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词根down 向下 + ward 向…,朝… → 向下( …………
词根记忆 / 词缀记忆
downward a 向下的(down向下)
downward a 向下的(down向下)
upward a 向上的(up向上)
northward a 向北的(north北)
seaward a 向海的 …………
a downward spiral 每况愈下
go downward 走下坡路
downward trend 下降趋势
downward pressure 下行压力
a downward slump 急速下降
downward trend 下降趋势
a downward trend 下降的趋势
continue its downward trend 继续其下降趋势
downward pressure on the economy 经济下行压力
Man struggles upwards, water flows downwards.
The country's economy is on a downward spiral.
Prices started a downward plunge.
The plane descended downward towards the runway, preparing for landing.
She looked down at her feet as she apologized.
The economy is experiencing a downward spiral of unemployment.
Prices tend to go downward during economic recessions.
He climbed up the hill, but then began to slide downward on the slippery rocks.
Her mood swung downward when she heard the bad news.
The stock market took a downward turn, causing investors to panic.
The weather forecast predicted a downward shift in temperature for the week.
The athlete executed a perfect downward somersault during the gymnastics competition.
The elevator moved downward smoothly, transporting us to the basement.
Pan said in order to reverse the downward trend of stock prices, it is important to improve corporate profitability and optimize the business structure.
China's GDP grew by 4.9 percent year-on-year in the third quarter after a 6.3 percent rise in the second quarter, posting a steady recovery despite downward pressure, said the National Bureau of Statistics.
"Although China's economy is facing downward pressures, the Chinese market is still of great significance to Canon," said Ozawa, while highlighting the company's confidence in the prospects of China's economic growth and upholding its long-term commitment to China.
The announcement came after the property market kept going downward, the gross profit margin continued to shrink and the foreign exchange market fluctuated, leaving the company with great challenges.
The loss came after the property market kept going downward, the gross profit margin continued to shrink and the foreign exchange market fluctuated, said the filing.
Issuing such guidance with 31 detailed measures is the Chinese government's latest step to boost support for private firms as a part of the country's larger driver to revive the economy amid downward pressures.
The unemployment rate among young people aged 16 to 24 has remained high this year amid downward economic pressure.
Despite the downward pressure on the renminbi's exchange rate, the company's core operating profit margin remained stable at 10 percent with the gross profit margin improving to 23.7 percent from 23.4 percent, showing strong market resilience, according to the company's executives.
Despite the negative impacts induced by the pandemic, by the end of 2022, Taikoo Li in Chengdu bucked the downward trend and welcomed 85 brands, such as Louis Vuitton, Balenciaga and Ralph Lauren, in total open new stores or upgraded established ones.
"Low prices have shown some obvious advantages, especially amid the global economic downward pressures.
Even though the COVID-19 pandemic and the downward economic pressure posed challenges to the global economy in recent years, the actual use of foreign direct investment in the Chinese mainland expanded 9.9 percent year-on-year to 1.16 trillion yuan during the January-November period of 2022, data from the Ministry of Commerce showed.
Despite downward pressure on the economy caused by the COVID-19 pandemic and external challenges, the statement said that central SOEs will likely see steady growth in revenue and profit for 2022 when the year's figures are released later this month.
GroupM predicts global ad revenue growth will reach 6.5 percent this year, compared with its June forecast of 8.4 percent, given the downward worldwide economic pressure.
Intensified efforts in risk management, credit structure bear fruit amid woesDespite COVID-19 woes and the downward economic cycle, China's four largest State-owned commercial banks-the Big Four-recently said their asset quality remained stable in the first half amid efforts to optimize credit structures and step up risk management.
During the first six months, the Chinese real estate sector faced stress due to a resurgence of COVID-19 cases in some areas and downward pressure on the economy.
The Chinese real estate sector faced stress in the first half of this year due to a resurgence of COVID-19 cases in some areas and downward pressure on the economy.
"The current market sentiment in the Hong Kong equity market, after severe downward correction in the first half, may not be conducive to IPO subscription," Hung said.
Xiang Ligang, director-general of the Information Consumption Alliance, a telecom industry association, said emerging digital technologies represented by 5G, big data and AI have played a critical role in enhancing operational efficiency, cutting costs, and improving the core competitiveness of traditional industries amid downward economic pressure.
With the number of new COVID infections showing a downward trend recently in Shanghai, Caroline Wu, managing director of Maersk China, said the company continues to see Shanghai ports remaining operational including vessel operations, yard handling, gate in and gate out.
随着上海最近新增新冠肺炎感染人数呈下降趋势,马士基中国区董事总经理Caroline Wu表示,该公司继续看到上海港口仍在运营,包括船舶运营、堆场处理、出入境。
Downward pressure on the ratings of some Chinese developers may intensify because of delays in the publication of audited financial results or changes in auditors which add to financing strains, Fitch Ratings said.
Chinese internet companies, including Alibaba Group Holding Ltd, Tencent Holdings Ltd and JD, are reportedly downsizing, amid economic downward pressure and a complex external environment, but they are still stepping up recruitment efforts for skilled talent in research and development.
The COVID-19 pandemic and downward economic pressure are weighing on internet companies, said Shen Meng, director of boutique investment bank Chanson & Co, adding as the representative of new technologies, internet companies should push forward innovation in technological R&D and expand application scenarios of emerging technologies.
Chinese companies' patents granted in the United States surged last year, even as total patent awards in the US trended downward, showcasing Chinese companies' increasing innovation capabilities, according to a renowned US patent service provider.
Facing new downward pressure, the nation will focus more on stabilizing economic growth and ensuring economic performance remains within a reasonable range, he said.
It said the country will speed up the pace of cutting coal consumption, strictly and rationally limit the increase in coal consumption during the 14th Five-Year Plan period (2021-25) and phase it downward during the 15th Five-Year Plan period (2026-30).
China Evergrande Group projected the group's revenue from contracts would extend the downward trend in September, which means the company's sales inflow would continue to deteriorate and the company's cash flow and liquidity would be under great pressure, the Hong Kong-listed company said in a filing on Tuesday morning.
Moody's cautioned downward rating pressure could emerge if Tencent experiences a sustained erosion in its active user base that leads to lower cash flow, engages in aggressive acquisitions that strain its balance-sheet liquidity or raises its overall risk profile, adopts an aggressive dividend policy that weakens its balance-sheet liquidity or demonstrates a weaker credit profile.
The company's net profit attributable to shareholders of listed companies during the period came in at 31.14 billion yuan, reversing the previous downward trend and gaining 3.9 percent year-on-year.
The global construction machinery sector has been on a downward trend since last July and some developed markets have seen a sales drop of more than 20 percent in the period between January and August.
"Despite overall lackluster performance, China has been bucking the trend to become a growth engine for a number of the luxury brands we are serving, which has offset the downward trend," said Xue.
Facing challenges arising from intensifying downward economic pressure and the further shrink in oil prices, the company vowed to uphold innovation strategies and promote high-quality development.
Alibaba Group Holding Ltd raked in 161 billion yuan ($23.2 billion) revenue in its latest quarterly earnings, beating analysts' expectations as the company said it is poised to withstand "both the novel coronavirus epidemic and economic downward pressure".
"Property was the No 1 industry with the largest number of people attaining a position on the list over the last 15 years, but in a downward trend.
"The industrial profit decreased due to weak factory activity and mounting downward pressure," Tang said.
Other factors include the rise in cost of deposits as a result of intensified market competition, and the decrease in both the average yields of debt securities investments and amounts due from banks and other financial institutions caused by downward market interest rate, according to the bank’s 2019 interim results announcement.
Facing shrinking profit margins and downward pressure of the industry, the world-leading nonferrous enterprise remained profitable, reporting growth in all of its major business segments, the company said.
Despite the downward pressure, Jacques said the company's plans in the country will not be affected.
Despite the fact that China's economy has encountered new downward pressure against a larger backdrop of slower global economic growth, IHS data show some 60 percent of the new investment opportunities in fields of the chemical sector still lies in China.
China's large-scale tax and fee reduction, including the government's reductions in VAT, one of the important measures for countering downward pressure, all present opportunities for foreign companies like Sabic, and "we will further deepen energy cooperation with old partners while continuing to seek new partnerships for sustainable development," he said.
Its share price picked up 0.46 percent against overall downward Shenzhen trading on Tuesday.
Challenges and opportunities coexist in multiple fields as domestic companies strengthen presence in local economiesChina's trade and investment relations with countries in South America remain solid and are expected to continue to expand, despite the downward growth pressure and other challenges facing the Chinese economy.
There are some real challenges that are being imposed upon the private sector in China: domestic over-regulation, a downward pressure on investment, and a slowing property market.
Analysts said government support for entrepreneurship and innovation has provided a major boost for tech firms and startups and allowed them to survive and thrive amid downward pressures on the broader economy.
Global prices for memory chips turned downward recently, casting a shadow on Samsung's fourth-quarter earnings.
Its shares edged up 0.06 percent to 35.48 yuan Friday, bucking a downward trend on the key Shanghai stock index.
However, business environment remains tough because of the ongoing political instability, currency volatility and devaluation in the region, rising oil prices, and downward pressure on margins from relentless competition, said the leader of the airline giant.
"He added, "Our margins continue to face strong downward pressure from increased competition and oil prices, and we still face weak economic and uncertain political realities in many parts of the world.
In March, the family-owned group stated that mid-to single-digit growth rates were more realistic for the years to come, but revised those expectations downward earlier this week.
Hong Kong-listed China Shenhua snapped the downward trend and surged 4 percent right after SASAC announced the merger.
Under downward pressure, China's steel sector, already burdened by overcapacity, has been hurt by shrinking demand.
"So, it is hard to reverse (the trend) of downward capital expenditure. "
Owing to the downward trajectory, the California-based company was replaced in the fourth slot by local brand Xiaomi Corp, which grabbed 13 percent of the market.
This, in turn, ensured annual sales growth of over 10 percent in recent years-a contrast to many Chinese manufacturers who experienced downward pressure on their growth.
Vigorously increasing the supply of affordable housing can not only make housing more affordable, but also hedge against the downward impact of the commercial housing market.
China's foreign trade has navigated in a downward pressure and displayed a remarkable resilience since 2023, as highlighted by stable import and export volumes, steady international market share, optimized trading structure and a diversified range of trading partners, Wang said at the fourth session of the symposium themed "Comprehensively Advancing Chinese Modernization".
Lu added that the scope for China to ease monetary and fiscal policies is expanding, as downward pressures on the renminbi against the dollar have eased, with the US projected to enter a cycle of interest rate cuts this year.
Zheng Houcheng, chief macroeconomist at Yingda Securities Co, said the PBOC will likely cut interest rates or the reserve requirement ratio — the proportion of money lenders must keep as reserves — in the first quarter of this year, when the economy needs support amid global economic downward pressures, while low inflation provides room for easing.
The Fed's effective guidance on market expectations began to fail after the 10-year Treasury rate broke through 5 percent at the end of October and turned downward.
The People's Bank of China, the country's central bank, is likely to cut interest rates or the reserve requirement ratio in the first quarter next year, when the economy needs support amid global economic downward pressures while low inflation provides room for easing, Zheng said.
Tech firms urged to hike investments in basic research, strategic fieldsChina's efforts to boost its digital economy and platform companies, and speed up the integration of the digital and real economy will foster new growth drivers and inject strong impetus into the country's economic recovery amid downward pressure, experts and company executives said.
The top economic regulator said in a note that the Chinese economy has overcome difficulties and challenges and withstood downward pressure over the past months.
The anticipated improvement in economic indicators for December, fueled by the lower base effect, indicates that the annual growth objective of roughly 5 percent is likely to be met, notwithstanding the seasonal downward pressures facing the PMI for December, said Xiong Yuan, chief economist at Guosheng Securities.
In the short term, its market vitality is insufficient, and the economy is facing downward pressure; in the medium and long terms, the weakening vitality impacted by demographic changes might restrict China's economic and social development potential.
Regarding the short-term issues, the trend of weakening market vitality, the downward pressure on the economy and the lack of market confidence have not been fundamentally reversed.
The nation should coordinate the demand- and supply-side policies to accelerate the return of its macroeconomy to a long-term growth trend as soon as possible, and simultaneously postpone the introduction of long-term and structural policies that may exacerbate short-term downward pressures on the economy, such as tighter market regulation and income redistribution policies, to reduce any possible negative impact of such policies in the short term.
"While the December PMI may still face seasonal downward pressures, most economic indicators will likely record year-on-year growth, and China will exceed its annual growth target of around 5 percent this year, Xiong said.
Feng Jianlin, chief economist at Beijing FOST Economic Consulting Co, said that China's economic growth may face downward pressures next year as the favorable comparison effect due to COVID-19 fades, especially in the first quarter.
Though the increased downward pressure on the global economy and rising geopolitical tensions are still a drag on China's export activities, the export structure has been improving due to the country's ongoing efforts to upgrade its manufacturing sector, experts said.
As the private sector stabilizes, it is expected to provide assurance to China's economic growth, especially in the face of mounting downward pressures, said Zhang Fei, vice-president of the China Institute for Reform and Development based in Haikou, capital of Hainan province, at a sub-forum of the 89th International Forum on China Reform held in the city over the weekend.
Furthermore, Japan's corporate sector held a large amount of real estate, which magnified the balance sheet recession, whereas China's corporate sector held relatively little real estate, and China's special land system also made industrial land extremely cheap, which cushioned the downward property pressure to some extent.
New drivers of growth needed amid downward pressure, uncertaintiesChina should pursue a new round of structural reforms in the face of mounting downward economic pressure and rising external uncertainties, in an effort to foster new drivers of growth and inject long-term development momentum, domestic and overseas experts said at the 89th International Forum on China Reform in Haikou, Hainan province.
As China is responsible for over 18 percent of global GDP, everything is dependent on the country's economic prospects even though downward pressure remains, said Tamas Hajba, senior adviser for China at the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development.
As for worries over balance sheet recession — a situation where all sectors, including households, businesses and government departments tighten their balance sheets — initiating a vicious downward cycle, there currently is no sign of such a cycle in the nation.
Chance to reverse trendChina now has an important window of time to reverse the downward spiral of weakening expectations and the impact on economic fundamentals.
China's economic recovery is gathering pace, with consistent and steady progress expected in the fourth quarter despite downward pressures like the sluggish global economy, according to experts at a forum hosted by China News Service in Beijing on Wednesday.
Key barometer of consumption rises 5.5 percent year-on-year in SeptemberChina is on track for a stimulus-led cyclical recovery with the latest economic indicators showing signs of stabilization despite downward pressure, economists said.
However, seeing short-term downward risks to China's economic growth amid renewed weakness in the property sector, a new report by the International Monetary Fund expects China's economy to expand by 5 percent in 2023 and 4.2 percent in 2024, a downward revision of 0.2 and 0.3 percentage points, respectively, from April.
China's gross domestic product grew by 4.9 percent year-on-year in the third quarter after a 6.3 percent rise in the second quarter, posting a steady recovery despite downward pressures, the National Bureau of Statistics said on Wednesday.
Looming large over China's growth prospects is the challenging real estate situation, in which a number of pre-sold units have not been completed and developers face financial difficulties, resulting in downward pressure on and a lack of confidence in the real estate market, Gourinchas said.
The sub-indices for all eight major sectors remained lower than the boom-and-bust line of 100, but the transportation, postal and storage industry, the information transmission, computer service and software industry, and the accommodation and catering industry reversed the downward trend.
The report comes on the heels of a set of robust yet focused measures undertaken by policymakers to address various challenges and downward pressures.
Coordinated policy support seen as key to ensuring that recovery is sustainableChina's economic growth is poised to gather pace in the remainder of the year with a slew of stimulus measures taking effect gradually, showcasing strong resilience and vitality amid downward pressures, according to economists and global executives.
Since April, the final value of nonfarming data have been revised downward several times in a row, and the frequency of collecting enterprise employment data has also slowed, which may be signs of a cooling labor market.
The upward and downward movements of the economy are shaped by a combination of variables.
The shift in cyclical factors from a positive contribution in the past to a negative contribution after 2011 has increased the economy's downward pressure.
Burdens on firms to be eased; tax cuts seen boosting income, consumptionChina will further strengthen policy reserves and fully utilize policy space to ease burdens on enterprises and shore up economic growth amid downward pressures, officials said on Thursday.
Experts call for more efforts to facilitate recovery in purchasing enthusiasmReviving consumer demand and bolstering consumer confidence will be key priorities for China's economy for the rest of the year, as the country seeks to drive a consumption-led recovery amid downward pressures, economists said.
As things stand, net interest margins are kept at a balanced level, and the long-term downward trend may be coming to an end.
Sector investment keyFacing mounting downward pressure, it becomes even more necessary to increase investment intensity in critical sectors and industries.
The reasons behind the rapid growth rate despite downward pressure in global economy are mainly the policies and measures taken by the Chinese government, said Li Jun, director of the institute of international trade in services under the Beijing-based Chinese Academy of International Trade and Economic Cooperation.
These cross-border online marketplaces have played a vital role in stabilizing China's foreign trade amid downward economic pressures and external uncertainties, experts said.
Industry experts said that China's luxury goods consumption saw a strong recovery in the first half of the year despite lingering downward pressures on the global economy, and e-commerce platforms have served as one of the most important channels for Chinese consumers to buy luxury products from overseas.
Support for private sector to significantly shore up market confidence, experts sayChina's latest push to bolster the growth of its private sector will greatly boost the confidence of entrepreneurs and give full play to the significant role of private enterprises in creating job opportunities and reviving economic recovery amid downward pressures, experts and company executives said.
- China sustained its economic recovery momentum last month and made solid progress in high-quality development despite lingering downward pressures on the global economy.
The share of net exports in China's GDP growth reached 7 percent in 2008, before it showed a downward trend.
"Given the downward pressure of the global economy, the rising anti-globalization sentiment, and some Western countries' pursuit of decoupling, BRICS countries' joint efforts to promote smooth and effective operation of global supply chains are becoming even more valuable," Zheng said.
In fact, the private sector is still grappling with weakening external demand, falling profits and mounting downward pressures, highlighting the need for more steps to revive the economic momentum.
"Looking into the second half, southeast coastal areas may encounter downward economic pressure due to a slowdown in external demand," said Ying Xiwen, a senior researcher at China Minsheng Bank.
Despite the improvement in industrial profits, analysts said the recovery trend is not yet solid amid still-weak demand and a downward trend in factory-gate prices, reinforcing hopes of stronger policy support to bolster the world's second-largest economy.
Zheng Houcheng, chief macro economist at Yingda Securities Co Ltd, said the latest industrial profit data show that enterprises continue to be affected by a combination of unfavorable factors, such as the downward trend of the producer price index, while the improved industrial production and profit margins contributed to the easing dip in profits.

六级In addition, other factors are putting downward pressure on oil prices: change in the strategic behavior of the Organization of Petroleum Exporting Countries, the projected increase in Iranian exports, the scaling-down of global demand ( ' , especially from emerging markets), the long-term drop in petroleum consumption in the United States, and some displacement of oil by substitutes.



六级In addition, other factors are putting downward pressure on oil prices: change in the strategic behavior of the Organization of Petroleum Exporting Countries, the projected increase in Iranian exports, the scaling-down of global demand especially from eme


2017年6月六级真题(第一套)阅读 Section B

四级similarly with earnings, young men's wages after adjusting for inflatio have been on a downward trajectory since 1970 and fell significantly from 2000 to 2010.


2019年6月四级真题(第二套)阅读 Section B

六级Scores in various well-being measures began to go downward among young Americans in recent years.


2019年12月六级真题(第一套)阅读 Section B

四级For example, a Colombian who wants someone to approach him often signals with a hand movement in which all the fingers of one hand, cupped, point downward as they move rapidly back and forth.



六级If there's a downward pressure on costs, because of a need for investment in other areas, I would argue that this is a perfectly feasible solution.


2016年12月六级真题(第二套)听力 Section C

高考You can tell when you are over the top and on the downward slope, by asking yourself a number of questions.


2016年高考英语上海卷 语法填空 B 原文

六级Struggling 64 an evaporation of advertising and a downward drift in street corner sales, The New York Times 65 to introduce a “metered” model at the beginning of 2011.



四级Our eyes trick us into thinking we see a downward motion when it’s actually the other way around.



四级Similarly with earnings, young men’s wages (after adjusting for inflation) have been on a downward trajectory (轨迹) since 1970 and fell significantly form 2000 to 2010.

与收入类似,年轻男性的工资(经通胀调整后)也呈下降趋势(轨迹) 自1970年以来,从2000年到2010年大幅下降。


考研The sun is also variable over a long term: its heat output goes up and down in cycles, the latest trend being downward.