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聚集物(aggregate+ion)[greg=group, …………
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aggregation n 聚集物(aggregate+ion)
gregarious a 群居的, 爱社交的(greg+arious爱…的=爱群体的)
aggregate v 合计,聚集(ag增加+greg+ate …………
overwintering aggregation 越冬聚集
Aggregation is the process of collecting and organizing data from multiple sources into a single, summarized view.
In database systems, aggregation functions like SUM, COUNT, and AVG perform calculations on groups of data, not individual records.
Aggregation can help businesses make better decisions by providing high-level insights into their data.
Aggregated data is often used to create visualizations like charts and graphs that simplify complex information.
The aggregation pipeline in MongoDB allows for efficient processing of complex queries on large datasets.
Aggregation in data analytics typically involves cleaning, transforming, and summarizing raw data before analysis.
Market researchers use aggregation techniques to analyze consumer trends and preferences from a vast amount of data.
Financial institutions employ aggregation services to manage and consolidate their customers' financial transactions.
Aggregation can be useful in detecting anomalies or outliers in data, which might indicate potential problems or opportunities.
Social media platforms aggregate user-generated content to display personalized feeds and recommendations.
Moreover, the company leverages the aggregation advantages of the State Grid's "vehicle-to-grid" platform and promotes more than 40 charging pile operators to connect to the government's unified platform.
To that end, the meeting on May 5 called for a series of efforts, including seizing opportunities presented by the new scientific and technological revolution, promoting the efficient aggregation of global innovation factors, and boosting the intelligent, green and integrated development of industries.
To that end, the Friday meeting called for a series of efforts, including seizing opportunities presented by the new scientific and technological revolution, promoting the efficient aggregation of global innovation factors, and boosting the intelligent, green and integrated development of industries.
China's rising mobile tool makes inroads into 100 countries with customized offeringsMost internet-based startups like mobile apps tend to offer social networking, mobile games, e-commerce, fintech, entertainment, news aggregation, short videos and the like, but Song Rui chose a different path-tools-and thus rolled out with his team Amber Weather in 2015.
As a powerhouse in the manufacturing industry, China not only has cost advantages, but can also supply a mass high-quality labor force, which brings aggregation advantages to the upstream and downstream of the industrial chain, Yang said.
Huffman said Tencent has invested in lots of video games companies, and video games are a popular category on Reddit, a social news and media aggregation company based in San Francisco, Northern California.
While popular news aggregation app Jinri Toutiao, owned by Beijing Bytedance Technology Co Ltd, also developed a financial business last year to provide consumers personal loan services.
At GE, we have realized that China's economic strength, resource aggregation ability and global influence are constantly improving.
"Apple chose to produce most of its iPhones in China, because this is the most cost-effective choice in terms of labor cost and industrial aggregation effects.
The province is using methods like aggregation and sharing of government data, optimization of procedures, and introduction of openness and transparency in working processes, he said.
"We will work hard to strengthen infrastructure and promote the free flow and efficient aggregation of production factors," said Huang Zhi, deputy director of Chongqing municipal development and reform commission.
Industry insiders roughly divide platform-based companies into two categories: information aggregation platforms and platforms providing transaction, logistics and other services.
And other cities will be encouraged to make use of hub airports to achieve aggregation effect, she said.
In addition, investment from the world's top 500 companies also helped industry aggregation.
Elsewhere, the significant aggregation effect of data centers in Ulaanqab is evident.
Project requirements: Aiming at the direction of "internationalization, high-end, specialization and intelligence", based on the advantages of tourism resources and product aggregation of the circuit, new planning and planning of new and old products and tourism routes to achieve the high-quality development and comprehensive transformation and upgrading of Yunnan's tourism industry.
Instead of competing with each other, they formed an industrial aggregation by further developing refined divisions of labor, from raw material sourcing to marketing," Wang said.
"Dada Group is rooted in supermarket O2O and grocery delivery, and has proposed the best solution -- omni-channel business aggregation platform and fulfillment system," said He Huijian, its vice-president.
On one hand, an elastic architecture with heterogeneous multi-link aggregation has been proposed.
Moreover, an evaluation environment has been developed, supporting up to 400 Gbps dynamic aggregation of heterogeneous links.
After the aggregation and categorization by the algorithms, the PaCC backend will distribute the information to dealers to follow up and provide services to the customers.
"The surgical robot's complexity is an aggregation of many modern high-tech elements," said Ge Yanqing, vice-president of the Canadian Standards Association Group.
"The flow and aggregation of huge amounts of data may involve sensitive information such as personal information and confidential corporate information.
This year, Qualcomm is showing various cutting-edge innovations like 5G millimeter wave, 5G carrier aggregation and 5G industrial internet of things technologies.
The company said when the seven phases are all put into operation, the industrial base in Datong, together with the company's hyperscale data zones in Beijing and Hebei, will form an integrated data aggregation.
The aggregation will effectively meet the digital demands from Beijing and Tianjin as well as the Xiong'an New Area in Hebei province.
"We look forward to the rapid aggregation and formation of the digital RMB ecosystem within the industrial park and we hope to achieve synergistic effects in the industrial chain and jointly promote the development of the park.
The data represented aggregation of purchases and sales by both foreign official institutions and private investors.

考研But this distinction misses the point that it is processing and aggregation, not the mere possession of bits, that gives the data value.


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