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词根ag 表加强 + grav 重 + ate 使… → …………
联想记忆谐音,唉(a),割肉(ggra),喂它(vate),想到挖肉补疮的,最后一个都好不了,所以是加重 …………
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degenerate / deteriorate / aggravate
degenerate v. 衰退,堕落,蜕化 ; a. 堕落的 ; n. 堕落者
deteriorate v. (使)恶化,(使)变坏
aggravate vt. 加重(剧),使恶化;激怒,使恼火
provoke / irritate / aggravate
provoke 指激起某人强烈的愤怒,以致令人作出反应。
irritate 通常指因受到不愉快的刺激而失去耐性,变得烦燥或恼怒。
aggravate 口语用词。指因长时间的反复言行而引起不快、烦躁或恼怒。 …………
Grief aggravated his illness.
Don't aggravate me.
It could aggravate protectionism.
What would be the appropriate policy responses that can address insufficient demand without aggravating structural problems, such as debt and asset price bubbles?
How should the authorities solve the problem of property market downturn combined with local government debt pile-up without aggravating the problems in the long term?
At the same time, the aggravating trend of aging is growing rapidly, so life expectancy might reach 79 by 2030.
In the following days, media reported some cases that "hitch" ride service drivers harassed female passengers, aggravating people's criticisms of the firm.
"He added that irregular working hours and constant stress can result in social isolation, disturbed sleep patterns and family tensions, which can further aggravate the symptoms and make people even more volatile.
Ultimately, authorities' most powerful and high-profile easing tools, such as a mobilization of central government balance sheet at scale or PBOC's use of the PSL (pledged supplementary lending), have yet to be deployed and could possibly be turned to as authorities attempt to put a floor to the cyclical downturn without aggravating longer-term structural problems.
Ultimately, economists look to these types of structural reforms to strengthen China's growth prospects, and less to short-term reflationary measures which would only aggravate the risk of asset and debt bubbles.
Among manufacturing investment, infrastructure investment and real estate investment — which constitute the main body of China's total investment — the latter two should be the main targets to stimulate investment because they will not bring capacity expansion and aggravate the problem of oversupply.
But on the other hand, a weakening yuan could inflate import costs, aggravate the pressure of imported inflation and narrow the room for monetary easing, said Zhang, who is also chief economist of PwC China.
But in anticipation of a supply shortage, demand of storing certain commodities in advance will also rise, which will likely aggravate the imbalance between supply and demand, said Fu.
If they raise prices of their products or services, it may have an impact on downstream consumption, aggravate inflation and crimp the global economic recovery, experts said.
Noting that China is to tackle emerging challenges and risks in both immediate and long terms, and that international market volatility might aggravate the disruptive impact of risks, Hu said efforts in forestalling and fending off risks remain crucial to ensure stability.
It is necessary to prevent industrial regulations from diluting macro policy support and aggravating economic downside risks, Wu said.
On the other hand, reductions in tax and fees cause decline in government revenue, which may further aggravate the grassroots governments' pressure to equate revenues with expenditure, and even indirectly strengthen their dependence on "land finance"-a fiscal strategy in which local governments generate revenue through land grant premiums and land tax revenues.
Stress, staying up late, insomnia and dieting, among many other factors, are the main reasons that can aggravate hair loss.
Yuan Ming, an analyst at Nanhua Futures, said: "In the short term, the Dow Jones industrial average may have further space to explore, which may aggravate further downside pressure on the oil market.
The participation of CATL in the South Korean market will aggravate the already fierce competition in the country.
This will further aggravate the decline in sales, insiders said.
"The primary task for vehicle makers in the coming months would be to ensure reasonable stock levels," he said, though he warned the effort would aggravate carmakers' sales performance.
In real on-road driving, they spewed many times the allowed amounts of the harmful gases - which the World Health Organization says aggravate asthma and bronchitis symptoms are linked to cardiovascular and respiratory disease.
But move likely to ensure market's long-term stabilityA purchase tax discount that has driven up China's car sales in the past two years is set to expire by the end of this month, aggravating the already less than rosy picture of the world's largest car market in 2018.
That means Chery's investment in the joint venture had resulted in a loss of 4.62 billion yuan, aggravating its own financial status.
From an external perspective, however, cutting interest rates further may inevitably aggravate the downward pressure on the renminbi in the short term unless the cut can immediately improve market expectations and brighten economic prospects, said Guan, who had served as head of the Balance of Payments Department at the State Administration of Foreign Exchange in the past.
However, Zhongrong's credit event should be treated as a warning about potential financial risks that may arise if the country's property market troubles aggravate, they said.
On the heated discussions among investors on the implementation of T+0 trading, the CSRC said the time is not ripe for introducing such a mechanism in the A-share market now, for it would not be conducive to fair trading and may aggravate retail investors' disadvantageous position.
As explained by CITIC Securities' Chief Economist Ming Ming, this cut will aggravate the inverted interest rates between China and the United States, which may result in capital outflow from the Chinese bond market.
For investors, using leverage can not only amplify returns but aggravate losses, and brokers will also need to manage liquidity risks when they lend to clients.
Internal conflicts in Western countries will aggravate, to further tear societies apart.
The impact is of additional importance as the venture capital investment market has been stagnant over the last couple of years, with the coronavirus outbreak aggravating woes.
Since the beginning of the year, the external environment has become more complicated and uncertain, with a more volatile international financial market, rising US dollar exchange and interest rates, and aggravating trade frictions.
Meanwhile, the fund said that the US dollar's value has been overestimated by 8 to 16 percent, which is expected as one of the reasons in the near term that could aggravate trade tensions and result in faster tightening of global financing conditions.

六级” In countries like India, that call could become a tool to aggravate an already tense political situation and stress already undernourished populations.