词根记忆after[副词]后面 +ward [后缀]构成副词;"向" → afterward adv.以后,后来 …………
They lived happily ever afterward.
I'll go out afterward.
Not long afterward, he became a police.
Afterward, they went to a nearby café for coffee.
She felt embarrassed and didn't speak to anyone afterward.
The storm passed, and the sun came out afterward.
We had a meeting, and afterward, we discussed the next steps.
He exercised in the morning and took a shower afterward.
They watched the movie, then had a deep conversation about it afterward.
The speaker answered questions from the audience, and afterward, there was a book signing.
She finished her homework and relaxed with a good book afterward.
The concert ended, and everyone applauded enthusiastically afterward.
They had a heated argument, but later on, they reconciled afterward.
Afterward, the flight proceeded to Singapore.
Afterward, ClearTV adopted a strategy of partnering with large State-owned enterprises.
At a certain point afterward, the companies must push for a breakthrough to make original products.
Test runs are planned this year, with full operation not long afterward.
Parents of young diabetes patients mainly bought the devices," said Masayuki Maruta, president and CEO of Terumo (China) Holdings Co Ltd. "Afterward, more enterprises contacted us, inquiring about the device and seeking collaboration opportunities.
Speaking on the sidelines of the annual session of Shanghai Municipal Committee of the Chinese People's Political Consultative Conference, Yang Zhigang, chief technology officer for R&D at COMAC, said the company will soon freeze the aircraft design, which means no further changes would be made afterward, including the actual shape, size, structural materials, systems and key system suppliers.
Starting on March 19, the flights from Guangzhou to Los Angeles and San Francisco in the United States will be resumed and increased afterward.
Afterward, these employees will join our training center in Tel Aviv for a further three months of training.
Soon afterward, customized matchbooks with various themes like weddings, birthdays, tourism and advertisements started to roll off the production line.
The man police believe to be the killer committed suicide afterward by jumping off a bridge.
The suspected killer committed suicide afterward by jumping off a bridge.
Afterward, he served as deputy director-general at the No 2 banking supervision department of the former China Banking Regulatory Commission, director-general of the Beijing Banking Regulatory Bureau, chief spokesman and director-general of the general office of the CBRC and president of China Huarong.
Afterward, Li told the Chinese builders to ensure the high-standard opening and high-quality operation of the HSR, which spans nine counties and cities, with an estimated annual passenger flow exceeding 10 million during the first year of operation.
In 2020, the household leveraging ratio reached 62.3 percent, and remained basically flat afterward.
The development of the Southeast Asian tourism industry afterward has further allowed more and more consumers to know and appreciate the food better," said Zhu Danpeng, an F&B analyst based in Guangzhou.
A manufacturing powerhouse known as the "factory of the world," Guangdong is also one of the largest employers of migrant workers, who usually leave for family get-togethers before the Chinese New Year and return to work at least 15 days afterward.
Shortly afterward, Tesla established its Gigafactory, the first wholly foreign-owned car manufacturing enterprise in China, which started construction in early 2019 and delivered its first batch of made-in-China vehicles within a year.
Companies affected by the epidemic can apply for postponing the payment of housing provident fund contributions and make the payment afterward, the circular said.
When such authorities consider how to promote industrial development through supervision and regulation, they should also think about whether countries could maintain a comparative advantage in the competition of the international digital economy afterward.
Afterward, everyone devoted more passion and yearned to conquer higher technological barriers in umbrella manufacturing," Ding recalled.
When the BAU — the world's leading trade fair for architecture, materials and systems — is held in the southern German city in January, people can attend the exhibition and then go skiing and do some sightseeing in Bavaria afterward, he said.
Daily sailing from the park to Hong Kong's airport is expected to increase to two later this month and to three afterward with special vessels designed for the route, Ye Jingchao, chairman of park shareholder Dongguan Port International Air Transportation Co, said on Saturday.
Afterward, visitors may choose to spend a night or two in farmhouses and enjoy homemade meals like roast mutton kebabs.
I learned for three days and afterward, I could manage a few simple moves.
""Although Apple remained far out front for the year, another telling sign of the market is the long list of vendors coming afterward," says Ramon T. Llamas, research director, Mobile Devices and AR/VR at IDC.
For Grant Ji, head of capital markets of CBRE Northern China, the negotiation of some transactions recorded last year began before the pandemic but was suspended afterward, thus contributing to the surge in transactions last year.
"Eyeing the booming sales of NEVs and the peak of retired batteries afterward, there are more companies making efforts ahead in battery recycling, which will help them reduce costs and strengthen competitiveness over the long term," said Roy Lu Yan, head of industrial research at battery giant Gotion High-Tech.
Though the surge was largely due to the COVID-19 epidemic, the trend has continued afterward.
But when I read their messages afterward, I still feel motivated and encouraged.
Besides, the price is cheaper," Wang said, adding the bottles are also pretty and can be used as vases afterward.
The Guangdong provincial authority in South China will put forward a proposal to reschedule the fair based on the epidemic situation afterward, Ma Hua, deputy director of the provincial Department of Commerce, said at a press conference in Guangzhou on Monday.
"The central government is currently focusing on the prevention of the novel coronavirus outbreak, but I think supportive measures will be launched afterward for the healthy development of the Chinese economy," said Chen.
"Once a patient has purchased medicine from physical hospitals or offline retailers, they can obtain prescription refills online afterward," Cheng said.
China's fossil fuel consumption is likely to peak in 2020, and will decline steadily afterward, the report said.
Shortly afterward, Tesla established China's first wholly foreign-owned car manufacturing enterprise in Shanghai.
According to the JAC insider, the automaker's behavior in 2014 was an objective violation of laws and regulations and was punished afterward.
New regulations and a drop in subsidies caused a slump in the company's ride growth soon afterward, but company data shows rides bounced back to 20 million a day, then edged up to 25 million at the end of 2017.
Not only has the lessons become more interesting for the primary school student, but also exciting as hitting the right notes would enable her to win stars, a bonus which can be exchanged for gifts afterward.
Afterward, many government departments, international organizations and think tanks studied and analyzed the phenomenon.
Afterward, a collaborative robot dropped them into proper waste bins.
If there is a balance left in the digital wallet afterward, it can be returned to the foreign bank card or account that was used for topping up.
The easing of pandemic-related controls led to a notable rebound in the services industry in April, however, followed by gradual declines afterward.
Yet manufacturing unexpectedly shrank afterward, with official manufacturing PMI falling to 49.2 in April and to 48.8 in May, back in contraction territory, NBS figures show.
Afterward, foreign investors will be attracted to take the initiative to increase the allocation of A shares.
Enterprises affected by the epidemic can apply for postponing the payment of housing provident fund contributions under the rules and make the payment afterward, said a circular.
"Our customers have been investing in onshore Chinese bonds, and afterward, they found that the market was much different from other emerging economies, as it has more liquidity, depth and width," said Becky Liu, head of China Macro Strategy for Standard Chartered Bank.
This kind of tax is not the same equivalents targeting one-time home purchasing behavior among consumers, because as long as the purchase of a house is made, the tax will be paid every year afterward.
"Pilot programs of the property tax are expected in three to five cities this year, to be gradually expanded afterward," said Shi Zhengwen, director of the Center for Research in Fiscal and Tax Law at the China University of Political Science and Law.
But the growing number of infected patients indicates that it will still take some time for things to return to normal, and that in turn will prompt the government to raise the quota and ensure that enough funds can be used for epidemic control work and to promote recovery of economic growth afterward, said Zhang Xu, the chief fixed-income analyst at Everbright Securities.
In order to maintain stable capital inflows, the rest of the world has to cut interest rates, if the Fed cuts the policy rate afterward, said Yoshino, citing Japan's recent monetary easing as an example.
But if the second quarter's economic indexes are weaker than policymakers' expectations, the PBOC may make another similar targeted RRR cut afterward, he said.
"The current limit only works on the first trading day and yet does not help to reflect a reasonable price-earnings ratio afterward - shares often climbed too quickly days after companies made their debut," he said.
The CEPA upgrade signifies that the mainland and Hong Kong have established a comprehensive, independent Customs territory, and entered into a brand-new phase of cooperation, said Fu Ziying, adding that the signing of the agreement would lead to more collaboration platforms afterward.
Judging from the report, further specified supportive measures might be released afterward to encourage lending to private companies, said analysts, who also speculated financial regulators may tolerate a slightly higher nonperforming loan ratio and leveraging level for commercial banks, who face regulatory assessment pressures.
The idea was first raised by the nation's top policymakers in November 2013, but the progress has remained rather slow, with no further details on its duties or timeline revealed afterward.
"Some plan to reduce their holdings to 4.99 percent so they can sell without information disclosure and the buyers can trade the stocks freely afterward," the source said.
Afterward, Peking Opera went from strength to strength, with troupes formed in Beijing, Tianjin and Shanghai.