词根词缀记忆/谐音联想记忆 补充/纠错
词根a 表加强 + gainst 逆;对着 → 反对 → …………
词根记忆 / 词缀记忆
against 反对
gain =against (反对)
gainsay 否认
against 反对
work against 竭力反对
compete against 与…竞争
prejudice against 对…的偏见
be biased against 有偏见
go against 反对,反对
run against 与…对抗
guard against 防止
fight against 与…作战
discriminate against 歧视
up against 反对,反对
cry out against 大声反对
struggle against 与…作斗争
insure against 为…投保
vote against 投反对票
play off against 附加赛
take against 反对,反对
prepare against 准备应对
against all odds 尽管困难重重
against all the odds 克服一切困难
come up against 遇到
race against 与…赛跑
protect ... against 保护…免受
argue against 反对
move against 反对,反对
work against ... 竭力反对
against all risks 一切险
react against 对…作出反应
be biased against sth. 对某事有偏见
bump against 撞击,撞击
be against 反对
be discriminated against 受到歧视
protect against 防止
bang against 撞击,撞击
against that background 在这种背景下
turn against 反对,反对
be pitted against 与…对抗
rail against 钢轨抵靠
rise up against 奋起反抗
set against 抵消,抵消
for and against 赞成和反对
weigh ... against 权衡
hope against hope 希望对希望
warn against doing sth. 警告不要做某事
rebel against 反抗,反抗
against the grain 对着谷物
appeal against 对…提出上诉
protect sb. against ... 保护某人免受...
protect sth. against ... 保护某物免受...
be stacked against 堆放在一起
stand against 反对,反对
against the rules 违反规则
huddle up against 挤成一团
lean against 靠着
guard against sth. 防止
prevail against 战胜
revolt against 反抗
against one's will 违背自己的意愿
plead against 抗辩,抗辩
murmur against 对…低语
go against the grain 违背事实
discrimination against 歧视
dispute against 反对的争议
caution against 谨防
run up against 突然遇到
protect sth. against sth. 保护某物不受某物侵害
raise a hand against 举手反对
against the background 以…为背景
take a stand against 反对
take up arms against 拿起武器反对
play against 与…对抗
turn the tide against 力挽狂澜
run against sb. for ... 与某人竞争...
weigh ... against ... 权衡…对...
run against the grain 与谷物赛跑
bias against 对…的偏见
lean against sth. 倚靠某物
race against the clock 争分夺秒
go against the aim of ... 违背…的目的...
count against 对…计数
protest against 对…的抗议
against sb.'s will 违背某人的意愿
borrow against 借抵
defend against 防御
warn against sth. 警告不要某事
plot against 密谋反对
safeguard ... against sth. 防止
gang up against sb. 联合起来对付某人
weigh against 权衡,权衡
caution against doing 谨慎行事
reaction against 反作用力
against the will of sb. 违背某人的意愿
battle against 与…作战
measure somebody against somebody 衡量某人与某人
measure something against something 用某物来衡量某物
buck against 与…对抗
on one's guard against 谨防
boldly against the cold 勇敢地抵抗寒冷
declare against 宣布反对
pit against 坑,坑
against the law 违法的
lean sth. against sth. 使某物靠在某物上
declare war against 向…宣战
speak out against sth. 大声反对某事
defense against 防御
compete against each other 互相竞争
play against ... 对阵...
defend ... against ... 防御
against the clock 与时间赛跑
secure ... against 防止
press charges against 起诉
warning against 警告
against time 与时间相对应
be up against 与…对抗
warn sb. against doing sth. 警告某人不要做某事
knock oneself against 把自己击倒
be prejudiced against 对…有偏见
play against sb. 与某人对抗
War of Resistance against Japanese Aggression 中国人民抗日战争
pit sb. against 与某人作对
fight discrimination against sb. 反对对某人的歧视
compete against sb. 与某人竞争
take precautions to prevent sth. against sth. 采取预防措施防止某事发生
weigh up ... against ... 权衡…对...
a firewall against financial risks 防范金融风险的防火墙
steel oneself against sth. 坚强地抵抗
turn against ... 反对...
protection against 防止
protect ... against ... 保护…免受...
bring charges against 对…提出指控
set ... against ... 设置…对...
pit ... against ... 坑…对...
lay charges against 对…提出指控
have a bias against 有偏见
hold ... against 坚持…反对
up against sth. 反对某事
have sth. against ... 反对...
protection against bad air 防止空气污染
against the odds 逆势而上
discriminate against sb. 歧视某人
assemble a case against sb. 对某人提起诉讼
bounce sth. against sth. 使某物反弹
animus against sb. 对某人的敌意
war against 对…的战争
safeguard against 防止
take action against ... 对…采取行动...
stealing is against the law 偷窃是违法的
bear a grudge against sb. 对某人怀恨在心
blunder against 错误地反对
hold sth. against sb. 对某人持有某物
measure ... against ... 衡量…对...
play sb. off against sb. else 与某人对抗
wage ... against 工资……反对
pit sth. against 使…与…作对
animus against sth. 对某事的敌意
testify against 指证
be biased against sb. 对某人有偏见
struggle against ... 与…斗争...
bang one's head against a brick wall 把头撞在砖墙上
build a case against sb. 对某人提起诉讼
get two strikes against one 一打二中
have a case against sb. 对某人提起诉讼
have the cards stacked against sb. 对某人不利
gather a case against sb. 收集对某人的指控
have two strikes against one 两次打击一次
against famine 对抗饥荒
keep sth. against ... 防止...
wage war against 对…发动战争
take up arms against ... 拿起武器对抗...
have one's heart set against sth. 一心反对某事
against the wall 靠着墙壁
splash against ... 溅...
exclaim against 惊呼反对
measure somebody against 衡量某人
work against the clock 争分夺秒地工作
measure something against 衡量某事
guard against financial risks 防范金融风险
dead set against ... 死磕...
protest against sth. to sb. 向某人抗议某事
race against time 与时间赛跑
beat one's head against a brick wall 以头碰壁
on the alert against ... 警惕...
ensure sb. against danger 确保某人免受危险
against wind 逆风
institute legal proceedings against 对…提起法律诉讼
compete against sb. for ... 与某人竞争...
brush up against 与…擦身而过
dash against 与…相撞
bump up against 与…相撞
take countermeasures against ... 对…采取对策...
stumble against a stone 绊到石头上
compete against sb. in ... 与某人竞争...
be in a controversy against sb. over sth. 因某事与某人发生争执
the War of Resistance Against Japan 抗日战争
the odds are stacked against sb. 对某人不利的可能性很大
smash sth. against 粉碎某物
engage in a controversy against sb. over sth. 就某事对某人进行争论
swim against the tide 逆潮流游泳
engage in a controversy against sb. on sth. 就某事与某人争论
engage in a controversy against sb. about sth. 就某事对某人进行争论
take precautions against sth. 对某事采取预防措施
take legal proceedings against 对…提起法律诉讼
splash sth. against ... 向…泼洒某物...
be in a controversy against sb. on sth. 在某事上与某人争论
immunise sb. against sth. 使某人免疫
start legal proceedings against 对…提起法律诉讼
be in a controversy against sb. about sth. 就某事与某人争论
to protect sb. against 保护某人不受伤害
fight against demons 与恶魔作战
Independent Commission Against Corruption 廉政公署
decide against 决定反对
against someone's will 违背某人的意愿
take a clear-cut stand against attempts to split the nation 旗帜鲜明地反对分裂国家的企图
gang up against somebody 联合起来对付某人
Document Against Payment 付款凭证
Cash Against Documents 凭单据付款
swim against the current 逆流而上
run one's head against a brick wall 把头撞在砖墙上
the Security Council resolutions against terrorism 安全理事会打击恐怖主义的决议
fight against time 与时间作斗争
raise a hand against ... 举手反对...
to bump against 撞上
lean against the tree 靠在树上
global campaign against terrorism 全球反恐运动
stand rock firm against terrorism 坚决反对恐怖主义
sail against the wind 逆风航行
stack the deck against ... 把甲板堆起来...
knock one's head against a brick wall 把头撞在砖墙上
to lean against 靠着
an injection against ... 注射...
The tide of opinion is now running steadily against ... 舆论的浪潮正在稳步地反对...
stack the cards against ... 把卡片叠起来...
fire against the fire 向火开火
nurse a grudge against sb. 对某人怀恨在心
lift a hand against ... 举起一只手抵住...
to set oneself against sb. 与某人作对
play ... off against ... 与…比赛...
He is against the plan.
Are you for or against his idea?
That's one argument against it.

考研Rosenberg, the recipient of a Pulitzer Prize, offers a host of examples of the social cure in action: In South Carolina, a state-sponsored anti-smoking program called Rage Against the Haze sets out to make cigarettes uncool.


四级Even so, relatively few young women 15% say they have been discriminated against at work because of their gender.


四级This finding supported ConAgra’s decision to position the product against other high quality frozen dinners, rather than as a diet or health food.


六级David Mallen, associate director of the Council of Better Business Bureau, said in the last two years the organization had seen an increase in the number of claims companies were bringing against each other for false or misleading environmental product claims.

更好的商业局理事会副主任大卫·马伦(David Mallen)表示,在过去两年中,该组织发现,因虚假或误导性环境产品索赔而相互起诉的公司数量有所增加。

高考Another argument against television is that it replaces reading as a form of entertainment.


考研This was not a volunteer soldier, not someone well paid, but an average guy, up against the best trained, best equipped, fiercest, most brutal enemies seen in centuries.


六级But that's the negative side, with risks that must be balanced against the benefits of sharing.


四级Isn't this the same crowd that rails against processed junk and champions craft cooking? And isn't this the generation who say they're concerned about their health and the well-being of the planet? If these are truly the values of many young people, then their behavior doesn't match their beliefs.


高考We have yet to invent a firewall that is secure against ordinary humans, let alone super intelligent machines.


考研Later, more established companies raced to add such patents to their files, if only as a defensive move against rivals that might beat them to the punch.


四级against too much government interference in the economy


考研Critics make three main arguments against gene patents: a gene is a product of nature, so it may not be patented; gene patents suppress innovation rather than reward it; and patents'monopolies restrict access to genetic tests such as Myriad's.


六级Our customers come in and enjoy their food and drinks, while little rabbits play about and brush against their legs.


考研Although electronic means of payment may be more efficient than a payments system based on paper, several factors work against the disappearance of the paper system.


四级Students of different races are prejudiced against each other


四级In the second experiment meant to pit the mice's hunger against their fear, hungry mice were placed in a cage that had certain "fox-scented" areas and other places that smelled safer but also had food.


高考As a result, in the last twenty years or so, many people have come to believe that whatever change is happening today is the result of great technological progress, going against which will be like trying to turn the clock back.


考研The food industry will be alarmed that such senior doctors back such radical moves, especially the call to use some of the tough tactics that have been deployed against smoking over the last decade.


四级A stable family is the best protection against poverty.


六级In 2008 and 2009, class-action lawsuits ( ' , 集体诉讼) were filed against SC Johnson for using Greenlist labels on its cleaning products.

在2008年和2009年,集体诉讼(',集体诉讼) 因在清洁产品上使用绿名单标签而被起诉。

六级He spoke out against the idea of white and black as distinct groups, claiming that these distinctions ignored the scope of human diversity.


考研Teachers, employers, and health professionals have been shown to harbor biases against the obese.


六级In 2008 and 2009, class-action lawsuits were filed against SC Johnson for using "Greenlist" labels on its cleaning products.

2008年和2009年,SC Johnson因在其清洁产品上使用“绿名单”标签而被提起集体诉讼。

四级Within the wider business world, a man who liked to see himself as a hippy (嬉皮士), permanently in revolt against big companies, ended up being hailed by many of those corporate giants as one of the greatest chief executives of his time

在更广阔的商业世界里,一个喜欢把自己看作嬉皮士的人(嬉皮士), 长期反对大公司,最终被许多公司巨头誉为他那个时代最伟大的首席执行官之一

高考Warnings from the UK government against unsafe websites.


四级They want to protect themselves against medical disputes.


六级We have no chance of competing against machines on frequent high-volume tasks, but there are things we can do that machines cannot.


高考If we are not careful, then, we could face a kind of global chess match against very determined, super intelligent machines whose objectives conflict with our own, with the real world as the chessboard.


考研Under lobby pressure, George Osborne favours rural new-build against urban renovation and renewal.


四级Even so, relatively few young women 16% say they have been discriminated against at work because of their gender.


考研He favours out-of-town shopping sites against high streets.


考研The FASB and IASB have been exactly that, cleaning up rules on stock options and pensions, for example, against hostility form special interests.


高考There, sitting in the shade against its strong trunk, I read my books, ate my candy and drank my orange juice.


高考It was all about the battle against my own body and mind.


四级That means making some difficult decisions with elderly patients, and going against the misguided belief that when it comes to health care, more is always better


四级Kao said she cautions against forming any generalizations based on any one of the studies, noting that more background characteristics of the students need to be studied and explained.


四级a worldwide leader in electronics products, says that we compete against market transitions ( ' , 过渡), not competitors.

一位电子产品领域的全球领先者表示,我们要与市场转型竞争(“,过渡), 不是竞争对手。

考研Against a backdrop of drastic changes in economy and population structure, younger Americans are drawing a new 21st-century road map to success, a latest poll has found.


六级The researchers explained that the study demonstrated when we are in a novel environment the brain partly remains alert so that humans can defend themselves against any potential danger.


四级If she has a heart condition, I'd recommend against it.


高考To warm himself, the sailor sat in front of the fire rubbing one bare foot against the other.


四级At the end of the day, these kinds of systems are primarily designed to protect against the sort of opportunistic smash-and-grab attack that makes up the majority of burglaries.


四级Its effects on the global economy go against existing economic laws.


六级The millennium Ecosystem Assessment, a vast four-year global study which reported its initial conclusions earlier this year, found reasons to believe that managing ecosystems sustainably—working with nature rather than against it—might be less profitable

《千年生态系统评估》(millennium Economic Assessment)是一项为期四年的大型全球研究,今年早些时候报告了其初步结论。该研究发现,有理由相信,以可持续方式管理生态系统,而不是与自然协同工作,可能利润较低

六级The passive attitude we have to climate change as individuals can be altered by counting us in—and measuring us against—our peer group.


六级Many countries are racing against each other to increase their business and strategic influence on Antarctica.


考研Enraged by Entergy’s behavior, the Vermont Senate voted 26 to 4 last year against allowing an extension.


四级His firm determination to win in the competition against his rivals.


四级With the percentage of people over age 65 expected to nearly double by 2050, it's important to weigh the health benefits of screening against the risks and costs of routine testing.


高考According to the author, polluting industries should fight against carbon pollution.


四级Internet gamers spend countless hours competing in games against people from all over the world.


四级John Chambers, chairman of cisco Systems Inc., a worldwide leader in electronics products, says that "we compete against market transitions, not competitors."

全球电子产品领导者思科系统公司(cisco Systems Inc.)董事长约翰·钱伯斯(John Chambers)表示,“我们的竞争对手是市场转型,而不是竞争对手。”

四级They need to immunise teams against group-think: Hackman argued that the best ones contain"deviants" who are willing to do something that may be upsetting to others.


考研The court's ruling is a step forward in the struggle against both corruption and official favoritism.


六级The studies also ran up against many methodological challenges, the biggest of which centered on the old statistical saying, "Correlation does not equal causation."


高考This led to some painful experiences on Saturday as they played against teams better trained.


六级The commission's revised "Green Guides" warn against using labels that make broad claims, like "eco-friendly".


考研Enraged by Entergy's behavior, the Vermont Senate voted 26 to 4 last year against allowing an extension.


考研It Is against that background that the information commissioner, Elizabeth Denham, has issued her damning verdict against the Royal Free hospital trust under the NHS, which handed over to DeepMind the records of 1.

正是在这种背景下,信息专员伊丽莎白·德纳姆(Elizabeth Denham)对英国国家医疗服务体系(NHS)下属的皇家自由医院信托基金(Royal Free hospital trust)做出了谴责性的裁决,该基金将1年的记录移交给了DeepMind。

四级This finding supported ConAgra's decision to position the product against other high quality frozen dinners, rather than as a diet or health food.


高考In Julius Caesar, for example, Cassius's sly provocation of Brutus to take up arms against Caesar was the basis for a discussion of methods of team building and grass roots organising.

例如,在朱利叶斯·凯撒(Julius Caesar)一书中,卡修斯狡猾地挑衅布鲁图斯拿起武器对抗凯撒,这是讨论团队建设和基层组织方法的基础。

六级So I started practicing the various practical steps mentioned by the author in the book, and began to revolt against the very idea of being too busy.


六级The most promising strategy has become to harness one foe against the other.


四级The author was advised against the improper use of figures of speech.


六级Such results may seem surprising against the background of shocking incidents that color the way the mass media portray the young.


四级They need to immunise teams against group-think: Hackman argued that the best ones contain deviants ( ' , 离经叛道者) who are willing to do something that may be upsetting to others.

他们需要让团队不受集体思维的影响:哈克曼认为最好的团队包含越轨者(“,离经叛道者) 他们愿意做一些可能会让别人心烦的事情。

高考Misery inspires a man to fight against his fate.


考研Under lobby pressure,George Osborne favours rural new-build against urban renovation and renewal.


四级It is a thing of no great difficulty, according to Plutarch, to raise objections against another man's speech, it is a very easy matter; but to produce a better in its place is a work extremely troublesome.


四级To protect themselves against the cold weather


六级a basis for explaining human genetic diversityan aid to understanding different populationsan explanation for social and cultural differencesa term to describe individual human characteristicsmodern genetics research is likely to fuel racial conflictsrace is a poorly defined marker of human genetic diversityrace as a biological term can explain human genetic diversitygenetics research should consider social and cultural variablesit is absolutely necessary to put race aside in making diagnosisit is important to include social variables in genetics researchracial categories for genetic diversity could lead to wrong clinical predictionsdiscrimination against black people may cause negligence in clinical treatmentThey be more precise with the language they use.


六级As a journalist, I have competed against NYU, Columbia, and Northeastern graduates for jobs.


四级Leah reflects on one incident that triggered her fears, when her investors threatened to shut her down: I was probably up against the most fear I've ever had, she says.


高考For legal reasons, most restaurants have a policy against giving away food waste.


四级Just when you had figured out how to manage fat in your diet, researchers are now warning against another common mealtime pitfall (陷阱) — salt.

就在你发现如何控制饮食中的脂肪时,研究人员现在警告你不要再犯另一个常见的进餐陷阱(陷阱) — 盐。

四级The biggest concern with robots going against human values is that human beings fail to do sufficient testing and they've produced a system that will break some kind of taboo.


六级The commission's revised Green Guides warn marketers against using labels that make broad claims, like eco-friendly.


高考It struck me that playing against the other team was a great learning moment for all the girls on the team.


四级The elaborate patterns were believed to offer protection against evil.


高考It was a tradition for the school's old team to play against the new team at the end of spring practice.


考研The court’s ruling is a step forward in the struggle against both corruption and official favoritism.


四级The author of this report seems to be against too much government interference in the economy.


高考Moreover, the tendency for universities to monitor and shape student behavior runs up against another characteristic of young adults: the response to being controlled by their elders.


六级A full 18 percent have even returned devices until they feel they can get safer guarantees against having their sensitive information hacked.


考研Michelle Obama has launched a high-visibility campaign against childhood obesity, even claiming that it represents our greatest national security threat.

米歇尔·奥巴马(Michelle Obama)发起了一场针对儿童肥胖的高知名度运动,甚至声称这是我们国家安全的最大威胁。

四级But most importantly, it is against the law.


考研The FASB and IASB have been exactly that, cleaning up rules on stock options and pensions, for example, against hostility from special interests.


考研But it has already sparked significant controversy, with the Unite Sates trade representative opening an investigation into whether the tax discriminates against American companies, which in turn could lead to trade sanctions against France.


四级"This finding supported ConAgra's decision to position the product against other high quality frozen dinners, rather than as a diet or health food.


考研This argument has attracted a lot of attention, via the success of the book Race Against the Machine, by Erik Brynjolfsson and Andrew McAfee, who both hail from MTI's Center for Digital Business.

这一论点引起了很多关注,因为埃里克·布林约夫森(Erik Brynjolfsson)和安德鲁·麦卡菲(Andrew McAfee)都来自MTI数字商务中心,他们成功地完成了《与机器的图书竞赛》。

六级The Ebro Delta, in Spain, famous as a battleground during the Spanish civil War, is now the setting for a different contest, one that is pitting rice farmers against two enemies: the rice-eating giant apple snail, and rising sea levels.


六级A handful of lawsuits have been filed in recent years against companies accused of using misleading environmental labels.


考研Bob Herz, the FASB’s chairman, cried out against those who “question our motives.

美国财务会计准则委员会(FASB)主席鲍勃·赫兹(Bob Herz)大声反对那些“质疑我们动机”的人。

四级To protest against the poor working conditions.


四级Even if the odds are stacked against you, marriage can more than compensate.


四级The findings of the study so against received wisdom that boys do better when taught alongside girls.


四级The arguments against physical education have included concerns that gym time may be taking away from study time.


四级But he cautioned against concluding from this study that all brains are the same, regardless of gender.


考研The Spanish case provides arguments both for and against monarchy.


高考Most of his adult life has been a losing struggle against debt and misfortune.