, simon had to make a decision.


考研After bills, Tony has £60 a week to spend, £40 of which goes on food, but 10 years ago he was earning £130,000 a year working in corporate communications and eating at London's best restaurants at least twice a week.


四级Moses spent three hours looking after the bees and was stung five times.


四级After four months, the patients using the computerized CBT programs had no improvement in over the patients who were only getting usual care from their doctors.


高考Her mother Maxime, one of a family of fourteen, had been an athlete herself as a young girl but, like so many other girls in Waterhouse, had to stop after she had her first baby.


四级A 16th century castle in Scotland is close to collapsing after lumps of soil were washed away by floods, threatening its foundations.


高考In fact, they were shot from 1914 through 1916, most of them after a disastrous shipwreck, by a cameraman who had no reasonable expectation of survival.


六级Pasta is no longer off the menu, after a new review of studies suggested that the carbohydrate can form part of a healthy diet, and even help people lose weight.


考研Besides the ninety or so learned ministers who came to Massachusetts church in the decade after 1629, there were political leaders like John Winthrop, an educated gentleman, lawyer, and official of the Crown before he journeyed to Boston.


六级The summer after 7th grade, students spend three weeks on a college campus studying advanced math for seven hours a day.


四级similarly with earnings, young men's wages after adjusting for inflatio have been on a downward trajectory since 1970 and fell significantly from 2000 to 2010.


六级After becoming president of Purdue University in 2013, mitch Daniels asked the faculty to prove that their students have actually achieved one of higher education's most important goals: critical thinking skills.

2013年成为普渡大学校长后,米奇·丹尼尔斯(mitch Daniels)要求教员证明他们的学生确实实现了高等教育最重要的目标之一:批判性思维技能。

高考After sharing the story online, I heard from someone, who identified the lady as Erin Smith.


六级The problem is "decision fatigue, '' a psychological phenomenon that takes a toll on the quality of your choices after a long day of decision making, says Evan Polman, a leading psychologist.

主要心理学家埃文·波尔曼(Evan Polman)说,问题在于“决策疲劳”,这是一种心理现象,在漫长的一天决策之后,会对你的选择质量产生影响。

高考I learned that Freddy did several jobs after his graduation from high school and remained the same caring person I met forty years before.


六级But after General mills bought Epic in 2016, Collins and Forrest suddenly had the resources they needed to expand their supply chain.


四级After some adjustments, and sufficient time, jill was able to answer the students’ questions correctly 97% of the time.


考研Soon after Sketches by Bozappeared, a publishing firm approached Dickens to write a story in monthly installments, as a backdrop for a series of woodcuts by the then-famous artist Robert Seymour, who had originated the idea for the story.

在Bozappered的素描发表后不久,一家出版公司就找狄更斯写了一篇月刊,作为当时著名艺术家罗伯特·西摩(Robert Seymour)的一系列木刻画的背景。罗伯特·西摩是这个故事的创始人。

六级It turns out today's teenagers aren't so scary after all.


考研"When Dr.Epley and Mr.Schoreder asked other people in the same train station to predict how they would feel after talking to a stranger, the commuters thought their ride would be more pleasant if they sat on their own," the New York times summarizes.


高考One day soon after school had started, I said to them, " now I'm going to say something about reading that you have probably never heard a teacher say before.


四级king willem-Alexander of the Netherlands said that he recently ended his role as a regular "guest pilot" after 21 years with the national airlines fleet of now-outdated aircraft.

荷兰国王威廉·亚历山大(willem Alexander)表示,在国家航空公司(national airlines)机队服役21年后,他最近结束了作为一名定期“客座飞行员”的角色,该机队现在已经过时。

四级In those years, just after World War I, the military wanted to build an American highway system for national defense.


高考Her years of hard work have finally been acknowledged after a customer nominated her to be cheshire's woman of the year.


四级I first began to investigate the basis of human motivation— and how people persevere after setbacks—as a psychology graduate student at Yale University in the 1960s.


四级After a point, countries can become so dangerous that food relief workers are no longer safe and their programs are halted.


六级After three years of working in a petrol station and doing unpaid work I still hadn't managed to get an entry level job.


四级Once, just after I returned from my year in Vienna, I was asked to translate for a German judge at an Olympiclevel horse event.


四级The overall number of bacteria on the surface mattered more, and this decreased over time after the initial introduction.


六级Good morning! America’s holiday shopping season starts on Black Friday, the day after Thanksgiving.


四级This is after the country's main manufacturer stopped sales due to a potato shortage.


六级Three hundred years after her death, Merian will be celebrated at an international symposium in Amsterdam this June.


四级You may have heard some of the fashion industry horror stories: models eating tissues or cotton balls to hold off hunger, and models collapsing from hunger-induced heart attacks just seconds after they step off the runway.


高考After what seemed like a safe amount of time, I read the poem again and was confused.


考研winston Churchill once walked its corridors and Japanese emissaries met here with Secretary of State Cordell Hull after the bombing of Pearl Harbor.

温斯顿·丘吉尔(winston Churchill)曾在珍珠港爆炸案后的走廊上散步,日本特使在这里会见了国务卿科德尔·赫尔(Cordell Hull)。

高考After all, not everyone has realized that wildlife has thoughts, feelings, and most importantly, equal rights to survive.


六级After all, we don't speak only of objects or people as having momentum; we speak of entire systems having momentum.


高考Now, the changes in after-school activities this week.


四级A woman encouraged to try knitting and crocheting after developing an autoimmune disease that caused a lot of hand pain reported on the Craft Yam Council site that her hands are now less stiff and painful.